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What Are The Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

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Under Armour Mens Spieth 4 Gore

The best golf shoes for wide feet? SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES REVIEW

Having been improved from the already splendid Spieth 3, this model is undoubtedly among the best golf shoes there is, if not the best. For one, it has been manufactured by one of the most trusted brands, hence ensuring quality.

Other than that, the shoes, with their 3D molded quarter panel and well-built shaft, provide great support for even the widest feet. Sizing also varies greatly, providing one for even the widest feet, while the Dual Durometer EVA footbed helps provide support and comfort. It is also low, considering the cleats, and, with the help of the amazing vertical ground force it provides, the pair can gain around 10 yards over most other shoes.


Best Overall For Kids: Adidas Codechaos Boa Golf Shoe

These Adidas golf shoes for kids have a special feature that makes it extremely easy for kids between the ages of 4 and 8 to put them on and adjust the laces themselves. They use a technology called the Boa Fit System, which allows your child to quickly get a secure fit by turning the dial no bunny ears required. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them accidentally tripping on laces that come untied. “Bought these shoes for my son for golf,” one person wrote. “He absolutely loves them, especially how the laces work. So easy and convenient!”

To buy: , from $43

What To Look For In Comfortable Golf Shoes

Youre struggling through your round, chunking shots and hitting errant drives. The last thing you want to pile on top of that is your feet to hurt because you dont have the right pair of shoes for walking.

Its important to feel comfortable in your shoes. But its even more important for them to feel comfortable for an extended period.

Here are some of the traits each pair of the best golf shoes for walking needs to have.

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Are Golf Shoes Really Vital For The Game

New golfers frequently inquire whether they need to purchase golf shoes or if they can get away with wearing sneakers. Always put on a well-fitting golf shoe. Not just for the sake of comfort, but also for the sake of security. Unsuitable shoes or trainers might harm your feet and prevent you from achieving the balance you require throughout your swing. When golfers use non-golf shoes, they significantly increase their risk of injury.

For a variety of reasons, finding the right golf shoes is even more vital if you have wide feet. Wearing golf shoes holds the following benefits:

  • Lower chances of tripping
  • Your feet will be better protected and cushioned as a result of the additional padding
  • Comfort

Footjoy Mens Fury Golf Shoes

outlet USA store online The 5 Best Golf Shoes For Wide ...

Foot joy is one of the brands that make the widest golf shoes.

It is capable of keeping the foot secure in the shoe and the outsole is cleated and has different contacts for good foothold and security.

The rest of the shoe comfort is because of the triple-layer adaptive padding.

With time, this will naturally adjust to your wide feet for a cozy fit which is best when youre searching for what are the best golf shoes for flat feet.

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Some Useful Factors That Can Be Granted As The Buying Guide

If there is a necessity for the best product among the entire listing, there is no better way to follow rather than the buying guide. It helps to show the required terms and factors of the product that is enough helpful for the beginners. Just like the other products, these wide golf shoes also come with some functional buying guides that have been explained in the following.

Comfortable construction: Shoes remain in the feet for a long time. Sometimes the wearing necessity even crosses the expectation. If the shoe is not made from an easy and comfortable structure, there is no benefit of using the shoe for sure. It will create uneasiness instead of being comfortable. Some of the materials as like mesh or soft textile are a great example of comfortable construction. So if comfort is an issue, both of the materials are preferable.

Wide inner area: Most of the wide-foot golfers face the problem of the middle area of their feet. For their wide sizing, they become difficult to adjust into the shoe. As a result, the golfers face a lot of pain and discomfort in wearing the shoe. Even the game performance also gets disturbed because of this issue. But some shoe models come with a wider inner area. It helps to deliver a comfortable and easy using ability to the golfers with a wide foot. They are even very easy to wear and remove from feet.

Adidas Golf Mens Adipower Bounce Golf

Our Rating:

These are another top-selling pair of golf shoes by Adidas that have a reputation for traction and comfort. The wider forefoot offers the type of increased overall volume that golfers with wider feet need for all-day comfort and use. the full-length foam bounce midsole offers better than average energy return, comfort, and support. The lightweight design combined with the shoes durability ensures these shoes can handle plenty of wear and tear.

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Things To Consider For Wide

Each golfer has a distinct swing and technique, as well as a distinct physical appearance. Wide feet are a common source of difficulty. Its not always easy to find the best golf shoes, but its critical for your comfort and performance on the course. Even if you use a golf cart, you will still have to walk a considerable distance and spend a significant amount of time on your feet. Comfort, grip, and stability are all provided by the right shoes. All of them are necessary for a successful round of golf.

Golf shoes for those with wide feet have the same length as regular golf shoes, but the forefoot width and toe box are bigger for added comfort. Some shoes are naturally more comfortable for people with wide feet, while others are made specifically for them. The same fundamental guidelines of golf shoe choosing apply, with the exception of forefoot width and toe box room. Make sure you have wide feet before looking at shoes designed exclusively for them.

