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Kanye West Red Wing Boots

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Why Kanye West Might Choose To Wear Rain Boots

Kanye West’s Red Wing Boots Sold for Over $3,000 on eBay

Kanye West is known for his unique sense of style, and one of his most iconic looks is a pair of rain boots. There are several reasons why Kanye might choose to wear rain boots, including the fact that they are both practical and fashionable. Practicality is one of the most important factors for Kanye when it comes to his clothing choices. The rapper is often seen out and about in inclement weather, and rain boots are the perfect choice for keeping his feet dry. In addition, rain boots can also be helpful for navigating through puddles and mud. Fashion is also a key consideration for Kanye. The rapper is known for his love of high-end fashion, and he often chooses clothing that makes a statement. Rain boots are a bold fashion choice that is sure to turn heads, and they can be paired with a variety of different looks. Whether he is hitting the town or performing on stage, Kanye West always looks his best. Wearing rain boots is one way that the rapper ensures that he is always prepared for anything.

During a recent interview, Snoop Dogg took a few shots at Kanye Wests Red Wing boots. He was so taken aback by the size of them that he declared they would never be worn. Hed have to jump off the Empire State Building into a lake full of alligators if he needed to wear the shoes. He stated that he was relieved that there is no snow in California so that he would not be forced to wear boots.

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Kanye Wests Red Wing Work Boots Skyrocket As They Sell For $3000 On Ebay

Kanye Wests latest fashion era has arrived, courtesy of one specific pair of work bootswhich have just sold for over $3,000 on eBay.

Wests Yeezy and Balenciaga-filled wardrobe has been paired with black Red Wing boots since the year began. Once 2022 kicked off, the star wore the brands #3094 boots while on dates in Miami, New York City and Los Angeles with new girlfriend Julia Fox. The style, which is currently unavailable online, features a tall 17 slip-on silhouette with a Thinsulate lining, chunky soles and steel toes for greater comfort and longevity.

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Recently, the same boots sold for a large amount on eBay. Identical to Wests pair, user mjean80 sold a size 13 pair for $3,050 on Jan. 12. The styles high final price tag can be attributed directly to Wests influence though the pair has been discontinued for years, the same style was previously sold on eBay for $66 in November 2021. The sharp price uphike just two months later is a verifiable seal of approval from the Stronger rapper.



Click through the gallery to see Wests shoe styles over the years.

Launch Gallery: Kanye West’s Shoe Style Through the Years

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Kanyes Boots Draw Attention

Whilst hitting the town with Julia, Kanye sported a navy hoodie, black jacket and grey jeans with white paint splatters on them.

He paired the look with a pair of huge black boots that look like work boots or wellies.

Basically, theyre not the sort of thing youd wear on a date. In fact, theyre probably the furthest thing you could get from date night attire.

As the founder of Adidas affiliated brand Yeezy, I know youre the king of fashion, but what were you thinking Kanye?

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Pharrell’s Cowboy Boots & Ye’s $3k Shoes Are Rebirthing Red Wing

This article was published on January 12 and updated on January 25

The year of Ye trudges onward in its weighty Red Wing boots. Weighty boots that’re apparently worth over $3,000 on the secondhand market.

Having ditched his Crocs boots, Ye’s Balenciaga uniform is now anchored by a pair of hard-wearing Red Wing Style 3094 work boots, lined with quilted Thinsulate, grounded with a steel toe, and fitted on a Vibram sole.

Ye hasn’t taken these Red Wings off since he broke the internet by announcing his relationship with Julia Fox in early January.

To be precise, Ye was first spotted wearing the boots just before the Larry Hoover Benefit Concert he played alongside Drake, demonstrating his preference for tucking vintage Levi’s into the 17″-tall pull-on boots.

They’re quite a departure from his usual YEEZYs, which must feel featherweight compared to the heavy Red Wings.

Still, the lack of laces and wide shaft ensure easy access, which has gotta be appealing for a guy on the go. In the last couple of weeks alone, Ye and Fox have jetsetted from Miami to New York to LA, with plenty of destinations in each city.

Though Fox’s Diesel ‘fits have generated ample attention, Ye’s apparently got fans so thirsty for their own Red Wings that his name alone boosted a recent eBay sale to stratospheric heights.

On January 12, eBay user mjean80 sold a pair of size 13 Red Wing Style 3094 boots identical to the ones worn by Ye for a whopping $3,050.

Kanye West Boots Larry Hoover

Red Wing Shoes &  Boots. Wabasha Texas. Made in The U.S.

