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Most Comfortable Leather Flip Flops

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Best For Summer Travels: Teva Verra

Let’s Make Leather Flip Flops! – Part 1

Why We Like Them: With arch support, added shock absorption in the heel, and quick-dry material on its many straps, this shoe properly supports your feet whether you’re hiking, in the water, or on other long summer adventures.

It’s Worth Noting: The rugged design isn’t ideal if you need comfortable summer sandals to take you from day-to-night on your next getaway.

Summer adventures mean hiking, river soaks, and long treks to find a cold beverage. That means you need a shoe that can handle a lot of different terrains, different weather patterns, and long miles.Teva is one of the original adventure shoe companies, and its Verra is a single bullet to take on every adventure.

The podiatrist-approved EVA foam midsole is contoured to provide high arch support and has a specific shock-absorbing pad in the heel. The outsole has good, reliable traction to handle different types of terrain, from asphalt streets to rocky mountain sides.

We also love these Tevas because of their straps: Not only do we have straps from every angle, including cupping the heel and ankle, so your foot is better kept in place with every stride, but the straps are also quick-dry and breathable, so it won’t give you blisters if you have to tromp through a river or get your feet wet in the ocean. They’re also made from recycled materials and infused with Microban® zinc-based protection, which prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Q: Should I Size Up Or Down For Flip

A: This depends on the shoes. Make sure to check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend. However, if the shoe does not specify whether it might run small or large and you need to choose a full size , it’s typically better to go a size up instead of down since you don’t want your toes or heels hanging over the edge.

The Best Flip Flops For Walking Long Distances

The best walking flip flops for most people are the Olukai Ulele flip flops. The brand’s ‘most technical sandal yet’, the Ulele is built for versatile outdoor use, and that includes walking. The rubber outsole is designed to retain its grip on wet surfaces, with razor sniping to improve traction. A moulded footbed with cupped heel and shaped arch provides decent foot support and keeps your foot securely in place as you roam, while the EVA cushioning absorbs impact for comfort over longer periods. They float, too! Reviews are overwhelmingly enthusiastic, although a few found the fit a bit narrow and tight, so that’s something to be aware of if you have wide feet.

We also highly rate the Columbia Kea II flip flops for walking. They may look understated, but these are a cut above your average flip flop. The main event with the Kea II is Columbia’s Omni-Grip rubber sole, which dishes out enhanced traction when youre heading off-road or traipsing over slippery surfaces, and Columbias Techlite EVA midsoles ensure better shock absorption and energy return with each step. The enclosed, wrap-around toe post doesn’t irritate or rub, either. Beware when you order that we found these sized up small. Head to our Columbia Kea II review to find out more.

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Best Arch Support: Vionic Kenji Platform Sandal


For those that need support, you cant get any better than these flip-flops from Vionic. The contoured footbed and rubber traction sole provide plenty of support, and they even come in several colors .

Construction: Synthetic upper EVA footbed rubber sole | Colors: Terracotta, Cream, Marigold, Lake Blue, Poppy, Black +more | Size Range: 5-11

Recommended Olukai Model: Ohana


The classic Ohanas are one of Olukais best sellers. Theyr quick drying and feature an EVA midsole and ICEVA drop-in footbed for a comfy form-fit for your feet.

The Ohana is a true-blue beach flip flop. Sand and water are its friends. Its a tried and true design with plenty of fans and repeat customers.

The Ohanas are a true beach flip flop and even has a coral inspired tread pattern. A solid choice for multiple summers of hard use.

Id say theyre quite comparable to Rainbow Sandals, although I personally still favour Rainbows.

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Best Arch Support: Fitflop Women’s Iqushion Flip

Also available at FitFlop and Macy’s

Why We Love It: These podiatrist-recommended sandals offer the ideal combination of cushioned support and classic flip-flop aesthetic.

What to Consider: This model runs slightly narrow and might not work for those with wider feet.

Looking for that classic flip-flop look without the classic flip-flop foot and hip pain? We feel you. The FitFlop Women’s iQushion Flip-flops tick are sure to become one of your favorites if you’re seeking comfort above all else. The practical flip-flops are podiatrist-recommended because of their anatomically shaped midsole and contoured footbed. This pair also offers air-foam cushioning that will help protect the hips from hard sidewalks and concrete flooring. Think of the FitFlop design as the grown-up version of the classic budget flip-flops we all swore by as kids.

Price at time of publish: $21-$89

Sizes: 4 to 11 | Materials: Foam and rubber

Analysis And Test Results

Footwear is a critical connection between your body and the earth. The quality and comfort of the flip flop you choose is something that will affect your whole body from the ground up. To help you zero in on the pair that will best suit your body and needs, we have broken our review into multiple sections. Some folks wear flips from their bungalow to the surf break, while others bring them for critical foot respite during long thru-hikes. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, there are things that every pair should do well. Below you will find a breakdown of the metrics by which we judged each model, making it easier for you to find the perfect match.

