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How To Stretch Shoes For Bunions

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How Can I Stretch My Shoes To Prevent Bunions

Shoe Stretch Hacks: Bunions

This article will focus on several different ways to stretch different types of shoes safely. It may not be as simple as adding width or length, depending on where your feet are rubbing against the material. By following some of the useful tips listed here, you can lower your risk of developing painful bunions and other foot conditions.

First, well cover the symptoms of a bunion, and what to look for if you think you may already have one. Any foot conditions like blisters, calluses, or even toenail fungus should be taken seriously. Many times, it can start with how well your shoes fit and how much room your feet have to breathe.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bunion?

How can you be sure if you have a bunion in the first place? The best way is to know what they look like and where they will be located on the foot. Bunions will form at a joint where the toe bends. If you look down at your feet and notice a bump that looks rather bony on your big toe, it could very well be a bunion.

Bunions can sometimes turn red or hurt when you touch them. But, the biggest pain comes from something as simple as walking. The bump forms on the joint of your toe, and all your weight gets added to it whenever you press down. This can make it difficult to take a step on that foot.

Use Of Quality Shoe Stretchers:

Mismatched sizing issue is a common phenomenon when it comes to new running or walking shoes for bunions. Your feet can be swollen or your bunions can be injured badly in case you wear very tight shoes and do not pay attention towards stretching them to get the required size. Fortunately, there are quality shoe stretchers available in the market that can increase the overall length and width of your shoe.However, the shoe stretchers are best for leather, suede and other shoes that are made from natural raw materials. They do not work very well on shoes made up of vinyl material. The shoe stretcher is only good in case you want your shoes to stretch at max one size up.

They are also good to make your shoe more comfortable and they are more convenient for breaking in your new shoes. If you want to know different types of shoe stretchers and how to use them properly, there is a good article on which you must read to get an overall idea.

Here is a very good informative video that will show you how to use shoe stretchers effectively to stretch your shoes properly. Take a look.

We highly recommend using EasyComforts Shoe Stretcher from FootSmart to stretch your new walking or running shoes for bunions. It is a good quality shoe stretcher which is used to increase the width and length of any type of shoe.

How To Stretch Shoes Over Bunions And Other Prominences

  • Determine the area needed to be relieved.
  • Place a Zip Lock bag over the shoe to protect the exterior finish.
  • Place the ball inside the shoe with the ring on the outside.
  • Press the arms of the Stretch together over this problem area of the shoe.
  • You should see immediate results, with your shoe fitting more comfortably.
  • Can be clamped on overnight for especially difficult areas
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    How To Choose Comfortable Shoes For Bunion Sufferers

    The use of an inappropriate footwear can likely increase the risk of developing bunions. This can also increase pain, irritability, and discomfort in the area if you already have one. So, choosing the best shoes for feet with bunions is very important. These include looking for the factors and characteristics on what comprise a bunion friendly shoes.

    Wide Toe Box

    Using the type of shoes that is narrow at the front can cause misalignment of the big toe,which worsens the bunion and the pain. So, using this type of shoes should be limited as possible. One of the things you have to consider in choosing the shoes for people with bunions is something that has a wider style or has a wide toe box.

    Shoes can be purchased in various widths. Extra wide shoes or those with a wide toe box can give enough space to prevent any pressure and discomfort in the area of the big toe or the bunion. This will allow the foot to be much more comfortable in wearing shoes.

    In looking for wide fitting shoes for bunions, the big toe should not press against the tip of the shoe when you wear it. It should have enough room at the front part of the shoe to give space to allow the big toe to move freely.


    One of the most pressing issues in looking for the best shoes is choosing between looks and comfort. However, the comfortability is one of the essential factors when looking for the best and right shoes for bunion feet.

    Try a Larger Size


    Arch Support

    High-Quality Material

    Where To Find The Bunion Shoe Stretcher For Sale

    Mini Shoe Stretchers Width Extenders Adjustable Bunion ...

    The Footfitter Ball & Ring Shoe Stretcher is a versatile and powerful foot health tool. This cast iron shoe stretcher works excellent for individuals with bunions, bunionettes, hammertoes, corns, and other foot or toe problems. Use this device to help improve a tight shoe fit or prevent shoe rubbing on vulnerable toe areas.

    A comfortable bunion splint protects and supports the big toe with an integrated aluminum brace. Gently realigns the toe to slow the formation and progression of bunions while providing pain-relieving support.

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    Propt Mens Cush N Foot Slipper

    The Propét Mens Cush N Foot Slipper is an excellent pair of flexible shoes designed to provide a comfortable fit for people who have bunions.

    These shoes come in various colors, including black, sand corduroy, slate corduroy, and black. They also provide a Velcro closure that makes the shoes easy to put on and take off.

    They also feature a synthetic sole that is very durable and provides enough traction to help you avoid slipping on the road.

