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Where Can I Buy Stride Rite Shoes

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Stride Rite Baby Boys Soft Motion Frankie Athletic Sneaker White 3 Infant Us

Stride Rite Shoe Haul!
  • FUN KIDS FOOTWEAR: These comfortable yet flexible white sneakers have faux elastic laces to give it a sporty look These soft motion shoes put babies and toddlers on the fast track to walking
  • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE CONSTRUCTION: Kids booties feature flexible rounded soles, padded collar, and memory foam footbeds for enhanced comfort
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Stylish shoes have over-sized opening and hook and loop closure for easy on/off and adjustability Seamless construction cradles the foots natural shape and antimicrobial lining reduces odor
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These shoes for children can be cleaned with a damp, warm cloth using mild detergent Treat leather with conditioner if required
  • INSTANT OUTFIT MAKER: Stride Rite celebrates childhood by bringing you kids footwear, with thoughtful designs and vibrant colors, making them a perfect pair with casual and formal kids clothing
  • Baby girls sneaker with leather upper and hook and loop closure for easy on-and-off
  • Ortholite memory foam for enhanced comfort
  • Seamless construction that cradles the foots natural shape
  • Oversized opening for easy-on
  • Boys machine washable boots with everyday neutral styling and easy hook and loop closure
  • Fits wide feet, too with removable insole
  • Oversized openings for easy on and off
  • Machine washable with linings
  • Comfy memory foam footbeds

What Shoe Size Do Babies Wear

Generally, baby shoes are sized by age in months. But before you buy new shoes for those itty-bitty feet, use our Size Guide to measure their feet accurately and determine the proper size â some babies grow faster than others!

Our Soft Motion shoes for babies are sized by length and width to ensure a perfect fit.

How Long Do Kids’ Shoes Last

Stride Rite footwear is designed for maximum durability and made from high-quality materials. Before we release any new shoes to the public, they undergo vigorous testing to ensure they’ll stand up to whatever abuse your little one puts them through.

Of course, most kids outgrow their shoes before they’re too worn to wear! If your child starts complaining of foot pain or discomfort, it could be a sign that their shoes no longer fit. And if the soles on your kid’s shoes develop holes, it’s definitely time to grab a new pair.

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What Are The Best School Shoes For Kids

Kids care about style, but you care about safety. Stride Rite offers both. Find playground-ready sneakers in our Made2Play collection, which are 100% machine-washable and come with shockproof soles, memory foam, and antimicrobial linings. Slip-resistant rubber soles make our M2P shoes a favorite for gym class, recess and all their favorite play date activities.

Got a dress code to deal with? For kids with uniform requirements, we have school shoes for boys and girls’ school shoes in classic yet stylish designs, all featuring our signature durability, comfort and Seal of Approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association .

What Features Do The Best Kids’ Shoes Have

Stride Rite Flash Sale: Kids Shoes ONLY $19.99 Shipped ...

When it comes to picking the best kids’ shoes, it’s really all about fit. You want shoes designed with real kids in mind. Look for rubber soles that are lightweight and flexible, but still offer optimal shock absorption and slip resistance. The shoes should have rounded edges that match the natural shape of kids’ feet.

Look through our SRtech and Made2Play collections for some great choices.

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Youre Ready To Buy Walking Shoes

Once you decide that your child is ready to move from prewalkers to walking shoes, its time to select the right pair. Explorestylish walking shoes for girls and boys as well as adorable footwear for all stages of babyhood and childhood at Stride Rite.

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Stride Rite Shoes Store Locations In New Hampshire

  • Below is a list of Stride Rite Shoes mall/outlet store locations in New Hampshire, with address, store hours and phone numbers.
  • Stride Rite Shoes has 177 mall stores across the United States, with 1 locations in New Hampshire. View Stride Rite Shoes stores in top U.S. cities.
  • New Hampshire is ranked 13 out of all 50 states for the number of Stride Rite Shoes stores.
  • Looking to shop online? Visit the Stride Rite Shoes website!
Stride Rite Shoes Store Info
Stride Rite Shoes New Hampshire
  • #3 of 3 in Children’s Shoes
Stride Rite Shoes U.S.
  • #3 of 15 in Children’s Shoes

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Baby’s First Walking Shoes

Promoting healthy habits begins in infancy. One of the most vital ways to support your little ones journey is to protect their feet. Investing in the best-fitting walking shoes can make all the difference as your baby discovers the world and embarks on early adventures that set the stage for a happy and productive childhood.

