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What Are The Best Shoes For Skateboarding

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How Long Do Skateboarding Shoes Last

The Best Skateboarding Shoes! | My Tier List

How long skate shoes last depends on how often you skate and what type of tricks you do. Another factor that comes into play is the state of your decks grip tape.

If youre a street skate, wear bad shoes and have new deck grip, youre shoes can deteriorate in a week. Ollies and flips will wear down the fabric so take that into consideration when you get new shoes. To sum it up, skateboard shoes wear down because:

  • You have a new deck grip.
  • You ollie and kickflip all day long.
  • The sturdiness of your shoes fabric

Type Of Feet And Skate Shoes

So this is where personal preference comes in and I can help you to narrow down what exactly is the right type of skate shoe for you.

Just a reminder, you really need to go to your local skate shop and put them on. Buying them online is only advised if you are familiar with the brand an know exactly which type of skate shoe you need.

Not all skate shoes fit every type of feet. Make sure to buy shoes that arent too big or too narrow. Just like running shoes, youll need a bit of extra room in front and the side of the shoe shouldnt feel claustrophobic, but dont overdo it.

To much room will leave you with a very unstable feeling, sort of like your shoes will roll over, thats bad.

This way your feet are able to move back and forward when you are shredding and it helps to avoid pain because the ide of your feet and your toes constantly are pushing against the inner side of your shoes. Its hard to explain but I hope you catch my drift.

Pay attention to the cut of the shoe. Wider means less tight around your feet arches, great for wide feet. Go for a narrow cut if you have narrow feet. Too narrow will cause cramps.

Wide Feet

Ill start with my own type of feet. If you have wide feet you obviously need a wider shoe. If your shoes are too narrow your feet will start to hurt.

Narrow Feet

Small Feet

Hey small feet, yup thats me, but I also have wide feet. The most important thing here is to go with how your shoes feel. Thats right, dont shop them online!

Large Feet

Flat Feet

Dc Mens Stag Skate Shoe

This DC mens stag skate shoe is the perfect example of the fusion between art and skateboarding that takes footwear to the ultimate level.

With this added feature it also promises comfort and durability with an eye-catching trending look. These DC skate shoes can be used both as formal and sportswear.

  • Generic looks.

With these shoes, you are going to experience an elastic and flexible nature along with the friendly support. The elegant design makes them more suitable for the girls.

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Vans Womens Old Skool Core Classics

As the name suggests Vans womens old skool core classics is a classic choice for women who love to look stylish yet elegant at the same time. The shoes serve as a perfect sports wearable.

The vans skate shoes are comfortable to wear for school and college, additionally, the shoes are made up of synthetic fabric that can be laced up.

  • Little expensive.

These vans old skool shoes are traditional and classic with a substantial nature. Trying these shoes will never be a regret because they provide long-term workability without any complication.

Osiris Mens Protocol Skate Shoe

Best Vegan Skateboard Shoes 2021 [Vulcanized &  Canvas Construction]

The Osiris Mens Protocol Skate Shoe arent your ordinary skating cleat. These can be used for casual wear as well. Its made with the highest quality imported leather that is woven to increase its durability and also absorb the shocks from hard landings.

The rubber sole drastically improves your grip with the board and the high abrasion areas are made for superior durability.

The tongue and collar of the cleat are padded so you get the best comfort and support when riding.

Overall, this pair is durable and performs well on the road. Make sure that you wipe off the dust time to time to maintain the natural appearance of the leather.


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Emerica Dickson Low Top Vulc Skate Shoe

Coming with a classic black suede finish, the Emerica Dickson Low Top Vulc Skate Shoe has one of the most delicate exteriors among my sneakers.

These shoes have a durable suede surface, giving off a smooth texture. And what I love more about this component is its pliable, which means its perfectly flexible for agile skateboarding.

An added factor to these sneakers durability is their construction. Emerica uses a double wrap vulcanizing construction method, enhancing the shoes overall durability. Therefore, it allows the sneakers to return to their original shape after the stretching and movements. And with that, new skaters should not worry about doing all the new skills and tricks.

These skating shoes for beginners offer quality impact protection. Inside them are G6 insole foams, essential for providing the feet with a soft platform when landing. Such a design makes my feet less prone to injury. Plus, these pads make me more confident about performing ollies and a few jumps.

At the bottom part of these shoes is a Flick Shield rubber underlay. This layer of rubber lies over half the front of my feet. It aims to protect my toes, regardless of the tricks I do. Besides, the shoes can take some beating with such a rugged construction. So, not only do I get a durable pair but also a protective one.

  • Runs a bit smaller than standard sizing

Globe Mens Fusion Skate Shoes

Taking the cupsole skate shoe style to a whole new level, Globe Mens Fusion Skate Shoes is a heavy-duty pair built to stand up to skateboarding tricks such as aerials and ollies. Featuring Globes signature S-Trac sole pattern for maximum grip and an integrated inner sock that delivers the best in comfort while on the go, these Mens Fusion Skate Shoes from Globe are anything but basic. Fully padded and reinforced with additional stitching, these skate shoes ensure optimal comfort and flexibility in one attractive pair.

