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What Shoes To Wear On Peloton

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How To Choose Peloton Cleats

TechTalk: The Peloton Bike Shoe with Look Delta Cleats Comfortable & Durable even After 1000 Rides!

As Ive said, there are a range of different cleating systems available, with the two that youll most often see being Look Delta and Shimano SPD. Peloton domestic bikes use Look Delta

Make sure that the cleats you buy are Look Delta-compatible. My favorites are the ones that have 9 degrees of float. What does this mean? Well, with some cleats once your foot is clipped in it is held rigidly in place and has to move up and down in a straight line as you pedal. In comparison, cleats with this 9 degrees of float feature allow for a little foot wiggle room. Allowing your foot to turn sideways as you pedal. It might not sound much but it can give a much more comfortable riding experience when you have this movement.

Socks To Keep Your Feet Comfy Throughout Your Workout

You might not think that your feet sweat all that much. But a few minutes into a cycling class, andyeah. You cant stop this, but you can mitigate its bad effectsblisters, chafing, feelings of overwhelming sogginesswith a good pair of socks. If youre wearing cycling shoes, Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers recommends socks that are thin, light, and moisture-wicking.

Pretty much all athletic brands offer socks of this variety, but you cant go wrong with Smartwools cycling socks, which are made of a blend of merino wool and nylon to wick moisture, regulate body temperature, and prevent odors.

If you run through socks quickly, look for a multipack of running or athletic socks. One solid option is Sauconys no-show running socks, which have thicker woven support on the heel and toe to prevent blisters and mesh on the top to promote airflow.

Should You Size Up Or Down In Peloton Shoes

Peloton brand shoes are true to size. This means that you should measure your feet and aim for a shoe that offers a snug fit.

When it comes to other brands, weve found that most of them also strive to remain true to size. As long as you take precise measurements and compare to what youre buying, youll be satisfied with a precise fit without any discomfort.

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Tommaso Venezia Womens Spin Class

The Venezia is a very good budget spin class cycling shoe. It features recessed cleats that make it very comfortable to walk around in at the studio. However, it is only compatible with SPD cleats but will still work just fine with Soulcycle studios. Also, note that the cleats are not included, so you will have to purchase them separately.

The shoe features a regular sneaker design with lace instead of velcro straps. Thankfully, it does offer the same snug fit and even more impressive comfort than some of the other shoes. It is built to last and will offer just the same performance as some of the other shoes.

Moreover, if you want a shoe that isn’t just for spinning, then this one will definitely satisfy. You can easily use it on a road bike or any bike with pedals that support SPD cleats.

Reasons to Buy

Peloton Spin Shoes Sizing Guide

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair

Like I said when we got our Peloton bike, it came with a free pair of shoes. My husband took the free pair of shoes. As far as the Peloton bike shoe sizing, heres what I can tell you. In real life my husband wears a size 13EEE shoe. Those are some wide feet. So when it came time to choose the bike shoes for Peloton, he went with a size 47.

First, I should say that the European sizing confused him. He had no idea how to translate a size 13 into a size in the 40s. What size Peloton shoes should I get? I remember him asking me.

Then, while the Peloton website doesnt have a shoe size chart or a shoe sizing guide, per se, it does offer size translations right in the cart. So, he was able to see that a 47 was a mens size 13.

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Are Peloton Shoes Necessary

In general, peloton shoes arent necessary because you can use regular running shoes, as long as you attach toe clips, or you change the pedals that have straps. However, when the peloton is delivered it comes with the delta clips only for road cycling shoes.

Can I wear sneakers on Peloton bike? You can wear sneakers on the peloton bike only when you adjust the pedals and add toe cage attachment. Without adding the additional toe clip with a delta cleat, you can only use a peloton bike with cycling shoes.

What is a delta cleat? A delta cleat is a connection between the road bike shoes and the pedal. With a peloton, this is the red attachment that comes together with the shoe. It is assembled with 3 screws on the ball of your foot and allows to clip into the delta pedal.

The delta cleat is also present on the bottom of the peloton toe clip. On the top, you see a cage with a stop to buckle up your shoe and make it tighter. It clips into the pedal just like a cycling shoe.

How To Remove Peloton Toe Cages

Remove Peloton toe cages following the opposite steps of attaching them to the bike. You may need wrenches and pedal oil. First, you have to turn off the bike.

If you use toe cages and straps, remove the straps to be free from toe cages. Find out the place on the pedal where you fixed the toe clips. Unbolt them using a wrench. You may use pedal oil if the bolts become tighter for long time use.

