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How To Keep Tennis Shoes From Smelling

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How To Get The Smell Out Of Shoes

How to stop shoes from smelling bad

Smelly shoes are not only annoying, they can be embarrassing too! But dont throw out those stinky shoes just yet! Well show you 6 of the best methods on how to get the smell out of shoes.

The helpful tips are one of my favorite tips for keeping my house clean and odor free. Some of my other favorite cleaning hacks are these tips for Cleaning Your Vents, keeping your Washing Machine Clean and getting that baked on food off of your Oven Glass.

Place The Sachets In Your Shoes

You can place these sachets in your shoes each time you take them off. Tennis shoes, sneakers, and walking shoes used for exercising are especially prone to collecting odors. Keep the sachet in the shoes until you wear them again.

Variation: Fill the toe of a sock with baking soda and tie it off. Leave sock sachets in your shoes overnight to absorb odors. This can be part of your ongoing routine for any athletic shoes you wear regularly.

What Is The Treatment For Smelly Shoes And Stinky Feet

  • Topical 20% aluminium chloride hexahydrate in anhydrous ethyl alcohol may help to reduce the hyperhidrosis. The solution is applied at night and allowed to dry. It should be used daily until the condition is brought under control.
  • Formaldehyde as 4% solution might reduce hyperhidrosis in addition to antiseptic action. Soak for 10 15 mins.
  • Iontophoresis is used for palmoplantar hidrosis if formaldehyde fails.
  • Topical 5% buffered glutaraldehyde used three times weekly till symptomatic and the 2 or 2.5% maintenance treatment as required.
  • Topical clotrimazole 1% cream twice daily. Topical clindamycin 2% solution twice daily and topical aluminium chloride hexahydrate each evening for eight weeks works wonders.

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Why Do My Feet Stink

Foot odor is a universal problem unless you happen to live someplace where shoes are not worn. Most of us spend many hours a day in our shoes, so lets talk about what causes foot odor.

Our feet smell because they sweat inside our shoes. When the sweat reaches the skins surface the foot sweat encounters bacteria that break it down. The decomposing sweat releases an offensive odor. The medical term for smelly feet is Bromodosis. The common term is stinky feet.

Heres a fun physiological fact: There are more sweat glands in human feet than anywhere else on the human body.

Youre more likely to have smelly feet if youre in your shoes most of the day. Stress can cause sweaty, stinky feet, as can a medical disorder called hyperhidrosis. Athletes foot and other fungal infections can also lead to bad foot odor. Hormonal changes that are prevalent in teenagers and pregnant women can cause abnormal sweating which leads to heightened foot odor.

Stinky feet = stinky shoes.

Lets first talk about how to prevent stinky feet and then well talk about how to get the smell out of shoes and other helpful odor-fighting remedies.

Cleaning Leather Tennis Shoes

How to Wash Tennis Shoes

Leather tennis shoes never go out of fashion. It is a perfect chic addition to your wardrobe. However, the real job that comes up is cleaning the leather shoes.

You may not be planning to go outdoors but your shoes should be sparkling clean when you are ready to. Lets see how to clean leather tennis shoes.

What will you need?

  • Soap

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Magic Eraser. Take a wet magic eraser and make sure it is not that dripping wet. Start scrubbing it on your shoes, especially the areas containing stains. Rub it on the soles as well. You will be surprised how much dirt it takes out of your white leather shoes.

Then, gently wipe away any foam to not let the moisture set in the leather. Otherwise, it can harm the leather.

Step 2: Prep Scrubbing Paste. Prepare a paste if there are some stubborn stains. You can also use this paste to enhance the cleaning process further.

Mix 1 tablespoon of toothpaste , 1 tablespoon baking soda, and 1 tablespoon warm water. You can add more water or baking soda if you feel like having a thicker paste.

Step 3: Grab soap. Now, lather up a wet sponge and a wet cloth. Start swabbing the sponge softly on the stains to move them.

Apply soap on the upper part of the leather shoes to make them shine. Try to spend more time on shoe uppers because thats the main visible part of your shoes.

When youre done with this part, dry up the shoes with a damp clean piece of cloth.

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Casual And Dress Shoes

The best way to limit excess moisture in high heels and casual shoes alike? Reduce the amount of sweat your foot creates while wearing them. Using an odor-absorbing powder, which can be purchased over the counter, is great a first step, Dr. Oldani explains. “If this is not successful, there are prescription medications that your podiatrist can prescribe to prevent excessive sweating,” he notes.

Clean Stinky Shoes In The Washing Machine

And if all else fails, toss your shoes in a mesh bag or pillowcase, and put them in the washing machine. If you choose to use a pillowcase I have found its best to close the end up with a hair tie.

Ive tried the tie-the-knot in the pillowcase method, and every single time Ive tried it the pillowcase comes undone. If you do choose to tie it, or knot it, I hope you have better luck than I do.

