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How Much Do Kyrie Irving Shoes Cost

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Does Kyrie Flytrap 2 Run Small

Kyrie Irving’s Aluminum Nike Kyrie 8 Basketball Shoes Exclusive Look & Price

According to them, the Kyrie Flytrap II runs true to size. A tester is happy that these Kyrie basketball shoes do not require any break-in time. These shoes provide great support and lockdown, most testers declare. They say that there is no heel slippage and the forefoot bungee strap ensures a snug feel.

Kyrie Irving 5 Spongebob Shoes Release: Where To Buy Price & Collection Details

Saturday brought the official Kyrie Irving 5 Spongebob shoe release date. Its a cool collaboration involving Nike, NBA star Kyrie Irving, and Nickelodeon.

Many fans of Kyries line of Nike sneakers, as well as fans of the hit cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, will be seeking these out. Theyre not only bold and stylish but in some cases could offer resale value.

Heres a look at release details including whats in the collection, price, and where to buy those Kyrie Irving 5 Spongebob shoes now.

Nike Kyrie Basketball Shoes

Irvings first Nike basketball shoe debuted during his third season with the Cavs. Embossed with a hand-written No. 2 on the sneakers upper heel, the players signature, his mothers name, and the dates of her birth and death, the Kyrie 1 Dream was built with traction and forefoot lockdown in mind.

Performance-enhancing design elements, including Zoom Air cushioning in the shoes forefoot and a 360-degree traction pattern on its sole and sidewalls, aided Irving in his 2014 post-season play on the NBA All-Star East Team. In 2015 his second signature sneaker, the Nike Kyrie 2, brought the baller his first NBA Championship win in 2015, and the Kyrie 3 saw Irving make the fourth quarter, 25-foot three-pointer that helped synch the Cavaliers win over Gold State in 2016’s NBA finals Game 7.

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Nike Kyrie Irving Sneakers For Men

Since 2014, nearly a dozen Nike Kyrie Irving sneakers have been released in almost 150 different colorways. The Nike Kyrie Irving collection quickly evolved into one of the most popular NBA player basketball shoes available in recent history. Nike currently features Kyrie signature shoes at the same level as LeBron, Giannis, and Kevin Durant.

Where Can You Buy The Kyrie 5 Spongebob Shoes

Kyrie Irving shoes

Brooklyn Nets NBA star Kyrie Irving sat down with B/R Kicks to discuss the collaboration involving Nickelodeon and Nike. Theres an official unboxing below with Kyrie speaking on each of the pairs in the video below. However, many people want to get their hands on a pair of their favorites.

The Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants shoes were available at the Nike website for a price of $130. The Big Kids 5 were going for $110, with Toddler Kyrie 5 kicks going for $55 a pair. As one might expect, theyre now sold out at Nike, based on popularity.

The Kyrie 5 collection shoes were also being sold at Foot Locker online. Just as with the Nike website, the popular retailer also sold out of these kicks on release day.

There is the possibility that the Kyrie 5 Spongebobs are available at local retail stores. These include Foot Locker, Champs Sports, and Dicks Sporting Goods, among others.

Again, the popularity of these kicks probably has them sold out at many locations with the earlier drop. It may be best to contact any nearby retailers in advance before heading out.

That means it could be on to third-party sneaker resellers, a friend who works at a store, or even your friendly neighborhood shoe dealer if youve got that connection.

One thing is certain: a lot of people wanted to get their hands on a pair of these shoes based on the popularity of the show and probably Kyrie Irving!

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Nikes Fourth Signature Line

Its no secret that Nike has a history of collaborating with some of basketballs greatest stars. In fact, Kyrie Irving was the fourth player in the history of the brand to create his own signature shoes, inking a deal with Nike when he was just 22.

Its no secret that Nike has a history of collaborating with some of basketballs greatest stars. In fact, Kyrie Irving was the fourth player in the history of the brand to create his own signature shoes, inking a deal with Nike when he was just 22.

Is The Kyrie 4 Good

Overall, the Nike Kyrie 4 is Nikes best performer this year. Its very well-rounded on all fronts in a way that makes the Kyrie 4 more like a Hyperdunk. Theres just enough cushion for most, solid traction, fantastic fit and adequate support and all of comes at a team friendly price point of $120.

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Nike Is Giving Kyrie Irving An Even Cheaper Signature Model

Kyrie Irving will be joining the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant by offering a second signature line that will retail at a significantly lower price than his signature line.

During Nikes Investor Day meeting in Portland the brand announced that it would be releasing an $80 Kyrie Irving sneaker, much like Kobes Mentality and LeBrons Soldier line.

Kyries current signature line is already competitively priced at $120, and according to Matt Powell it is the best selling signature sneaker on the market today. The announcement of a lower-tier model under the Kyrie and Nike umbrella is exciting news for fans of Kyrie and budget sneakers.

Nike did not announce when we can expect to see the new lower-tier model.

We want to know in the comments section whether or not you think this is a good move and if youre excited to see a budget Kyrie silhouette.

