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How To Size Climbing Shoes

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Material Of The Shoes

How To Size Black Diamond Climbing Shoes | Climbing Daily Ep.1271

Climbing shoes are very flexible in nature and made in a way that the shoes fit closely to your feet. The basic logic behind this is that climbing shoes need to be closely fitted and feel comfortable to the wearer in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable climb.

Now such shoes are usually made out of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The harder the shoe soles and better the shoe quality, the greater the percentage of synthetic fiber in it. Natural fibers are not as resistant as synthetic ones, and thus, it would be wiser to choose a pair of climbing shoes that are synthetic fiber based.

To get your perfect size, experts believe that you should try out different sizes and judge the shoes not only according to their fit but also their comfort levels. You should not be worrying about your feet, while you are on a long multi-pitch trail or amidst any other important activity. If required, ask the assistants at the shops to help you out.

Know Precisely What Rock Climbing Shoes You Want

Rock climbing shoes need to fit well they dont have to fit painfully.

If you have toe pain, chances are you wont have an easy time climbing and end up with blisters.

Here are some of the standard fitting rules to follow.

  • Do not buy shoes that have space between the inside of your shoes and your toes.
  • Ensure your toes are comfortable in the shoes and the knuckles of your toes are not stuck or rubbing painfully against the top of the shoe.
  • Your heel should have a perfect fit. Ensure the back of your climbing shoe is not hurting the Achilles tendon.
  • Different feet bend differently. If you are having a hard time fitting a shoe or climbing shoes are tight, chances are they are not the correct size.

Try The Climbing Shoes Before Buying

You cant be sure of the size of rock-climbing shoes you should get by just looking at them.

You have to try them on. It is better to shop for rock climbing shoes yourself.

If you are getting them online, you could order an additional size and return the pair that doesnt fit.

Before embarking on rock climbing, wear shoes and walk around the neighborhood.

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The Fine Art Of Buying Shoes

How to choose climbing shoes guide

Of all the gear you are likely to purchase as a rock climber, your first pair of rock shoes will give you the single biggest and immediate leap in ability. Yet from there on in, the murky world of climbing shoe sizing is likely to haunt you every time that you put your over-tight shoes on or roll off of an edge…

Climbing shoes are an integral part of your climbing cupboard – but the variety and myths make buying the correct shoes increasingly more difficult. It is infinitely more desirable to spend the extra time and effort in purchasing your shoes, then regretting a hastily or ill-informed decision each time you put them on. Climbing shoes do more than just look aesthetically pleasing – they are extensions of your body and if bought correctly can enhance your climbing greatly. Below is a guide to buying rock shoes, based predominantly on design.

General Rule of Thumb for beginners – Comfortable is too large

Fit: First and Foremost

The most important factor to consider when choosing any rock shoes is finding a pair that fits well.

Your “fit” should be determined by the type of climbing that you intend doing, combined with your experience level. Remember that leather upper shoes are likely to stretch over time , while lined and synthetic upper shoes are not likely to stretch much at all.

Shape of last


Customer care

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What Size Climbing Shoes Should You Buy

If you have bought climbing shoes a few times before, then you might have an idea. In that case, you could go for the size chart that has an advanced level. If you are going for sport climbing, it would be -1.0, for Alpine climbing it would be -0.9. It has its categorization based on gender as well. The climbing shoe size chart just like any other shoe size chart has its specifications based on gender as well.

If you are a complete beginner in this climbing, then you must get your foot length, and compare it with the size of the climbing shoes size chart.

The difficulty level or the climbing level is the main factor that decides which shoe size would be fit for you. The grapes and the two holes off the shoe size are much more different for beginners and professionals. When the professionals get a snug and a tight fit the beginners get released.

What You Need To Know On How To Size Climbing Shoes

Before you just take a look at a chart and click buy, lets go over some basics.

Theres a bit of a debate in the community about how to size your climbing shoes, but the rough rule to follow is that your soft shoes require a tight fit. This means they would be two to three sizes smaller than your street shoe size.

This shoe size comparison is down to the construction of the shoe. A soft slipper-type shoe relies on your toes to create a platform whereas a thicker midsole creates the platform.

Remember to consider the stretch potential of your shoe. Depending on whether your shoe is lined or unlined there is an ability to stretch. Unlined shoes tend to expand about one full size, lined shoes only around a half size. It all comes down to the fit. A well-fitting comfortable climbing shoe is better than an ill-fitting tighter shoe.