If you dont have either a mesh bag or a pillowcase, you want to use this is not the job for the guest linens then another laundry idea is to toss the shoes in with a load of towels. Just dont forget to not use the bleach on that load, and maybe the highest heat setting isnt the best idea. But the towels will help muffle the sounds of a thousand running feet as the shoe wash.

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How To Keep Tennis Shoes Clean From Smelling

Keep your shoes in an open area:

This will allow them to dry out if theyre wet and avoid fungal growth, which is responsible for the bad odor.

Use baking soda Or vinegar:

Baking soda is one of the most natural remedies to remove foot odor, especially in shoes. There are many ways to do this, including sprinkling it over all areas inside the shoe or just packing it into each shoe before putting them away.

Most people already have white vinegar in their house, which makes this a great option. The best thing about it is that you can sprinkle some baking soda on top of the applied solution and let it sit overnight for even better results. Make sure you wash it all out before using your tennis shoes again or else theyre going to smell like a salad bowl. Remember to use equal parts of water and vinegar if you want to try this!

Clean your feet thoroughly:

We should also remember to wash our feet as well as the shoes. This will make sure that youve removed all of the sweat and any other dirt on your feet, which will help prevent any bad smell from developing. You can use soap and water or a foot cleaner to make this happen.

Essential oils:

Black teabags:

Using charcoal:

Charcoal is great at absorbing odor from anything surrounding it, making it perfect for use in clothes and shoes! Its also totally safe and natural, so no need to worry about any harmful chemicals on your skin or breathing issues while wearing the footwear.

Baby powder:


Clean your shoes often:

Cleaning Suede Tennis Shoes

Why Do My Shoes Smell

As we all want to keep an admiring fashion statement and that could be possible only when you keep yourself up to date from head to toe.

Moreover, wearing good shoes means a good personality and for that Suede shoes are the best styling selection.

To give a classy touch to your attire, suede shoes are exactly what you should go with.

Although wearing suede shoes makes you feel confident, classy, and comfortable but maybe not for every area or environment.

What we dont like is when suede shoes get filthy and need proper cleaning. But the sad fact is that suede shoes can easily get sains, which can make you feel upset.

Dont worry, we have a complete cleaning solution for your suede shoes as well.

So, when you try some good and true tricks to clean your suede shoes, you can wear them again confidently.

Lets see some reliable and real tricks to help you clean your suede shoes.

After reading these tips you will know completely about how to clean suede shoes.

What will you need?

  • A Suede Brush/ Wire Brush
  • White Vinegar
  • Eraser

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Start brushing off the dust particles from the shoe surface. If you do not have a suede brush then a toothbrush would also do fine. Start moving the brush swiftly back and forth in the direction where the suede adjusts.

So, begin with a light hand and apply a little pressure where there is stubborn dust stuck to the shoes.

A normal stationary rubber would also be fine to rub on the suede.

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Soften The Soles With Sandpaper

This is one of the easiest ways to reduce the friction of rubber soles on new shoes. If you dont want to put up with the annoying clapping sounds for weeks before the shoes wear in, you can use fine grit sandpaper to even out the rough parts and make the soles a bit softer. Applying a thin layer of fabric softener in combination with fine sandpaper could yield even better results.

Note that rubber soles on most brand-new shoes are fairly smooth to begin with. Its important to be as gentle when sanding the soles, as going overboard could result in reduced friction in turn, youll be far more likely to slip and fall. This is especially true for shoes that generally shouldnt be used to walk on hard floors.

Why Do My Shoes Squeak

The list of potential reasons why your shoes squeak is quite long. Even brand new shoes can produce those annoying squeaking noises, and thats especially true for old shoes. Lets take a look at some of the most common reasons before we get to potential solutions to stop shoes from squeaking:

1. The Shoes are New

If your new shoes start squeaking as soon as you begin wearing them, theres no cause for alarm. That could happen to most unworn shoes, as rubber soles tend to be too smooth sitting in a box . If youve bought your shoes this year and the squeaking sound is still bothering you, a good way to deal with the issue is to start wearing them a bit more often.

The solution for this issue is to kick the shoes in, meaning wear them frequently, and the problem is likely to resolve itself. Dont be afraid to walk over particularly rough terrains, as that will hasten the process and get rid of those squeaky insoles.

2. The Shoes are Old

Old shoes have seen a fair share of wear, and thats one of the most common reasons why squeaky sounds occur whenever theyre worn. The precise reasons why shoe squeaking is happening with old shoe pairs, especially with leather shoes thy are probably falling apart, which is exceptionally common with old rubber soles.

3. The Shoes are Moist/Have Suffered Water Damage

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Washing Inserts And Insoles

This step also works for non-washable shoes. Even shoes that cant go in the washing machine may have removable insoles that you can wash to get rid of shoe odors. If you have orthotic inserts, you should wash them, too. All you need to do is fill a sink with 2 cups water and 1 cup white vinegar then let your inserts soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse them well then press the inserts between dry towels to blot excess moisture. Let your inserts fully air dry before putting them back in your shoes. Do this once a month to keep your inserts and insoles fresh.

