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How Much Do Gucci Shoes Cost

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How Much Does It Cost To Make Gucci Shoes

THIS COSTS $5000?! Guessing designer clothing prices GUCCI EDITION

As footwear prices continue to hike, you probably got yourself wondering how much it costs to make a Gucci shoe, and perhaps, how much is the brand profiting off of their footwear line up. Thankfully, several reviews have unleashed a detailed analysis of these statistics so that buyers can be aware of the brand mark up. With a view to product pricing, various things need to be considered:

Material cost

The type of material employed in the product itself may have varying prices. Gucci may use certain top quality fabrics, which are in lower supply, than those used by most standard brands in the same industry.

Labor cost

Gucci boasts manufacturing their product in Italy, and they often use no-standard cuts of raw materials. This, in turn, leads to a higher labor cost, considering that Italy features more stern labour laws and ethical standards.

That could suggest higher minimum wages and lower working time that employers would agree to, compared to China, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, for instance. Speaking of high-quality build material, custom capital, and machinery is much of a necessity for this to be achieved. This only makes the product much pricey.

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Manufacturing overheads

The cost of purchasing/renting a land or factory building in Italy, for that matter, would be notably more costly than simply getting a Chinese factory to execute the production.

Gucci Exclusivity

Some premium branded models are made to last

Bottom Line

Gucci Strap And Handle Repair

The straps and handles on your bag probably get some of the heaviest wear on the bag from everyday use. Just carrying a bag can create friction on the leather and wear from the weight of the bag.

Torn Gucci handles can usually be repaired or put back in place with matching threads to retain your bags original styles.

Under more damaged circumstances a new handle can be constructed to completely replace the damaged Gucci handle. It will be designed and dyed to exactly match the original.

Complete Gucci Zipper & Pull Repair

Even the best quality purse can have troubles with zippers or pulls over time with frequent wear and use. But it can be extremely frustrating and ruin the usability of your bag.

If your zipper is off its track, an expert can usually get it back in place. If your zipper has more complicated damage like missing or bent teeth, an entire zipper can be replaced. So dont worry, the correct craftsman will have all the necessary parts to get you zipping again.

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Is It Worth It Gucci Horsebit Loafers

Gucci is an Italian high fashion brand and they usually move very quickly with the trends, however, they produced one thing ever since 1953, and its the Gucci horse bit loafer model 1953. Because theyve been so popular over the years, there are many iterations and models, some are slippers with a soft heel, you can find them with different logos, but the original one has the classic horsebit and no logos that are visible. You might wonder, its just a loafer, isnt it? Well, not quite.

If you have not already done so, please check out our other Is It Worth It articles about other iconic items such as the Fountain Pen or the Burberry Trench Coat.

How Long Does Gucci Handbag Repair Take

This Particular Pair Of Gucci Shoes Is The Favorite Of ...

The usual bag repair timeline is 2-4 weeks including our return shipping time. The range depends on exactly what service your purse need and whether we need to order any special parts like a Gucci buckle or Gucci clasp for replacement. Once we have received your purse, our master craftsman will do a complete inspection and share the details with you.

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The Gucci Horsebit Loafer Hype

Its a shoe that comes with a certain cache. Its very recognizable and people can see it. If they do, they know that you spent six hundred seventy dollars in a pair of shoes. Its a moccasin style construction which is hand sewn. It has this horse bit which is gold, not silver. The funny thing is the shoes have changed slightly. If you look at older models and the horsebit itself, it seems to have been gold-plated versus today which looks more like a cheaper zamac version without the gold. I wonder if theyve cut some production costs there. Its a shoe that has the character of Italian style. Its more effortless than lets say, a shoe from Allen Edmonds, and it can be worn with a suit, as well as more casual combinations. That being said, I dont think it quite works well with a double-breasted suit because it is more formal than a single-breasted suit. Also with combinations, the color black is not super ideal for casual looks. I understand at the time, it was revolutionary. It worked then. In recent years, casual shoes are usually brown or navy, maybe sometimes green but never black.

Gucci Workmanship Handsewn uppers

Walter Steiger From $500

The shoe brand founded by its namesake in 1932 is beloved for its unique materials and offbeat designs. The Geneva-based company is a stickler for Swiss precision and French design with a global outlook. It has shops in Milan, New York and London catering to both men and women. At $500 per pair starting price, Walter Steiger is one of the most affordable signature shoes for the average person who wants style but also value for money.

