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How To Look Up Air Jordan Shoes

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Most Valuable Air Jordans Ever Made

Vick Almighty #RESTORES Air Jordan 1 Royal Blues using #RESHOEVN8R

The Air Jordan is iconic but some variants will absolutely blow up your bank account. Here are 10 examples.

Air Jordan sneakers have become way more significant than simply being shoes upon someones feet. They are now high-priced statement pieces that are very carefully selected by each individual, and often added to a collection of other Air Jordans. These prized possessions are treated more like memorabilia than mere shoes to be worn for the day. Collectors all over the world are known to seek out specific types of Air Jordan shoes, and are willing to pay a very high price to gain ownership of them. The high demand for these shoes continues to add to their overall value and the cost continues to rise. Lets explore the 10 Most Valuable Air Jordans Ever Made

Jordans Are Built On Defiance

Before his six Championships, six finals MVPs, five regular-season MVPs, and two gold medals, Michael Jordan started off like everyone else: a kid with a dream. As a sophomore in high school, Michael even struggled to make varsity. But what happened next would define the rest of Michaels career, as well as the Jordan Brand.

Instead of throwing in the towel, MJ went all in. He trained non-stop for the next season, earning a spot on varsity. By his senior year, Michael was averaging 26.8 points per game in his final high school season. After his success in high school, he went on to play college ball at North Carolina.

The Jordan Brand saw a similar come up in fact, MJ almost never signed on with Nike. But by offering to use Michaels input when designing their shoes, Nike closed the deal.

It wasnt smooth sailing yet, though. After designing the black and red Air Jordan I, the league banned the sneaker for violating uniform policy. But Nike and MJ werent about to let a dress code stop them from debuting Jordans signature sneaker. He wore them anyway, generating a $5,000 fine and nationwide buzz. Jordan was ready for takeoff.

Where Can I Get My Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Authenticated The Air Jordan Legit Check Service

If you need help with the authentication of your Air Jordan 1 Low, weve got you covered.

All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your Low AJ1s and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Low legit check guide. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

Need our opinion over your items authenticity? Its a service we provide.

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Built To Last For Lasting Comfort

Once built to exacting specifications to give the games greatest player every advantage on professional basketball courts, Air Jordan sneakers enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle these days.

The original drops of Air Jordan models were so popular that Nike began re-releasing some of the most popular silhouettes in 1994. Then the Swoosh spun off the Jumpman to a brand of its own in 1997, and Jordan Retros have taken over sneakerhead culture by storm.

The Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG is a direct connection to the one you can see on those early posters. The prominent Swoosh on the midfoot, high top, and MJs original Wings logo on the ankle collar are like you’re wearing legendary moments of the past.

The Jordan AJ 1 Mid is a slightly lower takedown of that original, available in womens sizes as well as mens.

Retros abound from a variety of eras. The Retro 3 is easily recognizable for the bold elephant print introduced to the sneaker world.

The Retro 5 features a shark tooth design on the lateral midsole, derived from World War II fighter planes.

And the Retro 13 channels MJs on-court Black Cat persona with a quilted upper and an outsole that resembles a sure-grip paw.

Tips For Choosing The Right Jordan Shoes Online


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  • 2 min read

he black and red Air Jordan 1 shoes have become the icon for a basketball sneaker. Endorsed by Michael Jordan for Nike Shoes, Air Jordan sneakers were released in 1984. That move bolstered the struggling brand into a reputable one for running shoes. It was the Jordan line of sneakers that catapulted Nike into the big league of athletic sneakers.

Take a look at tips for choosing the right Jordan shoes online. Retro Jordan shoes can be bought online, thanks to the select virtual shops. A typical Nike Air Jordan shoes can set you back by around $170. Jordan shoes typically come in 3 core heights the High, the Mid, and the Low. The High has always been the most popular as it embodies the iconic style of the brand. The newer variants sell for about $200. The base range of Air Jordan Mid is about $115 to $130. In fact, you can resell your Jordan shoes for nearly $2000.The best tip for searching Jordan shoes online is to look up authorized retailers or third-party retailers. When searching for affordable Jordan shoes online, remember that sizes are limited, especially at lower prices.

4 Tips for choosing the right Jordan Shoes online

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Mens Air Jordan 1 Shadow Outfit

With the primary colours of the Jordan 1 Shadow being black and grey, there is a lot more flexibility in what you can wear with them. Its important to note that layering your Jordan outfits can add a lot of depth to them. In short, your outfit wont look too heavily focused on just the shoes and you should wear pieces that compliment the entire look. Jordan 1 lookbooks often take this approach and you can see what we mean in the outfit below.

