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Can Shoes Cause Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain Often Starts From The Ground Up

How Your Shoes Can Cause Knee Or Back Pain

Struggling with consistent low back pain? Feel like youve tried everything to kick this chronic pain to the curb, to no avail? Perhaps youve tried getting a massage and performing various low back rehabilitation exercises. Maybe youve even experienced some temporary relief only to have that chronic lower backache return.

If this sounds like you, we have some surprising news- the culprit could actually be your shoes. Seriously.

As you work to rid yourself of lower back pain once and for all, checking the effect that shoes have on your lower back could be a critical part of the process. Heres why, and what to look for when carefully selecting footwear.

Arches: Fallen Vs High

Dr. Petkov explains that two anatomical anomaliesfallen arches and high archescan cause back pain in different ways. Hyperpronation, which occurs in flat feet, causes the arches to collapse, and therefore it puts pressure on the inside of the legs and knees, which in turn creates more imbalance in the hips and lower back.

He goes on to say, On the other hand, hypersupination, which occurs in high-arched feet, causes the arches to heighten and therefore it puts pressure on the outside of the legs and knees, which can lead to muscle imbalances on the outside of the legs and also in the hips and lower back.

This means that wearing unsupportive shoes for long periods, like flip-flops, sandals, and most shoes with a heel, can cause back pain or make an existing condition even worse.

Dr. Petkov says, When either of these conditions gets left untreated, the compounding effect of pes planus or pes cavus can lead to long-term debilitating injury and wear and tear in the spine and especially the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs.

Common arch shapes

The Best Walking Shoes: What Are Motion Control Shoes

When you are running or walking, your foot is constantly in motion. This leads to the overpronation of your foot from time to time. And when it happens a little too much, you begin to experience pain in your feet. As well as lower back pain. This is something that is otherwise totally avoidable if you choose the right kind of footwear.

Motion-control shoes basically perform the task of reducing the amount of motion that your foot goes through. The more stable your feet remain while you walk, the better you can run without the risk of losing your balance. While these shoes are also good for walking and for reducing lower back pain, they are primarily meant for runners. Those who wish to run long distances without losing stability. These shoes also provide decent arch support as well as good comfort. Brooks Mens Beast 20 is one of the best motion-control shoes that we have come across in recent times.

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Shoes To Consider For Back Pain Sufferers

Read Time:

Throughout the holiday season, people find themselves on their feet quite a lot, and many struggle with back pain. What shoes are the best for preventing back pain? Are there shoes to stay away from, or shoes that can help alleviate back symptoms? The answer to both questions is yes.

As you walk through the mall, travel from relative to relative, stand at holiday cocktail parties, and cook holiday meals all day, your feet are experiencing a large amount of extra work compared to the rest of the year. Wearing the correct shoes during the holiday season is the key to preventing back pain.

Shoes To Wear And Avoid

Did You Know that Shoes Cause Back Pain? Heres What You ...


When I look for shoes now, I am looking for higher-quality shoes that have plenty of cushioning. The cushioning will have an impact on how much force is applied to the joint with each step. Ideally, a good sole will have the ability to absorb the energy from each step, reducing the impact on the joints.

When looking for shoes to wear for back pain do your research. Be aware that not all of these may work for your back pain. Read reviews and find out about the shoe and its characteristics.

Some of the shoes you might consider are those that have extra thick foam, gel, air pockets, memory foam, and spring-like designs.

If you have back pain, avoid shoes that are stiff, have little foam cushioning, and do not absorb the impact of each step.

Arch Support

Everyone has a different type of foot arch . In addition, each persons weight impacts how their arches function. So, the same shoe that feels good on one person, will feel uncomfortable and provide less back pain relief with another.

When walking or running your foots arch will support your body and distribution its weight to your heel and the ball of the foot. Arch support can help aid in pain relief by helping your feet support your body properly.

Find out your arch type. It can be a low arch, medium arch, or high arch.

  • Get a baking pan or container and pour a shallow layer of water inside.
  • Get cardboard or paper to fit the size of your feet.
  • Step in the pan and then on the paper in a normal standing position.
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    The Link Between Shoes And Back Pain

    Our feet are our anchors to the ground and should act as a strong foundation. Yet, in our modern world, many of the shoes that we wear are actually lifted in the heel. Even shoes that arent classified as high-heels are frequent offenders. Most boots have at least a small heel on the back that lifts the back end of your foot up higher than the ball of your foot. And most athletic and running shoes have some kind of heel lift over the toe as well. While these smaller lifts in shoes may not seem that dramatic, when worn consistently over time, they can actually begin to affect your back health- and not in a good way.

