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Do Win Classic Weightlifting Shoes

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What Is The Best Shoe For Weightlifting

Rogue Do-Win Classic Lifter Weightlifting Shoe Review

My Top 3 Lifting Shoes

  • Nike Romaleos. These shoes are probably the best when it comes to support and comfort.
  • Adidas adiPower. Similar to the Nike Romaleos these shoes also have a hard sole and come in a variety of colors.
  • Converse All-Stars. Cheap, simple and effective.
  • Nike Free Runs.
  • Barefoot Shoes.

Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Reports suggest that the average American person owns 19 pairs of shoes. But, how many of these are gym shoes? And how much time are you spending considering the best gym shoe for your weightlifting goals?

Believe it or not, shoes can make a big difference when it comes to training. Runners need specific shoes to support their feet and ankles during long distance training.

People who train with high intensity interval training of Tabata circuits need hybrid shoes that allow them to jump, run, and lift with strength and stability.

Similarly, enthusiasts who participate in Olympic lifting, whether they are just breaking into the sport or are long time athletes of Olympic lifting, must find a shoe that fits them comfortable while providing them with mobility and stability as they increase the weight on the bar.

As the fitness market continues to expand, and sports like Olympic weightlifting, Cross-fit, and powerlifting grow in popularity amongst men and women, more and more well known brands are designing shoes with the needs of these athletes in mind.

With such a broad market of options, it can be difficult to decide which shoe to buy, not to mention time consuming as you switch between tabs trying to compare the details and structure of each shoe.

So, I am putting together this article that will compare the top 8 Olympic weightlifting shoes available to consumers.

The Olympic weightlifting shoes I am going to review are as follows:

  • Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoe

Originally released for their 2012 Olympic range, these shoes became crazy popular and are still going strong in 2017.

They were originally only available in the bright red colourway but Adidas have now introduced a few more options.

The latest option, the all-black, look super sexy in my opinion.

The shoes have the now common heel height of 0.75inches.

  • Breathable Woven for a sock-like fit comfort
  • Upper includes inner reinforcements to support every lift
  • Grippy rubber outsole Textile lining Reinforced forefoot and heel
  • Lace closure with hook-and-loop strap

This height for heels is pretty much the norm now and should be perfect for most people.

I know some Olympic lifters may prefer a higher heel and those with seriously tight ankles might need more as well.

The material of the heel on these is a seriously hard plastic. It means, these heels will not compress to a noticeable degree, even under some seriously heavy weights. A definite plus.

I have owned a pair of these for the past 3 or 4 years and they are still in very good condition. They are a bit narrower on the foot than some of the competitors shoes but for me, thats a good thing.

I like the feeling of a super tight fit around my foot but if you have wide feet, these may not be for you.

Overall, I honestly dont think you can go wrong with these. The only reason to look elsewhere would be if you do have quite wide feet or if you really need a higher heel.

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Final Thoughts On Rogue Do

These Do-Wins are a great powerlifting shoe and are also effective for Olympic lifts as well. For a regular gym regime that also incorporates some Olympic lifts, then these shoes are ideal for the job. Simply put, they are not shoes for CrossFit or any other type of sport. They are made for powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Rogue Do-Wins can be hard to find, and the Pendlay Do-Wins offer a viable substitute if the Rogues cannot be found.

Another pair of good Shoes for Weightlifting is Inov8 lifting Shoes .Check out our reviews in this article to know more.

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Why You Need Proper Weightlifting Shoes


Why arent regular sneakers or running shoes good for lifting weights?

Its simple running shoes have way too much padding and cushion.

This makes them great for the repeated, jarring shocks and impact of running.

But, it doesnt make them very good for hoisting hundreds of pounds above your head or on your back.

Running shoes have many desirable qualities they are light, comfortable, breath well, and normally provide lots of traction.

Their fundamental weakness is having too much cushion in the midsole and outsole.

And most of them dont have enough of a heel raise to really work well for lifting weights either.

Take a look at the Reebok Legacy Lifter II weightlifting shoe above. See that sky-high heel? That helps a lot.

What you cant see is that its also rigid and wont deform under dozens of pounds.

Lifting without weightlifting shoes?

You could be sacrificing a PR or even worse risking an injury.

We need something that is the opposite of a running shoe.

It should offer stable and rigid support, with a lot of heel raise, and it doesnt matter how heavy it is well be standing in one place.

Lets talk about why you need those things.

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Adidas Men’s Leistung16 Ii

The Adidas Mens Leistung 16 II keeps everything simple, from its design to its lacing, it does a remarkable job of keeping everything straight to the point. The shoe is made out of textile and synthetic materials and features a removable insole. If you use a custom insole, this is a great shoe to have. The shoe also features a synthetic sole and is overall quite flexible and strong. The TPU midsole provides an excellent foothold. There is also a rear foot cradle that provides even more stability during lifts.


Weightlifting Shoes Have A Midsole Strap

Weightlifting shoes also typically have some sort of in-step or midsole strap.

