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Vintage Vachetta Tory Burch Sandals

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Tory Burch Nordstrom Canada They Are Now Available In Canada In Multiple Colors And Styles

Tory Burch Miller sandals from DH Gate vs Authentic

New Tory Burch Sandals Nordstrom Canada

Can you buy Tory Burch Nordstrom Canada? Yes, Tory Burch Sandals are now available in Canada at Nordstrom Canada. Read my Tory Burch Miller Sandal Review further down to find out how they fit. I purchased my Tory Burch Sandals while on a trip to the US since at the time they were not available in Canada.

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How about a sandal rapped about by one of todays hottest female recording artists?

If you havent already guessed, Im talking about the Miller Flip Flops by Tory Burch – an iconic summer staple thats earned a prized position on many shoe racks over the years and is a consistent Nordstrom bestseller for good reason.

A sophisticated flip-flop with a foam-cushioned footbed and bold, laser cut logo, the Miller Sandal comes in a handful of colours that add to its versatility, from wear-with-everything browns and black to colour block.

Now, if youre still debating on whether you should splurge on a pair or not, allow me to tell you a little more about Tory Burchs Miller sandal.

SHOP IT: Nordstrom, $198

How Do The Miller Sandals Fit

I purchased it in my regular size 9. Still, when I returned to our hotel room, I read reviews , and most of them suggested sizing up 1/2 to a full size. I tried my shoes on again, and even though they felt right, my foot covered most of the sandal bottom. So we went back, and I tried the 1/2 size up indeed, it looked better. I could have even gone a full size up, too, but I hate when the front of the sandals is so long that it catches on stairs. Suppose you have an average-sized foot . I recommend sizing up 1/2 a size. If you have wide feet or high arches, or long toes go a full-size up!

Tory Burch Miller Sandal in Vachetta

What do you guys think? Do you guys already have the Tory Burch Miller Sandal?

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Are The Tory Burch Miller Sandals Comfortable

The patent colors are a little stiffer in the beginning, especially around the toe. But I find after 2-3 wears they are broken in and good to go! The classic Tory Burch Miller has a lightly padded footbed, making them really comfortable for a sandal. I never put them on and worry about my feet hurting. I wear them when traveling and exploring new cities, shopping, for date night, and for errands. Ive tried on this pair with the metal logo and I didnt think they were as comfortable as the classic style.

UPDATE: Are you curious how the original Miller sandals compare to the new Miller Cloud sandals? I have a comparison and review here!

Tory Burch Miller Sandal Review

Tory Burch Miller Leather Logo Thong Vintage Vachetta Sandals

This is such a great question that I decided to dedicate a whole post to it. I figure if she had this question, I bet a lot of you do too!


Im not usually one to spend over $100 on shoes maybe boots so I can totally relate to this question about the Tory Burch Miller sandals. They are pricey and rarely go on sale, so when they do, better act fast because sizes go quickly in this popular iconic shoe.

Given that I live in Houston and get to wear sandals a majority of the year, I decided that the Tory Burch Miller sandals were worth the hefty price tag.

If you just cant bring yourself to spend nearly $200 on a pair of flip flops, I get that! At the end of this post, Ill share less expensive but equally as cute sandals and flip flops I recommend.

If you are interested in buying the Tory Burch Miller sandals, heres my honest review:


For me, the cost per wear ends up being minimal because I wear my sandals so often- I show you lots of outfits later in this post. Our weather doesnt cool down until well into November, so the climate lends itself to flip flops, even when we want to be wearing boots.

The quality and comfort is also there. Theyre made of a leather/synthetic upper and leather lining. The footbed has a comfortable foam cushion that makes wearing them all day a no brainer.







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Finding The Perfect Color In The Best Tory Burch Sandals

I tried on several pairs of neutral colors. I narrowed it down to the color makeup closest to my skin tone and a great neutral, gold, white, and vintage vachetta. The Vintage Vachetta was the winner for me because it paired the best with black, denim, navy, white, and pretty much all the colors I usually wear. I think the vachetta is the most neutral of all the colors.

What I Like About The Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Not going to lie, the main draw for me is these sandals’ stylish, classy elegance. I was in love the moment I opened my package and found a gorgeous shoe box in a vibrant Tory Burch pattern. Inside were my sandals, looking as sleek and dainty as I had hoped. I ordered them in the vintage vachetta brown leather, which looks high quality and goes with almost everything in my closet. I love the signature Tory Burch cut-out logo at the top of the sandals, which is somehow subtle but statement-making at the same time.

I got the sandals in my usual size 8.5 and found them to fit true to size. Id actually go so far to say they fit like a dream. Unlike other sandals I own , the Tory Burch ones require zero breaking-in period, which surprised me. I expected them to be stiff given that theyre leatherbut they were anything but. I was able to slip my foot in easily right out of the box and head out the door.

After my first time wearing themon a 20-minute errand runI had zero blisters, zero pain, and zero chafing. They felt more like a pair of sandals I had owned and worn for years, not a brand-new pair. Somehow they manage to feelbut not lookcomfortably worn-in.

Bonus: I like that the sandals come with a canvas carrying bag, featuring the Tory Burch emblem. I used it to pack the sandals for a recent beach trip so they mingle with other items in my bag.