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Construction Of The Gucci Horsebit Loafer

Lets look at the construction and workmanship of the Gucci horse bit loafer. First, when I looked at it on the website, I was quite disappointed because there wasnt much detail. They just said black leather and horsebit, but they didnt talk about what kind of leather, how it was tanned, how it was constructed if it was sewn, glued, what kind of construction it was. I was weary because I expected that it wasnt a good shoe after all. Now, when I got the shoe, the actual first impression was much better. You could see the moccasin top was sewn by hand, that was quite obvious because of the different stitch density on the side and in the front which is a hallmark of handwork. You could also see little puckering along the edges which is typical for hand-sewn moccasins. The leather is very nice and has good quality. It is hand stained, but that makes more of a difference with brown shoes, not really with black. However, Italians are very good with leather especially around Florence so you can be rest assured that you get a quality hide on Gucci loafers.

Star Symbol on the side of the heel of a Gucci shoe

Famous Gucci Canvas GG

Christian Louboutin $ 3095

How to: DIY Gucci Shoes

Red soles and high heels, these are unmistakably Christian Louboutin. The brand is at once classic and cutting-edge that jibes with the modern woman of style: strong, powerful but still feminine. The Paris-based signatures Sexy Strass is priced at $ 3,095, guaranteed to earn you the admiration of the very stylish and glamorous and the envy, not the least annoyance, of the average Jane. You need not stop at the shoes though the brand has expanded to handbags and cosmetics, the more reasons to splash money.

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Gucci Horsebit Loafers Alternatives

You like the look of the horse bit loafer, but you dont want to spend that much money, which shoes should you buy? Well, its a little difficult because it always depends on your exact budget and what you want, right? You can go for the Cole Haan version . Alternatively, you can find more expensive versions such as the Verona II from Allen Edmonds which are with a thicker sole but otherwise look very similar. Then you can have something like Jay Butler which is a Mexico made model of the horsebit loafer with a shorter vamp which is more in line with the preppy style.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands Of : From Gucci To Stuart Weitzman

The most expensive shoe brands of 2021 is a tricky list. Although hands down these are the royalty in shoes, unsurprisingly many of which are from the leading luxury brands in the world, the list can be arbitrary given that each year, a fashion house will release a pricey pair that tries to outdo the other fashion houses. So, this year, were shaking up the list based on the recent pricing we got our hands on.

Warning! These shoes can truly turn you into a princess!

This rundown should not to be confused with other most expensive shoes list. Definitely, these shoes are made for walking and you can spot them on the most expensive shopping street in the world, from New Yorks Fifth Avenue, through Pariss Avenue des Champs Elysee and Londons New Bond Street. In fact, these shoe brands are unlike the most expensive shoes, which are commissioned like an art collectible, to be auctioned one day for a higher price, and not the kind to get you from one glitzy bar to another on a swanky Saturday evening. So, without further ado, heres our list.

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Before You Go Ooohahhh

Youd think if your Stuart Weitzman youd be on top of the world at least in the world of most expensive shoe brands. But hang on, that credit belongs to someone else: The House of Harry Winstons Ruby Slippers is worth $3.01 million!

The pair is a replica of the ones worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, released in celebration of the movies fiftieth anniversary in 1989. It consists of 4,60 pieces of rubies and 50 carats of diamonds. Its worn by only one woman, guess who: Judy Garland, who played the original Dorothy. But since the shoes are made by a jeweler, Harry Winston, they dont count as a shoe brand. Back to you Stuart Weitzman for our most expensive shoe brand.

Let us know what you think of these expensive shoes and, in fact, if theyre worth your money even if you can afford them.

Are Gucci Shoes On Sale

How Much Does A Gucci Shoe Cost To Make

If you are planning to buy them from a GUCCI boutique, I think its hard to find them on sale. Maybe during sale period but Im not sure again and only for a little discount.

So almost the only way to buy a gucci pair of shoes on sale is online. The biggest sale is on second-hand or vintage pairs. And you dont have to worry about the authenticity because sites like and guarantee the products authenticity and have the best insiders to check the products.

Authenticity in established online second hand retailers is not a problem anymore

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Is The Gucci Horsebit Loafer Worth It

The answer is it depends! If you want an iconic classic style item thats like an Eames chair for example, or the Barcelona chair, then yes. You would have to pay extra for the design for the originality. You just have to suck it up.

On the other hand, if youre interested in classic style, in good quality, and a good value ratio, I dont think the shoe is worth it simply because you can get two pairs of shoes of similar or better quality for the same price.

If you want a status symbol, the shoe is definitely worth the money because its very recognizable and its not a garbage quality. Its a decent quality. You just pay a little more. And if the status is what you want, thats what you get with this shoe.

Personally, I dont think its worth the money for myself. Simply because I dont need a status symbol. I look at the quality and the value I get and a black horsebit loafer is just not adaptable to my wardrobe. If it was in brown, I think it would be more versatile for my wardrobe. At the same time, $670 for the calf leather and $2600 for the crocodile version is simply over-the-top in my opinion.