Kanye Wests latest fashion line features a boot named after Larry Hoover, the founder of the notorious street gang the Gangster Disciples. The boot, which is black and white with the gangs six-pointed star logo on the side, is being sold for $245. Some are calling the shoe insensitive and tone-deaf, considering Hoovers criminal history, which includes ordering the murder of a rival gang member. Others are praising West for bringing attention to Hoovers story and for using his platform to shed light on issues facing the black community.

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How Much Are Kanye West Balenciaga Boots

Kanye Wests Balenciaga boots are some of the most popular on the market, and they can range in price depending on the style and materials used. The average price for a pair of Kanye Wests Balenciaga boots is between $1,000 and $2,000.

Ye, as a stylish brand, is appropriate for a variety of lifestyles. Wests style, which is loud and over the top, may not suit everyone. Ye is a good brand for people who value good design as well as some luxury.

Snoop Dogg Roasts Kanye West’s ‘big Ass Space Boots’: ‘i’d Never Wear Them Muthafuckas’

Kanye West seemingly never takes off his Red Wing boots and it doesnt look like he plans to stop rocking the black footwear anytime soon. One person who can be ruled out from ever wearing the 17-inch safety boots is Snoop Dogg, who dissed the kicks in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Sunday .


Snoop Doog was then complimentary of Yeezys net worth as an alleged multi-billionaire but made sure to clarify he wont ever be seen in the wingtip boots.

That n-gga getting money, I cant hate on him, Snoop admitted. Ill tell you what, Ill never wear them muthafuckas. Im glad it never snows in California. N-gga like, Not the Kanyes cuz. Yeah cuz, let me help you into them muthafuckas. N-gga gotta sit down and get help putting them on and taking them off. I dont want no shoes where two n-ggas gotta help me put em on. That dont feel right, cuz.

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Everything To Know About Kanye Wests New Favorite Red Wing Boots

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If youve been following Kanye Wests moves as of late then you have probably realized hes been wearing a particular pair of new boots nonstop. And not just any old boots. These are 17-inch safety boots from Red Wing Shoes, a Minnesota-based brand that celebs like Ryan Gosling, Drake and David Beckham have all been seen in over the years.

While Yes pull-on boots are designed to take on hazardous situations, with electrical hazard and steel toe protection, as well as a waterproof exterior and rugged Vibram sole, hes now worn them on a cozy dinner date and on stage.

For dinner earlier this week at swanky Manhattan eatery Carbone with actress Julia Fox, the Yeezy designer styled the utilitarian boots with gray paint-splattered Levis and a black Balenciaga windbreaker worn over a washed-out navy hoodie.

Its not at all unlike West to make a subversive sartorial outwear choice. Memorably, the rapper shunned the dress code at the 2019 Met Gala, which was Camp: Notes on Fashion, and instead donned a simple workwear look that included a humbly-priced Dickies Insulated Eisenhower Jacket, matching pants and Yeezy boots.

While the Donda rappers exact Red Wing stompers arent currently available, we rounded up a selection of similar safety boot styles that you can shop below.

Get the look.

High Fashion From Minnesota Kanye West Rocks Red Wings

Snoop Dogg Gives Hilarious Reasons Why He Wonât Wear Kanye West âSpace Bootsâ?

The rapper, producer and fashion designer has been spotted wearing a pair of

17-inch electrical safety boots around New York.

Workwear is in fashion right now and West’s choice could create some interest and demand on the brand.

Workwear refers to clothing items and styles normally worn by people working outdoors or in the style of manual laborers.

“Shoes are a good starting point for that,” said Brooke Burch, owner of Brooke Burch Custom Sewing and Alterations. “Doc Martens started out as work boots and now that has become a mainstream shoe to wear as alternative fashion.”

She said Red Wing boot sales could take flight because of West’s wearing them.

“That’s very exciting for Red Wing shoes,” she said. “Maybe they can expand their horizons because of this.”

Carhartt hats and jackets are also finding a wider audience. The neutral colors work clothes tend to have are also popular in mainstream fashion right now. Workwear can give off a powerful vibe, Burch added, which may be why it’s a popular trend.

Nick Paget, Senior Menswear Strategist at trend forecast company WGSN,

told GQ Magazine

that given West’s ability to set trends, he wouldn’t be surprised if the choices would “trigger a rush on any particular brand or item.”

Emails and calls to Red Wing about the brand exposure were not returned Monday afternoon.

So if you need a song written or performed, a record produced or some 220-volt work done around the house, it appears West is your man.