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What Color Do You Recommend

If youre getting your very first pair, I would go with a classic neutral shade. Whether you go for black or nude is up to your style preference! My two favorite nude colors are the sand in patent and this makeup color in leather. I rarely wear black, so this neutral color was the first color I purchased. When they came out with this gorgeous blush shade, I knew I had to have them. Blush is by far my favorite color and what I would consider a neutral color in my wardrobe! If you want something a little dressier, you can go with a metallic version.

Tory Burch Miller sandal patent vs leather styles

If youre torn of whether you want to get a patent or leather sandal, I would recommend going with a patent sandal for its durability. I own both and find my patent styles to hold up much better over the years. Im not afraid to wear them if the weather is calling for summer rain showers, so I typically reach for them more during the summer.

The leather is more comfortable to wear right out of the box, so if you dont plan to wear them to the beach or worry about messing them up, then you cant go wrong with classic leather!

How do I clean them?

The patent styles are very easy to keep clean, and usually, just need to be wiped down with a cleaning cloth from time to time. Tory Burch recommends removing scuff marks by dipping a clean cloth into water and then baking soda. Gentle rub the spot and dab clean with a water-soaked rag. Then biff dry.

How do I style them?

* * *

Reader Question : Tory Burch Miller Sandal

Tory Burch Vintage Plaque Sandal SKU: 9805542

I love it when yall send me DMs, comments and questions. I personally read every one and your thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for being the best readers a girl could have.

I recently got an email from Heather asking about the Tory Burch Miller sandals. She was considering in buying a pair, but at the price, she wanted a detailed review, specifically, what style, color and material did I recommend?

SwimsuitJean ShortsSunniesMiller Sandals

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I Search In Vain For The Tory Burch Sandal Deals

I hoped to find them at the Premium Outlets, but the outlet store had many other sandal options but no millers. I did like a few of the styles at the outlet, but the kinds they had were outlet-only styles, and the leather was not as nice as the leather used in non-outlet designs. I made the mistake of buying outlet Tory Burch shoes several years ago at the same outlet. The leather feels more like faux leather, and I never wear them they make my feet too sweaty. So I opted to return to Nordstrom and purchase the sandals I initially had been eying for the regular price.

Tory Burch Miller Sizing

So do the Tory Burch Millers run small? I usually always need to size up a half size in Tory Burch shoes,except for the Minnie flat, which I love wearing to work. I would recommend sizing up a half size in the Miller sandal for the best fit unless you have a narrow or shallow foot. In that case, I would order your normal size. Ive had a few readers say they have a very narrow foot, and they went with their regular size.

I do find the Miller sandal runs narrow, but my foot doesnt hang off the side or anything like that! I also have a very high arch for reference. They now make the miller sandal in a wider width. SHOP IT HERE

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What I Dont Like About The Tory Burch Miller Sandals

These sandals have a thin layer of cushioning on the sole but have zeroand I do mean zeroarch support. They are about as thin and flat as can be. This makes them far less than ideal for walking long distances, so if you plan on trekking around town or if you have flat feet to begin with, I would leave these at home.

Reader Question : Tory Burch Miller Sandals Review

Tory Burch

Thank you to ShopStyle and Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post!

Good morning friends! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with the people you love! I absolutely got the biggest kick out of Jordan realizing the Easter bunny had come and her running to James room to wake him up and tell him. It was the sweetest!

Im also thankful that James appreciated his new color Bible as much as I thought he would. He opened it right up and started reading during breakfast that morning.

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Are Tory Burch Flip Flops Worth The Money

Short answer, YES!

I always look at the cost per wear on items over $100. A simple way to do this is to take the price of the item and divide it by how many times you think youll wear it. That will give you the cost per wear. I live in sandals a good chunk of the year because I live in the south, so I think theyre definitely worth the $200 investment. Keep scrolling to see how I style them.

If these are out of your price point, I rounded up 8 look for less options for the sandals here!

Shopping For The Tory Burch Miller Sandal At Nordstrom Canada Is Possible Now You Dont Have To Plan An Entire Us Vacation To Get Them

This past week my husband and I went on a little getaway to Las Vegas to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. We thought it was fitting to celebrate lucky number 13 at a casino. I highly recommend doing a weekend away for the special anniversaries. We spent our 10th in New York and went for a more straightforward vacation for our 13th. While there, I got to do a little shopping one of the things I picked up was the Tory Burch Miller Sandal in Vintage Vachetta.

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Are The Tory Burch Miller Sandals Worth Buying

The Miller sandals come in a rainbow of pretty colors, including the brown I got.

These sandals rank up in the top five pairs Ive ever owned or worntheyre easily the most stylish and theyre ready to wear right out of the box. Plus, they make me feel like the type of person who spends Sunday mornings at extravagant brunches followed by yacht club shindigsthey cost $200, after all.

But speaking of that price tag, thats very steep in my world, especially when it comes to a pair of shoes that are essentially elevated flip-flops. I think my one pair is a great investment, given that I can wear them with almost everything and I expect that theyll last for years, according to thousands of reviewers. But I likely wont buy another anytime soonat least not until these babies need to be replaced.

Tory Burch Miller Sandals Review

Tory Burch Miller Sandals Unboxing

The Tory Burch Miller sandal is easily my most worn pair of shoes throughout Spring, Summer, and into Fall. I bought my first pair in 2014 and now I own three different neutral colors. They go with nearly everything, and the quality will last for years. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the sandals and why I think theyre worth the price.

Scroll down to the end of the post to view all the current colors and styles of the Tory Burch Miller sandals

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