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How To Look Up Air Jordan Shoes

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What Exactly Is The Air Jordan

Air Jordan 3 Shoe Restoration – How to Make Old Shoes Look BRAND NEW | Custom Color Transformation

Letâs start from the very beginning with the man himself: Michael Jordan. MJ is perhaps the most well known living athlete on the planet. As a basketball player, he shattered records with the NBA and won medals at the Olympics. He also has a uniquely lucrative career off the court as a movie star, NASCAR team co-owner, and of course as the name and face of the most prolific sneaker brand of all time, Nikeâs Air Jordan.

In 1984 Nike signed a deal with MJ to create his own brand of sneaker. At the time, Converse was the official show of the NBA, so the shoes stood out on the court. Nike had just invented âair soles,â a new technology for their running shoes, and Jordan was known for his unusual ability to get great height while dunking. Thus the name Air Jordan was born.

While a few other athletes had been the face of a sneaker, Air Jordans were the first to start a cultural frenzy, with loyal fandom that remains unsurpassed. Due to some great marketing ploys, like creating a âbanned shoeâ ad campaign when the NBA started fining Jordan for the colorful shoes, Nike sold +40x their goal, reaching $126 million in year one. Todayâs numbers have skyrocketed: Nike sold $4.6 billion in 2020 alone.

Air Jordan Xiv: Released In 1998

Perusing this list of the worlds best Jordans, youll quickly discover a common theme. Fast cars. Many of the best Js were inspired by top-of-the-range vehicles, including the Air Jordan XIV, which draws on the shape and style of MJs Ferrari 550M. Also, look out for the Jumpman logo which appears 14 times on this sneakera reference to this being the 14th in the Jordan series.

The most popular colorway of this model is the Last Shot, a black-red combo immortalized when MJ wore them for his winning shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

Check The Air Jordan Logos Lettering

Moving on to the third step of the guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Obsidian sneakers, we are going to have a look at the classic Air Jordan logo as well.

As weve mentioned at the top of this guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Obsidian, we are now going to check out the fake vs real AJ1 Obsidian image with the Air Jodan classic logos lettering so as to easily spot the flaws on the fake shoes.

In the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 image above, we have pointed out three main visible flaws on the fake Air Jordan 1 Obsidian shoes.

First of all, looking at the AIR text, you can see how the replica AJ1 Obsidians have their letter A looking too thick, while the legit shoes have their letter looking thinner.

Besides, the letters I and R in the fake shoes Air Jordan classic logo appear to be too thin compared to the retail shoes letters.

Then, throwing a quick look at the JORDAN text, it is visible in the fake vs real AJ1 Obsidian image above how the fake shoes have their letters looking too thick.

At the JORDAN text, weve pointed out especially at the letter J, showing you how the fake shoes have their J placed higher than the rest of the letters.

At the same time, the authentic Obsidians have each of the letters in the Air Jordan classic logo placed at the same level, not having one placed either higher or lower than other letters.

The steps weve written so far are the best ways to authenticate this item.

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List Of Real Jordans Websites

If you have to buy from unauthorized sources, exercise great caution to check if your Jordans are fake. Avoid shoes that are unreasonably cheap. Make sure the colorway you are buying actually exists.

Check the shoebox, the manufacturing sticker, the shoe tag, the Jumpman logo, and the stitching to look for any telltale signs of fake products. If you follow the steps in this article, you will cut down your chance of getting fake Jordans substantially.

The best way to buy discounted Jordans is to buy from the Nike website, Nike stores, or authorized retailers.

Discounted authentic Jordans on Nike:

Air Jordan Xv: Released In 1999

Air Jordan 1.5 Chicago

It was around this time that the Air Jordan style took a turn towards the kooky and quirky, drawing on all sorts of offbeat and bizarre references. Were not complaining. We love the unique and high-impact aesthetics of the XV, which was inspired by NASAs X-15 fighter jet while the high cushioned collar takes its lead from moccasins.

The XV was the last sneaker to be designed by Tinker Hatfield and while MJ never actually wore it on the court, it remains a notable addition to the footwear line.

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Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Obsidian Interior Tongue Label

As weve previously mentioned, we consider the interior tongue label as the most reliable sing of authenticity when speaking of the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Obsidian Blue pairs.

With this being said, now you know that in this fake vs real AJ1 Obsidian guide we are ranking the tells/steps by the importance of them, and by which you should check first.

In the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Obsidian image above, you can see that weve spotted a few flaws on the fake Jordans. Dont worry, well get into explaining them now.

First of all, looking back at the real vs fake AJ1 Obsidian image above, you can see how the fake shoes have their TRADEMARKS text looking too thick and improperly positioned on the fake shoes.

The positioning flaw on the fake Air Jordan 1 Obsidians is that the letters look slanted by that, we mean that some of the letters are placed higher and lower than they are supposed to be.