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Best Dress Sandal: Jennifer Tattanelli Rate Platform Sandals

Why We Like Them: One of Dr. Levine’s favorite sandals, these have straps across the forefoot and ankle, footbed support, and they look perfectly at home at a summer soirée.

It’s Worth Noting: While cushioning, the insole doesn’t have a ton of support for weak or high arches.

These Jennifer Tattanelli dress sandals don’t come cheap, but supportive sandals that blend in seamlessly at a wedding or garden party are an item you’ll use for years to come. What’s more, all Jennifer Tattanelli shoes are handmade in Florence under the unique craftsmanship of local leather stylists, so they’re bound to last longer than cheaper shoes.

The platform style is one of Dr. Levin’s favorite options for sandals, as the 1.7-inch wedge heel design takes the pressure off your tendons while providing stability you don’t find in other dress-shoe designs like heels. They have braided yarn straps that cover the entire forefoot and offer adjustable ankle support to further stability. These shoes are also leather lined for durability and comfort.

Most Durable: Havaianas Women’s Slim Flip Flop Sandal

Best Flip Flops For Men 2022 | Top 5 Flip Flops For Men


Theres a reason Havaianas has remained one of the most popular flip-flop brands for over a decadethe companys products can withstand years of use without losing their comfort level or flexibility. And the sandals minimalist design makes them a perfect match for any outfit and occasion, from beach to party.

Construction: Rubber | Colors: Rose gold, navy blue/blue, black, light golden, steel gray, +more | Size Range: 6-11/12

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Q: How Do I Style Flip

A: Flip-flops are casual shoes, so it’s best to keep it casual. However, there are definitely some stylish flip-flops on this list that wouldn’t be out of place at a nicer event, especially in a beach town or somewhere where flip-flops are normal attire. Style your men’s flip-flops with shorts and a t-shirt for full-on casual, or add a semi-casual collared shirt and some linen or other lightweight pants for a beachy, comfortable, but nicer look.

When Not To Wear Flip Flops

If you want to be safe when using flip flops, here are a few times when you should consider literally ANY other piece of footwear:

Walking If youre going to walk, youll want footwear that offers better support for your arches, a sturdier platform for your forefoot, and better heel cushioning. Even a pair of thick sandals will be better than flip flops when you walk around a lot.

Running It should go without saying, but were saying it anyways: dont run in flip flops! They offer no support or cushioning, and theyll only increase the strain on your feet. Heck, dont do anything active in flip flops. If you want open-air footwear, go with strappy sandals, which offer much better support and protection.

Outdoor Work Working in the garden in your flip flops is not a good idea! Not only is there no protection from the sun , but your skin is far more likely to be exposed to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens. Your chance of getting skin infections skyrockets when youre working outside in your flip flops.

Standing for Extended Periods Again, this comes down to a lack of arch support and heel cushioning. Long periods of standing can take a toll on your joints, even in proper shoes. Without any kind of support or cushioning, you can do real damage to your body and affect your posture negatively.

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Havaianas Slim Flip Flop

Best Overall

Havaianas secured its place as *the* quintessential summer flip flop long agoand for good reason. The textured footbed offers excellent traction and the rubber construction, despite starting off relatively firm, is pliable, molding to your foot over time for a unique, customized fit. One reviewer raves, As someone who comes from a country where are basically part of our national dress, Havaianas are the only you’ll ever need! They’re classic, affordable, come in every color you could want and last for years.

How To Care For Leather Flip Flops


So you settled on the perfect pair of leather flip flops, but you arent sure how to properly care for them.

No problem.

Although caring for leather can be somewhat of a mystery, it really isnt all that complicated. After all, us flip floppers are men of leisure. We cant be bothered with tedious flip flop upkeep.

Remove dirt and debris

Flip flops get dirty. It happens. The best way to remove accumulated dirt and debris is with a damp wash cloth. Without applying pressure, gently wipe the leather clean, letting the texture and dampness of the wash cloth do the work for you.

Air dry

Once your leather flip flops are wiped clean, its important to let them dry out completely before wearing them again. Damp leather has a tendency to attract dirt and dust, which would effectively negate all the work you did in the first step. When it comes to drying leather flip flops, its best to simply place them outside in a shaded area. While sunlight wont necessarily harm the leather, it could potentially bleach the finish and leave them with a lighter shade.


