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Thorogood Moc Steel Toe Boots

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Work Boots For Electricians

Thorogood moc toe 804-3800 review

There are a few factors you need to pay attention to when selecting your boots. If youre new to the trade, familiarize yourself with the ASTM and OSHA codes for protection. The EH code on work boots stands for electrical hazard protection and although a safety toe isnt required, its not uncommon for accidents to happen on the job site. A steel toe isnt considered a safety hazard, as long as the steel isnt exposed on the outside of the work boot or in contact with the foot on the inside. Basically, the OSHA is trying to prevent an electrical circuit from completing to the ground and leaving you a little crispy. Our boots are designed to be slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, and shock proof up to 18,000 volts! So, when you step on the exposed wires your work buddy forgot to put away, you should be alright. Here are our most popular work boots for electricians:

Thorogood American Heritage 8 Steel Toe Work Boots For Men

  • AMERICAN MADE with USA and globally sourced components by the skilled craftsmen and women at Thorogoodâs US plants
  • STEEL TOE BOOTS FOR MEN protect your feet from on-site impact and compression hazards while the design keeps them light and flexible, making American Heritage some of the best safety toe boots for men with dangerous jobs. Meets ASTM F2413-18 safety toe standards
  • EH RESISTANCE – these MAXWear Wedge work boots meet ASTM F2413-18 electrical hazard resistance safety standards
  • REMOVABLE ULTIMATE SHOCK ABSORPTION FOOTBED uses dual-density polyurethane concentrated under heel and ball strike zone to absorb impacts and wick away moisture for the most comfortable mens work boots out there
  • FIBERGLASS SHANK CONSTRUCTION gives these tough mens boots the flex and strength needed to maintain their shape under heavy duress, and 8-inch flexible ankle support keeps you secure up top
  • GOODYEAR STORM WELT CONSTRUCTION provides superior wear resistance and moisture seal between upper and midsole, making these extremely dependable, long-lasting, fully-serviceable work boots
  • THOROGOOD âJOB-FITTEDâ DESIGN means American Heritage Menâs Work Boots are ideal for a range of outdoor and industrial applications – go-to boots for a carpenter, construction worker, mechanic, electrician, maintenance or HVAC technician, heavy equipment operator, ironworker, pipefitter, welder, or anyone else who needs comfortable safety toe protection while doing dirty jobs

Are Thorogood Moc Toe Boots Comfortable

Yes, Thorogood Moc Toe boots are comfortable. They fit a bit snug in the sides, so order your regular sneaker or dress shoe size to get the most comfortable fit. Otherwise, the leather is very supple and the Poron insole makes for a cushy experience.

When youre looking for your size, I recommend picking your sneaker size. So if youre a 10.5 in Nikes, youll be a 10.5 in Thorogoods.

The break-in period for my Thorogood Moc Toes wasnt too bad, but there were a few points of discomfort that persisted through several wears.

While the break-in wasnt as intense as my Red Wing Iron Ranger experience, I felt that the Thorogood break-in actually lasted longer.

There werent any blisters, and I definitely didnt get close to the point where you just need to get your boots off right away. You know the feeling.

But there was some snugness in my right foot and slippage in my heel that took about 10 miles of walking to break-in. While the sole is flexible right away, some slight sizing issues made it take a bit more time to work the leather to a fully comfortable place.

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Sizing Fit And Comfort

I was pretty certain I was going to be a 10.5D or 11D, but got sized into a 10EE at Moulded Shoe. My feet are slightly but certainly not crazily wideso I worried, wrongly, about what seemed like an extreme widthand Id never been a 10 in too many shoes of any kind since I was maybe 12 years old. So I had my doubts! But the EE also provided more space in the length than a standard D in size 10, the width was perfect, and I can confidently say 10EE was and is 100% the right size for me.

These boots, dear shoe-addled reader, are comfortable. I imagine a major part of that is owed to the flexible wedge outsole and high quality although not rigidly bulletproof leather, but I attribute the bulk of that comfort to Thorogoods Ultimate Shock Absorption Footbed and Comfort Cushion insole made by PORON. Its a dual-layer removable foam insole, unlike the leather footbed found in Red Wings and many other higher-end boots. I love how said leather footbeds on my other boots conform to my foot over time for a truly custom fit, and was a little worried that the Thorogoods wouldnt offer that, but oh, they most certainly do. And while I havent come close to needing to replace the insoles in five years , if you wear yours especially hard, you can grab a new pair for like $10something you cant do it anything goes wrong with a leather footbed.

Tip: Definitely at least consider a wider width than you might think you need, but size down a half-size or so, if you go with that.

Rating: 9/10

A Bit Of History On Thorogood

Thorogood Men

Stitchdown strongly recommends made-in-America products , and Thorogood is one of a too-small handful of boot brands that continues to deliver on that promise. Weinbrenner Shoe Co., which makes Thorogood boots, got its start back in 1892with the Thorogood brand emerging in 1918and has since created everything from military shoes to job-specific footwear like their classic lace-to-toe roofer boots. In 1967, Thorogood introduced their Official Boy Scout Boot: the Hike n Camp, which is the original name for the model of boot reviewed here. It remains the companys most popular boot of all time, even though there are far fewer Boy Scouts than there used to be.

