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Salomon S/pro 120 Ski Boots

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Shop Talk Tuesday: Salomon S/pro 120 Review

2020 Salomon S Pro 120 Men’s Ski Boot Review

Salomons new S/Pro 120 has been my go-to ski boot this season, and its been a blast to say the least. Ive skied the S/Pro with several different skis and in a variety of snow conditions over the 30-something days Ive spent on the mountain this year. From deep powder on my 120 mm-waist skis to ripping groomers on my narrower all-mountain sticks, Ive sampled a bit of everything in my S/Pro ski boots.

Boot Sole Length: What Is It

Your boot sole length is the actual length of your ski boot, in millimeters. This is the number that our ski techs will use to mount your bindings. While youll still need a final adjustment done before you can ski, providing us with your boot sole length is absolutely crucial if youd like us to send your skis pre-mounted with your bindings.

Salomon S/pro 120 Gw Ski Boots 2023


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A great expert-level boot that continues to charge hard in 2022, the Salomon S/Pro 120 GW Ski Boots gain Gripwalk soles just in time to save you from another icy parking lot catastrophe. With Salomon’s Coreframe construction and Sense Amplifier cuff, this boot skis as well as any 120 flex boot in the business – not to mention many 130 flex models – and the Custom Shell HD heat molding process continues to impress both bootfitters and customers alike.

Product Details


Last: 100 mmAn average last for that can be expanded to accommodate wider feet.

Custom Shell HDSalomon’s proven heat molding process makes boot fitting most feet quick and easy – the latest Custom Shell HD version is even quicker to mold than before. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power and direction energy transmission.


Flex: 120A stiff flex suitable for advanced to expert level skiers.

Sense Amplifier CuffCuff design promotes quicker rebound and better snow feel. 2 Position strap lets you select the level of power and rebound.

Shell Materials & Design

ShellPolyurethane with Fiberglass Coreframe


Ability Level:

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Salomon Alpine Ski Boots

As the #1 alpine boot company in the world, Salomon brings an unmatched heritage of innovation, performance and fit expertise to every boot we build. Designed to offer premium fit and functionality no matter the foot shape or level of skiing, we offer a boot for every level of skier as well as the ability to customize the fit via Custom Shell HD.

The Most Popular 120 Flex Boot

Salomon S/Pro 120 CHC Ski Boots Men

Salomon walks the line of comfort and performance with the S/Pro 120. Super easy to put on, and once it’s on you won’t mind being in it for a full day of skiing, lunch, skiing and apres. After the shells are molded they’ll be even better if there are a few pressure points.

How’s the fit? The S/Pro line runs a couple mm shorter than average, not enough to make you size up. While the boot interior is shorter, the plushness of the liner makes it almost unnoticable. The S/Pro 120 fits wide for a 100 mm last. Generous instep room that may have too much volume for skiers with smaller ankles/lower insteps. The S/Pro 120 is very plush feeling 120, need more volume go into the S/Pro HV. Need less go S/Max 120

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 1750 g per boot @ 26.5
  • Last: 100 mm @ 26.5
  • Liner: 4D heat moldable liner
  • Cuff Style: 2 piece overlap
  • Boot Sole: Gripwalk

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Salomon Alpine Ski Bindings

Salomon started as a binding company in 1947 and for nearly 75 years weâve continued to create technology that has revolutionized bindings for all types of skiing, from resort and freeride to backcountry and mountaineering. Built to offer unmatched performance, functionality and safety, Salomon bindings will keep you locked and loaded from the hike up to the run down.


Salomon S/pro 120 Vs Salomon S/pro 100

JimL said:In one of your other posts, I believe you mentioned that you are 6′, 235 lb. I am 5’7″ 135 lb, intermediate to advanced, and have Salomon X/Max 110W boots, which was the predecessor boot line in the narrower version. They work well for me, so I think it is likely that you would overpower a 100 flex boot and agree with UGASkiDawg that the 120 flex boot would suit you better.