Then, looking at the SWOOSH text which weve first pointed out, you can see how the fake Obsidian AJ1s have the same flaws: the fake text is too thick and slanted.

Up next, looking at the QUALITE printing in the fake vs real AJ1 Obsidian image above, you can see how the fake shoes have their text crookedly positioned, as the letters are slanted and they look too stretched up.

On the other hand, the authentic Air Jordan 1 Obsidian pair has its letters placed properly, with no imperfections.

Ranking Every Air Jordan Sneaker 1

    On Feb. 12, Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan XXX, the 30th signature model in the Air Jordan line. The first Air Jordan came out more than 30 years ago and its legacy endures to this day. But which Jordan sneaker is the best of the best? To help with that, we brought in an expert: Chad Jones, aka “Sneaker Galactus.” Jones has a collection of more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers, has been featured in the BATA Shoe Museum, and had part of his collection exhibited in Brooklyn during 2015’s NBA All-Star Weekend.

    Now, on to the rankings. If you disagree, you can rank them yourself here.

    Still haven’t gotten your fill of sneakers? Check out “Friedman’s Shoes,” an ESPN Films short about the shoe store all the NBA players loved, on the 6 p.m. ET SportsCenter on Friday, February 12 or online here!

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    Finding The Model Number In A Sneakers Database

  • 1Visit a sneakers database. Because some Nikes become collectibles, there are several online databases in which you can search for your specific shoe, such as . These databases should list the model number, alongside shoes name and picture.
  • 2Identify the line your shoe belongs to. Nike has, to date, 25 different lines of shoes . Usually this line will be prominently displayed on the outside of the shoe, and sometimes includes the name of a famous athlete .XResearch source
  • 3Search for your shoes’ line in the database. Typing your shoes’ line into a collectors database should yield photos of every shoe from that line, labelled with the shoes’ “names” and model numbers. Browse these photos to see if you find a match.Advertisement
  • Verify The Badge On The Tongue Of Your Air Jordan 1 Low

    Dropping $10,000 DIOR Air Jordans In Public!

    Moving on to the fourth way on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker, we will have to flip the shoes to a top-down view angle, and check out the Jumpman on the tongue of the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Low pair.

    In the Air Jordan 1 Low real vs fake image above, we have pointed out how the fake shoes have their Jumpman looking too thick.

    This is easily visible by looking at the left arm which has the basketball, where you can see how the fake shoes have their basketball looking too thick and big.

    At the same time, by looking at the fingers of the right arm on the fake shoes, you can notice how they have their fingers looking too thick.

    Lastly, in the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Low image above, you can notice how the fake shoes have their Jumpmans left leg looking too thick and having extra threads.

    On the other hand, the Jumpman met on the authentic shoes tongue is always supposed to have the same stitching weight, without having any extra threads or different stitching weights.

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    Mens Air Jordan 1 Shadow Outfit

    With the primary colours of the Jordan 1 Shadow being black and grey, there is a lot more flexibility in what you can wear with them. Its important to note that layering your Jordan outfits can add a lot of depth to them. In short, your outfit wont look too heavily focused on just the shoes and you should wear pieces that compliment the entire look. Jordan 1 lookbooks often take this approach and you can see what we mean in the outfit below.

    This simple outfit really works well and is a combination of everything we covered above. The plaid overshirt and plain black tee up the top tie in nicely with the Shadow 1s. By wearing a pair of slightly distressed light blue jeans, the top and the bottom are separated by colour palette. This means that the shoes can really be noticed without having to do an awful lot. Simplicity is key and on this Jordans with jeans outfit, you can see why it works so well.

    Air Jordan Xix: Released In 2004

    All Jordan shoes are known for pushing the boundaries of sneaker design with creative and innovative spins on what we all thought a basketball shoe should look like.

    The XIX is case in point, with its radically unusual silhouette. Apparently influenced by the black mamba snake, its definitely got one eye on the style horizon with its braided sleeve in place of laces. Theres also a carbon fiber support shank and full-length Zoom Airbag with a traditional Air unit in the heel, making these some of the most comfortable and best Jordan shoes around.

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    Air Jordan Ii Blackout

    The Air Jordan 11 Blackout sold for the staggering price of $11,267. This is one of the most popular editions of the brand, with the all-black design being a real hit with customers across the globe. This shoe is a cross between a slick, all-black high-end shoe, and an athletic running shoe that will be as functional as it is aesthetically attractive. Our guess is that this shoe would be purchased and cherished on display as part of a museum-like collection, rather than worn on the court.

    How To Tell If Air Jordan Are Fake

    New Look At The Air Jordan 4 Retro " Sashiko"

    Nothing beats the real thing. It is frustrating and enraging, not to mention a waste of money to purchase a Nike Air Jordan only to find out that it was a rip-off.

