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What Are The Best Running Shoes For Sprinters

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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Trainer


If you want running shoes that are great fit for track at a great price, then the Zante Trainers from New Balance might just be the perfect shoe for you.

Weighing in at 8.1 oz for mens, and 7.1 oz for womens, these trainers are lightweight, yet still provide great comfort. With the Fresh Foam midsole, these shoes provide some extra pep in your step, helping you cruise through practice.

The Fresh Foam cushioning, in combination with the lightweight rubber outsoles, gives you an incredibly compact and confident step, ensuring safety and reduced pressure. The rubber outsoles have patterned treads along them, which provides you with good traction.

The collar construction allows your feet to slide in easily. The mesh upper wraps to your feet, adapting the fit of the shoe to your feet. These lightweight shoes can stay on your feet for hours without any discomfort due to their sock-like design.

How Much Should I Spend On New Running Shoes

Considering your budget is an important part of buying new running shoes. Premium running shoes can cost anywhere from about $120 to more than $250. You don’t need to break the bank to buy shoes, but premium shoes are made with better materials and will last longer than cheap ones.

If having the latest model isn’t your top concern, then check out the clearance section for great running shoes at a discount.

Asics Men’s Hypersprint 5 Running Shoe

Our Rating

Asics makes one of the best sprinting shoes with spikes around. Between the superior stability, lightweight comfort and synthetic construction, youll be hard-pressed to find something better. The nylon spike pad is just what you need to improve your performance on the track.

Theres also an EVA heel pad for comfort. They do weigh a little more than some spike shoes at 7.2 ounces, but still light enough to keep you moving fast. There are only two color options with this shoe, but the price is right. In addition, you might have some trouble finding your size as they appear to be limited.


This spiked shoe is ideal for the entry-level track runner whos just getting their feet wet in sprinting. Theyre comfortable to wear and versatile enough to use in other track activities.

Theyre constructed from a synthetic material plus feature a synthetic sole. Theyre a little heavier than the previous review at nine ounces, but still plenty lightweight to improve your performance.

Many people felt that this is the perfect shoe for high-school runners and track stars. There are two, bright and vibrant color options, plus half sizes are available. A few people did feel that they ran slightly large, so you might want to take advantage of those half sizes when ordering.










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Our Running Insoles Are Ideal For Flat Feet Plantar Fasciitis Overpronation And Other Foot Conditions

In choosing an insole, one should be concerned with comfort, relief of foot symptomatology, correction of common foot problems and stabilization. Our insoles take all of this into account. The top layer takes an impression of the foot and matches it with the neutral shell, which puts the foot into a corrected position. The goal is to get the foot neutral. Then, the shell and the stabilization helps with common foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and more.

Hoka One One Carbon X

Reebok SPRINT RUN Blue Running Shoes

The Hoka One One is a lightweight and a maximally cushioned shoe. The Carbon X is chunky-looking shoes with the newest technologies and extra cushioning to give you a fully supported run.The shoes arent all fluff and no muscle.

The shoe has a carbon fiber plate that is located closest to the outsole or ground. This ensures that all the shock and bumps in the roads are absorbed in the carbon fiber. So your legs, knees, and ankles dont feel the vibrations. It helps your legs stay fresh and can power you every step of the run.

The fit is perfect. The wide mid midsole is made for those who have wide feet. Or those whose feet swell a lot during their runs. It will support your feel and offers a stable, big base you cant miss.

Why does this shoe almost look like platform sneakers?Its the technology between the insole and the outsole. Of course, there is the carbon fiber plate just above the outsole. But before getting to the insole you also have a layer called Profly and another called X which has an Eva compound that is resilient and sits right above the carbon fiber plate.


I recommend this to anyone who needs a lot of support for their feet, legs, and back.

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Our Pick: Hoka Rincon 3

$115, hoka.com, 7.7 oz

38 mm heel/24 mm forefoot

The Rincon 3 is right on the mark for long training runs, all in an outstandingly lightweight package. HOKA improved the third version with a vented mesh upper that features an asymmetric tongue and enhanced high-abrasion rubber coverage for durability. The midsole foam features dramatic cutouts of what was already super light full-compression EVA sculpted for a revised early-stage rocker shape that embraces the foot, providing full ground contact and a smooth yet quick acceleration to toe-off.

The Best Running Shoes For Every Type Of Run

These are the 30 top models were loving right now for the road, trail, and race day.

You know what you want from your running shoes: light weight, cushioning, support, and a comfortable fit. Of course, the most important part of any shoe is your experience over the hundreds of miles youll take it on. To help you find your next great pair, and to get a sense of how updates to your favorite road or trail shoe may change how it fits or performs, we review hundreds of mens and womens shoes each year. Scroll farther for longer reviews of our 25 top picks, a look at how we test and select these models, and helpful buying tips and insight from our gear experts.