In addition to the ever-important made-in-America designation, Stitchdown strongly recommends Thorogood as a key bootmaker to support because of the way the company is structured. In 2000, Weinbrenner employees took control of the companys ownership, providing a unique level of engagement, control, and of course actual ownership that workers are most companies simply cannot benefit from.

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A Fun Little Story About Why I Bought My Thorogood Moc Toe Boots

Ive owned boots all my lifefrom various hiking boots to my original beloved Wolverine 1000 Miles that I wore for about seven years years before finally admitting that they were just too big, and found them a more suitable home.

But I wasnt really a person who cared about boots, or thought about them endlessly, until six years ago, when I broke my foot.

It was just a small stress fracture that I initially thought was a bruiseuntil one morning I woke up in silly amounts of pain, hopped to the bathroom on my good foot, then screamed to my wife to go buy me some crutches so I could will myself to the podiatrist. The doctor confirmed that my foot was indeed broken and sent me off with a walking boot, a true joy to wear during a New York City winter full of more snow than usual.

He also looked at my shoes, a pair of Vans I still own but rarely wear. Well, thats your problem, right there. Sneakers like this are terrible for your feet and you just found out why. Get yourself something more supportive.

Thorogood Fit & Sizing

  • May run a little narrow
  • Great shock absorption
  • Very lightweight

At the moment these run from sizes 5 to 15, most of which you can get in B, D, or EE widths. They run large: Im between 11.5 and 12 on a Brannock device but I grabbed size 11D which fit great. I should note that some folks feel they run a little narrow I had no issues but if youre closer to an E than a D, you may be better off getting a EE width.

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Leather Quality And Care

The quality of the oil-tanned tobacco leather is solid. Its hard not to compare the Thorogood Moc Toe to the Red Wing Classic Moc, and between these two, Red Wing definitely has thicker and superior leather.

That said, the Thorogood Moc Toe is a good $60-$90 less expensive, depending on where you buy.

I still think the Thorogood oil-tanned leather is an excellent value. While it may not be quite as thick as Red Wings, its still quite sturdy, pliable, and because its so packed with oils, it barely requires effort to maintain.

Thorogood Moc Toe Sole

Thorogood AH-1957 6″ Moc Toe Waterproof Steel Toe SKU: 9045577
  • 25% more durable than Vibram
  • Rubber and cork midsoles
  • Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption Insert

This is their Exclusive Oil and Slip Resistant Polyurethane MAXwear Wedge Outsole.

Traditionally they used a Christy Vibram sole that was made of blown rubber, which Thorogood introduced to their shoe line in 1964. However, they decided to design their own sole because they didnt like the fact that for most people who used them as daily workboots, the Vibram sole wore down in less than a year. So the sole thats on the boot now is a kind of polyurethane that lasts about 25 percent longer than Vibram, according to their estimates.

There are some reports that this tougher sole is a little harder on the knees among older folks who need to work in them all day. This is pretty subjective and obviously depends on the joint health of the individual, but its worth pointing out.

The sole is indeed very lightweight, partly because of this polyurethane sole, partly because it has a shank made of fiberglass, but also because it has a rubber midsole and the insole is Poron. Technically its a Poron 4000 comfort cushion, a material thats used in a bunch of sneaker brands like Adidas and Nike, plus Thursday Boot Company has Poron some of their models as well. The idea with Poron is that it provides cushioning with air permeable open cells that resist moisture and help with shock absorption.

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What I Dont Like

  • There are three eyelets, three speedhooks, and then a final set of eyeletsId rather have speedhooks all the way up. The last eyelet seems to defeat the purpose of speedhooks.

  • The fit is narrow at the ball of your foot. I think opting for your sneaker size is the way to go.

  • The break in wasnt super uncomfortable, but it did take a while before my heel stopped shifting around and the leather settled into my foot shape.

Things To Consider Before Buying Thorogood Boots

Thorogood boots arent necessarily stylish. These are tough work boots.

While you can wear these as part of a rugged workwear inspired outfit, Im going to gear this review more toward the guys who need a sturdy pair of work boots.

If you are looking at these from a fashion perspective, I recommend you check out the alternatives section below where I have more details on the Thursday Diplomat and Grant Stone Brass.

Another important consideration for many working guys is where their boots are actually made.

Its rare to find a US-made brand for under $250, and Thorogood fits the bill. This brand is proud of its origin .

I dont assign any additional value to where a boot is madeits really my job to state the objective facts and compare how these boots perform against other brands.

But I know a huge portion of our readers will choose a USA-made brand every day of the week. So if thats you, take note: Thorogood is a legit domestic brand.

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Other Men’s Workwear Essentials

Kohl’s also offers plenty of must-haves for workers in a wide variety of industries. Men’s workwear provides all the safety features you demand, along with style and comfort you desire.