This helps ensure your foot is securely locked in place in the shoe.

The Nike Romaleos 4 has TWO straps so you can dial in the fit to perfection.

The Reebok Legacy Lifter II only has a single strap.

Both use a hook and loop strap that you can tighten as much or as little as you desire.

Again, this is to avoid all extraneous movement which could cause injury otherwise.

Sliding and slipping also interferes with power transfer as you jerk or snatch a weight overhead.

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Reebok Legacy Lifter 2

These shoes boast an anti-microbial sock liner, breathable textile upper, TPU clip and elevated heel, and extra-grippy rubber outsole thats perfect for the Olympic lifts: the snatch and clean & jerk. At the same time, they sport a flexible forefoot that allows for great versatility in other movements. We also appreciate the added achilles support, which can be beneficial for athletes putting in a lot of hours under or over the bar.

Reebok’s signature weightlifting shoe is engineered with updates for stability and performance on the platform. This version of the shoe features an ETC anti-microbial lining, achilles padding, and a high-grip rubber outsole great for explosive movements.

Best Weightlifting Shoes For Men

Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes Great Value?

Were going to generalize somewhat here, but men tend to lack in the flexibility department when it comes to lifting weights. This is where a pair of strategically chosen weightlifting shoes can be a game changer. They can facilitate better positioning for lifting which will save wear and tear on the body, and ultimately help you lift more weight. The Adidas AdiPower II is an adaptable shoe that fits like a regular shoe but provides the support lifters need.

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Gym Backpack For Weightlifting Shoes

Ok, weve looked at some great weightlifting shoe options.

But, as we mentioned they are really specialized and you dont want to wear them out.

Nor are they comfortable for every day wear.

We recommend you pack them in the gym bag and put them on when you need to lift, and then back off again.

The Backpack II from King Kong apparel is the perfect solution.

First, this is one tough backpack made from Mil Spec 1000D Nylon.

But, what we like most are the dedicated shoe compartments.

These are intelligently designed to help preserve valuable internal space.

These external compartments also help ensure the shoes dry out after use.

Available in a variety of colors, this is a great gym backpack or gym bag solution.

This is the best way to transport your weightlifting shoes to and from the gym or box and keep the mileage off these specialized shoes.

The other thing we LOVE about this bag its a lay flat packing bag.

Stop trying to jam your weightlifting gear into a laptop bag a duffel style, flat packing bag is a better choice.

And by the way, you can still pack a laptop in it, if you need to.

Ok, lets get back to the shoes.

Why Do You Use Weightlifting Shoes

There are 2 major reasons why you would use one of the best weightlifting choosing 2019:

· You are a professional who is looking to enhance their weightlifting game.

· Or you are a beginner that wants to keep the perfect form and hold it down during lifts.

Both reasons are perfectly valid and a good pair of weightlifting shoes will provide both during lifts.

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Reebok Legacy Lifter Ii

The Reebok Legacy Lifter II Olympic shoes, with their intuitive and detailed design, are sure to catch the eye of passersby in the gym.

These shoes have a serious and confident look that will surely translate into your lifting when you wear them.

These Olympic weightlifting shoes feature a purposeful 0.86 inch heel constructed by durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane that again will provide depth and mobility to your squat- oriented movements.

Stepping away from the norm, these Olympic shoes feature anti microbial lining that may protect your feet from bacteria which is a great option for people whose feet tend to sweat a lot or people who often deal with fungal infections like athletes foot.

Because of its thoughtful design that aims to conform to and care for your natural foot, the Reebok Legacy Lifter IIs are well known for the comfort and versatility they offer their wearer while you are smashing your PRs.

  • Lockdown Straps
  • TPU Clip and Lifted Heel
  • Textile Upper
  • Grip Rubber Outsole

In terms of appearance, you have four options for colour with these shoes: blue and white, black and white, all black, or grey and black with a really classic brown sole.

The wide variety of options here guarantee that you will find a shoe that suits your style. What really stands out on the body of these Olympic weightlifting shoes is the strap around the mid foot that provides the stability you need and also features the classic Reebok name and logo in an attractive layout.

Adidas Men’s Power Perfect Iii Cross Trainer


The Adidas Mens Power Perfect III is a beautiful looking pair of weightlifting shoes and it comes in 5 different colors. Personally, I wanted to get the red one but for some reason, I got an off-color orange thankfully, it looked just as awesome. The shoes are made out of synthetic materials and feature a synthetic sole, not a rubber one. One of the best things about synthetic materials is that the shoe is lightweight overall.

The Adidas Mens Power Perfect III also features air mesh collar that further enhances the breathability of the shoe. The die-cut wedge midsole provides an excellent platform during lifts. The shoe also offers hook and loop instep strap so youll get up most heel support during exercises. The heel is raised a bit but not too much so your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Overall, the Adidas Mens Power Perfect III is a lightweight and well-designed shoe that is great for deadlifts as well as squats.


