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How To Lace Dress Shoes

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Shoes To Wear With Lace Dresses Casually

How to Lace Dress Shoes | Straight Bar Lacing Method

Didnt think you can wear a lace dress casually? Yes, you can! Most lace dresses worn casually are made of crochet, eyelet or chunky lace fabrics.

Shop Casual Lace Dresses:

However, you can also wear a more classic lace dress for a casual event as well. All you need to do is to pair it with the right accessories, outerwear , bedhead hairdo and one of the following shoes:

The 10 Best Oxford Shoes For Men To Lace Up In 2021

If the idea of wearing dress shoes feels foreign to you, rest assured that youre not alone these days. Its going to take some time getting used to dressing for the office, or a wedding, or a proper date night again. When the time comes though, set aside your excuses and lace up some of the best Oxford shoes on the market. Of course, your shoes are but one ingredient in getting dressed in refined style once again, but theyre a critical component all the same. Were talking about more than just trading in your sweat shorts for something more cleaned up, after all.

Oxford shoes are different than other leather dress shoes thanks to the design of the shoe lacing. Theyre made using a closed-lace system, in which eyelet tabs for the laces are sewn under the vamp . This gives them a sleek look and a clean finish, meaning theyre perfect to wear with your best suit, tailored corduroy pants, or chinos in just about any setting that requires you to get cleaned up and go all out. The right pairs have the potential to break in over time and mold to your feet, just like more casual sneakers. Selecting the proper pair is as easy as choosing from our favorite Oxford shoes below.

How To Lace Your Dress Shoes

A man’s shoes are the cornerstone to his outfit.

Most women agree that their eyes are first drawn to a man’s feet allowing them to make a snap judgment about his personality.

What you may not have heard before is that a quality pair of leather shoes can fail to make a good impression if your shoelaces are tied wrong.

Learning how to tie shoelaces is an important rite of passage for every child. We learn a standard sequence of looping and securing our laces in kindergarten.

And we continue with the same ritual into our adulthood!

No one is going to fault a child for how they tie their laces, as long as the shoe stays one.

As an adult, we need to revisit this childhood routine to check if this daily ritual can be improved to reflect grown-up values.

Why is it important to relearn this simple daily ritual and do it the right way?

  • Your shoelace knot won’t look sloppy or bulky.
  • Instead, it mimics the shape of a bow-tie.
  • The laces wont come undone.
  • The shoe fits more snug, providing comfort and preventing injury.

You may have just purchased a quality pair of dress shoes and are looking for more information on how to properly lace them.

Continue reading for options on lacing style, shoelace length and knots.

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How To Lace Your Dress Shoes: An Illustrated Guide

Youve probably never thought much about how to lace your dress shoes and I dont blame you. I dont think much about it either. In the list of priorities on how to dress well, your shoe laces should be near the bottom. But lets say youre taking care of the style fundamentals and youd like to add a smidgen of panache to your outfit. Well, this illustrated guide will show you what sartorialists consider is the proper way to lace your dress shoes.

Like this illustrated guide? Then youre going to love our book The Illustrated Art of Manliness! Pick up a copy on .

What Are Dress Shoes How To Tie Dress Shoes Properly

Straight Bar Shoe Lacing Tutorial
  • Final words
  • It can be said that accessories in general and fashionable shoes, in particular, are the greatest invention of mankind. The footwear accurately expresses the fashion style as well as the human personality of the person who uses it. For example, dress shoes will make you look like a man with a more classy fashion style.

    Have you known anything about dress shoes yet?

    How to tie dress shoes most beautifully with certainty?

    With the motto that knowledgeable consumers are the best ones, so in this article, we will help you redefine all the concepts and information about dress shoes. Thereby, you will understand more and make wiser choices for yourself without getting surprises or misunderstandings.

    Here is everything you need to know about dress shoes!

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    Quality Shoelaces In 15 Colors

    I always had a hard time find great shoelaces in the length, quality, and color I wanted. Over the course of an 18 month period, and countless failed tests, we came up with quality dress shoe laces for Fort Belvedere in 15 different colors. We do not only offer them in round and flat but also the same color palette for boots. This is the most comprehensive selection of quality dress shoe laces you will find online. All of our dress shoe shoelaces are made in Italy, of long staple, waxed cotton and should last for a while.

    We do not only offer them in round and flat but also the same color palette for boots. This is the most comprehensive selection of quality dress shoe laces you will find. All of our dress shoe shoelaces are made in Italy, of long staple, waxed cotton and should last for a long time.

    If you wear Oxfords or Derbys, you should head over to the shop and take a look at our 15 colors of dress shoe laces in round, flat and boot boot laces.