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What To Consider When Deciding What Climbing Shoes To Buy

Depending on different brands, different climbing shoes come in different sizes.

This is an essential factor to consider when deciding on what size of climbing shoes you should buy.

The key things to look for in climbing shoes are the climbing discipline you will climb, how difficult the climbing is, the climbing location, and the material used on the climbing shoes and their fit.

How To Choose A Shoe According To The Type Of Climb

How To Size Climbing Shoes: Five Ten, Red Chilli And Scarpa | Climbing Daily Ep.1829

After identifying the shape of your foot, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the wall you intend to climb. In particular:

  • In the case of overhanging walls or surfaces with good grip it is advisable to opt for shoes with a softer sole, such as the Skwama model. Characterized by greater flexibility and sensitivity, they are in fact ideal for guaranteeing more precise grips but, at the same time, they are especially suitable for more experienced climbers whose feet are already used to supporting the weight of the body on a minimum part of the foot.
  • In the case of long, vertical routes characterised by small, angular holds we recommend, instead, shoes with a more rigid and comfortable sole, suitable for prolonged use and able to support the weight of the climber also on very small holds, such as the Otaki model.

At the same time, it is important to identify what your climbing style is in order to orient yourself properly on products that are more in line with your type of climbing wall and movement technique. Only in this way can you make a conscious choice between shoes of the No-Edge line, designed to perfectly follow the profile of the foot while enjoying a more sensitive support that improves the quality of the climb and shoes with a traditional construction.

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What Size Of Climbing Shoes To Buy

Climbing shoes have the terrible reputation of being wildly uncomfortable. In the past, climbers used to buy climbing shoes a few sizes smaller and then cram their feet inside in the hope that the pain would help them get their weight onto a smaller hold.

It wasnt uncommon to see climbers get to the top of a route, clip in or set an anchor, and peel their shoes off their feet before descending or belaying the follower up. It was a badge of courage to see how many sizes below your street size you could get your feet into, almost reminiscent of the girls binding their feet during the Tang Dynasty in China!

Additionally, climbing shoe uppers used to be made primarily of unlined leather. Leather stretches out a few sizes as it gets worked, so climbers had to go down several sizes initially with the expectation that they would stretch out over time.

Thankfully, climbing shoe companies have continued to innovate, and have found ways to mostly capture the performance of punishingly tight shoes with different shoe shapes and styles. Even though shoes dont need to be crazy tight, that doesnt mean you should size up.

Why Are Climbing Shoes Worn So Tight

When climbing youll put a lot of pressure into your toes. If your toes arent at the front of the shoe you wont have very much control or feel. Also, if your climbing shoes fit isnt close enough or have baggy spots then then can move around the foot and you can slip off holds.

When you buy street shoes the aim is to not have your toes hit the front and to have space around the foot. With climbing shoes, all parts of the inside of the shoe should fit closely around the foot. You arent meant to walk anywhere in climbing shoes.

Tight climbing shoes are often tight in the wrong places. The main problems with climbing shoes being painful are:

  • The first technical climbing shoes were made of leather that stretched up a few sizes over use. Climbers used to have to aggressively downsize to get the ideal fit after a few months
  • More modern shoes are either lined, made of synthetic non-stretchy materials, or have a large amount of rubber. All of these minimize stretch making it important to get the fit right first time
  • Climbing shoes arent meant to be comfortable necessarily though they shouldnt be constantly painful
  • Beginners arent used to the fit. Eventually your feet and toes get a little desensitized to the shape they are forced into
  • Most Importantly There are hundreds of designs made for different foot shapes not all shoes fit all feet. This causes the most issues

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Faqs About Sizing La Sportiva Shoes

Thats a lot to take in, and finding the right climbing shoes can be a little confusing, especially if youre new to the field. These are some of the more common questions people ask about La Sportiva climbing shoes related to sizing, fit, and the right shoe for their needs.

How Do I Find the Right Climbing Shoes?

That depends on your skill, your feet, and what youll be doing. La Sportiva climbing shoes have a good selection for pretty much all climbers at every stage of their rock climbing journey. The best climbing shoe for beginners will likely be Tarantulas. La Sportiva Solution is the best technical climbing shoe. And there are a variety of shoes to choose from between those extremes.

Are Climbing Shoes Supposed to Be Tight?

Yes, but not too tight. All-around, neutral-styled climbing shoes like Tarantulas are flat. Theyre soft climbing shoes and not as tight as more aggressive, technical shoes, like the Futura or Solution. They will likely be tight at first though especially if youve never worn climbing shoes.

