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What Gets Rid Of Shoe Odor

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Mold In The Closet Heres How To Get Rid Of It For Good

How to Get Smell Out of Shoes: Get Rid of Shoe Odors with OdoBan (Best Shoe Odor Spray)

Last Updated on January 25, 2021 by Diana Rodriguez-Zaba

A hacking cough, chronic fatigue, and red, itchy eyes might be a sign of a hidden culprit: mold growing in your closet.

Toxic black mold thrives in dark, damp areas, releasing spores as it feeds on materials found in drywall, carpet, paper, cardboard, or fabric. Breathing in these spores can cause symptoms you might mistake for a respiratory infection or allergies.

More severe cases of mold poisoning can include nausea, vomiting, or bleeding in the lungs and nose.

Do you know how to remove mold in the closet?

Our certified ServiceMaster Chicago cleaning and restoration specialists have years of experience providing mold removal for area homeowners.

From attics to basements and even the cleanest closets, weve seen it all. We know why it happens, and we know how to prevent it too.

Lets get started.

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Causes Of Smelly Feet

The main causes of smelly feet are a build-up of sweat and bacteria on them and fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

The amount you sweat can be affected by:

  • hot weather
  • hormonal changes, which happen during puberty, menopause and pregnancy
  • some medicines, such as antidepressants
  • a condition that causes excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis

Home Remedies For Smelly Shoes Remove Unpleasant Odor

Summer is around, and it is a fun season with a lot of problems. One of which is stinky shoes. It gets very awkward and embarrassing when your friends can easily kick off their shoes and confidently walk around, but your shoes stink. Similarly, you would also never like someone elses shoes stinking sitting in the same room as you.

Do you wish to know home remedies for your stinky shoes? Or you want to recommend them to someone. Here are some helpful remedies that will solve your problem. You do not have to get embarrassed anymore or throw away your favorite shoes, which now stink. If you are a sports freak, and if you are working on fitness and jump rope every day, you must not miss this out then you most probably face this stinking problem. Thus, the following guide is for you!


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Remove Bad Smell In Your Shoes Once And For All

Sweating a lot and shoes that smell bad can be uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing. Even if sweating from your feet fills important functions to your body, like cooling it down and improving gripability, sweaty feet can be undesirable for the the one sweating and those around. Read this article to find out how you can get rid of smelly feet and odor from your shoes.

How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odors For Good

How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

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Follow these steps to get bad smells out of your shoes and keep them from stinking again with homemade shoe deodorizers and proper foot care.

Have you ever slipped off your shoes and noticed an embarrassing, bad smell? Or maybe youve been about to put on a pair of your favorite shoes but were almost bowled over by the stink? It can happen to anyone, though some types of shoes are more likely to stink than others.

What’s below:

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What Makes Feet Smell Bad

Lets get technical: The actual medical term for stinky feet is bromodosis. While the name might be a bit intimidating and clinical, the cause of bromodosis is actually quite straightforward. The condition could be caused by a build-up of sweat, which creates an ideal environment for bacteria growth on the skin. And this bacteria is believed to be one of the sources of those bad odors youre smelling.

According to Cleveland Clinic, foot odor happens when the bacteria that live on your skin and in your shoes eat your sweat. This process produces an acid byproduct that smells unpleasant. Since your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body, meaning bacteria thrive on them, its no wonder that feet are notorious for being, well, stinky.

Scented Blocks Of Wood

How about getting a little rustic and using a simple block of wood?

The earthy sandalwood is one amazing option, which you can keep in a corner of your closet. Over time, your clothes will absorb the scent.

If you have other wood which does not quite please the olfactory senses the way sandalwood does, simply treat them with essential oils.

Wooden blocks can be coated with lavender, rosemary or lemon, which are some of the more common essential oils for closet use.

And it does not have to be a bland old piece of wood. Add a personal touch by carving a design into the wood or ask your local carpenter to do it for you.

You can save the chippings for a potpourri.

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Sof Sole Sneaker Balls


These Sof Sole Sneaker Balls take the number one spot because theyre just so darn convenient. Of course, they deal with unpleasant odors when placed inside your stinky shoes. But these little, stink-fighting balls are also easy to transport and store, can be closed when not in use and are available for a budget-friendly price. The odor-fighting power inside each 1.5-inch ball can last up to six months while the range of fun available designs means its easier to encourage kids to use them, too. Furthermore, these popular sneaker balls, which have received over 6,000 five-star ratings, can be used in other places which may smell bad, such as a gym bag, a locker or a closet drawer.