    Heres why. When our heel is continually lifted above our toes, even by a seemingly small amount, our body makes a physical shift to compensate for the altered stance. Heres how it works. As we stand, our distribution of weight changes, pushing more of our weight into the ball of our foot and even pushing our hips forward in the process. The forward-leaning posture that this renders puts more strain on your lower back area. When this slightly forward lean becomes an everyday posture for you, its easy to understand how your lower back may experience chronic discomfort.

    What Happens When You Select The Wrong Type Of Shoes In Sioux Falls

    Your feet support the weight of your entire body, absorb the shock generated when you run and walk, and help keep your spine properly aligned. If you choose shoes that don’t offer adequate support or place too much pressure on one part of your foot, the vertebrae in your spine may soon become misaligned.

    Misalignments, called “subluxations” by chiropractors, cause back and neck pain, muscle tension, spasms, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Hands-on spinal manipulation can improve spinal alignment, but subluxations may continue to occur if you don’t make a few footwear changes.

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    Cushioning And Shock Absorption

    In addition to heel height, how well the shoes heel absorbs shock is important to how your back feels.

    Some people strike the ground harder than others with their heel while walking, sending a shock up their legs and toward their backs. The problem can be exacerbated in those wearing dress shoes, but Fu and Dr. Butts noted that a cork heel can help. The same goes for a rubber heel or wedge-style shoes, says Fu.

    And both doctors agree that the sweet spot lies in the middle: a shoe that isnt too hard or too soft.

    When it comes to running shoes, maximalist footwear with a lot of cushioning has become big among ultramarathoners and people with a high-arch foot type, according to Butts, who specializes in sports medicine and treating foot and lower limb conditions in runners.

    Opting for a shoe with cushioning can provide extra shock absorption for runners, and so may be a good option for older runners, runners with a history of stress injury, or runners who predominantly run on hard surfaces such as pavement, according to a January 2020 article published in Podiatry Today.

    Best And Worst Shoes For Back Pain

    Are your Shoes causing Back Pain?

    If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should be considering the types of shoes youre putting on your feet.

    Some of the most common and popular shoe styles are actually terrible for back pain and will only make it worse. They cause you to change how you walk, run, and stand for the duration of your time wearing them. This causes muscle imbalances that can cause mystery back pain or make existing back pain worse. With time, wearing the incorrect shoes will only make the painful problem worse. With each step you take, you could be doing horrible things for your back.

    Take a second to look at the shoes you wear and see if you are unintentionally hurting your back. Back pain is one of the most common health issues that bugs people, and it can be lessened by selecting the right shoes for your feet.

    Worst: Flat Shoes

    Surprisingly to most, flat shoes can be extremely problematic. Many flat shoes offer absolutely no support to your feed as you walk. According to research, flats can actually cause 25 percent more pressure on your food with every step than high heels do. This impact pressure builds over time and your hips and lower back take the brunt of it. The lack of padding and arch support will also cause the ligaments and tendons in your feet to overstretch. This all cumulates to produce more problems for your back and can lead to overall body pain.

    Best: Tennis Shoes
    Worst: High Heels
    Best: Shoes with Toe Room and Support
    Worst: Flip Flops

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    How To Prevent Injury

    Flat shoes are also known for being unstable, and having a sandal fall off or get stuck on something puts you at risk for a serious fall. If you are participating in a sporting event, make sure you wear the appropriate shoes for the type of sport you play. It is also important to wear nonskid shoes if you are walking near a swimming pool or other wet, slippery area. As you search for summer footwear, look for supportive shoes that have treads on the bottom so you can prevent an injury that causes more back pain and leads to the need for a procedure such as artificial disc replacement. Santa Monica residents may want to consider seeing a spine specialist if they are experiencing severe spine-related pain.

    At The Spine Institute Center, we specialize in a wide array of fusion and non-fusion procedures, from spinal cord stimulation to kyphoplasty. Santa Monica patients can trust in Dr. Hyun Bae and his team of expert surgeons to help them find a solution for relief. Call The Spine Institute today at 310-828-7757 to schedule an in-person evaluation.

    Shoes Are Just Part Of The Solution

    Shoes are important for reducing the amount of joint stress and back pain some people feel.

    A doctor should examine you for what is the root cause of your back pain. It may be something other than what you have already considered. The correct shoe type and arch support can help with pain, but a doctor may be able to help more because they can use x-ray and MRI to find out whats wrong.

    Some back issues are caused by things we dont notice from day to day. People may have posture problems, weight issues, or may slouch in chairs for long periods. Some of these things we dont recognize until someone points them out.