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Tj Maxx Parent Company Instructs Its Buyers To Not Purchase Yeezy Merchandise

Snoop Doggs interview comes prior to his performance at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show. The rapper will perform alongside Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar on Sunday evening at Californias SoFi Stadium. Despite his reservations about the Red Wing boots, the brands #3094 style has become Wests go-to shoe since January for dates in Miami, New York City and Los Angeles with new girlfriend Julia Fox. The style, which is currently unavailable online, features a tall 17 slip-on silhouette with a Thinsulate lining, chunky soles and steel toes for greater comfort and longevity.

This winter, the same boots sold for $3,050 on eBay on Jan. 12. The styles high final price tag can be attributed directly to Wests influence though the pair has been discontinued for years, the same style was previously sold on eBay for $66 in November 2021. The sharp price uphike just two months later is a verifiable seal of approval from the Stronger rapper.

What remains to be seen is if work boots resultantly take off as a top menswear trend this yearor if Red Wing possibly brings the style back. The American brand is known for their long-lasting, utilitarian work boots, which could prove ideal for the cold winter and spring months ahead. West is also renowned for his collaborative nature with fashion labels, so its not out of the realm of possibility that a co-signed Red Wing collaboration could happen.

Click through the gallery to see Wests shoe styles over the years.

Eminems Daughters Hailie And Alaina Proudly Support His Super Bowl Show

Snoop Dogg may be friends with Kanye West, but he wont be taking fashion advice from his fellow rapper.

When asked if he would consider wearing the oversized Red Wing work boots Yes been sporting nearly exclusively, Snoop gave a resounding no.

Aint no way in the world I can Crip Walk in them motherfking big-ass space boots, Snoop told DJ Whoo Kid during a recent interview.

Only way Id wear them mother fkers is if they got me jumping off the Empire State Building into a motherfking lake full of gators or some st, and I gotta walk on the gators like Pitfall to get out of there.

Snoop, who is performing at the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show with Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre, clarified that he cant hate on West because hes getting money.

But I tell you what, Id never wear them motherfkers, he added. Im glad it never snows in California.

While Snoop may not be co-signing the look, there are plenty of Ye fans who are trying desperately to get their hands on the knee-high style.

While a similar pair is still available to shop at Red Wing retailers for $159.99, Wests exact style has been completely sold out since the rapper first stepped out in it pairs are currently going for $2,500 on Grailedand Poshmark.

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Kanye West Wore Red Wing Work Boots And Fans Arent Keen

Kanye West was spotted in New York with a new woman this week, but shes not the only thing thats caught everyones attention.

The Yeezy founder stepped out in the city for dinner and a Broadway show with actress and filmmaker Julia Fox.

Speculation is flooding the internet that hes dating the 31-year-old, but theres something else fans are talking about too his humongous boots!

The rappers shoe choice was very bizarre and people just cant get their head around them. Are they work boots?

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A Pair Of Discontinued Red Wings Has Spurred The Latest Hypebeast Craze

#rp @877legacy

Grist / Getty Images


If you spend a day at any gas station between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a certain type of man. He steps down from a new pickup with 48 inch tires, and the feet that hit the ground are encased in heavy work boots: Ariats, Red Wings, or Wolverines. The boots are not clean, which is a point of pride, and he wears a heavy canvas jacket with reflective cuffs and collar over a large, worn-in hoodie. His purchase is usually Skoal and an energy drink in a neon-patterned can the size of a newborn. He is a likely candidate for a bar fight. He might object to this characterization, but he probably wont.

In this extensively fracked corner of the country, this uniform signifies a particular identity: a man who works in oil and gas, and works hard. That made it somewhat surprising to see Kanye West repeatedly photographed over the past month in stiff, paint-flecked dungarees, a plain hoodie, and vintage Red Wing 3094 work boots. Dubbed Spongebob boots upon their debut at a benefit concert with Drake on December 10, the now-discontinued pair look like what you might imagine a fireman would wear on an emergency call to the North Pole, prompting my boyfriend to quip: OSHA-approved, he could work night shift at the well.

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They Were Created By The Red Wing

This isnt the first time Kanye has sported giant boots.

The rapper wore similar shoes at his Free Larry Hoover benefit concert on December 9.

They are actually work shoes made by the American footwear company Red wing shoes, based in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Founded in 1905 by Charles H. Beckman, the company specializes in work shoes. The hint is that in the name, they must be worn by worker.

He may not be a construction worker, but Kanye opted for a pair of 17-inch, Vibram-soled work boots.

The exact pair appear to no longer be sold online but similar ones retail at £159.99.

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