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Salomon S/pro 120 Ski Boots Mens

Salomon S/PRO 120 Ski Boots Mens

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Salomon S/PRO 120 Ski Boots – Men’s:

Built for skiing, masterfully crafted for your feet.

  • Instant fit – Redesigned step-in construction teams up with our exclusive seamless liner to make the S/PRO the most comfortable boot Salomon has ever made.
  • Fully customizable – With the new Coreframe 360, you can now customize the cuff, shell and liner to enjoy Salomon’s most tailor-fitted boot.
  • Power – A combination of Salomon’s high-performance Coreframe, Sense Amplifier and Sense Strap technologies guarantee progressivity and rebound for elation at every turn.

Striking a fine balance between performance and comfort is no easy task. With its easy step-in, seamless liner and full customization capabilities, the S/PRO 120 is leading the charge of high-performing, perfectly fitting boots.


  • Polyurethane + fiberglass coreframe + Custom Shell HD – A material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity and good power transmission.


  • Seamless liner – A new, anatomically designed pre-shaped liner without internal or external stitches. It improves comfort, precision and ensures a warmer fit.


  • Polyurethane + Custom Shell HD – Material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity & good power transmission.




  • Alpine premounted ISO 5355 – Alpine pads are premounted and inter-compatbile with alpine bindings ISO 9462.


Alpine Ski Boots Sizing Guide

2023 Salomon S/Pro Alpha 120 Ski Boots Short Review with

Finding the right size ski boot comes down to Mondopoint sizing, a scale based on the length of your foot in centimeters from heel to the tip of your big toe. Try tracing your foot on a piece of paper for the most accurate measurement. Use this measurement along with the following chart to help choose your ski boot size.

Alpine Ski Boot Size Chart

51 15

Choose the right fit by ensuring a snug overall feel, where your toes can still wiggle and the heel does not slip.

Based on your skill level, here are a few additional things to consider:

Beginner to Intermediate

  • Style: Slower pace with more restraint and caution
  • Terrain: Bunny slopes and well-groomed hills
  • Ideal Flex: Men’s 60-80 | Women’s 50-70
  • *Choose your Mondopoint size or go a ½ size larger

Intermediate to Advanced

  • Style: Medium to fast pace with growing confidence
  • Terrain: All mountain, well-groomed hills, park and backcountry
  • Ideal Flex: Men’s 85-100 | Women’s 65-90
  • *Choose your Mondopoint size or go a ½ size smaller


  • Style: Fast, aggressive pace with total confidence
  • Terrain: All types
  • Ideal Flex: Men’s 105-130 | Women’s 85-110
  • *Choose a ½ to 1 size smaller than your Mondopoint size

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Salomon S/pro Alpha 120 Ski Boots 2023


Earn $64 in Rewards with this purchase. or


Take up to a full year to return your item! See our Return Policy.


Rip up the slopes and show everyone who’s got the coolest boots on the mountain with your new Salomon S/Pro Alpha 120 Ski Boots. Redesigned to give you more space over the top of your foot while keeping the signature look and customizable liner and shell you love, Salomon continues to deliver high performance boots for all the rippers out there. Yes, that’s you.

Product Details


Last: 98 mmNarrow last for slim to normal width feet with normal volume. Can be heat molded using the custom heat molding process to approximately 104mm in the forefoot.

Custom Shell HDSalomon’s proven heat molding process makes boot fitting most feet quick and easy – the latest Custom Shell HD version is even quicker to mold than before. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power and direction energy transmission.

3D Instep ShellThis new construction refers to the constructionof the lower shell. The thinner plastic and strategicpositioning of the forefoot buckle deliver less pressure on the top of your foot, make for easier step in and out, and ensures stronger heel lock without putting unnecessary pressure on your foot.