This simple outfit really works well and is a combination of everything we covered above. The plaid overshirt and plain black tee up the top tie in nicely with the Shadow 1s. By wearing a pair of slightly distressed light blue jeans, the top and the bottom are separated by colour palette. This means that the shoes can really be noticed without having to do an awful lot. Simplicity is key and on this Jordans with jeans outfit, you can see why it works so well.

How To Wear The Air Jordan 1 Shadow

Easily one of the simplest colourways of any Air Jordan 1 is the Shadow. Shadow 1s were one of the first colourways to release back in 1985, giving a simple monochromatic option for those not interested in the brighter colourway options. However, the Air Jordan 1 Shadow has become a favourite for many due to the easy option it provides for outfits. Take a closer look at some Shadow 1 outfits below.

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The Air Jordan Shoe Tongue

High quality embroidery can be found on the tongue of most Air Jordan styles. For Jordan Air 11s, the words Jumpman Jordan are embroidered into a band on the front portion of the tongue. The Jumpman logo can be found between the two words. The inside portion of the tongue has a tag with the words Greatest Player Ever embroidered on it. The words are stitched in white and have a Jumpman logo beneath it.Most original Nike Jordan shoes have the tags or inside labels stitched into the shoe. There are however, some styles where the tag is glued into it.

Look Out For The Leather Patch On The Rear

Dropping $10,000 DIOR Air Jordans In Public!

To wrap up our legit check guide, we will want to point your attention towards the patch that can be found at the rear end of the sneaker.

This is often noticed on the fake Jordan 1 Bred Banned colourway. Quite a small flaw, isnt it?

As you can see, this leather patch thats at the intersection point of the two swooshes has a different shape and size than what we can see in the authentic example.

Also worth pointing out is the hourglass shape flaw thats visible on the replica pair, given the straight silhouette of the shoe.

Nonetheless, this is a hard element to point out to the naked eye, yet it might help some of the readers decide, especially if its paired with the hourglass shape flaw.

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How You Can Spot Fake Air Jordan 1 In 2022

Want to learn how to spot fake Air Jordan 1s that are out there on the market? Scared of getting scammed? Weve created the most comprehensive legit check guide for the Nike Air Jordan 1.

Thats the story in a nutshell. Naturally, the things were pointing out are easier to follow if you see our head-to-head real and fake comparisons. Scroll down below to see them.

And remember, we have an authentication service as well if the situation seems too complicated, were happy to help. At the same time, we work very hard to make these guides as simple to understand as possible.

In this guide we’ll cover:

Lets begin the legit check guide.

Inspecting The Shoe Construction

  • 1Match the style number of the tag to the one listed on the box. Locate the small tag on the inside of the shoe. All of the information listed on the manufacturing sticker should also be on this tag. Make sure the information is exactly the same as whatâs on the box sticker, especially the style number.XResearch source
  • The stitching on the tag ought to look uniform and neat.
  • Spelling errors on this interior tag are almost always an indicator of inauthentic Jordans.
  • 2Examine the label under the tongue. Jordans have a very specific label under the tongue. Lift up the tongue and check out the underside. You should see the words “greatest player ever” embroidered there. The embroidery should be white, easy to read and look professional.XResearch source
  • 3Check the proportions of the Jumpman logo. Double check the details on the logo located on the back of the shoes . The logo should appear crisp and uncompromised. Look at the hands, basketball and feet to ensure everything looks properly proportioned. Nothing should look blurry or smudged.XResearch source
  • Fake Jordans may have an uneven or lumpy Jumpman, with poor stitching and unusual proportions.
  • 4Inspect the detail around the laces. The spaces between the shoelace tabs should be even. All of the shoelace tabs will be the same size and shape. Make sure they are all attached firmly, with the same amount of tension. Fake Jordans will often have some shoelace tabs that are looser than others.XResearch source
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    Air Jordan Ii Blackout

    The Air Jordan 11 Blackout sold for the staggering price of $11,267. This is one of the most popular editions of the brand, with the all-black design being a real hit with customers across the globe. This shoe is a cross between a slick, all-black high-end shoe, and an athletic running shoe that will be as functional as it is aesthetically attractive. Our guess is that this shoe would be purchased and cherished on display as part of a museum-like collection, rather than worn on the court.

    Nike Air Jordan Xxiii

    Air Jordan 1.5 Chicago

    Compare PricesImage from

    With as many reappearances as Jordan himself, that guy Tinker Hatfield was back in the mix again. Collaborating with Mark Smith, they came back to design the number which aligned with the most recognisable in NBA history, 23.

    Detail was the key for this model, it had several intricate touches woven throughout. From MJs fingerprint on the tongue, to hand-stitched patterns on the upper.

    It wasnt just for show though, like His Airness, it could still do the business on the court. Carbon fibre shank plate, I.P.S tech and a new articulated chassis gave performance a boost.