In general, a higher instep and a thinner inlay are required. This will provide the extra width and toe area that bigger feet require for maximum comfort. You want to choose shoes that are both comfy and lightweight.

Most Popular: Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet | TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoe Review

More than 11,000 customers gave the Adidas Tech Response golf shoes an impressive five-star rating, which makes them the most popular pair on Amazon. Customers rave about how lightweight they are, and they love that they don’t skimp on traction . Just keep in mind that some reviewers said the golf shoes run a bit narrow, so you may want to double check your size and width choices. “I was concerned about getting golf-specific shoes because they are expensive and they often look uncomfortable to wear while walking a whole course,” wrote one golfer. “These fit like normal running/tennis/athletic shoes, and were about half the price of many of the other options.”

To buy: , from $57

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Skechers Womens Go Golf Eagle

Skechers have been producing best golf shoes forever because they always make sure that the players comfort is in top order. They add features like stability, breathability and amazing cushioning that is why they are regarded as the best in the business. These Skechers golf shoes for women have all those qualities which anyone can demand.


Outer sole: The outer sole is made out of synthetic rubber sole which makes the traction and durability to the maximum. The presence of a TPU outer grip enables amazing grip.

Midsole: The midsole has unbelievable cushioning which is due to the technology of GOGA Matrix which offers maximum comfort.

Upper sole: The upper sole is made out of synthetic fabric which keeps the upper light and comfy while the presence of lace system ensures an excellent fitting.

Weight: The weight of these shoes is respectively light, and they allow the player to play with ease.

Breathability: The breathable material on the upper is the fabric which supports the crossing of air to provide comfort to the feet while players can walk as much as they want.

Overall performance:

They have an ample amount of traction, support, and lightweight. It comes in different color options so women can enjoy fashion and style as well. The price is not as well which means more advantages if having this shoe.


Why Do You Need To Wear Golf Shoes

If youre new to the sport of golf, you may be wondering why you need golf shoes in the first place. Golf shoes are designed to give players more flexibility, balance, and stability during the motion of a golf swing. If the player is sliding or slipping during the swing movement, it is difficult to make good contact with the golf ball consistently to produce good shots.

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Callaway Balboa Trx Golf Shoes

  • Opti-Repel water-resistant microfiber leather will keep you dry in wet conditions
  • Opti-Vent mesh liner provides maximum breathability and heat control
  • Opti-Soft EVA midsole provides a natural ground feel and maximum comfort
  • Cons:

    • Some users felt there wasn’t enough support when swinging
    • Some users felt the cleats weren’t very durable and needed to be replaced rather quickly
    • Wide sizes not available in all colors

    The provide water-resistance, breathability, traction, and comfort the whole time youre on the course.

    These shoes feature loads of patented Callaway technology, including Opti-Repel, which is a water-resistant microfiber leather upper an Opti-Soft EVA midsole provides a natural, comfortable feel and an Opti-Vent mesh liner, which promotes breathability. The dura-rubber outsole has seven removable Slim-Lok Pivix cleats, which offer excellent traction on all terrains, and the 5mm EVA sockliner supplies stability and comfort.

    Check out our recommendations for the best and hybrid golf clubs and take your game to the next level.

    New Balance Mens Striker Golf Shoes : Mens Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes

    The Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

    New Balance makes really amazing golf shoes that are quite affordable. Affordability is unusual with you wide foot golfers. This new balance mens striker golf shoe looks modern to boot.

    All the time people with wide feet have to pay a lot for perfect footwear, but you are rescued with New Balance mens striker golf shoes. They certainly know their way around shoe manufacturing and produce the best ones.

    These shoes are absolutely comfortable when compared to the older versions of new balance. The upper is waterproof and breathable. They suit all the golfers including golfers with wide feet.

    They are great, out of the box and do not require a break in period for comfort. Includes microfiber leather upper with ultra light fantom fit structure for rigid support.

    It has an insole that uses a foam compound for high responsiveness and ultra soft cushioning. They have high durability and stability. Integrated with Exoskeleton TPU outsole which moves with the natural motion of your foot.

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    Should I Wear Socks With My Golf Shoes

    You should always wear socks with your golf shoes. That is the way that you get the proper fit. This will also prevent you from developing blisters.

    For those who have wide feet, socks will help fill out your shoe more and allow your foot to feel snugger in the shoe. This can help for those who may have an in-between width. You never want to go without wearing a sock while playing a round, as that can lead to more problems for your feet than your shoes not fitting well enough.

    The Need For A Golf Sport Shoe For Wide Feet

    Todays golfing offers the best of shoes and footwears for the golfer, prior to this era there were little to no golf shoe utterly targeted at the flat footed

    There are 3 different types of feet types, each of this foot type have a particular shoe well targeted at them,

    Flat footed golf shoe were thus designed to meet the ever growing needs of the golfer who is flat footed, with this flat footed golf shoe, the golfer with flat feet can comfortably and efficiently play golf

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    New Balance Men’s Breeze Golf Shoe

    New Balance wide golf shoes are very high in quality and comfort. This shoe is featured with a rubber sole and REVLite midsole that makes the shoe very comfortable and absorbent.