    How To Lace Derby Shoes

    The process for lacing a pair of Derby shoes is much the same as the process for lacing a pair of Oxfords. First, youll need to find laces that are the correct length, colour and shape to fit your shoes, then its a case of fixing them in place.

    Again, these are smart shoes so the method of lacing should be neat. However, the difference here is the open lacing system which means the tongue of the shoe tends to be partly visible. This rules out any type of lacing that uses diagonal lines to tighten the shoe, so the best option is to use straight bar lacing, which snakes in an S shape from eyelet to eyelet, leaving straight lines with everything else hidden beneath the facing.

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    The Tip How To Lace And Tie Dress Shoes

    In many ways its quite surprising that a fundamental thing like how you lace and tie your shoes are given such a little attention in many cases. Most do what theyve always done, tie their bow the way their parents though one to do and let the lacing be the way it was when you picked the shoes out of the box. Its in many cases a big mistake. Now this is of course partly a subjective topic, but here I share what I think is the optimal way to lace and tie your somewhat formal shoes, both when it comes to function and appearance.

    How To Straight Lace Your Dress Shoe

    How to Bar Lace Dress Shoes

    You just bought a beautiful pair of dress shoes.

    You take them out of the box

    But something seems a little off.

    You try them on and they look good...but not GREAT.


    You can’t put your finger on it.

    It’s not the formalityor the color.

    It’s just a little noisy.

    Then you figure it out

    They’re laced like your tennis shoes.

    Criss cross lacing all over the place.

    It looks like a mess on your feet.

    The right type of lacing can make your shoes look like a million bucks.

    Gentlemen, today’s article is going to cover the PERFECT way to lace your dress shoes in a step by step, easy to understand infographic.

    You can also click here to see the full infographic on how to lace your dress shoes on it’s own.

    Traditionally, dress shoes are made with either 5 or 6 pairs of eyelets. However, this number can range between 2-8 pairs of eyelets. The laces are fed into the eyelets bottom-up, working their way up from the toe cap to the top of the shoe. When secured, the laces should draw the tongues of the shoe together, closing the gap that allows your foot to fit into the shoe.

    Done correctly, the laces provide an even, balanced pressure that secures the shoe to your foot and provides comfort and support while walking.

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    Types Of Knots: 1 The Basic Knot

    Once youve decided how to lace your shoes and lace them, its time to find the right knot. Lets look at four different knots, but I only recommend two of them.

    If youre anything like me, you probably learned how to tie your shoes as a kid, you thought you mastered it, and youve never thought about it ever since. However, weve come to find that not all knots are created equal, especially for dress shoes.

    The ideal knot is quick and easy to tie, it looks very pleasing and harmonious to the eye, it is at a 90-degree angle to the long axis of the shoe, and it doesnt come undone even if you walk all day extensively.

    Basic Knot

    The knot that I learned and the one you probably learned and mastered is called the basic knot.

    How To Tie Dress Shoes Correctly

    Shoes are the mirror for a gentleman. The way you present your dress shoes speak a lot about your character and chivalry. Even the subtle elements of the shoes, like the laces, play a significant role in determining your vibes. Men tend to bring in the most expensive pair of dress shoes but ignore its lacing. The result is that either the laces do not go well with the dress or keep untying frequently. So, all men must ask themselves if they are tying the dress shoes correctly or not. Below you will find all the ways of lacing the dress shoes correctly and re-defining your persona like a pro.

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    How To Tie Dress Shoes With Hidden Strings

    It is no coincidence that dress shoes laces need to be neatly hidden. Doing it brings many outstanding advantages, such as:

    • Make the shoe well-ordered, less messy, creating a sense of style for the wearer.
    • Users can walk freely without having to worry about laces slipping off at any time.
    • If the laces are too long, hiding them allows you to remove extra pieces easily without cutting them off.

    If you are uncomfortable with showing the shoelaces on your pair, you can choose to hide them. Here are a few approaches to help you out:

    Stylish Flats With A Lace Dress

    The 3 Best Ways to Lace Your Dress Shoes

    Shop Simple and Fancy Flats:

    If heels are not your thing or just not possible for you, a simple flat in a fashionable shape works best. Why? Because nothing will dull a pretty lace dress outfit faster than a flat thats way too casual or looks outdated.

    Right now, flats that are pointed or almond shape are great choices. Best to avoid rounded toe ballerina flats that not only look passé& frumpy, but are much more casual. And your formal lace dress is definitely not!

    Dont be shy to wear a pair of flats that shoe toe cleavage! This will add some je-ne-sais-quoi to your shoe style.

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    Use The Correct Shoelace Type

    A pair of thin, waxed cotton laces is preferable for dress shoes. Laces from the drugstore are acceptable for an emergency, but richly dyed laces will keep your shoes looking sharp. The wax prevents the laces from becoming too slippery.