If you want to prolong the life of your leather flops, its important to periodically condition with a good leather oil. Over time leather can become dry, and even crack if left untreated. The general rule of thumb is to condition once every 3 months.

Thanks for checking out my list of best mens leather flip flops. If you have any questions or comments youd like to share, feel free to leave it down below.

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Recommended Model: Rainbow Premiere Leather Sandals

These two Rainbow flip flops have attained legend status. The only difference between the two is one is thicker for those who prefer a deeper form fitted foot-bed, vs the thinner version.

What To Look For In Durable Flip Flops

After a ton of research, I can say with a high degree of confidence that these companies make the longest lasting flip flops. I had nine companies on the shortlist but trimmed it down to six because I wanted every single recommendation to be rock solid. So, no hit-and misses here.

Note: There is no particular order to this list. Each Company is unique in its own way and offers extremely long lasting flip flops. Depending on your taste, youll be happy with any one of them

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Recommended Model: Reef Fanning

Talk about viral success! TheREEF Fannings are practically worshiped by beach party-ers.

Besides being very durable they are the only flip flop that doubles as a bottle opener. So, now you get to do the party trick and be the hero at the same time.

The Fanning design is so popular its now available in a number of variations.

Who This Is For

Reef Slap 3 – Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

This is for anyone tired of wearing uncomfortable, unstylish footwear all summer long. Maybe you keep trying to buy $5 flip-flops at the convenience or big box store, and they just keep wearing out quickly. Or you just need something easier to slip off and on than your normal sandals or sneakers. Well, flip-flops and sandals are the solution. And this guide to the best flip-flops for men has all the answers to your questions and outlines the best flip-flops on the market today.

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Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Best Designer

Hoping to get your hands on a pair that have a more elegant and refined feel? Then we recommend investing in this sleek option from Tory Burch. A fan-favorite, these combine fashion and function for a chic style that features a cushioned insole and soft, full grain leather that can hold up well with daily wear and tear.

Reef Fanning: Best Mens Flip

Some men have flippers for feet, and thats just fine by Reef. The brands Fanning flip-flops are known for running true to size, so you can feel confident ordering the right size for your wide feet. On top of that, they come with arch support, an airbag in the heel for impact softening, and are the only mens sandals to come with a handy-dandy bottle-opener built right into the sole.

Best for: Giving your feet the space they need.

Colors: Black, Bioluminescent, Grey Khaki + MoreMaterial: Synthetic Nubuck

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What Materials Make The Most Comfortable Flip

It depends on the price point and kind of flip-flop. But for the most part, most flip-flops rely on the same handful of comfortable and sometimes water-resistant materials. The number one most common material, by far, is EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate.

EVA is basically foam rubber, so its soft yet durable and naturally water-resistant. The vast majority of flip-flops use EVA in some way, sometimes in the upper, sometimes in the midsole or even as the outsole and frequently some combination of all of the above. SPY recently chatted about EVA and comfortable footwear with Wade Motawi, a shoe designer with more than 25 years of experience creating shoes and advising footwear brands. Motawi told us that the majority of the most comfortable footwear will use EVA in the midsole to maximize comfort. Motawi runs the Sneaker Factory website and even wrote the book How Shoes Are Made, so we will certainly trust his judgment on that.

Like the most comfortable sneakers, many flip-flops also use their own custom EVA-like foam. Others use memory foam for even more comfort, though there are some tradeoffs with water resistance and smell. Memory foam gets smelly fast.

Finally, some flip-flops use good old-fashioned rubber for outsoles. Its durable and helps provide support to its typically softer, foamier midsoles.

Wearing Flip Flops Right


Knowing how to wear flip flops right is the key to safe movement and healthy joints. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you wear flip flops:

Avoid water Yes, you read that right. Though flip flops are intended to be worn around water , its better to keep them dry. The rubber or plastic foot bed gets slippery and the thong is more prone to painful rubbing when wet.

Use fabric or leather instead of plastic or foam There is far less pain between the toes when walking longer distances in fabric or leather flip flops.

Increase the friction Applying a coat of hairspray to the foot bed of your flip flops can help to increase friction, making it easier for you to walk without straining your toes. Or, add a moleskin pad or gel dot to increase frictionand, as a bonus, decrease irritation.

Break in new shoes Just like youd break in a new pair of sneakers before going marathon running, its worth breaking in your new flip flops before you take them out walking or to the beach. Wear them around your house for a few days to get a feel for them and reduce the risk of blisters.

Clean flip flops regularly Leather flip flops can be cleaned by simply wiping them down with a clean cloth . For rubber, plastic foam, polyurethane, or high-quality vinyl, use a mixture of baking soda and warm water to clean them. Or, for cheaper flip flops, try running them through the washing machine or dishwasher.

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