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Where To Buy Golf Shoes

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The Perfect Mens Golf Shoe For Your Game


Did you know that if you walk an 18-hole round, you could be walking anywhere from 4-5 miles? And youll be on your feet standing, walking, and hitting your golf ball for up to 3 to 5 hours. Thats why finding shoes that fit you perfectly is so important to your game. When buying shoes for golf, its important to find something comfortable. If you play on a course that’s often wet, look for waterproof or water-resistant shoes. Also, keep in mind that youll have socks on, and their thickness can affect how your shoe fits.

Budget Golf: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good golf set cost?

If you purchase a premium set of golf clubs, including a driver, a 3-wood, a full set of irons, and a putter, you can easily spend $2,500+. Most amateur golfers dont need to make this type of investment to enjoy the game. You can find a good set of clubs for less than $1,000. Many golfers choose to build their set of clubs over time to reduce the impact of making one large purchase.

Are cheap golf clubs any good?

A higher handicap or beginner can start with a cheap set of clubs while they learn the game, but you will notice a performance difference between a cheap set of golf clubs and a middle of the road set. Most amateur golfers do need to spend the money to buy a premium set of clubs.

Are used golf clubs worth buying?

Yes. Used golf clubs can be a great way to get the technology available in premium clubs without paying the premium price. Make sure you check the conditions of the used clubs before you buy, but this can be a great way to get an awesome set of clubs at a huge discount.

Best Golf Shoes: Do You Need High

Bored of old-fashioned laces or cant be bothered to tie your golf shoes? Some golf-shoe brands offer a high-tech system that uses a dial you can twist to tighten thinner laces quicker and for micro-adjustment its called the Boa Fit System, and it’s used by Adidas and Footjoy for some versions of their golf shoes. You twist the dial to tighten laces, and press the dial in to loosen them.;

From our experience, however, weve found good old-fashioned laces are still the best way to get your shoes feeling snug, without the need so much to tighten them mid-round with the twist dial, as we found with previous Boa Fit Systems on golf shoes. Sometimes we wonder if golf shoe brands are trying to fix a problem that doesnt exist with these funky new lace setups.;

So we’ve established that golf shoes are essential, but can be good-looking too. Where do you go from here? As good luck would have it, weve rounded up the best golf shoes ;both spiked and spikeless right here in this handy guide

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Best prices on name brand apparel and fast shipping.

Most Stylish: Footjoy Contour Casual

Thestron Mens Golf Shoes Walking Sneakers Training Sports ...

Looking for something that you can wear even after you leave the course? Go for stylish golf shoes by FootJoy that has shoppers enamored. âI was looking for a shoe that was comfortable, waterproof, and stylish enough to wear for everyday use,â wrote one customer. âThis was that shoe! They were so comfortable that I bought a second pair.â Another shopper added: â perfect for playing but also good for around town. I often take my FootJoy casual golf shoes when I travel as they are comfortable for long walks.â Theyâre available in four different colors, including navy and charcoal, so you can get a pair that matches your personal tastes.

To buy: , from $95;, $120

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Our Golf Shoes For Men

You may not realise, but when youre on the golf course, whether it be a lesson or a match, you can quite easily walk up to 5 miles, so you need a pair of shoes that fit properly to prevent blisters. Shoes that keep your feet dry in wet conditions are also ideal.

Available in all sizes, from UK 6 to UK 13, you should have no problem finding a pair that fits within the collection of golf shoes for men below. We even provide shoes in wider fittings.

No matter which pair of mens golf shoes you choose, they are all manufactured from high-quality materials and come in a choice of colours.

Quality Footwear At A Discount Price

If you’ve been looking for new golf footwear, look no further than our impressive selection of clearance golf shoes at Carl’s Golfland. When it comes to your game, nothing is more important than comfortable, high-quality shoes, and we have an incredible selection of discount golf shoes to choose from. Whether you’re just getting started in the game or your shoes aren’t providing the support and traction you need, you’ll save money on high-quality footwear in our golf shoes clearance section.