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Buyers Guide For Spin Class Shoes

Cleat Compatibility

Spin classes all use different types of cleats for their bikes, so it is important to know which type of cleat system your spin class cycling shoes needs to have beforehand. We’ve listed the type of cleats used by each class below:

SPD and Look Delta Compatible

SoulCycle, CYC, and Equinox spin classes offer compatibility for Look Delta and SPD cleats. So as long as you get shoes that offer either or both cleat type, you can take these classes.

SPD Only

Can You Just Ride On A Peloton With Sneakers

Nike SuperRep Cycle Shoes – Best for Peloton?

Yes but its not ideal. Just like a road bike, The Peloton spin bike features exclusively Look delta-compatible pedals. Note that riding with a look delta mountain bike shoes offers better foot grip, comfort, and power transfer compared to riding without any sort of cleat.

Nothing is stopping you from riding your Peloton with sneakers. Its just that its not comfortable enough to get through any considerable cycling ride. You also become prone to slipping off and possible foot injury.

Fortunately, investing in a pair of toe cages can make your experience without cleats just as great. We have covered toe cages in detail and have even listed the best toe cages for Peloton.

At a glance, toe cages in the bike shoe improve pedaling energy transfer, enhance knee comfort, and prevent injury.

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Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes

You really cant beat the bargain on these Gavin cycling shoes. At just a fraction of the price of most Peloton-compatible cycling shoes, these offer the two- or three-bolt cleat mount, a perforated insole thats lightweight, quick-drying, and comfortable, and a fiberglass-infected nylon sole that maintains its structure well.

These shoes provide foot stability with hook and loop straps and are a good choice for those who are just getting started with cycling, adds Mansour.

Fiziks cycling shoe has a nylon sole, a Velcro closure , and a three-bolt cleat mount.

The PowerStrap allows you to adjust the tightness of the shoe with two straps to prevent any looseness during your workout. A plus: The silicone inside the shoes by the heel prevents your feet from slipping.


Peloton Cycling Shoes: How To Fix Band

It is natural to have your shoe strap both too loose or too tight, hence the necessity to adjust it. After all, isnt it expected that the shoes only fit snug for the best help on safety?

Promptly you have to modify the best peloton shoe strap, how do you go about it? Lets have a glance: Now take your shoe and tick on the button of the clamp. The strap will instantly run loose on the shoe. You can then choose on the strap and both pull it to the edge to tighten the shoe or to the middle to loosen the shoe. The shocking bit is that this is simply what you have to arrange.

Lastly, once you got the right attachment, lift the fastening button and release it to fasten the strap in the clamp.

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Can You Wear Peloton Spin Shoes To Spin Studios Like Soulcycle

Definitely! If you already have the Peloton-branded spin shoes, you can use them at other cycling studios. As detailed here, most spin studio bikes are fitted with both LOOK Delta and SPD cleats so even if their in house shoe takes SPD cleats like Cyclebar, you can just flip the petal over and clip on in with your LOOK Delta cleats.

My advice if youre serious about spinning grab a pair of spin shoes with cleats compatible with your Peloton bike. If you have a Peloton at-home, grab a pair compatible with LOOK Delta cleats. I like these for women and these for men. If your Peloton is in your apartment or neighborhood gym, grab a pair compatible with SPD cleats. I loveTIEM for women and these for men*.

*Buying new spin shoes is not the cheapest. I used points I accrued on the drop app to cash in for an Amazon gift card and used that to get my shoes and cleats!

Now go spend that extra money you saved on more classes!

Want more info on if spin shoes are right for you? Check out this post.

Peloton Without Bike Shoes

Peloton Bike Shoes Review

Using the peloton without bike shoes is convenient, especially if you dont like the feeling of being clipped into the bike or you simply used to use toe cages from the gym spin classes.

However, in the long term, if youre planning to do a lot of rides on your bike I would recommend considering getting road cycling shoes. The only reason is they will allow you to get much better results.

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Answers About Numbers Of Bottom Of Peloton Shoes

Basically, those lines and numbers are there to help you with cleat positioning. The horizontal numbers can help make sure that your cleats are on straight. That is the botton of the cleat should line up with a line.

The diagonal line is to help you line up the cleat based on the ball of your foot. If you find that the shoes dont feel right or are rubbing, you can move the cleats around, based on the lines. Just take a picture of the position where you started so you can compare with where you end up. You can also use the lines and numbers for guidance from a local Peloton showroom about cleat positioning.

Speaking of cleat positioning, it was one of the things we discussed during my virtual remote bike fitting with Matt Wilpers.

What Type Of Shoes Work With Peloton Consideration

If you are trying to purchase peloton bike shoes but have no idea how to choose, thats fine weve got you. We have the answer to this kind of stumbling block to give you some handy tricks and pointers to choose from a lot better.

There are some considerations for including, durability, price, and comfort etcetera for paddling safely. We also recommend looking for features that fulfil intended desires and plans.