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    How Can I Spot Fake Air Jordan 1s In A Couple Of Seconds

    If Im put in the situation where I need to authenticate the Jordan 1s in a couple of seconds, heres how to legit check the Air Jordan 1s in 4 easy steps:

  • Id quickly check whether the hourglass shape is present. This way, Id save myself a lot of time if theres no shape thats instantly a fake pair.
  • If the hourglass shape is there, I would have a quick glimpse of the toe box holes. If they go deep enough and if they are properly aligned, Id move on to the next step.
  • Check out whether the Air Jordan 1 wings logo has any inconsistent letters, whether any wing elements are overlapping or, on the contrary, too far apart. Lastly, Id have a look at the character.
  • Id have a nice evening lecture when it comes to the text on the tongue tag making sure theres no FABRIQUE EN CHINA flaw and seeing if the text is wavy/too thin.
  • Naturally, the visual comparisons above will assist you in authenticating the Js, but weve carved this checklist out so that you can have a quick, go-to place if you need bite-sized reminders.

    Get A Foothold And Finish Strong

    However you build your look from the ground up, finish strong with Jordan clothing from Foot Locker. From pullovers to full-zip styles, T-shirts and fleece hoodies give you layers to love. Mens Jordan basketball shoes are just the start of an active, court-ready look. Jordan shorts offer a variety. Diamond shorts feature the same diamond logo that you see on the outer leg of MJs game shorts. Other colorblocked options include mashups of his team colors. Still, others go simple but noticeable with a single allover color and an unmistakable Jumpman logo.

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    How To Style Air Jordan 1s Like A True Sneakerhead

    Get off on the right foot.

    At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too. We are reader-supported. If you buy something we link to, we may earn a commission.

    There are not many more iconic and influential sneakers than the Air Jordan 1s. Since its creation in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 quickly rose to stardom on and off the basketball court due to Michael Jordans dominance and legacy. It remains one of the best Jordans of all time to this day.

    If you are looking for the best ways to style your favorite pair of sneakers, this style guide will get you coveredwithtips on making the most out of your kicks. Check our style guide on the key differences between the Nike Dunk vs. Air Jordan 1 if you need a refresher too.

    Check Whether The Air Jordan 1s Have The Hourglass Shape

    How to Restore a Beat Pair of Air Jordan Chicago 1’s

    Speaking of the shoes construction, we need to have a look from the rear for the following flaw in the fakes.

    Its been commonly nicknamed the hourglass shape tell and its easier for us to explain it visually with a comparison.

    Let us draw these lines on top of the comparison to help you understand better.

    As you can see, the fake Air Jordan 1 is almost straight when it comes to this angles view. On the other hand, the original AJ1 is curving in two places: above and below the medial line.

    Below the medial line, keep in mind that the sneaker has to have almost a bell-shaped bottom in order for it to be authentic.

    Please note that this flaw is hard to spot when wearing the Jordans but it must be a dead giveaway for a fake.

    Top-tier replicas sometimes get this thing right so its not the most reliable tell. Nonetheless, it might save you minutes when authenticating since the large majority of fakes are not from the top-tier category.

    In other words, knowing this flaw will enable you to spot most of the fakes in a few seconds.

    Let us finish this way of spotting fake Nike Air Jordan 1 by dropping a second example, just to make everything clear:

    Check out other Air Jordan 1 High legit check tutorials: Travis Scott AJ1 High, Union AJ1 High, Dark Mocha AJ1 High.

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    Air Jordan Silver Shoes

    Next time you have $60,000 to spare, you can pick up a pair of extremely rare Air Jordan Silver Shoes. Actually, this is what they were sold for at auction, so perhaps you may want to add some padding to that $60k price tag so that you can bid on this shoe that will surely continue to increase in value. The unique qualities of this shoe lie in the fact that only 10 pairs were released when they were first introduced. The design was fresh, unique, and stylistic, and was a huge hit.

    These limited-release shoes were as practical as they were durable, and shockingly, Michael Jordan never once slipped them onto his feet. The mere fact that he owned them but never adorned them added a level of mystery to the shoe, driving the value even higher. Michael received this shoe as a gift from his wife on his 32nd birthday owning a pair of these shoes would be owning a piece of significant history.

    How To Tell If Air Jordan Are Fake

    Nothing beats the real thing. It is frustrating and enraging, not to mention a waste of money to purchase a Nike Air Jordan only to find out that it was a rip-off.

    Unless we look closely and unless we know what we are looking for, most fake items today look closely similar enough to the original ones that they can fool the average person.

    To avoid being a victim of these rip-offs, here are some of the things that you ought to check to make sure that you are purchasing an authentic Nike Air Jordan.

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