    The NDurance rubber outsole ensures durability and gives you a firm grip on the playing field. The Forefoot water guard provides a shed against the shoes and makes them waterproof.

    Things we liked

    • This shoe is entirely waterproof.
    • It is available in 4 exciting color contrasts.
    • You will find a wide range of sizes for wide feet.
    • The shoes are very comfortable and breathable.
    • The price of this shoe is quite reasonable.

    Things that can be improved

    • It is a spikeless golf shoe so you can have a problem with the grip.
    • The outlook seems a bit colorful.

    Final verdict

    If you are looking for a high-quality wide-width golf shoe on a tight budget, then New balance wide golf shoes are worth a try. This shoe has everything for the comfort of your wide feet and can be used for a long time.

    Footjoy Empower Boa Spikeless Golf Shoes:

    Best golf shoes for wide feet In 2021 – Top 10 New golf shoes for wide feets Review

    Women golfers are also making their marks on the pitch and that is why they demand some good shoes for them like FootJoy EmPower BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes. These have following features you should read:

    • These are made with some quality mesh and synthetic material.
    • FootJoy EmPower BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes are designed right according to the needs of lady golfers.
    • These have a really lightweight design with the mesh uppers.
    • The shoes have a gripping outsole which gives you balance during your shots.
    • Your feet get enough air when the mesh upper of this product.

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    Under Armour Hovr Drive Gtx

    Another budget-friendly golf shoe consideration for wide feet is the Under Armour HOVR Drive GTX shoes. These are a more athletic-looking shoe that has the iconic look that comes with other Under Armour shoes.


    The HOVR Drive GTX shoes have a sporty design that gives than a younger look than many other golf shoes, especially when it comes to wide width golf shoes. The outsole of the shoe is lightweight and durable, so they should not weigh you down in any way.


    The features of the HOVR Drive GTX shoes include the UA HOVR placement, which supports a natural motion of your foot, transferring energy smoothly and naturally. This will give them a great, comfortable feel on your foot. The HOVR foam helps with the energy transfer, giving you a solid feel of the ground beneath you.

    The shoes also have a UA Rotational Resistance spikes that help with horizontal traction, lockdown, and overall comfort. Additionally, they have a microfiber upper and a waterproof membrane to help keep your feet as dry as possible. This feature also means they are not entirely breathable.

    Skechers Golf Elite 20

    The Skechers Golf Elite 2.0 Waterproof Golf Shoe is built for both performance and comfort with its full-length midsole that offers great cushioning and stability, while still having a lightweight feel on your feet. Whats more, it has an ETC technology so you can get the best traction on wet conditions which means you get to play more often without worrying about what the weather is like outside.


    Faux Leather upper gives these shoe durability while looking stylish at the same time

    Rearfoot Goga Max ensures outstanding comfort, flexibility, and mobility

    Full-length midsole provides plenty of cushioning while also offering excellent stability and support

    ETC technology ensures excellent traction on wet surfaces


    • Size issue


    Golf shoes are comfortable, stylish, lightweight, give a good feel for the course ground conditions, and provide excellent stability with their cushioning.


    As with some golf shoes from Skechers, they have been reported to run small which can be frustrating if you need larger sizes than usual. Another issue is that they tend to wear out quickly compared to other options available on the market.

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    Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

    Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes offer both style and comfort to ensure that you can perform out on the golf course. They also come equipped with a MTN Grip outsole for traction and stability so that you can put yourself in a position to hit shots with consistency. No matter what your shoe type is, the insole is removable to customize the fit to your own foot!


    • Stylish Design: Design is something that is top of mind when it comes to the Ecco shoes.
    • Great Protection: You will get great protection and high performance from the elements thanks to the breathable textile and synthetic materials in the Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes.


    • Mixed Comfort: Despite being comfortable in general, underfoot you may find some inconsistency.

    Puma Men’s Ignite Nxt Lace Wide

    Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet In 2020 for the Most ...

    The Puma golf shoes for wide feet is a sporty one with a modern outlook. This shoe is featured with synthetic soles and waterproof mesh that makes the shoes durable and sturdy.

    The EVA midsole and Ignite foam provide your feet enough comfort. The shoe has strategically placed directional hexagon lugs in the bottom that create organic traction to give you a good grip.

    Things we liked

    • This model is very smart and sporty.
    • You will love the comfort of your feet.
    • You have a chance to choose the shoe in 8 different colors.

    Things that can be improved

    • The design of the upper mesh is too clumsy.
    • Doesnt have a lot of size options.

    Final verdict

    PUMA Men’s Ignite golf shoes are fantastic for wide feet as it provides you with comfort. This pair of shoes can be used for a very long time as it is very durable and light in weight. If you are not on a tight budget and wish for a comforting shoe for your wide feet in the golf course you can try this model from the brand PUMA.

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