Washing Inserts And Insoles

How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor

This step also works for non-washable shoes. Even shoes that cant go in the washing machine may have removable insoles that you can wash to get rid of shoe odors. If you have orthotic inserts, you should wash them, too. All you need to do is fill a sink with 2 cups water and 1 cup white vinegar then let your inserts soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse them well then press the inserts between dry towels to blot excess moisture. Let your inserts fully air dry before putting them back in your shoes. Do this once a month to keep your inserts and insoles fresh.

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Arm & Hammer Baking Soda


If you dont have time to grab one of the made-for-purpose products and need an answer you may already have in your home, use baking soda. Baking soda is a truly versatile product when it comes to cleaning and baking tasks. In this case, its capable of dealing with bacteria build-ups and unwanted odors in your shoes, socks and even on your feet. Simply sprinkle a little bit inside your shoes to absorb any excess moisture, fight bacteria growth and take care of the odor. Dont have any baking soda in your cupboards? Try this Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. When it comes to learning how to get rid of shoe odor, its hard to beat Arm & Hammer.

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of Shoes Without Washing Them

To get rid of the odor, first put some baking soda in a small plastic bag and place them inside your shoes. Let it sit overnight and the next day shake the excess powder out of your shoes and wipe away any remaining powder with a cloth or paper towel. The baking soda will absorb moisture and neutralize the odor-causing bacteria.You can also use dryer sheets to deodorize your shoes and prevent the build up of odor-causing bacteria. Just stick them inside each shoe before you put them away and leave them overnight, then shake out the excess powder the next day.

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How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

If your shoes already possess an underlying stinky scent that doesnt seem to budge, there are a number of things you can try to get rid of shoe odor. From a purely practical point of view, washing them, freezing them and airing them out can be a good place to start. Afterward, introduce one of the wide range of products that can be used for both masking the smell in the short term and eventually removing the smell from its source. The best answers for how to get rid of shoe odor include:

Additionally, in some less common cases, it is possible bad foot and shoe odors are caused by a more serious issue like a fungal infection or a disease. If you feel like youve tried everything to get rid of your shoe odor and nothing seems to be working, you may benefit from a visit to a specialist or medical professional.

Below youll find 12 easy ways to help beat that odor for good. These effective methods are all well-reviewed by users online and are safe to use on even your fanciest footwear and sometimes on your feet, too. Read on to find the right answer for you.

Look For A Dry Cleaner

How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor (We Tried 10 Popular Methods)

Alternatively, you can send your clothes and shoes stained with gasoline to your nearest dry cleaning service. If all else fails despite your best efforts, use the services of a professional. Simply contact a local dry cleaner if you cant get gasoline stains or odors out of your clothes and shoes at home. You can easily find the nearest dry cleaning service online. For exceptionally heavy stains and odors on your clothing, professional dry cleaning services can save the day.

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To Remove The Smell From Shoes With Essential Oil Air Freshener

If you observe that all the remaining remedies cannot provide you exclusive results, but it is uncommon, you must try this Essential Oil Air Freshener to minimize or finish out the irritating smell from your shoes within minimum time. You do not need to wait desperately for along to check the results.

Minimalist Features

One of the main benefits is that it will never damage your shoes either because your shoes are made up of leather or any sensitive brand. It is a natural deodorizer and very supportive of any shoes. It also has a great ability to remove the smell from the feet. It contains fresh, natural ingredients and essential oils. Its oil will never damage your shoes externally or internally with soles. No chance of color fading and tear out of your shoes. These treated shoes will never become a cause of embarrassment for you and will never allow you to let you down.


You can put a few drops of essential oil on the surface of the inner sole. Leave your shoes for an hour or twice at a separate place. Then clean the inner shoe soles with a piece of tissue. Now, it is time to wear odor free shoes.

Prevent Smelly Shoes Be Keeping Them Dry

The best way to learn how to remove smells from shoes is to not get them smelly in the first place! Prevent bad odours by eliminating common causes, such as sweat and moisture.

  • Properly dry your shoes before storing them.

  • Air dry them naturally in the sun where possible.

  • Place dehumidifier packets in shoes that will be in storage for a long time.

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    Homemade Foot And Shoe Deodorizers

    Once you make these shoe odor removers, you can store them indefinitely. Stash a bottle of the spray or powder in your closet, and maybe another in your gym bag. Then use it immediately after you slip off your shoes. If foot odor is a severe problem, you might also want to go soak your feet as soon as youre done.

    White vinegar is a natural disinfectant. Tea tree oil kills bacteria. This effective shoe spray uses both to get rid of odors and the bacteria that cause them.

    Shoe Deodorizing Spray

    Combine 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Shake well. Mist the inside of your shoes, or apply the spray to a cloth and wipe the shoe interior. Avoid getting the spray on the outside, visible part of your shoes. Once youve sprayed them, let your shoes air dry before wearing them.

    Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, and tea tree oil kills bacteria. Using cornstarch helps keep this shoe powder from clumping. Store it in an air-tight container so it remains effective.

    Deodorizing Shoe Powder

    Combine 3 tablespoons baking soda, 1 tablespoon corn starch, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a small container. Lightly sprinkle this deodorizing powder inside your shoes after you take them off. Let it sit overnight to absorb sweat and kill odors, then shake the excess out of your shoes before wearing them.

    Deodorizing Foot Soak

    Funkaway Odor Eliminator Spray

    A Sure Way To Get Rid of Shoe Odor


    With over 7,500 five-star ratings from Amazon customers who love it, this reliable and versatile FunkAway Odor Eliminator Spray is definitely worth your consideration when it comes to how to get rid of shoe odor. But, this spray isnt just for shoes. It can be used on a range of odor-affected items like clothing, yoga mats, car interiors, work gear, trash cans and car interiors. Rather than masking odors, like some competing sprays, it stops odors at the source, breaking them down and eliminating them. Furthermore, FunkAway produces a whole range of odor-eliminating products to choose from, including a laundry booster, beads and a travel-size spray.

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    Use Ammonia And Vinegar/baking Soda

    Ammonia is another powerful ingredient for eliminating unpleasant smells. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined above , but use ammonia instead!

    • Step 1: Mix baking soda with water until you have a thick paste.
    • Step 2: Apply paste to shoes and allow it to sit overnight.
    • Step 3: Brush off any excess powder in the morning.
    • Step 4: Spray ammonia onto shoes.
    • Step 5 : Then allow them to air dry overnight.
    • Step 6 : repeat until they are odor-free.

    Five Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

    You might have noticed that your shoes smell bad, and wondered how to get rid of shoe odor. Unfortunately, any pair of shoes can form a bad odor. Shoes, innersoles and socks are usually made from synthetic materials, which can be the reason behind the unpleasant smell. Freshen up your smelly shoes, and read about the five ways to get rid of shoe odor.

    1. Orange Peel

    Believe it or not, but if you place some orange peel in your smelly boots or shoes overnight, you will find no bad odor in the morning!

    2. Baking Soda

    Baking soda has magical powers when it comes to smelly shoes. If you sprinkle some baking soda inside the soles of your shoes and leave it for a couple of hours, you will get rid of shoe odor! Also, you can put some baking soda inside your shoes right before you wear it, to keep it fresh all day.

    3. Baby Powder

    Just like baking soda, baby powder can almost omit any bad smell from your shoes. It also wont harm if you apply some baby powder on your feet before slipping your shoes on.

    4. Newspapers

    Though this may sound strange, but if you place newspapers inside of your smelly shoes, the bad smell will surely fade away after a while.

    5. Fabric Conditioner

    Fabric conditioner sheets are also perfect to absorb the bad smell inside of your shoes. Lay one thin sheet of fabric conditioner inside your shoes to leave it fresh.

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    Signs Of Mold In The Closet

    Having respiratory symptoms that you cant shake, headaches that are getting worse, and a musty odor in your home are unmistakable signs you have mold in your home.

    Closets can be a likely culprit because theyre usually dark with back walls and corners that are difficult to see.

    Sometimes black mold spores are visible on walls, so shed light on your closet walls to check. They can also be green or white.

    How To Get Rid Of Odor In Shoes

    How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor &  Giveaway

    Chances are that your boots have embarrassed you with a thick, cheese-like smell.

    Some describe the smell like that of malt vinegar or distinctive putrid smell that has a sulfuric aroma that slaps every ones face within a forty meters radius causing relationship break-ups, family quarrels and awkward situations that may leave you embarrassed or lower your self-esteem.

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    Use A Toothbrush And Baking Soda

    Using a toothbrush to scrub out tough stains or salts from your shoes is a great way to ensure that they look as good as new. But did you know that old toothbrushes can also be used for removing odors? Its true! All you need is some baking soda and an old, dry toothbrush thats been sitting around for a while. Heres how to use your old brush and baking soda to get rid of stinky shoe odor fast!

    • Step 1 : Ensure that there is a decent amount covering both sides of the bristles, as well as the top and bottom of the brush. Do this in a well-ventilated area, since you will be working with chemicals.
    • Step 2 : Use this to scrub all areas of your shoes that are affected by odor. The coffee or tea stains should come out easily, but you may need to work a bit harder for other types of stains. Be sure not to use this brush on anything but your shoes, as the chemicals could damage them! Then rinse them well.
    • Step 3 : Once you are satisfied with how much baking soda has been used, simply allow your shoes to air-dry in a well-ventilated area. Once they are dry, you can wear them again!

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