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What Are The Best Shoes For First Walkers

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Hard Bottom Baby Walking Shoes

What are the Best First Walking Shoes for Babies – Crawlers & Walkers?

Todays baby hard bottom walking shoes are different from those of the past. Forget the inflexible hard soles that created difficulties for little ones learning to walk. Harder rubber soles on modern baby walking shoes create traction for your little walker, which helps with their balance and assists them in taking confident, supported steps.

How To Fit Your Toddler For Shoes

With so many brands and sizing differences, it may be a good idea to take your toddler shoe shopping with you whenever possible to make sure youre getting the right fit.

Your childs feet swell slightly as the day goes on. So, its also important to shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening hours, when her feet are at their largest.

Other tips for the best fit:

  • Look at your childs foot. Do you see any areas of irritation on the toes or heel? This may be a sign that their current shoes dont fit properly. Or maybe they need a wider/narrower fit.
  • Examine their current shoes too. Be sure to bring up anything unusual to your childs doctor. For example, uneven heel wear may be a sign of a foot issue that needs treatment.
  • Choose a fit that accommodates your childs bigger foot. Feet arent always the same exact size, so you want to be sure theyre both comfortable.
  • Dont forget the socks! When you need to go up in size in shoes you may also need to get bigger socks to ensure your childs feet are comfortable and free to move.
  • Skip secondhand stores. While it can be tempting to grab a variety of gently used pairs cheap, this may not be the best idea for foot health. Hand-me-down footwear may harbor some unpleasant things, like athletes foot or nail fungus.
  • Seek professional help. Consider having your child professionally fitted if you feel like youre having trouble.

Some Easy Checks You Can Do

The easiest thing to do is to make it a habit to automatically check the fit when youre putting on or taking off your toddlers shoes. Once they are on, simply press down on the front of the shoe when your childs standing and check that there is still roughly a half an inch between their big toe and the tip of the shoe.

Another easy way of checking is to make sure that you can comfortably fit your little finger into both the heel and area where the shoe meets the ankle when your toddlers shoes are on. If you cant, it means the shoes are no longer allowing enough room for your babys feet. And its time to get remeasured and consider moving up a size.

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What To Look For When Shopping For Shoes For Early Walkers

Getting to your childs first steps occurs in stages. As muscles develop, he or she would first learn how to sit independently around his or her sixth month. Then, learning to crawl and pulling up to stand will follow. The actual first steps may occur between the 8th and the 18th month, which is different for every baby. By this period, you must childproof your home, move and secure furniture, and put away anything harmful that your child may come across.

Ideally, if you are just within your house, you can let your new cruiser cruise around barefoot. Walking barefoot enables for optimal foot development growing bones as well as hardening joints, ligaments, and muscles. Moreover, it enhances agility, optimizes senses, and promotes awareness about surfaces and different settings. However, protective footwear is needed when you are going out. And other than protection, you must look for the following as well from your first purchased shoes for early walkers.

How To Choose The Best Baby Walking Shoes

Leather First Walker Shoes (First Steps)

When you’re buying baby walking shoes, keep on the lookout for a few more criteria recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics :

  • Flexible, nonslip soles. The AAP also recommends that babys first shoes should be closed-toe and comfortable for her to wear.

  • Make sure the shoe fits. Baby shoes shouldnt need to be broken in they should fit your baby and be comfortable immediately with a bit of wiggle room.

  • No special features needed. The AAP says that sneakers are a great choice and recommends that parents stay away from shoes with wedges, inserts or special arches, as they are not needed and can actually make it harder for baby to walk.

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Best Toddler Shoes For Winter

Price: $$Bogs are well known for their rain boots, and this insulated edition is perfect for those cold weather days as theyre rated for temperatures as low as 14°F . Parents love that these boots are easy for toddlers to get on and off by themselves and that theyre machine washable.Considerations: Several parents mention that, despite the name, these boots are not actually waterproof. So, depending on your climate, you may also want to check out the Bogs B-Moc Winter Boot . Otherwise, reviewers say these boots run somewhat large, so consider sizing down.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker is one of the most beautiful baby walking shoes with yummy white and pink leather upper and butterfly details so your little girl will love them.

These sneakers have rounded soles to reduce stumbles and deep flex grooves for maximum flexibility.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker are made of very soft and supple leather with elasticized lace-up panel and hook-and-loop closure so the shoe will fit perfectly and not fall off.

The inside has natural leather lining and soft memory foam for comfort.

Cons: The shoes have little ventilation so the feet get hot.

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The Stride Rite Stroller Bootie

Our Fall 2019 collection brings you the Cozy Carmen stroller bootie for babies who aren’t ready to walk yet, but still go out and about with their parents toting them in strollers. This bootie is offered in multiple cozy materials with a warm Sherpa or faux fur lining. In addition to the ultra-warm lining, the Cozy Carmen style, available in little kids’ sizes 1 to 4, features wide openings and wide straps to make the shoes easy to adjust and wear.