What Size Should I Buy My First Gucci Pair What Do I Need To Know About Gucci Shoe Sizing

The most important thing about Gucci shoe sizing is the insole length

Its true, the first thing you need to know before buying your first Gucci pair of shoes and every pair is the insole measurements!

Its so important! A lot of girls totally ignore this! They dont even know what that means! And thats a big mistake. You can never, ever go wrong with the insole measurement ! So, read carefully!

First, you have to know your feets length in cm or inches. You can do this easily by using a tape measure . My feet measurement is 25 cm so I buy shoes with insole length 25,5 26 cm depending always on the type of the shoes .Meaning that , when you buy flat shoes ,you definitely need that plus one centimetre and you might need even more!!! On the other hand, when you buy super high heels i dont think that you need more than 0,5.

In Gucci shoe sizing , 39 means 26 cm insole length which is just perfect for me. So the plan is to measure your feets length and then find a shoe with an insole 0,5 1 cm bigger.

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Gucci Footwear Philippines Philippines

If you are looking for Gucci Footwear, you can choose among Gucci Sandals, Gucci Heels and Gucci Shoes. Gucci Footwear today are sold in either Yellow, White and Silver. With discounts up to 79%, you can now have your very own Gucci Footwear! Ace Sneaker…, For Ladies And Men 36-40 To 41-45 and Sneakers, are the two most popular Gucci Footwear from the brand.’, Nike, adidas and Vans are some of the many options you have if you are not sure about Gucci Footwear. For a 110.00- 103,667.00 price range , you can get yourself a brand new Gucci Footwear on iPrice!

Get the latest deals and coupons right in your inbox!

Italian Prices Vs Us Prices Of Gucci Chanel Etc


OK, I need some shopping help.

I have been scouring this website and others for some kind of insight on what the prices of designer bags are in Rome compared to what they are in the US.

We are going to Rome and France in November and I have always wanted a Gucci or Chanel bag or something long this line so I am going to buy one. But being the planner I am I would like to have an idea of how much I am going to spend so I can save.

This is not to mention the other loads of things I will be bringing back. Any help wouild be greatly appreciated.

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Product Manufacturing Design And Marketing

Gucci is a high-end designer that procures raw materials of high quality and uses production methods that are in line with what their clients deem acceptable. Without controversy about their methods, there is little to interfere with the popularity of the brand. In addition, Gucci employs the talents of the top fashion designers in the world to ensure that the finished goods are in sync with current fashion trends, , and timeless so they never go out of style. The brand also has a high overhead in marketing expenses. There is a lot that goes into the creation of each product and this demands a higher selling price, but the overhead cost alone is not the only consideration for price-setting.

Gucci Shoes: Your Every Occasion Go

Transform a tired footwear collection with the undeniable elegance of Gucci shoes. Indulge yourself with fabulous fur-lined slippers or lavish leather pumps. Shop trademark Gucci horsebit loafers or the hippest high top sneakers. Available in divine materials and prints such as feather-soft suede or pineapple jacquard, theres a shoe for every mood and occasion.

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Shoes That Work Sunrise To Sunset

Team black suede loafers with a fitted evening dress and Gucci accessories for classic Italian panache or coordinate a pair of Gucci sneakers with darling culottes and a simple tee for a relaxed and urban look.

Gucci shoes for women are incredibly versatile accessories. Amstel suede clogs, metallic leather pumps or the label’s espadrilles all work with jeans, dresses and pants. Pair metallic leather platform shoes with a Gucci bag and fun fringed dress to emulate the 1970s disco chic. Or flaunt tanned legs in provocative, lace up boots with furry pom-pom embellishments.

Treat yourself to glamorous designer shoes by browsing Gucci shoes online at Mytheresa. Our Customer Service staff always go the extra mile, offering fashion advice and ensuring your shopping experience is second to none.

Repair For Womens Gucci Handbag Purse Bag Or Clutch

These Gucci sneakers cost as much as your monthly rent ...

Gucci makes top quality and extremely popular shoes and handbags for women including Gucci heels, flats, work shoes and everything in between. Favorite Fix can help you get service for all of them.

Did your favorite Gucci get damaged? Scuffed? Need a new clasp or seam stitched? Eyelet replaced? Favorite Fix and get your Gucci looking and feeling like new in just a few days with our Gucci repair service. The bag services include anything you might need, but our most popular include:

  • Gucci strap replacement
  • Gucci leather repair and refurbishment
  • Eyelet, stitching and lace replacement
  • Gucci liner cleaning and repair
  • Shoe stretching and fitting

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