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Health Shoes For Sprintingon The Track

Up next we decide to give a try to something new on the market though it is a good performer when it comes to tracking activities that fall under400 meters. Despite being a simple track shoe a quality mesh material which is 100% breathable was included so as to cater for two primary supporting factors of being a good sprinter. Whichare superior fit and unforgettable comfort regardless of whether you will be sprinting on track on grass, concrete or on street?

A tough sole design was used so as to expertly work on your landing. Other reasons why the tough sole is a key factor in a quality sprinting on tracks hoes is that it is associated with wear resistant thus improving the durability and lastly the shoes are 100%skid-resistant hence sprinting on track during the rainy season or wet grass is secure.

After purchasing these shoes the package will include sprinting on track shoes with 7 quality replaceable spikes. A quality spike changing tool and some extra spike will be included so that in case you will need to chance the spike you can easily do it without having to visit your local cobra.


  • Experience challenges when dealing with mud

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Track Sprinters: Best Spikes/Shoes for Training | SpeedMas Day 7

Best lightweight shoe: If you dont need the most support or the most cushion and like your everyday shoes to be a little lighter, theres the Nike Pegasus. Its been around for 37 years and has continued to get better. Its softer in the forefoot and lighter than earlier models, says Kaufman. The upper is seamless and its a little wider so its more likely to fit your feet.

Depending on your stride, it can hold up for long, lengthy runs, too: These shoes helped carry me 26.2 miles in the 2019 New York City Marathon, one of the greatest days of my life, says Greg Greenwald, an avid runner who lives in Manhattan. Their lightweight, comfortable design was perfect for running such a long distance.

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What’s A Running Shoe’s Drop

Simply put, a running shoe’s drop is the difference in height between its heel and toe . The difference puts you in a more forward position and builds extra padding into the heel, which is where many runners land in a stride.

Ten millimeters is often considered the ideal amount of drop, though the number varies by shoe. You’ll notice that many of the shoes in this buying guide have less than that lower-drop running shoes are something of a trend, mainly because they promote a landing in the mid- or forefoot versus the heel. Altra has built its brand on the idea of zero-drop or Balanced Cushioning, which it says creates better alignment and form while reducing impact. Also, a shoe with lots of foam and a high stack height won’t necessarily have a higher drop.

If you’re thinking of switching from a high-drop running shoe to a model with less, keep in mind that this is a change you’ll feel. It’ll take some getting used to, and you’ll likely have to adjust your form. Start with lower-mileage runs and build up, even if you already have a high output.

How Much Should I Spend On A Track Shoes For Sprinters

Ideally, a track shoes for sprinters is going to live with you for years. Paying more for your product will reward you every time you fast open the lid with increased your speed, better quality accuracy and a sweet view. Again, the average cost of a new track shoes for sprinters is between $$ and $$$. Sure, you get out on some luxury features.

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New Balance Vazee Sigma Harmony

Weight: 6.2 oz.Type: SprinterThe right shoe for: Sprinters who like a super-secure fit, and who are willing to pay close to $200

  • Stiff for explosive strides
  • Tall collar might bother some runners

Lightweight and super-strong Kevlar laces cinch down uniformly via an easy-to-use dial, wrapping the Vazee Sigma Harmonys upper around the foot more snugly and securely than any other spike in this roundup. Combined with a notably stiff, full-length nylon polyamide plate, the dial makes this spike feels like a cycling shoe upon step-in. But with its eight spikes in an asymmetrical configuration and snappy feel, its ready to sprint out of the blocks. New Balance updated this model to include a sleek, premium knit collar and a more aggressive plate, which New Balance athletes contributed data to help build and design.

  • Improved, breathable forefoot
  • Heel can feel hot

A new upper on this spike proved a big hit among testers. The higher-than-normal cut bootie is stretchy but securely held our feet in place. The upper, combined with a full-length plate, makes these spikes feel great for their intended use: race distances between 800 and 3K. The midfoot and forefoot mesh seems to breathe great, while the back is noticeably less breathable, noted a tester. Still, we dig the upper, which also has flat interior seams so you can wear the shoe without socks. We didnt experience any internal rubbing or hot spots.

  • The lightest spike you’ll find
  • Soft woven upper
  • No cushioning

Best Running Shoes For All Kinds Of Terrain

OFF LIMITS Sprinter 2.0 Blue Running Shoes

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Im a runner. Im one of those weirdos who likes stomping along trails in the pouring rain, who has, on many occasions, clicked off miles on a busy state highway, and who truly enjoys the feeling of being laid out on the living room floor after a hot summer day’s run. Lacing up my shoes is also one of my favorite ways to explore a new place. One of the first things I do after dropping my bags in a hotel room is go for four or five miles through the neighborhood or a nearby park.