Clothing items for workers in healthcare, construction, food preparation, and more are available. These clothes offer functions that include high visibility, flame-resistant fabrics, and tactical benefits.

Within each area, there are many different types of clothing options – from bibs and overalls to jackets, hats, and more. And be sure to check out all the different brands we offer, like Timberland, Dickies, Red Kap, and more. With all these options, you’re guaranteed to find just the workwear you need to take care of business.

Grant Stone Brass Boot

Thorogood Men

The Grant Stone Brass Boot looks to me like a dress moc toe, if there is such a thing.

Of all these boots, the Grant Stone Brass is the best quality, but also the most expensive. Its also heavy.

Grant Stone is one of my favorite brands because their quality rivals some of the big American brands like Alden, who sell their boots for $500-$600, but because Grant Stone is manufactured in China, theyre able to keep their prices lower in the mid-$300 range.

Like the Thursday Diplomat, the Brass Boot isnt a working boot either. But if youre just in the market for a really high quality boot that looks stylish, the Grant Stone Brass is one of the best values youll find.

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Thorogood Moc Toe Alternatives

The Red Wing Classic Moc Toe is the closest competitor to the Thorogood Moc Toe.

Red Wings are about $60-$90 more expensive, depending on where you buy them and if theres a sale going on. Theyre heavier, but the insoles are made of leather and cork.

So while theyre less comfortable out of the box, I can vouch that theyre more comfortable about 6 months in.

The Red Wing Classic Moc is going to last a good 6-months to a year longer than Thorogood, just because of the slightly higher quality leather and the more natural materials used through the insole and midsole.

Both are USA made, so you cant go wrong there.

If you:

This one is for the guys who are into workwear fashion. I dont recommend the Thursday Diplomat for work. But its definitely the most stylish moc toe boot Ive ever worn.

Its much slimmer and sleeker, and looks better with a pair of slim jeans.

Its not that the Thursday Diplomat isnt a sturdy bootit features a 360-degree Goodyear welt and has excellent construction quality, but it just doesnt have the same safety features as the Thorogood.

In a working application, definitely go with Thorogood. For style, definitely go with the Thursday Diplomat.

Red Wing Vs Thorogood: Which Moc Toe Is Best For You

If youve searched for the best moc toe boot, youve probably come across these two iconic, American made boots: Red Wing and Thorogood. The two are locked in an eternal struggle for superiority, and they have a lot of similarities: golden oil tanned leather, white wedge soles, cork midsoles, triple stitching, and a whole lot of American heritage.

Some might look at the two and think that there cant be much to compare, but there are actually multiple differences with regard to the leather, the aesthetic, and especially the construction of the sole that you should know about if youre considering making a purchase. Ive worn both of these boots Red Wings 875 in Oro Legacy Leather and Thorogoods American Heritage Moc Toe in Tobacco for months on end so that you can determine whats best for your needs.

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Red Wing Vs Thorogood Leather

  • Both appear to be chrome tanned and oil tanned
  • Red Wings is thicker and oilier, though the break in is tougher

As far as the leather goes theyre both described as oil tanned, which actually isnt very descriptive: sometimes that means a leather has been vegetable tanned then oil tanned, sometimes it means chrome tanned then oil tanned, but I understand theyre both chrome tanned and oil tanned.

Ive got a full guide on the differences between vegetable and chrome tanning but in short, chrome tanned leather tends to be a bit softer and take on color more easily.

But the leathers arent identical. Red Wings is less grainy, its thicker, its oilier and its waxier meaning that while its not quite as comfy out of the box, itll age better and it wont need to be conditioned quite as often.

To be clear, Thorogoods leather isnt poor quality. It gets the job done and again, it didnt give as difficult a break in as Red Wing. But, perhaps because they own their own tannery, Red Wing has better quality control and I consider their leather superior both aesthetically and functionally.

The sole, though, is where you might find Thorogood pull sahead.

What Kind Of Leather Does Thorogood Use

THOROGOOD Moc Toe Review [2022] | BootSpy

Thorogood uses oil-tanned full grain aniline leather for their boots. The leather goes through a vegetable tanning and tumbling process, and then is packed with oils, which means the resulting leather is soft, pliable, and requires very little care. Thorogood leather develops a nice patina over the years and will develop unique creases that shape to your foot.

It may seem like this leather picks up scratches easily, but its a pull up leather, meaning you can usually rub most scuffs out with your thumb . This also means that truly deep scratches can often be smoothed over with a light conditioning.

For work boots like this, Id condition with mink oil. Yes, youll darken the leather by three or four shades, but mink oil will go a long way to further protect and waterproof your leather.

If youre wearing these on a job site and youre not particularly worried about the color of the leather, use mink oil on these boots a few months after you first get them .

If you want to preserve the color, I recommend Bick 4. While Bick 4 doesnt penetrate super deep into the leather, itll freshen up your Moc Toe and keep the leather flexible without any cracking.

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