    Overall, these shoes are a good choice for people with bunions who want a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes.

    What We Liked:

    What We dont like:

    • Those shoes can be more colorful

    Shoe Stretcher For Bunions Are Reliable And User Friendly As Well And Can Be Used At Home

    How to stretch shoes for bunions. We have a vast selection of womens stretchable shoes that are created to reduce friction on your feet. having a soft upper can help with pressure, as it will be stretched, said dr. For people suffering from bunions, these stretchers take it a.

    This powerful guide will provide you with everything. What you need is to simply stretch your shoes with the help of a stretchers for bunion so that your feet fits in properly and you would feel the comfort and the ease of wearing them. If you are a young woman suffering from bunions, finding a pair of stylish shoes for occasions and job become a frustrating task. article) shoe stretch spray is readily available in most shoe shops as well as online, so getting it should really be easy. Innovative technology offers the most comfortable best stretchable shoes customer review: Place the shoe with the bag of water into your freezer overnight.

    Shop now for bunions shoes. Also, wearing a shoe size that is a bit larger than the regular size would help the patient of bunions. Looking for added comfort and accommodation?

    Begin by inserting stretching plugs into your shoes at problem areas to prevent corns and bunions. As online purchases grow in popularity, there is a greater temptation to buy, maintain and wear shoes that look fashionable, but do not fit properly on our feet. Our footfitter shoe stretch spray is able to penetrate all materials, including leather.

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    How To Stretch Shoes Wider For Bunion Relief

    If you suffer from bunions, you know just how uncomfortable they can be. That pain can be exacerbated by shoes that are too narrow in the toe box. This is a problem especially with dress shoes , but running shoes can also cause problems. Stretching out your shoes to make them wider can help you gain some much-needed relief. In this article, well cover different ways you can do that.

    If you dont want to spend money on specially designed bunion shoes, you can use these tips and tricks to make your current shoes more forgiving on your bunions.

    How To Stretch Tight Boots

    How to use a Bunion Shoe Stretcher

    Womens boots require a special stretcher with an extra long handle. This unique stretcher has a hinged shaft that follows the contours of a boot so that you can stretch the width of the boot without causing any damage to the shaft or collar.

  • Soften the leather with Kiwi Shoe Stretch spray
  • Place Boot Stretcher in shoe
  • Turn crank to increase width and stretch boot.
  • Increase by one full turn every 8 hours
  • Maintain stretch for 2 days
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    Spray With Rubbing Alcohol

    If your bunion is causing you pain try this simple intervention of stretching your shoe wide enough to allow you to continue to wear your favorite pair of shoes. Try stretching the shoe by using an alcohol spray.

    This easy trick is an inexpensive technique, and it can widen your shoe by up to 1/4 inch, which can keep your pain at bay. Simply mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol, and spray it on your shoes. Try your shoes on immediately after youve sprayed them to see how the fit is. If its still too tight, you can repeat the process.

    Youll want to make sure, though, that you go easy on the rubbing alcohol spray, as too much could damage your shoes. If you have shoes with natural fabrics, this is a great option.

    Choose Footwear That Controls Pronation To Improve Bunions

    Though bunions often stem from tight, ill-fitting shoes, overpronation remains a major cause. So if your bunions resulted from overpronation, its important to buy shoes that help to control it.

    Shoes that offer motion control and arch supports work best. Motion-control athletic shoes such as the Brooks Ariel are great for bunions. They provide motion control for a smoother gait while a stability shank supports the midfoot.

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    Do Shoe Trees Stretch Out Shoes

    The quick answer is no, they dont. Shoe trees can marginally stretch shoes, but usually only very slightly. This will work for shoes that are just a touch too tight. If youre looking to alter shoes more than just a pinch, a better product to use would be a shoe stretcher.Shoe trees are designed to smooth out the lining of your shoes and to smooth out creases. This slow pressure stretches the leather of your shoe and makes it more comfortable. Stretchers come with inserts that can be placed in various spots on the toe form for specific spot stretching.

    Ways To Stretch Out Your Shoes

    2 PACK WIDTH SHOE STRETCHERS Expand Tight Shoes Boots ...

    Shoes will typically stretch all on their own as you wear them. Leather shoes, whether it be menâs dress shoes or womenâs heels, will fit over time. But if they are too tight and uncomfortable to wear in, try some of these easy hacks to stretch your shoes up to half a size or so to accommodate your feet. There are ways to stretch your shoes so you donât have to tiptoe around in them and deal with blisters and rubbing. If you canât or donât want to return your shoes, you can try some of these techniques to try to stretch them to fit you.

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    Try A Shoe Stretch Spray

    Use a stretcher spray when a quick fix is required or when your tight shoes nearly fit. Spraying your shoes is ideal for stretching them up to a half shoe size, and theyre widely affordable at most stores.

    This is a great way to stretch out canvas shoes, as they have some extra give in the fabric that responds well to dampness and pushing out the fibers to accommodate the feet.