Robeez Girls Soft Soles Traditional Silhouette

Best Toddler Shoes for Walking – 2018 | Baby Shoes for Early Walkers

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk should mimic foot movements.

These Robeez Girls Soft Soles are the next best thing to walking barefoot thanks to the soft sole design build to bend and flex easily.

The shape of these beautiful girls shoes is not constricting to growing feet and they promote good balance while the child is wobbling trying to walk.

The shoe is made of high quality leather with elasticized ankles for a perfect fit and softer sole cushion for comfort.

Cons: The sizing is very big so order a size smaller.

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How Can You Prevent Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain With Stability Shoes

If you have flat feet and walk with a supinator, you may find yourself experiencing heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Stability shoes like these can help to prevent those issues by providing extra support for your arch.

When youre walking on a surface that causes friction and puts pressure on the foot, stability shoes are ideal. Stability shoes provide cushioning, so when you take a step, there is less impact felt in the foot and it automatically provides support. And because of the cushioning, stability shoes also significantly reduce the risk of injury from falls or other accidents.

Since stability shoes provide extra support for your arch, they can reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis by up to 70 percent!

Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneaker

For over 85 years, Stride Rite has been a partner with parents to make shoes that will enhance quick and stable development of kids as well as offer style.

These Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneakers are some of the best toddler sneakers with oversize opening so sliding in and off is breeze.

The cute shoes have a rounded synthetic sole to prevent stumbling and falling plus its very flexible with Deep flex grooves to allow the kids legs to move freely.

While these shoes look very tough on the outside, the inside is all squishy with soft memory foam and mesh linings for comfort and support.

Cons: The cost is a bit much for baby shoes.

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Momo Baby Leah Girls First

What gets cuter than a young girls colorful flowery Leah sneaker by Momo Baby? You can choose a pretty pink model or a purple one. But beyond aesthetics, Leah features a lightweight leather upper, thin, flexible sole, and deep tread traction. With that mentioned, you can expect to be pleased watching smoother toddling maneuvers. Moreover, Leah comes in a fan-shaped toe box that closely resembles your girls foot shape. This allows for all the toes, big and small, to move freely and not be constricted.

Good reviews about this Momo Baby model talks about how ideal it is for babies with narrow feet. The brand also equipped it with a lace detail as well as a Velcro strap for safe closure.

Stride Rite First Walker Shoes For Boys And Girls

Best First Walking Shoes For Baby Girl for 2021

The Stride Rite line of shoes is at the top of our list for good reason. Starting with the first walker shoes and continuing into their toddler lines, these shoes are well made, stylish, comfortable, come in wide and extra wide sizes, and provide excellent support for the growing foot. Though Stride Rite shoes tend to be a bit more expensive than other options, the moms we interviewed thought the shoes were well worth the cost.

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Pediped Originals Daisy Sandal

Pediped Originals Daisy Sandal offer an alternative to closed shoes for those times when it very hot.

The shoe is incredibly beautiful with cute cut outs to let air in and daisy flower accent at the center for decoration.

This shoe is all about details as the stitching is very detailed and there are adjustable hook-and loop straps for an easy and secure fit.

The shoe is very comfortable thanks to the leather lining inside and the double layer leather sole has ample foam padding

Cons: The inside top where the flower is stitched can rub off on the babys foot so you can add a little moleskin to prevent that.

How Do I Keep My Baby’s Shoes On

Infants are notorious for kicking off their shoes and older babies may try to take them off on their own. A few tips to keep the shoes on baby’s feet:

  • Be sure it fits. First and foremost, the shoe should be snug without leaving marks when you remove it. Use your hand to press down at the front of the shoe and feel for the big toe, says Dr. Ferri. You will want a couple of inches of wiggle room for the toes but not so much that the shoe is loose.

  • Buy shoes that adjust to baby’s foot. Shoes with laces, Velcro, elastic ankle bands and snaps can be helpful features if your baby tends to lose shoes often.

  • Try to find a pair baby likes! If your little cutie tries to take her shoes off, test a bunch of different styles. That can help you find one she actually keeps on.

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How Do You Test Your Babys New Shoes Before Finishing Your Purchase

You need to execute at least three tests when you are out shoe shopping for your new walker.