  • Made out of synthetic materials and has a synthetic sole
  • Air mesh provides excellent breathability
  • Comes with a strap and laces
  • Has different colors which all look great


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Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainers

Best for Cross-Training

For those like variety in their training sessions, cross-trainers offer a bit more bang for your buck. Reeboks Nano 9 is a top-rated shoe on Amazon, with a solid 4.5 out of 5-star rating and nearly 4,000 reviews. The outer part of the shoe has a flexible woven or knit-like material, but the midfoot and outsole are reinforced for stability. One rave reviewer said, This is a good shoe that provides increased stability for squats, lunges and lifting. My foot stays put when Im doing side-to-side movements and jumps. The shoe also appears to have the durability to withstand burpees, planks and exercises that put stress on the top of the upper.

Who Shouldnt Buy The Nike Savaleos

  • Those who prefer lifting shoes with a higher heel, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Athletes looking for more forefront stability with two sets of straps.
  • People with very narrow feet, as Nikes weightlifting shoes tend to fit normal-to-wide feet just a bit better.

A great value shoe that is not going to let you down in a squat cycle, Nikes Savaleos are a solid choice for the trainee chasing that next PR.

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Best Weightlifting Shoes For Flat Feet

If you have a noticeably flat foot and struggle with finding a lifting shoe that helps you stay comfortable and stable, look no further than the Nike Savaleos. We appreciate the fact that they feature a raised heel without being too aggressively high, which could be difficult for some flat-footed athletes to adapt to. Its also important to look for a shoe with a good amount of midsole support and rigidity. The Nike Savaleos have that and more.

How We Chose The Best Weightlifting Shoes

Do Win Weightlifing Shoe

Theres some trial and error involved in finding your best weightlifting shoes, and one size def doesnt fit all. That said, we sought out picks that are widely recognized as top performers, so theyre a primo starting point for narrowing down your search.

The weightlifting shoes in our guide score high marks for:

  • Comfort. First and foremost, theyve gotta feel good! We checked reviews to make sure real customers find them comfortable during all kinds of lifts.
  • Performance enhancement. The whole point of wearing dedicated shoes is to make your lifts better. The shoes we included have the goods: lifted heels, arch and ankle support, and plenty of stability.
  • Durability. A good pair of shoes should last for years, even with regular use. We checked reviews to make sure our picks werent likely to fall apart prematurely.
  • Style. It shouldnt be the top consideration, but its nice when a shoe looks cool too, right?

Say hello to ultimate power with these top performers.

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Best Weightlifting Shoes For Squats

If you know that the bulk of your training program is going to revolve around squatting, the Nike Savaleos are our recommended weightlifting shoe. Super stable with a flat sole and slightly elevated heel, these shoes are going to help you feel the platform and help create the drive you need to stand the barbell up.

Other Reviews Of The Do

Hopefully this review has helped you make your decision between buying a pair of Do-Wins or Adidas Adipowers.

Also, you may have read other stuff Ive reviewed and trust my opinion. Or maybe you even trust my opinion because Ive worked in a weight room for 20 years and I dont take any money from affiliates.

However, I am only one person and you may want to see what other people have to say. I get that so Ive taken the liberty of pulling the review scores of both shoes from Rogue.

The Adidas Adipower 2 has a 4.8 review score based on 13 reviews. I couldnt help, but wonder who didnt give this shoe 5 stars and what was the issue? Basically, it was someone who felt the original Adipower 1 was a better shoe than the 2. Ive not personally worn the 1, so I cant say, but based on what is currently available these shoes are as good as you can get.

The Do-Win Classic Lifter has a 4.7 review score based on 287 reviews. Im not surprised of the number of reviews with Do-Win being such a budget friendly shoe. It really does make them a great first lifting shoe for someone not totally sure if a lifting shoe is right for them.

If youre not sure if a lifting shoe is right for you, I detail the 3 reasons why you should wear weightlifting shoes here.

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Weightlifting Shoes Have A Rigid Sole And Heel

What is the most important feature of weightlifting shoes ?

The primary benefit is that weightlifting shoes have a firm sole and solid heel.

How solid? The heel is sometimes even made of solid wood or another equally rigid material.

They are stable really stable. Your foot will not sink into any of the foam cushioning like that typically used in running shoes.

Thats a big deal because its easier on your joints and helps prevent injury.

And it also helps to ensure efficient power transfer.

The Olympic lifts are done fast and its the power generated by the lifter that enables them to lift the weight.

Lets not waste that power by compressing a jelly-like midsole lets use it to get the weight overhead instead.

But these shoes arent just for Olympic lifters.

The slow lifts of powerlifting can benefit as well.

In any case, the last thing you want with a heavily loaded barbell on your back is to have your foot smooshing around in a rubbery soled shoe.

The angles of compression in your knee joint shouldnt be constantly changing as you move the weight.

There are trade-offs to having this rigid sole and heel typically weightlifting shoes are much heavier than regular sneakers or running shoes.

But, thats OK we are not running, jumping, or sprinting in these shoes.

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