    Buy an immediate-use solution for suede shoes, or the spray might cause discoloration and damage. Spray your shoes lightly, coating the inside. Use a cloth for hard to reach areas. Coat the outside of the shoes if your spray says its okay.

    Wear them for a few hours after spraying the shoes. Movement isnt required, as the shoes mold to your feet either way. For more stretch, try wearing a couple of pairs of thick socks. Repeat the process as necessary.

    These Variables May Increase Your Risk Of Bunions

    • High heels- Wearing high heels forces your feet into the front of your shoes, often crowding your feet.
    • Bad-fitting shoes- People who wear too-tight shoes, too narrow, or too pointed are far more susceptible to bunions.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis- Having this inflammatory condition can make you more vulnerable to bunions.
    • Heredity- The tendency to develop bunions might be due to an inherited structural foot flaw.


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    What Kind Of Performance Can You Expect From A Shoe Stretcher For Bunions

    Although my bunions are quite uncomfortable, Iimagine you would have a tough time noticing them at a glance even if I wentcompletely bare feet. My grandmother, on the other hand, has been walking toand from work in business shoes her entire life and her bunions are the size ofping pong balls.

    Because I love her and I want her to be comfortable, but also as an amusing little challenge for myself, I decided to try and stretch out a pair of shoes that I knew she loved but could simply not fit her feet in because of the bunions. These were leather shoes, mind you, and leather has an incredible elasticity when sprayed with shoe stretcher spray.

    The answer was that it took 72 hours, a total of 4fittings, 6 sessions with the stretcher spray, but those shoes now fit mygrandmothers ping pong ball sizes bunions. You can slightly see the bunionshape through the shoe, so some people would argue that I have ruined thoseshoes, but my grandma loves them and is now comfortable, so it was worth it.

    Foot Fitter Professional 2

    Bunion Pain- Shoe stretching

    Theres a reason this shoe stretcher is highly rated. The Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher by Foot Fitter is the complete package and offers the following benefits

    • Sizes: It comes in different sizes
    • Serves special needs: It can be used with spot-stretching plugs
    • Dual-function: It effectively stretches your shoes both lengthwise and widthwise. This is an improvement on the 1- Way Shoe Stretcher which stretches the shoes only widthwise
    • Money conservation and Versatility: It works perfectly for both the left and right shoes, thus, erasing the fear of having to buy two shoe stretchers for the different feet
    • Unisex: It can be used on both female and male foot wears.
    • For use on: sneakers, dress shoes, flats, hiking shoes and all flat-sole leather or fabric foot wears.

    P.S.: Its not for use on boots, high heels, steel, narrow, wide or rubbertoe foot wears.

    It features:

    • A lengthening wheel which works to move theheel block
    • A heel block which can be turned to stretchthe length of the shoe
    • A widening handle, which functions to open andclose the toe block
    • A toe block which has multiple spot-stretchingplug slots. This is where you insert the spot-stretching plugs to create bulgesthat ease pressure points for bunions, corns, hammertoes etc.

    The materials this product is made of, which are- rubber, wood, steel, and hard plastic have been intentionally selected to ensure durability while serving you.

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    Review Of Form Shoe Shapers

    This is a really nice product. Its great for all womens shoe styles from flats to 6 inch heels.Formé uses a patented 7-fold technology. It makes it really easy to customize the fit. Stretch desired areas by adjusting the form of the stretcher. They are sturdy also, since theyre made of stainless steel and thermoplastic polymer.

    How Do You Use A Shoe Stretcher For Bunions

    If you still choose to use the regular shoestretcher for your bunions, you can follow these steps. However, dont forgetthat you are bound to get more than you bargained for.

  • Use a shoe stretcher spray. It helps to loosen up shoe fibers for ease of stretch. In case you need one, make sure to check out my Nicks article on the best shoe stretcher spray.
  • Place the bunion plug in one of the pre-made holes on the stretcher. Do not leave out the plugs or else you will end up with really spaced out shoes.
  • Place the stretcher in the shoe and turn the metal bar clockwise. This works on the width of the shoes and gets the plugs stuck in.
  • Let it sit in for at least 24 hours before taking it out. Turn the metal bar anticlockwise to take out, check to see how they fit and go back to step 1 if you feel like you need a little bit more space.
  • Ball and ring shoe stretcher can be likened to apair of scissors in shape and use. This is how you use them.

  • Asbefore, start by spraying in copious amounts of shoe stretcher spray.
  • Insert the stretcher into the shoe is a waythat the ring end and the ball end are on theexact pressure point.
  • Pullthe handles together to clamp the ball and ring.
  • Pushthe metal rod into the hollow at the opposite end of the handle while holdingtight to the handle.
  • Hold the handle tight in place by spinning thelocking wheel.
  • Let it sit for a minimum of 12 hours.
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