Durable Mixed Materials

Crafted using 100% leather and synthetic materials, Globe Mens Fusion Skate Shoes offers the durability of leather and the reinforced quality of synthetic material supplemented throughout specific areas. The synthetic sole is light on the feet but resilient on-the-go. Reinforced stitching ensures that the skate shoes are able to stand up to impact and abrasion. This pair also features Globes exclusive S-Trac sole pattern and TPR inserts, all of which aim to deliver in terms of grip and flexibility.

Interior Comfort

Comfort is also a topmost concern of the Globe Mens Fusion Skate Shoes, and the brand addresses this effectively with its perforated underlays for ease and breathability. A step-in sock liner allows for better cushioning and comfort even when dealing with board scrapes and surface impact. Wide lacing features also allow for the wearer to adjust to the right fit as needed.

Classic Styling


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Frequently Asked Questions About Skates

Q.1 Which skates are best for beginners?

Ans. Here are a few of the top-selling roller skates for beginners:

Here are a few roller skates that are best for beginners:

1. Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate

2. Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

3. Roller Derby Candi Grl Sabina Artistic Roller Skates

4. Chicago Men’s Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate

5. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skates

Q.6 What size to buy skates?

Ans. The right size for rolling skates will be your sneaker size. So, if you are a size 5, then buy skates that are of size 5. But, make sure you break in your new roller skates well before going full-fledged into skating.

Q.7 Are aggressive skates good for beginners?

Ans. No. Aggressive skates are designed for experienced skaters who perform stunts and tricks.

Q.8 Are skates or blades easier?

Ans. Roller skates are easier as they offer better balance for beginners. Inline skates or rollerblades have wheels in a straight line and is slightly harder to master.

Q.9 What inline skates are best for beginners?

Ans. Here are the best inline skates for beginners:

Etnies Men’s Czar Skate Shoe

Reviewing the Best Starter Skate Shoe | Etnies Michelin Marana

Our next contender for the title of the best choice of shoes for skateboarding is Etnies skate shoes. Its strengths are that these shoes are as comfortable as possible. The top of the shoes is covered with durable materials made of leather and synthetic materials, and inside the fabric lining creates the most comfortable position of the foot, so that it does not get tired during use. In general, the model looks very stylish and has a wide color palette for every taste.

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How To Choose The Best Skateboard Shoe Materials

When choosing skate shoes, one of the most important considerations is the material. Skate shoes are generally made from a combination of leather, synthetic leather, or canvas. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, so its important to choose the right material for your skating needs.

Leather is the most traditional material for skate shoes. Its durable and provides good support, but it can be heavy and stiff. Synthetic leather is a lighter and more flexible alternative to leather, but its not as durable. Canvas is the lightest and most flexible option, but it doesnt provide as much support.

When choosing a material for your skate shoes, its important to consider your skating style. If youre a street skater, youll need a shoe thats light and flexible for quick movements. If youre a vert skater, youll need a shoe thats more durable and supportive for big airs.

No matter what your skating style, its important to choose a material thats comfortable and wont hold you back. Experiment with different materials and find the right one for you.

Heel And Toe Protection

Most skate shoes now use top caps to protect high-wear areas of the shoe.

These rubber strips are placed over or under the shoe and provide some additional protection.

Not only does it cushion the blow to your feet, ankles and knees when doing tricks, but if the cap is placed underneath the shoe, it means your foot is not exposed in the event that the material wears away.

Heel support is also important, if not more so.

The heel is an area that the best skate shoe brands have focused on more than any other, creating their own proprietary blends or cushions to deliver extra comfort.

A good heel support on a skate shoe will prolong the life of the shoe when you perform heel brakes and itll also take some of the shock away when you land your skating tricks.

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Dc Mens Pure Action Sport Sneaker

These skate shoes are designed to last long. Made of leather and abrasion rubber outsole for maximum grip on the board. The shoes are padded with foam on the inside for comfort and support.

This skate shoe is widely used by skaters. The shoes are plain and simple and look great even though its made for skating.

The canvas design makes this shoe good-looking and shoes as this will always give a good tight fit for more comfort on the board.

The vulcanized rubber sole sticks really well to the board and helps do tricks much more easily.

What Are Skate Sneakers

DC Crisis Skate Shoes

Skate shoes, unlike lifestyle sneakers, will not only keep you looking stylish all day. These kicks are purposefully built to improve skaters performance whether theyre into cruising, tranny skateboarding, or street skating.

So, what differentiates a skate shoe from your everyday sneaker?

Compared to casual sneakers, good skateboard shoes need the following:

Enhanced durability. Skaters are known to push their limits. The same is expected from their shoes. Skate shoes are engineered to withstand the abrasive nature of this high-impact action sport.

Grippy soles. Expect most skateboard shoes to have flat and wide rubber outsoles with minimal treading. This increases the friction effect letting you hold onto your board.