    Exercises can strengthen your back and feet, relieving some of the pain caused by your back issue. After consulting with your doctor try some of these exercises for strengthening your muscles.

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    Too Hard Or Too Soft A Problem

    Keeping in mind that you want some shock absorption in your shoes, its best to avoid footwear thats totally hard, according to Fu. Typical dress shoes fall into this category, thanks to their lack of cushion.

    Perhaps surprisingly problematic are shoes with a memory foam or an air cushion, because they do not provide the right type of support along with their cushioning. However, these types of cushioning when combined with a more supportive heel arent so bad for you.

    How Can Shoes Cause Back Pain

    How Wrong Footwear can cause Back Pain

    Although the feet may seem quite a distance away from the back, they can influence back pain. This is down to various factors, such as the way we move our feet when walking, as well as the type of shoe we wear and how much support they offer.

    To better understand why shoes could be responsible for your back pain, this blog will cover:

    • Weight loss/toning shoes and back pain
    • Heels and back pain
    • Flat shoes and back pain
    • Flip flops and back pain
    • How to relieve back pain caused by shoes.

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    Try New Shoes After 3 Pm

    It is best advised to go shoe-shopping after about half the day is over. This is because when you walk around a little, your feet begin to swell. By afternoon, they are at about the position they would remain for the rest of the day. Going in with these feet is always better because otherwise, you might end up with tight shoes when your feet swell later in the day. Tightly fitting shoes are a common reason for back pain.

    How To Look For The Perfect Shoes For Running

  • 1. When looking for the right shoes for running, try one in the afternoon, evening, or after a workout. It is said that the feet has fully expanded to their size during these times. Trying shoes with sports socks also ensures a good fit.
  • 2. Leave an inch between the big toe and the tip of the shoe to allow your toes to freely move inside the shoe.
  • 3. Your chosen pair of shoes for running should be able to take on long mileages and should be durable. Consider factors such the durability of the materials used.
  • 4. A force plate assessment could help you find shoes for running that dont just fit perfectly but also meet your unique needs.
  • 5. Never use a new pair of shoes for races. The shoes should have already been used for at least 100 miles before you decide to use them for a race.
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    Signs Youre Wearing The Wrong Shoes For Running

    When it comes to a healthy running routine, using the right type of shoes is as essential as the activity itself. However, picking the right pair can be easier said than done. Wearing the wrong shoes for running can result in needless pain and injuries. It is essential to choose the right kind to avoid injuries to the feet and ankles. Additionally, the right type of shoes for running could make your run more comfortable.

    If you really want to ease stubborn foot and ankle pain, get our free ankle pain guide below

    There are different varieties of running shoes from ones with inbuilt shock absorbers for serious joggers to lightweight shoes for walkers.

    The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society recommends runners and athletes wear the right footwear to avoid injuries as wearing the wrong type of shoes for running is a common cause of feet and ankle problems.

    How will you know youre wearing the right shoes for running? If you are, you wont be experiencing the following during or after a run:

    What Are The Worst Shoes For Your Back Pain Find Out Here

    Lower Back Pain Causes – Shoe Wear Pattern?

    Back pain can be really debilitating, especially if it prevents you from walking or driving. It’s no secret that high heels can cause back pain, but did you know that other shoes can cause back pain too? Find out how your footwear could be related to your back pain and what can you do to fix it.

    Louise Baillie

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    Back Pain Relief Shoe Checklist

    • Do the shoes have correct arch support for my foot?
    • Do the shoes have an adequate foam to cushion my walking and exercise?
    • Are the shoes worn out? Shoe soles compress and have a lifespan 6 12 month with regular use.
    • Do my ankles look properly aligned when I look in the mirror with my shoes on? Improper support for some arches causes ankles to pronate, increasing back pain.
    • Is the sole on my shoe unevenly worn? This may indicate your foot needs arch support to straighten out your foot. Its probably a good idea to replace the sole or the shoe with uneven soles. It may lead to more foot, knee, and back problems in the future.
    • Do I wear these shoes often? If you only wear them once a month for an hour, your less likely to need to get rid of them.

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    Current Fitness Level And Future Plans

    One of the things you have to decide on when buying a new pair of running shoes is the distances you will be running. Knowing what youre training for helps you narrow down your options. Your past running activities also determine what kind of shoes you need.

    If youre new to running and you intend to do your first marathon, a more supportive pair of shoes is essential. Runners are classified based on the mileages they cover. Below 20 miles, they are termed as low-mileage runners, 20-40 miles are medium-mileage runners, and those who do 40 miles a week are considered high-mileage runners. The amount of stability of the shoe and the cushioning relies on the mileages you cover.

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