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Best Peloton Shoes For Men And Women

Our Top choices for Peloton cycling shoes have been separated to make it easier for you to choose the best for men and women. Also, the list below includes shoes with SPD, SPD-SL, or Look Cleats.

A Word of Caution

If you do not plan to upgrade the pedals on the Peloton bike, please only select shoes compatible with Look Cleats. Another critical thing to note is that some of these bike shoes may not include cleats, so you will need to get a set in addition to the selected shoe.

No7 Tommaso Milano Mens Indoor Cycling/commuter Cycling Shoe

Peloton Cleat Installation & Cycling Shoes Review + $100 OFF!


  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable And Relaxed: Casual sneaker styling is perfect for everyday cycling & commuting. Hop off your bike & walk with ease on the comfortable & highly Cushioned-Sole
  • Ground-Breaking Versatility: The Milano offers a level of comfort & performance that is hard to search for in cycling shoes. Easily add power to every Pedal-Stroke with a hidden inner Shank-Plate, which provides for optimum power transfer without reducing comfort.
  • Quality And Precision Fit: 100% Fit Guarantee, 100% Free Fit Returns, 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. The lace-up system feels like a tennis shoe, but drives like a cycling shoe, with the fit you can only get from a lace-up closure. Please Note: cycling shoes tend to fit tight if you are in btw two sizes or have a Wide-Foot.
  • Increase Power: Make your commute easier with the power upgrade to clipless shoes & pedals. Clipless-Pedals provide for a more full range of motion & allow you to activate more muscles groups on your Pedal-Stroke. These versatile shoes are Easy-To-Use & perfect for commuters, road riders, also casual riders who are seeing to increase their power & performance.
  • CONS

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    What Is Special About Peloton Bike

    Peloton isnt just another exercise bike. It uses streaming technology to get you in touch with a live instructor to motivate you to exercise harder. Because thats what you need, an annoying peppy person yelling at you to work harder. It also comes with some performance-tracking metrics if thats important to you.

    Choose Shoes According To Gender

    It is normal for men and women to get a shoe that matches their gender identity. You will find that choosing along these lines helps with handling.

    Research shows that size, length and width all matter while selecting a shoe for men or women. If the shoe is small in size, length, and width, then it is ideal for women. Subsequently, the larger ones suit mens feet.

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    Can I Use Regular Shoes On Peloton

    Yes, you can use regular shoes on Peloton, as long as you are using toe cages. Peloton offers toe cages that are compatible with the peloton pedals, and so does the Exustar brand. If you own a pair of one of these, then you can definitely use any regular shoes on the Peloton bike.

    Another successful, though not recommended, aspect that most Peloton users have tried with the bike is switching off the Peloton pedals for other pedals. The peloton bike crank arm is compatible with any pedal whose axle is 9/16 inches, hence most of those available for spinning bikes.

    Given this information, you can switch the Peloton pedals with pedals that come with toe cages or are compatible with readily available toe cages. That being so, you can wear regular shoes on the peloton bike with the toe cages installed on the pedals.

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    Venzo Bicycle Unisex Shoes

    Peloton cycling shoes size 41 for Sale in Lake Buena Vista ...

    Since youve made an investment by buying your Peloton, its important that you also get the best cycling shoes for spin bikes. Venzo offers a wonderful alternative to Peloton shoes with this product.

    These shoes, wearable by both men and women, are compatible with Peloton, Shimano, SPD, and LOOK ARC Delta. Theyre a medium width, allowing them to fit most feet. Made out of top-notch materials, Venzo is a pair of shoes that will last you years.

    The upper part of the shoe is made out of a highly-breathable mix of mesh and synthetic. Its also quick-drying, so if you ever take them out for a spin, you dont have to worry about the rain. The lining is made out of textile with a removable sock liner.

    Venzos shape contributes to greater mobility and comfort while cycling. Their slightly futuristic style features a fairly low-cut construction. This grants you a lot more freedom of movement than a higher-cut shoe would.

    Its worth noting that this pair of shoes comes with the Delta cleats, so youre saving money by not having to buy those separately.

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    Do You Need Special Shoes For Peloton

    When I say Peloton compatible shoes, what I really mean is this: the cleat or clip that goes on the bottom of the shoe is compatible with the Peloton pedal. The pedals take a Look Delta cleat, which is a red triangle .

    So do you need special shoes for Peloton? Well, if you want to be able to clip in while you ride, then yes. And make sure you get shoes that take cleats that are compatible with the Peloton pedals.

    Do you need the Peloton bike shoes? As in do you need the brand of shoes that Peloton sells? No. As I said above, as long as you get shoes that can take the cleats for the Peloton pedals, youll be good to go.

    This is what the Look Delta cleats look like and what you want on the bottom of your Peloton bike shoes.

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