Better boardfeel. Skate shoes are often engineered with thin cushioning. This makes the shoes less comfortable but maximizes board feel, allowing the skater to have better control of their movements.

PRO-TIP: Skate sneakers are now street staples because of their in-style look and functionality. There are, however, sneakers that carry a skate shoe look but lack the three characteristics stated above. These shoes are categorized for everyday wearing but will not perform well on the board.

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Reasons Why Wearing Proper Skate Shoes Is A Must

Contrary to certain misconceptions, skateboarding shoes are not just fancy sneakers. Of course, some wearers would sport skate shoes to evoke a certain style or an aesthetic sense, but these shoes do more than just look good.

Outlined below is a list of some of the most important reasons why skate shoes are a worthwhile investment for skateboarding aficionados.

Impact Protection

The soles, upper materials, tongue, and heel construction of skate shoes are all designed to protect the feet from board impact and other external conditions. Reinforced toe caps, for instance, protect the toes from impact and injury. Cushioning and padded materials around vulnerable areas of the shoes also bring added comfort to the wearer.

Board feel Enhancement

Certain types of skate shoes, such as vulcanized soles, have durable but thinner soles that allow the wearer to get a better feel and a more solid grip on the skate board. This, in turn, improves balance and lends more confidence when performing board tricks on various surfaces.

Lightweight shoe models, such as low-tops made from breathable materials, allow for movement, flexibility, and comfort. Although durability is always a huge factor for skate shoes, a good pair should not bring the wearer down. For many skateboarders, the grip quality and balance of skate shoes are a must.

Better Overall Skateboarding Experience

Dc Mens Pure Se Skate Shoe

Stand out and make a wave with this stylish and trendy Pure SE Skate Shoes by DC. The shoes are constructed with superior design and materials to give you years of comfort and support. The lace up front is fully customizable according to your feet and offers adjustability and comfort with sturdy design and excellent cushioning. Theres plenty of padding on the tongue, collar and insoles to give you comfort and prevent injuries and strain.

Premium Leather and Textile Overlays

The shoe is constructed with mixed leather upper with contrasting textile overlays. This gives a highly polished and elegant look. The chunky feel and look of the shoe is due to the generous padding that goes in the making of this shoe. It gives the shoe a cozy and snuggly feel with a great fit. The padding is shock absorbent and prevents strains and injuries by absorbing high impact on hard landings. The shoes can be paired with everyday outfits and jeans and will surely make you stand out. The beautiful mesh lining gives ultimate grip, stability and control while skating.

Distinctive Features


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Mens Skating Shoe Faq

Although skating shoes are specifically designed for skateboarders, nowadays, manufacturers are creating shoes that offer the right balance between sporty and casual wear. There are many products available in the market that provide the perks of skating shoes with the good looks of trendy sneakers.

This very much depends on the brand. But generally, good skating shoes should last from a year to two years. The more abuse your shoes receive, the more will be the wear and tear and the shorter theyd last.

We say this with utmost seriousness: Shoes are inanimate objects. They should never talk. Once the shoes sole starts flapping, then you know it’s time to unload them. Also, if you notice that you are beginning to lose grip on the skateboard all too often, then your sneaker soles might have worn out, and it might be time to get new skating shoes.

Dc Mens Villain Tx Slip

The BEST Skate shoes! (Part 2) | Adidas Superstars Adv Vulc Review!

Wear these DC villain slip-on shoes on your special day to match your outfit, or around the house and add a classic look to your outfit.

These DCs classic slip-on skating shoes are a perfect choice, that matches every outfit and can be worn as skating shoes also. It has a mesh lining and a pill pattern tread.

  • Attire with sturdy sole.

These DC villain slip-on shoes can be considered as the best choice when it comes to their innovative and fancy design. Also, the sturdy and steady nature will provide you long-term results.

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Osiris Mens D3 2001 Skate Shoe

Osiris Shoes has grown to be one of the biggest brands in skate footwear since 1996. The influential and ground-breaking features coupled with sleek and innovative designs have made them a fan favorite. D3 2001 is the latest model by Osiris Shoes, constructed and tested by a diverse and devoted team of professionals at skateboarding. The elite team riders influence the design and features, making it one of the top brands for skate shoes. These durable and creative shoes meet the peak standards of function and quality.

Eight-point Breathe-Right Ventilation System

The shoes have doubled layered mesh panels. These durable mesh panels have a cooling effect, making the shoes highly breathable and comfortable for long periods of time. They are also incorporated with embossed sonic formed 3m reflective TPVR Side or the super loop panel. The rubber soles are highly flexible and absorb high impacts and abrasion, adding years to the durability of the shoe. The tongue and collar is padded and quite light in weight making it comfortable and supportive, and fits snuggly around the feet. The rubber outsoles are abrasion resistant for high performance, added durability and resistant to wear and tear.

Flip-Touch System

Flip-Touch system of the shoe feature a suave inner side panel with tri coat mesh padding with neoprene comfort padding around internal toe box. It also feature an anatomically true fit highly dense heel cup, padded for comfort and prevention of slips.



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