One of the best things about running is that you really only need a single piece of equipment: a comfortable pair of shoes that fit well. To that end, I asked Tom Kaufman of Movin Shoes in Madison, Wisconsin, to recommend running shoes for all sorts of different people and different situations.

Whether you need extra support or want something more lightweight, prefer mountain trails or need a pair of racers for your next 10K or marathon, theres something for you in the bunch. You’ll also find recommendations from ultramarathoners and casual runners alike, as well as a sustainably made pick that one Traveler editor cant do without.

This article was originally published in June 2020. It has been updated with new information.

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Best Track Shoes For Sprinters Reviews In 2021

  • Synthetic and textile construction for durable support
  • Internal arch band provides a locked-down feel
  • Foam sockliner conforms to the shape of your foot for comfortable support
  • Removable spike receptacles for excellent traction
  • Rubber, horizontal traction pattern enhances grip and durability
  • Recommended for: 60m to 200m events
  • EVA midsole brings a fresh look and enhanced cushioning
  • Sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic
  • Removable Spikes allows the athlete to customize spike configuration and replace worn elements
  • Increased durability and traction on all surface.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, enhancing performance and fit.
  • For stability and flexibility. Board lasting in the heel and slip lasting in the forefoot.
  • EVA Heel Pad
  • Pebax Spike Plate – Optimizes flexibility while maximizing durability.
  • Lightweight Streamlined Upper –

Do Track Shoes Come With Spikes

Yes, there are lots of track sprinting shoes that come with spikes.

But there are other types of regular track running shoes that dont require any types of spikes at all.

It all depends on your requirements and running practice.

Whether you run in shoes with spikes or without spikes, entirely depends upon what kind of runner you are.

If you are a runner who likes to have more cushioning and stability, then spiked track shoes are not for you.

And if you require to have lightweight, better grip and traction track shoes then sprinting shoes with spikes are best for your feet.

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Standing Behind Our Picks

We picked the best running shoes based on what we think will work for the most people in the most situations. If you buy a pair of running shoes from us and you dont like the way they look, fit or perform, bring them back within 60 days for a full refund.

Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $99 on fleetfeet.com, and well match a lower price from a qualifying retailer. Thats our Happy Fit Guarantee.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Clean Running Shoes For Kids

Top 6ix Nike Running Shoes for Sprinters in 2019 || Shoe Review || Aaron Kingsley Brown

A: Keeping running shoes clean will depend on where your kids wear them and how dirty they get. It will also depend on what materials they are made of and what kind of dirty they are. Dirt from outdoor elements like mud, sand, dirt and leaves often only requires a little bit of brushing to remove the dirt and grime, followed by a generous wiping down with a damp cloth. You can then treat stubborn marks with a gentle detergent and a further wipe down with a soft cloth using only clean water to remove the detergent.

Dirtier shoes may need a lot more water and detergent. This may involve a thorough hand washing. You can do this over the laundry sink but be aware that the running shoes will become considerably wet which will require a lengthy drying time. You should never dry running shoes in the dryer as this may result in the shoes losing their shape and deteriorating the rubber components of the shoes such as the rubber soles and other areas such as the mesh upper. It may also loosen the glue between the actual shoe and the sole rendering the shoes unwearable. Similarly, you should avoid drying running shoes in direct sunlight. This may also result in the shoes becoming warped. Lean wet running shoes against an outside wall in a shaded spot. Stuff some cloths or wadded newspaper inside the shoes so that they maintain their shape as they dry. Always ensure your childs running shoes are completely dry before they wear them again.

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We Believe That In Order For People To Look And Feel Their Best Their Feet Need The Right Foundation

Thats why we created orthotic insoles that restore natural alignment, promote better posture, and as a result, revive feet.

Because were rooted in science, we not only care about improving today, but are using medicine and technology to enhance tomorrow. Were passionately dedicated to creating a product that is comfortable, convenient and effective.


Best Running Shoes For Men In 2021

Lightweight, supportive, durable: These running shoes win the roads, the trails and your races.

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve crossed several , having the right running shoes can make or break your performance. The wrong running shoes can result in knee pain, injuries or even the dreaded plantar fasciitis. But the right shoe choice can make you feel fast, light on your feet and ready to take over the world — and that’s speaking from personal experience.

If you’re shopping for someone other than yourself, be aware that the best running shoes are different for each person. No matter how much your gift recipient loves you, they will not wear a pair of running shoes that gives them blisters, pinches their toes or feels lumpy or lopsided.

Don’t worry: CNET has you covered with this guide to the best running shoes for men. Selected from my own experience wearing men’s running shoes , professional input from a running coach and thousands of online reviews, I present: the best running shoes for men in 2021.

And yes, we also have a list of the best women’s running shoes. We update these lists periodically.

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