How Much Does Kyrie 3 Cost

CHINESE NEW YEAR Nike Kyrie 8 Infinity Shoes Exclusive Look & Price

4.4/5Kyrie 3will

In respect to this, are Kyrie 3 good for basketball?

A lot of buyers declare that the Kyrie 3 is an amazing basketball shoe. You get high quality for a great value. A number of wearers claim that these Kyrie Irving basketball shoes fit great and true to size. The shoes are perfect for guards, a few note.

Also Know, how much are Kyrie 2s? Nike Kyrie 2. The Nike Kyrie 2 is Kyrie Irving’s second signature basketball shoe. It released on NIKEiD December 9th, 2015 for $165. The Effect colorway debuted on December 15th, 2015 for $120.

Also to know, are Kyrie 3 true to size?

Fit The Nike Kyrie 3 fits true to size. Wide footers may find them to be a bit on the narrow side so going up 1/2 size may be required for some. The lockdown fit my feet perfectly from heel to forefoot. The throat of the shoe is simple, but extremely effective.

Does replica mean fake?

Replicas and fakes are both things which are not original, but these words are used in different contexts. A replica is basically used to indicate a product which is not real but is used for some specific reasons whereas a fake is not just a product.

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Fun Or Fierce The Nike Kyrie Collection Has It All

Rookie of the Year? Check. NBA champion? Check. Hall of Fame? Give him time.

Kyrie Irving has checked a lot of boxes in his basketball career since joining the professional ranks when Cleveland drafted him in 2011. And while the current Brooklyn point guard can look around any arena and see jerseys and hats featuring his name and number, he need only look down to see many of those same folks may be wearing a Nike Kyrie signature sneaker, too.

Best Kyrie Irving Shoes Under Retail

Morgan is a writer and sneaker analyst based in Detroit, MI. He is the Content Coordinator of StockX.

From the biggest stages to the streets, Kyrie Irving’s shoes are everywhere. We put together a list of the best Kyrie Irving shoes that cannot be missed for their affordable prices.

From the biggest stages to the streets, Kyrie Irving’s shoes are everywhere. We put together a list of the best Kyrie Irving shoes that cannot be missed for their affordable prices.

High-quality basketball shoes do not always come at a high cost. In fact, one of the most popular signature sneakers in Nike Basketball history frequently sells at prices below retail on StockX: Nike Kyrie shoes.

From the biggest stages in the NCAA to the NBA and WNBA, Kyrie Irvings signature Nike shoes are everywhere. His shoes cater to all styles of play and have reached mass appeal due to their accessibility. Unlike other signature sneakers on the market, most Kyrie models are often readily available in stores and retail at a moderate price of $130.

With a healthy supply and low price point, some Nike Kyrie shoes have ducked under the radar and are now available on StockX at prices lower than retail. There are a lot of options to choose from, but to make things easier, we put together a list of the best Kyrie shoes that cannot be missed for their affordable prices.

Here are the best Kyrie shoes that are under retail on StockX.

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Nike Kyrie 7 Release Details

First to release is the Nike Kyrie 7 in four Preheat colorways inspired by sport, art, film, and music. The four will debut at select retailers on November 11th. Each will come in a mystery box style, which the buyers wont know which pair they will get until they have secured and unboxed. The retail price is $140. Expect more colorways to release during 2020 and throughout 2021.

Part of the Preheat collection includes the Special FX that is inspired by Irvings love for filmmaking. The Expressions pays tribute to his love of art and the freedom of artistic expression. Next, we have the Icon of Sport that references Irvings hoop influencers. Lastly, the Soundwave pair is inspired by his love for music and how the vibrations influence his game.

Next up, is the Kyrie 7 Sisterhood that was designed to empower female athletes everywhere. A release will take place on November 14th for $130.

Last up for confirmed releases so far is the BK Black iteration. This pair celebrates his Brooklyn home court that will release first to Nike Members on November 16th. Following a wider release will debut on November 23rd. The retail price is $130.

Kyrie 5 Spongebob Shoes Based On Popular Cartoon

Nike Kyrie 3 Navy Running Shoes

The lineup of new Nikes is part of Kyrie Irvings Spongebob shoe collection with characters from the show represented. There are five different shoes, each with a character from the popular show set in Bikini Bottom. The characters faces appear inside the shoe on the heel area with colors matching them on the outer area.

In the Instagram photo below, theres a good look given of the different shoes in the Kyrie 5 collection as well as the Kyrie 2s. Pictured first is the standout yellow Spongebob shoe, with a pink Patrick Star shoe just below that.

Next is the Squidward Tentacles in a light aqua green with a light blue colorway. Below that is the reddish Kyrie Low 2 Mr. Krabs and an all-white Kyrie Low 2 shoe featuring Sandy Cheeks.

Its a cool concept, which Kyrie selected based on his childhood and wanting to do something to keep with that theme. He also believes the show taught valuable lessons for the youth and makes for a stylish-looking shoe. Not bad at all, and theyre already selling out all over.