    Thicker, nylon laces are best used on sneakers and sports shoes.

    Replace your shoelaces when they begin to fray or if the aglet is broken. Keep an extra pair of laces handy for emergencies when your current pair snaps.

    Final Thoughts On Lace Dresses And Shoes

    To sum up, I have to admit it can be tough to give general shoe and dress styling advice on combos. Thats because lace dresses can vary so much in terms of texture, fabric & shape.

    I hope my guide has helped you in your journey to find the right shoes for your fancy or casual lace dress.

    If youre still unsure about what shoes to wear with a lace dress, feel free to ask in the comments below!

    xo ShoeTease

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    The Smartest Ways To Lace Your Dress Shoes

    Trends come and go, but the classics remain. This applies to shoe-lacing too there are a lot of fun lacing techniques and you can try out all of them, but the traditional techniques mentioned in this article will always look good

    Laced dress shoes will either be oxfords or derbies, both of them have a separate way of lacing that work best with that particular style. Traditionally, oxfords will be straight-laced where the laces look like parallel bars moving from one side of the eyelet to the other. This kind of lacing is the most formal, in contrast to the cross lacing used for derby shoes which is one step down the formality scale but still very dressy. In cross lacing, the laces move from one side of the eyelet to the other so as to form a cross

    This article lists the step-by-step method for both straight lacing and cross lacing. It also talks about the one lacing style that you should avoid when it comes to dress shoes and provides some more information about shoelace lengths and shoelace types

    Straight Lacing / Bar Lacing for Oxford Shoes

    The right way to lace Oxford shoes is straight, where the laces are parallel and straight. This adds to the clean look that oxfords provide and can be done for both odd or even number of eyelets

    Oxford shoes will almost always come laced this way out of the box, so youll need to apply this method only when you decide to change your shoelaces, or remove them while cleaning the shoes

    Cross Lacing for Derby Shoes


    Be Playful With Your Perceptions

    How To Lace Oxfords & Dress Shoes the Proper Way & What To Avoid

    Find the opportunity in every event as it pertains to your vision. See any setback as though it was supposed to happen. Instead of being grim and wallowing in current circumstances, stand by your decision and follow through.

    Be playful with this, start perceiving everything as though it was meant to be, as if its leading you closer to your goal. Synchronicity will start playing out in front of you just follow it.

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    Closed Lacing Vs Open Lacing

    When it comes to lacing your smart shoes, youll need to understand the subtle difference between what are referred to as closed-lace and open-lace styles.

    In closed-lace styles, the part of the shoe that covers the front portion and sides of the foot, known as the vamp, is stitched over the bottom of the part of the shoe that contains the eyelets, known as the facing. This results in a cleaner overall look but at the cost of flexibility. In general, closed-lace styles tend to be much more formal due to their uncluttered appearance.

    Open-lace styles differ in that the facing is stitched on top of the vamp. This offers more room for adjustment and makes shoes more flexible, but its not seen as dress shoe styling owing to the busy look this creates on the upper.

    What Is A Derby Shoe

    The Derby shoe is a businessmans best friend. The trusty stomper thats comfortable enough to be worn every day, yet smart enough to do a suit justice. It may not be as dressy as an Oxford, but hey, it never claimed to be and what it does do, it does well.

    Unlike its Oxford cousin, the Derby features an open lacing system. The facing on a pair of Derbies is always open at both the top and the bottom, which is the reason for their trademark comfort.

    For an everyday shoe that can hold its own in the boardroom, a Derby is what you need.

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    What Are Smart Shoes

    It may sound obvious, but every weekend thousands of men are left scratching their heads after being turned away from nightclubs for wearing their Nike Air Max. This suggests that there is still some confusion about what the term smart shoes actually means. So, lets revisit the basics for their sake.

    Being as broad as possible, if youd wear it to the office with a suit, chances are you can consider it a smart shoe. Were talking leather, black or brown, no excessive detailing and certainly no big logos.

    How To Lace All Your Dress Shoes

    The 3 Best Ways to Lace Your Dress Shoes

    Even that three-piece Tom Ford suit isnt going to be enough to make you look good when youre lying face down in a pile of your own teeth, surrounded by startled party guests, with your shoes a few yards behind you.

    While it may be an unpleasant one, that mental image should illustrate to you the importance of ensuring your smart footwear is laced up correctly.

    We know, tying your shoes isnt exactly rocket science. After all, the likelihood is youve been able to do it since before you could even spell shoelaces. However, not all footwear was created equal and different smart shoes require varying lacing methods.

    Curious? Well, you cant be blamed for that.

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