Salomon S/pro Alpha 120 El Ski Boots

The Salomon S/Pro Alpha 120 EL Ski Boots are a slightly softer version of the ultra-stiff Salomon S/Pro Alpha 130 EL Ski Boots, offering a 120-millimeter flex for lighter weight or younger ski racers looking for the same high-level performance. Engineered in collaboration with Salomon’s racing team, the new S/Pro Alpha 120 EL is designed to increase skier’s competitive edge through every phase of every turn. This ski boot’s race construction and World Cup liner will provide you with the lightness and precision needed to charge through the gates with extreme control and confidence. With a fully dismantlable upper and lower cuff, it’s easy to customize while the cantabile oversized Pivot lets you fine tune your stance precisely. This boots race construction uses a thinner walled sensitive shell to improve your terrain feedback and deliver more direct power transmission to the edges of your skis. A Custom Fit 4D World Cup Liner is also heat moldable and fully customizable, while your trusty boot fitter will be able to work on it easily and efficiently. Elite level ski racing is all about having the proper training and equipment needed to take you to the next level. The Salomon S/Pro Alpha 120 EL Ski Boots will take you there with fit, performance and function to keep you ahead of the pack.



This guide is for Alpine Skis. For help with Nordic Ski sizing, please call us at: 812-6710.

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What To Expect After You Place An Order

1. You will receive an Order Confirmation / Email (within 15 min of submitting the order.

2.In-stock orders ship in 24-48 hours. In some cases it can take longer.

3. Expedited Orders placed before 1:00 PM CST typically ship the same day.

Due to Covid-19 many shipping carriers are experiencing delays in specific regions of the country.

3.Shipping Confirmation Email with a tracking number once your order ships. Please Note: during busy season economy orders can take longer to process.

When Requesting A Price Match Please Be Aware That Prices Will Be Compared On The Following Criteria:

S/Pro 120 Ski Boot 2020

Price comparisons include the product price plus shipping & handling charges when calculating the competitor’s total price in comparison to’s product price.

Price matching does not apply when you use coupons, rebates, promotional offers, or product bundle pricing on the order.

Price matching is limited to one item of the same product, shipped to the same address.

Price matching is always subject to the discretion of

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Price matching does not apply to eBay or other auction sites.

Purchase must have been made within 2 weeks of the price change.

% Builds Now Available On All Bikes

Since the assembly is performed by hand and per order, it may take 6-8 business days for the assembly of your new bike to be completed and shipped.

Please allow 15-20 business days on select Framed custom built bikes.

Our $99 Bike Assembly is here to help you maximize your riding time. Just tighten the handlebars, install the front wheel,pedals and ride! This process is done with care, by our experienced professional technicians to ensure that your bike not only lasts, but most importantly is covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

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How Do I Find It

Finding your Boot Sole Length is easy. On your ski boot, there will be a 3 digit number on the outside or inside heel of one or both of your boots. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be a decimal . If the number you see has a decimal, then youre probably looking at your Mondo Point size which isnt accurate enough to use when mounting bindings. Other hints that you’re looking at the Mondo Point and not the BSL would be if it looks something like “270/275” or if the number is found on the bottom of the boot. If youve looked all over and still cant find your BSL, its also acceptable to measure along the bottom of the boot from the very tip of the toe, to back of the heel- just make sure you measure in Millimeters!

Isn’t The Bsl The Same As Mondo Point

S/Pro 120 Boot | Salomon Alpine

Nope! The mondo point size is the generic boot size that every boot maker uses it. Think of it as a shoe size, like a “size 11” for example. The boot sole length is the literal length from toe to heel of that boot, measured in millimeters. It’s entirely possible and very common for boots with the same Mondo Point to have different Boot Sole Lengths. Because ski bindings are so precise, it’s crucial to have them mounted to the BSL and not the Mondo Point.


This guide is for Alpine Skis. For help with Nordic Ski sizing, please call us at: 812-6710.

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Why We Like The S/pro 120 Gw Ski Boot

Were happy to get out on the hill in the S/Pro 120 GW Ski Boots because they defy the notion that performance ski boots cant be comfortable. The 120 flex and size-specific last deliver performance for aggressive skiers, yet the full customizable liner and shell let your boot fitter custom tailor the entire boot exactly to your feet. Salomon included rockered GripWalk soles for intuitive walking, so you can keep shredding while your buddies with their race boots deal with foot cramps at the lodge.

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