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Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes: What You Need To Know

Even the best spikeless golf shoes are sometimes viewed as a compromise in performance, but that is far from being the truth. Instead of groups of cleats, spikeless shoes have far larger areas covering the entire base of the shoe for greater traction.;

Stable, comfortable, and versatile, the best spikeless golf shoes are certainly not just for casual golfers many professionals are also going the spikeless route. ;

Without spikes or cleats to wear down, the tread will last longer. The lower-key style makes them look less like specialist sportswear, and more like a fashionable trainer. Plus unlike with spikes, you dont have to change when you get to the clubhouse. So youre first in line at the bar to get that first pint in before anyone else shows up.

Of course, there is one clear downside ;spikeless shoes suffer in wetter conditions as their tread isnt as deep as spiked shoes.;

The good news is that many manufacturers now offer their popular golf shoes in both spiked and spikeless, so you can buy your favourite golf shoes in both versions, and choose which to sport, depending on the weather.

Still not sure which you need? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our handy guide to the pros and cons of both. Golf shoes: spiked or spikeless?

Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

Should You Choose Spiked Or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Not sure if you need spikes on your golf shoes or not? Spiked golf shoes give a golfer more grip, so these shoes are great for wet or hilly courses. Spiked shoes provide better stability, and they come in many colors and styles. If you need new spikes, you can always replace them to increase the life of your shoes. Spikeless golf shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them a good choice for most golfers. Because they use low profile, rubber studs or dimpled soles, you can wear them on or off the course. These mens shoes are designed for comfort and style and come in a variety of colors.

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Shoes For Men Beyond The Golf Course

We know your life doesnt end when you leave the golf course. You need shoes for all other areas of your life. We offer high-quality name brand shoes for the many places life takes you. This includes multiple styles of casual shoes that are sure to leave you comfortable and give you the support you need wherever you go. We also have sandals that offer a lot of comfort but allow your feet to breathe. Finally we offer name brand running shoes for that morning jog, which require a different type of support.

The Perfect Fit For Your Game

Don’t struggle through a game with sub-par footwear because you’re worried about the cost. There’s nothing worse for your feet or your game than golf shoes that don’t make the cut. Footwear that’s too small or too large can hurt your game by distracting you, but it can also contribute to injuries like bunions and stress fractures that can impair your ability to play well in the future. Instead, check out our selection of discount golf shoes and slip into something a little more comfortable at a more affordable price.

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Spiked Vs Spikeless Today

Grant Knudson, head of footwear and accessories at Puma Golf, weighs in on the spiked vs. spikeless debate. He suggests that were moving toward a 50/50 split between the two. Keith Duffy, senior product manager at FootJoy, suggests that players experiment with spiked and spikeless to determine personal preference.

As spikeless golf shoes have improved, so, too, have spiked golf shoes. Prevailing course conditions and versatility are deciding factors for many players. Knutson says some players prefer spiked shoes on difficult terrain or in wet conditions. The versatility of spikeless golf shoes persuades others. Theyre great if you also want to wear them in your car or on the plane.

Budget Golf: Low Priced Golf Gear That Will Shock You

adidas Blue Boost Golf Shoes

We love the game of golf. Weve written many times about our love for the game and everything that it offers. Get some exercise, spend time outdoors, and enjoy making new friends or being with old ones. Theres one obvious problem with golf, though: it can be expensive to play.

You need all types of golf gear to play the game. You need clubs, balls, a golf bag , and golf shoes, just to name a few. All of this can add up quickly, especially if you go to your local golf superstore and try to purchase all the golf gear you see the professionals using on TV.

But, we think you can enjoy golf without breaking the bank. If you shop smart, you can get everything you need without maxing out your credit cards. We call it budget golf. With budget golf, you can get all of the golf gear you need and still have some money left over for your other life passions.

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Where To Buy Jordan Golf Shoes

After dominating basketball, Michael Jordan started to play professional golf.

He has made some good friends among the PGA Tour Champions and other golf elite players.

Michael Jordan is also reported to have designed his customized golf course in Florida which opened just recently in 2019.

The GOAT also has his mark on golf shoes, and Nike has released numerous golf shoes bearing the Jordan name.

So if you want to know where to buy Jordan golf shoes and wear them on your next golf game, you should check out these stores.

Tips On Buying Golf Shoes

Now that you know the answer to where to buy golf shoes near me, it will also be very helpful to carry these tips when you go buy for a new pair!