Work And Athletic Shoes

3 Steps to Clean those Stinky Shoes

Dr. Oldani says that work boots and athletic shoes are the most impacted by excess moisture, and are, therefore, often the smelliest pairs in our closets. “After use, these shoes should be placed in a well-ventilated area in an upright position,” he says. “Then, use a disinfectant and deodorizer spray on the insole and liner.” If your shoes or boots are particularly wet, he suggests removing the liners entirely leave them out to dry over night. They should be complete moisture-free before you slip them back into your shoes.

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Antiperspirant On Your Feet

This is a tactic used by marathon walkers to help prevent blisters. Most of the moisture in your shoes come from the sweat from your feet. If you prevent foot sweat, you keep your shoes dry and don’t provide a damp place for the bacteria and fungus to grow. This should be done with caution to ensure you don’t have a bad reaction to the spray. Test it on one toe or a small patch on one foot to see if there is any redness or rash after a day.

What Does It Mean If Your Shoes Squeak

It means that theyre either new, damaged, or soggy in most cases. If youre unsure how to stop shoes from squeaking, the first thing you should do is find out what is causing them to do so.

For instance, if your shoes are new, you should expect them to squeak, and you can write off all the other reasons. If theyre damaged or old, they are more prone to water damage, so keep that in mind.

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Unexpected Ways To Get The Odor Out Of Your Shoes

For a totally fresh start.

Okay, so your shoes smell. Youâre only human, after all. Itâs not like you wanted to stink up the elevator on the way to the 17th floor or create one of the most awkward rideshare experiences in the history of all time.

Let us offer some advice because this isnât our first Dear HMS situation. Weâve been helping people solve their stinkiest shoe conundrums for a while now and weâve discovered that there are 7âyes, count âemâ7 unexpected things you can do right now to liberate your feet from the oppressive reign theyâve had over your friends, family, and coworkers.

  • Freeze âemNope, your freezer isnât just for boneless chicken breasts and ice cream sandwiches. Itâs also for your smelly shoes, which have, quite honestly, seen too much: the locker room floors, the playgrounds, the office bathroom tile. So, how about this? Stick those shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. Bacteria breeds in warm, dark places, so the meditative shock of the cold air will kill the bacteria and stop the odor from getting worse. Bonus: this is a great way to cool off in the middle of a hot summer when your feet are hot and smelly. A win, win! Once your shoes are thawed, your feet will thank you.
  • What Are Tips To Stop/cure Smelly And Stinky Foot

    How to Freshen and Deodorize Stinky Tennis Shoes | Don’t Look Under The Rug® with Amy Bates

    There are certain tips and home remedies which help cure the smelly and stinky feet:

    • Most importantly, wash and dry your feet daily with an antibacterial soap.
    • Use wool or cotton socks and change them daily. Socks should be washed inside out.
    • Wear open toe sandals in summer and go barefoot at home in the evenings.
    • Use antiperspirant foot spray at night.
    • Avoid wearing same pair of shoes two days consecutively wear different shoes on successive days so they have at least 24 hours to dry out.
    • Sprinkle antifungal medicated powders on your socks and shoes daily before wearing them.
    • Cut down on alcohol intake.

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    A Cure For Stinky Shoes

    It doesnt matter who you are, weve all had a pair of tennis shoes that smelled really bad. Most people try to get the smell out of their shoes by covering it up with a deodorizing spray or powder. And while this is a quick cover for stinky shoes, this actually doesnt help solve what is causing the problem to begin with. The deodorizer might mask the smell for a short period of time, but as soon as the fragrance wears off, the stench is back in full force!

    Odor-causing bacteria live and breed in moist, dark places. If we cant eliminate the fertile breeding ground for bacteria, there will be no way get rid of the smell permanently. Therefore, the first step to removing the smell from your shoes is to dry them out and keep them dry.

    Wash And Blot The Uppers

    Use the mild solution and a soft-bristled brush, toothbrush, or a soft damp cloth to clean the uppers. Take your time and don’t scrub too hard.

    When you’re satisfied with the look, use a dry microfiber towel or soft cloth to blot and lift as much soapy moisture and dirt as possible. Repeat if necessary. Try to avoid drying by rubbing as it can wear down the shoe fabric or spread any remaining small bits of dirt.

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    Soaking Feet In Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy for sweaty feet and stinky feet. Its a natural astringent which can help reduce sweat just like an antiperspirant. But it also keeps foot odor away with its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

    Use a cotton ball to apply the vinegar to problem areas of your feet or you can do an apple cider vinegar soak. Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part water, and 1/2 part baking soda in a large bowl or basin. Then soak for your feet for 15-20 minutes. This also works for sweaty hands.

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