As you gain climbing experience, you will likely trade up for more advanced, aggressive climbing shoes with down-turned toes for cracks, edges and boulders. Technical shoes are tighter, and harder to break in, than soft beginner climbing shoes. However, by that point, you will have already built your toe and feet muscles, so youll likely have more tolerance for them.

How Many Sizes Should I Go Down With La Sportiva?

So, you might want to do this:

Should Climbing Shoes Hurt

La Sportiva Size Chart The Size Guide

Well, to a certain degree, yes!

The fact is that rock climbing shoes are not really engineered for your comfort. The manufacturers always value getting the proper fit over comfort. And by proper fit, it means having your toes die a slow death by being strangled as the blood slowly drains from the tightly-compressed feet.

Dont worry! Its not that bad as it soundsmore or less for the intermediate and advanced climbers. However, if you are a beginner, you may feel the discomfort when you are first breaking in a pair of climbing shoes.

You want your shoes to be form-fitting. But this doesnt mean that they should jam your feet. Instead, they should fit snugly. If you experience problems with your feet, you can be sure that the shoes are simply too tight.

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La Sportiva Tarantula Best Climbing Shoe For Beginners

Use It For: Beginners, Gym Climbing, Cragging

Style: Neutral

La Sportiva Tarantulas are a good beginner climbing shoe. Its a lace-up or velcro shoe that you can use in the gym, on a climbing wall, outside and building up both your foot and toe muscles and climbing skills in general. Theyre more comfortable than La Sportiva Solutions, and while not quite as durable, theyre relatively easy to break in. They will stretch a little.

Choice Of Climbing Shoes: What Are The Factors To Consider

To choose the right climbing shoes, you need to consider three main factors:

  • The morphology of your foot: the width of your foot is the first element to focus your attention on in order to choose the most suitable shoes.
  • The use you will make of the climbing shoe: the choice of the shoe is strongly linked to the type of wall to be climbed and to the more or less prolonged use it is intended for. You will then need to take into consideration the thickness of the sole: different degrees of stiffness or softness are, in fact, functional to different types of performance and use. From this will follow the choice of the correct size, fundamental to guaranteeing adequate support to the foot.
  • Your level of expertise: for novice feet it is necessary to choose carefully. For example, if you are a beginner, we recommend using rigid models that help the foot to work properly and gradually develop the muscles required.

Considering the huge offer and the many factors to consider, you will be extremely happy to discover that by following these few short steps you will be able to easily identify the footwear that is right for you!

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How Climbing Shoes Should Fit

You should not buy climbing or bouldering shoes a size bigger, because climbing shoes are meant to fit tightly. You can buy climbing shoes that are the same size as your street shoe, or a half size smaller. If you want to make sure they fit, try them on before buying.

If youre buying a pair of shoes for the first time, its a good idea to wear them for a couple of weeks to get used to the fit. If you dont like them, you can always return them and get a new pair.

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Socks In A Climbing Shoe Or Not

Evolv, Tenaya & Unparallel Climbing Shoe Sizes | Climbing Daily Ep.1792

If youve climbed before, you know that its the tiptoe feeling that counts, especially on difficult routes. This is because your foot and the shoe lie as close as possible to each other and your feet are additionally brought into a hollow foot position by the pretension of the shoe and are narrowed, whereby more pressure is exerted on them. The so-called downturn provides the same effect, but only in the area of the forefoot.

Whether you feel more comfortable in such shoes with socks depends ultimately only on your subjective feeling. A sock always has a certain thickness, which may make the climbing shoe even tighter.

In addition, it forms an additional layer that can impair the toe tip feeling. This is why many climbers do not wear socks in their climbing shoes. In this way, they want to ensure that there is actually no air between the shoe and the foot at any point.

For this, however, it is also necessary that the shape of the climbing shoe matches the climbers foot as closely as possible. An important feature of the climbing shoe is that it clings to the foot like a sock.

If you now wear additional socks, this is probably more of a hindrance when climbing. Just try it out and experiment with different types of socks and shoe models. This is how you find the best solution for you.

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Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are designed to fit snug and arent very comfortable, leaving you with blisters and uncomfortable rubbing. A thin pair of socks, or even liner socks, will definitely help in this regard, providing a more comfortable fit.

If youre looking for a shoe thats comfortable to wear for long periods of time, youll want to invest in a high-quality climbing shoe. If you dont have the time or money to spend on a new pair, then you can always buy a used pair from a local climbing store or online.

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