    Unless we look closely and unless we know what we are looking for, most fake items today look closely similar enough to the original ones that they can fool the average person.

    To avoid being a victim of these rip-offs, here are some of the things that you ought to check to make sure that you are purchasing an authentic Nike Air Jordan.

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    Air Jordan Xvii: Released In 2002

    Created to mark the much-anticipated return of MJ to basketball for the 2001-2002 NBA season as part of the Washington Wizards, the AJ XVII initially made waves on the sneaker scene for its elevated price tagthe highest of all Jordans ever.

    But the cost wasnt the only noteworthy aspect of the sneaker. It was also inspired by jazz music, drawing parallels between the genres improvisational qualities and MJs own ability to ad-lib on the court, and originally came in a metal briefcase with a CD-ROM.

    Air Jordan Xiii: Released In 1997

    If youve watched Netflix The Last Dance, then youll definitely recognize the Air Jordan XIIIsthe shoes Michael wore for most of the 1997-1998 season.

    The sneaker looks indisputably and unashamedly luxuriousappropriate, really, given it was worn by Jordan at the apex of his fame. The inspiration comes from a pantheran allusion to Jordans dexterity and predator-like reflexes on the court, as well as his Black Cat nickname.

    Indeed, the outsole resembles a panthers paw and there are holograms on the bottom and ankle that represent a cats glinting eye.

    In the black and red Bred colorway, in particular, the XIII is one of the most popular Jordans ever. There are also low-top Jordans available in this model.

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    Air Jordan Xx: Released In 2008

    Given that it was the same number he wore on the court, the 23rd model in Michael Jordans shoe line was always going to beextra special. And the XX3 truly is a masterpiece.

    The ultimate sneaker for die-hard MJ fans, the stitching is meant to represent Michael Jordans DNA pattern and youll also find the players thumbprint embossed on the rear and his autograph on the toe.

    As part of the trend for more eco-friendly sneakers , the XX3 is also made using as little toxins, waste, and bi-products as possible.

    Ranking All 34 Of Michael Jordans Air Jordan Shoes

    Making Jordan 1’s from SCRATCH! DAY 1 – MOCKUP

    After the success of the ultra-popular documentary The Last Dance, sales of Nike Air Jordans are on the rise. First created in 1984 by a struggling Nike, their fortunes changed forever along with Jordans after he signed his first $500,000-a-year contract. In nearly 40 years since the Air Jordan 1, His Airness has made over $1.3 billion from Nike.

    Originally he wanted to sign with Adidas and Nike was just a stopgap. After two decades of success, sales dropped in 2014. Fashion had changed and stars like Stephen Curry with UnderArmor provided new contemporary competition. But now the Jordan brand is back with a vengeance. Weve already looked at 20 secrets The Dance revealed. Now, its time we ranked every Air Jordan shoe to date. There are some iconic pieces of footwear on the list that follows.

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    How Do Collabs Work

    If you see a pair of Jordans with someone other than MJâs name attached to them, youâre probably looking at a collab or player edition. As you may have guessed, collab is short for collaboration, where a celebrity, usually a rapper or fashion designer, will help design theyâre own dream pair of sneakers. A player edition is made to honor an athlete.

    Collabs are extremely valuable for several reasons. First off, theyâre released in a limited edition capacity, usually < 50, so theyâre rare.

    Secondly, the association with a beloved celebrity gives the shoe special meaning to fans, while association with a couture designer like Dior might give the shoe more cachet in fashion circles.

    Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low, from

    The third reason is a little more subjectiveâthey look cool! Collabs often use radical design elements, like Niki Minajâs collab doused in pink glitter, setting the apart from the pack. For more info, check out SoleCollectorâs list of every Jordan collab ever.

    Being Aware Of Selling Practices

  • 1Be doubtful of any new Air Jordans that are sold for under $100. Many of these shoes are limited edition and sell out quickly, so there is no motivation for a seller to drop the price below retail value. It is very rare to find Jordans for under $100. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • 2Make sure the shoes are labeled “100% Authentic.” If youâre looking at a pair online that are listed just as “Authentic” you should be suspicious.XResearch source Donât buy Air Jordan shoes that are advertised as “custom,” “sample,” or “variant.” This indicates that Nike did not commission them. If youâre looking at Jordans online and no style number is included, email the seller to inquire about it.
  • 3Confirm that the shoes come with the right box. Fake Jordans are often sold in boxes that list details which donât match the shoes themselves. Real boxes will feature correct colorway descriptions and all style numbers should match. If the shoes youâre considering donât come with a box at all, purchasing them is not recommended.XResearch source
  • 4Avoid online purchases unless the images are clear and detailed. When buying shoes online, make sure multiple pictures are posted and you can clearly see the detail in each one. If a photo of the interior tag with the style number isnât included, email the seller to request one. Stock photos of shoes are usually a red flag. The descriptions should be clear, not vague.
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