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Fun Is In The Game Plan

While Kyrie has serious game, he works hard at having fun, too. In 2012, he starred in a soda marketing campaign as Uncle Drew. He and some fellow pro stars went in disguise as old ballers at the park, talking their way into a pickup game against some young blood, even stumbling around the court before getting red hot and exploding on their unsuspecting opponents. The venture led to a feature film that dropped in 2018, and hes appeared in person or as a voice in episodes of three series.

Kyries gear is available in sizes for men, women, and kids. So you can complete your look with that KI logo on a hoodie, a tee, or even some fresh, comfy socks.

Shop now and find your fit.

Best Kyrie Irving Basketball Shoes

  • rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • Kyrie’s 6th signature shoe is an evolution of previous models and probably the best Kyrie so far
  • Great traction and support with a low-to-the-ground, responsive cushioning
  • rating based on 2 expert reviews
  • A mashup of the Kyrie 4, 5, and 6 that uses some of the best aspects of each.
  • Great for guards and smaller wings who are quick on their feet.
  • rating based on 10 expert reviews
  • Great fit, good traction, and much-improved impact protection
  • Affordable, well-rounded basketball shoe
  • rating based on 5 expert reviews
  • The Kyrie 7 is an upgrade over the 6 with aesthetics to match.
  • Great for quick players like guards who are shifty and make a lot of cuts.
  • rating based on 5 expert reviews
  • Great bang-for-your-buck model from the Kyrie signature line
  • Works best for narrow-footers looking for a good allrounder with responsive cushioning
  • rating based on 9 expert reviews
  • Great court-feel, lockdown, and stability
  • Works best for quick guards who prefer court feel over impact protection
  • rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • Limited edition concoction of the Kyrie 1,2 and 3
  • For Kyrie fans who don’t mind paying premium to get these from resellers
  • rating based on 4 expert reviews
  • The first Kyrie low-cut model
  • Perfect for guards who want maximum traction and don’t need a lot of cushioning
  • rating based on 2 expert reviews
  • The Kyrie Low 3 is very similar to the previous model, but a slight upgrade.
  • Best for guards or wings who need a lot of court feel and support.

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Best Kyrie Shoes Overall

The Kyrie line has always been well-received by players and hobbyists alike. Its not really difficult to see why. The Nike Kyrie 7 in particular just delivered everything that a player would want. In fact, it is still an understatement to say that this shoe is indeed designed for performance.

One of the first things that we noticed was how comfortable this shoe was. It provided just the right amount of cushioning: not too little that it hurt, also not too much that it compromised stability. As a result, even if we ran at full speed for long periods, pain was still alien to us.

This shoe also had a really nice fit. The mesh upper followed the shape of the foot so well, even the most delicate among us couldnt complain about having too much space in the toe box or around the forefoot.

We also thought that the Kyrie 7 was quite durable. Just by touching it, we noticed that the mix of materials was just excellent. We could definitely use this outdoors without having to worry about it wearing down.

Given all that weve said, it should be very clear by now that this basketball shoe really offers good value for money. You should get this if you want every cent to count.

Besides an aesthetic overhaul, this Kyrie low-top also delivered an amazing grip on the floor. The outsoles performance reminded us so much of the Kyrie 7, which was a performance beast when we talk about traction.

How Much Does Kyrie Irving Make Per Game


Irvingearngamesper game

People also ask, how much does Kyrie Irving make?

20.1 million USD

does Kyrie have a player option? Kyrie Irving holds a $21,329,752 player option for next season. Shams Charania of The Athletic: Celtics’ Kyrie Irving is not opting into his $21.3 million deal for next season and will become a free agent eligible to sign a new contract with Boston or elsewhere, league sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium.

Likewise, people ask, how much does Kyrie make a second?

He’s the 2nd best-paid player of the Brooklyn Nets this year. Similar players: Contracts.


How long does Kyrie have on his contract?

free agency on Sunday by agreeing to terms with Kyrie Irving, a six-time All-Star point guard, on a four-year, $142 million contract.

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Hes Losing $16 Million By Refusing Vaccine

Nets announce Kyrie Irving is banned from team until he’s vaccinated

New York Post

Irvings refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine prohibits him from practicing and playing in Nets home games thanks to New York Citys mandate that requires anyone who enters an indoor gym to have at least the first dose.

He lobbied to participate as a part-time player, but Nets owner Sean Marks ruled against it and said Irving will lose his home-game paychecks. He wont lose any money for road games, although Marks decision also applies for games at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks.

As of now, the star point guard will forfeit roughly $16.4 million of his $35 million dollar salary, which comes out to about $381,000 per game.

Kyrie Irving Allegedly Criticized New Nike Kyrie Leaked Pictures Shared On Instagram

Ballislife reports that Irving had commented on some leaked pictures of the Kyrie 8 shoe. These shoes are typically released a few weeks into the regular NBA season schedule. The release date for Kyrie 8s should, thus, be sometime around November this year.

However, given the buzz around him as a player and the shoe line in general, Instagram sneakerheads seem to have found some leaked pictures of the Kyrie 8 release. And they werent pleased with it.

Kyrie Irvings reaction to leaked photos of the Nike Kyrie 8 shoes:

IMO these are trash! I have absolutely nothing to do with them!

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