  • First is the bend test. An infant or toddler footwear must bend easily in your hand. Otherwise, if a shoe is stiff, it will hamper the progress of baby feets growth as well as the natural movements. To be more certain, go for the soft leather or mesh materials that enable adequate ventilation. Make sure to check as well rubber soles specifically that allow traction and grip. Be wary of plastic or other cute, yet cheap sneakers. Instead of saving, you might only sign yourself up for more expenses.
  • Second, conduct a thumb test to check the fit. Once your baby tries on a shoe, press your thumb sideways at the shoes very tip. If there is about a half-inch or a thumbs width of space between your babys longest toe and the shoe tip, the test indicates a pass.
  • The third test is the heel test. Keep in mind that the heel must sit cozily against the back of the shoe. If the heel easily slides out, the shoe is too big otherwise, it is too small if the heel pinches. To confirm, insert your pinkie finger into the heel. You should feel it snug when your babys toes are pushed to the shoe front.

Top Rated Training Walking Shoes For Babies Reviews

Best Baby First Walking Shoes – 2018 | Baby’s First Shoes | Infant First Walking Shoes Review

Long-lasting shoes with adoring style for energetic kids lie at the heart while purchasing a pair of shoes. Parents are looking for shoes with features as durability, flexibility, lightweight, comfortable, provide traction, and many more.

Here the list of well-known branded shoes that provides the best quality and durable shoes. That would be the perfect match for the best baby walking shoes. So, just grab to the recently updated list. It became my choice when I was picked first walking shoes for my own baby.

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Unisex Trail Running Shoes Men’s Hiking Shoes Cross

as of December 10, 2021 12:04 AM


  • BREATHABLE MESH UPPERThe breathable mesh upper can keep your foot breathable and let your mositure out, especially in spring and summer.
  • TPU HEEL COUNTERThe heel TPU heel counter and fixation system supports the ankle, prevents twisting, and maintains stability during walking.
  • HIGH TRACTION OUTSOLENon-slip and cushioning rubber outsoles have high traction and great grip.
  • TRADITIONAL LACING SYSTEMTraditional terylene lacing system, easy on and off.
  • SOFT BODYThe shoe body is very soft and easy to bend, ensuring free and smooth movement.

Young Soles From Around 56

Size range: Baby 4 teen 7.5

For a slice of East London cool for your childs feet, look to Young Soles, which is based in the East End and offers lots of those hipster vibes.

Made from natural materials, including leather, all of the soles are lightweight and flexible, yet still supportive.

The T-bar shoes are surprisingly light, for an often assumed weighty style. The new summer season includes some very cute kited sandal boots, which are quite unique.

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Nike Flex Advance Flyease Sneaker

Is your kiddo really on the go? These Nike baby walking shoes are ultra-flexible with a stretchy upper sole and a padded heel to promote natural movement in a comfy way. Better yet, this design has an extra-wide opening for little feet to slip into and adjustable criss-cross straps to keep them securely in place.

Buy it: Starting from $58,

Pediped Originals Adrian Sneaker

The 10 Best First

Another number on the best sneakers for toddlers list are these pediped Originals Adrian Sneakers made of breathable leather and leather soles.

The shoes are pretty comfortable with breathable leather lining on the inside and Velcro straps so you can adjust to your comfort.

Pediped Originals Adrian Sneakers are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and they have a non-slip sole for safety and stability.

These shoes are very roomy so the babys toes can wiggle comfortably and they are suitable for both girls and boys in any outfit.

Cons: The stitching is not good quality.

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These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Walking shoe designs favor support, stability, and, as we mentioned already, comfort . They often have a beveled heel to help propel you forward, a more cushy footbed, and feature easy entry/exit strategies, like slip-on styles. All of these features makes them ideal for walking on rail trails, hitting the gym, or wearing when youre on your feet all day. Built-in support will keep your feet and joints better protected against impact and fatigue. For people whose feet need more lightweight, flexible shoes, weve got options for you, too.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Amalie Mary Jane

These pretty baby girl walking shoes will step up your childs style game . And, like most of the best first walking shoes, they boast flexible, rounded soles and adjustablebut not easily undoablestraps. Bonus: This pair is lined with an antimicrobial material to keep smelly feet and sweaty toes at bay.

Buy it: $48,

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How We Chose The Best Baby Shoes

When looking at the best baby shoes, we took into account the above guidelines and made sure that all of our picks were flexible and supportive, while offering plenty of traction. From there, we focused in on the styles that members of the What to Expect community, as well as our editors, have tested and recommend.

Ready to start shopping? Check out our top picks for the best baby walking shoes below.

See registry advice and a custom baby gear checklist

Robeez First Kicks Shoes

Tips For Baby First Walking Shoes

Robeez brand shoes are recognized as being one of the best walking shoes for baby they even have the American Podiatric Medical Associations seal of approval. Robeez brand includes a wide range of styles of baby shoes with soft soles for walking that promote natural foot function. Theyre made of high-quality and soft leather, and are flexible and support healthy foot development for early walkers and babies learning to walk.

2 of 12 Image Credits: Robeez

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