  • You must know that there are different types of golf shoes, and each has its own purpose. The different types of golf shoes are as follows: Spiked Golf Shoes, Spikeless Golf Shoes, Golf Boot, and Golf Sandal.
  • Golf shoes are made from different materials. They can be leather, waterproof fabric, and synthetic. Choose the material that is appropriate for the weather.
  • You should also note the lacing system as you dont always want to take time out to tie your loose laces. It might even become a distraction for you!
  • Remember that functionality matters. There are shoes specially made for playing golf because they address the specific problems encountered by a random golfer. This is also the reason why you cannot just wear any random shoes in a golf game.
  • Take note of your style. You are wearing shoes not only for its functionality but also for being able to express yourself. So forget about where to buy golf shoes near me for a while and think first about what style of golf shoes would really reflect my personality.
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    Dozens Of Mens Brand Name Golf Shoes

    No need to spend a fortune when you can buy discount mens brand name golf shoes from Rock Bottom Golf. We have a wide variety of sizes all with the latest technology features to keep you at the top of your game. Shop our large selection of shoes from brands like FootJoy, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, and Etonic. Rock Bottom has the best prices around, guaranteed.

    Golf Shoe Buying Guide

    FootJoy Tour S | On-Course Shoe Test | Golf Monthly

    You can buy numerous types of golf shoes, including spiked golf shoes/cleats or spikeless golf shoes. While the former option – which tend to be made of leather and use both plastic and metal spikes – offers both comfort and traction, they don’t tend to look quite as attractive as spikeless shoes, which are marketed to golfers as being a viable fashion choice even off the course. Other golf shoes include golf boots and golf sandals – these are generally only used in certain weather conditions.

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    You Dont Need A Sneaker With Nubs

    The golf shoe is equipment thats been relegated to an accessory and to fashion, insists Bob. The modern golf swing is an aggressive swing. Theres only one Freddie Couples and only one Ernie Els. The rest of us are pretty aggressive. You need some serious footwear to facilitate that kind of swing. You dont need a sneaker with nubs.

    It may be easier to get a Tour pro to change his driver than his shoes. Its important to get that ground-up feedback, says Faldo. Once youve found something that works for you and has the right amount of torque its not too soft, not too hard you can walk all week.

    Footwear is just as critical for hockey players. Another Hall of Famer, Former Boston Bruin Ray Bourque, was one of SQAIRZ earliest fans.

    When I was playing, the two most important things were my stick and my skates, Bourque tells MyGolfSpy. It wasnt about making money with whoevers paying me more; it was about what felt good to me. The SQAIRZ golf shoes really lock me in heel-wise. I dont like sloppy shoes when I play golf like I didnt like sloppy skates. For me, I need to be locked in and I felt that the minute I put them on.

    A skaters speed and his slap shot, a pitchers power, a quarterbacks arm strength are all byproducts of leg strength and ground interaction. Golf is no different.

    Find The Perfect Golf Shoe For You

    Looking for mens golf shoes that wont break the bank? Rock Bottom Golf sells name-brand golf shoes at our rock bottom, discount prices. Next to your clubs, your shoes are the most important part of your gear. So, no matter if youre new to the game or have been playing for years, we have the most comfortable, high-quality name brand mens golf shoes online.

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    Traction Spikes And Distance

    Did you catch that study published late last year on spiked versus spikeless shoes?

    It was conducted by Top 100 teaching pro Eric Alpenfels and UNC-Greensboro kinesiology Professor Dr. Bob Christina and the results are startling. Simply stated, the study says spikeless shoes are costing you yards, consistency and accuracy. Specifically, lower handicappers gained three yards of carry off the tee wearing spiked shoes while higher handicappers gained six. Level and downhill-lie 6-iron shots provided similar results, with low handicappers gaining about three yards, high handicappers around five. Thats the difference between the middle of the green and the front bunker.

    Florida Physio, a TPI-certified golf performance and physical therapy center, conducted a less formal experiment. That study found testers gaining as much as 15 yards wearing spiked shoes compared to spikeless.

    The injustice manufacturers have done to golf footwear is amazing, says Bob. Sixty-five percent of the market is controlled by global sneaker companies. They think lightweight is good for you. They think spikeless is good for you. People are afraid to go out there and say, Hey if youre wearing spikeless shoes, youre losing up to 10 to 15 yards. People dont want to say that but Im prepared to say that because I know that to be true.

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