Measuring Babys Feet Is Key To Ensuring A Great Fit

Stride Rite sizes up mobile with foot measuring app

Kids feet tend to grow at least half a size every two to four months, so its helpful to measure them at the halfway point to make any necessary sizing changes. If your child is between sizes, always size up to prevent tightness. With the right shoes on their little feet, your little one is destined for a lifetime of positive and healthy adventures! Learnhow to properly fit kids shoes by using our fit guide.

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Tips For Keeping Shoes On

Just as adults eagerly kick off their shoes at the end of a long day because theyre feet feel uncomfortable, babies may also frequently take their shoes off. Usually, the issue is an incorrect fit. You can often detect this problem by examining their toes as you put the shoes on their feet. If they curl up, it could be an anticipatory response to an awkward fit. Always seek out footwear in the correct length and a wide toe box.

Stride Rite 360 Kids Sr Taye 20 Sneakers White Size 3 M Us

  • FUN KIDS FOOTWEAR: These comfortable yet flexible white sneakers have a removable insole to fit all feet, faux elastic laces to give it a sporty look Designed specifically for independent walkers
  • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE CONSTRUCTION: Kids booties feature flexible rounded soles, dual fit system with removable sock insole, and memory foam footbeds for enhanced comfort
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Stylish shoes have over-sized opening and hook and loop closure for easy on/off and adjustability Comes with antimicrobial lining to reduce odor
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These shoes for children are machine washable and can be cleaned with a damp, warm cloth using mild detergent
  • INSTANT OUTFIT MAKER: Stride Rite celebrates childhood by bringing you kids footwear, with thoughtful designs and vibrant colors, making them a perfect pair with casual and formal kids clothing

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Stride Rite Prewalker Styles

Explore our two true prewalker styles, SR Campbell and SR Mira. These lightweight baby boot-style shoes feature a gel-like outsole that has durable yet flexible compound for premium traction. With our signature rounded edges and the outsole covering their little toes, your baby gets the protection they need to crawl the distance.

Founding And Early Years

Pin by Rachele Alpine on SESAME STREET LOVE

Stride Rite was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1919, as the Green Shoe Manufacturing Company by Jacob A. Slosberg and Philip Green. After founding the company, Green sold his interest to Slosberg twelve years later and Slosberg’s sons Samuel and Charles lead up the company as the heads of sales and manufacturing respectively. Green Shoe became a public company in 1960 and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1966 Green Shoe adopted the Stride Rite Corporation name to emphasize the brand name of one of its best-known products. The name was purchased from another shoe manufacturer in 1933.

In 1968 Arnold Hiatt, the son of a Lithuanian immigrant, became president of the firm and sales were $35 million. Hiatt pursued a policy of acquisitions to keep the firm in tune with consumer preferences.

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When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes

Until your baby starts standing and walking, staying barefoot will help them develop the proprioception they need to balance take their first steps. When you need to protect their feet outdoors or while tottering around, the shoes you choose should be designed specifically for baby feet so they don’t interfere with normal development, like our Soft Motion shoes.

What Is Good Foot Health

Despite their tiny size, baby feet are strong and complex, consisting of 26 bones, 35 joints, ligaments and fatty padding. The best-fitting baby walking shoes promote healthy feet and protect them from injury. Even if your baby hasn’t reached the walking stage quite yet, its imperative to take measures to safeguard their feet early on, so theyre ready for an active lifestyle once they reach the toddler years.

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Stride Rite Interesting Facts

The manufacturer and retailer of shoes Stride Rite has existed in the US market since 1919. Over the decades of its operation it gained one of the first rungs between sellers of shoes, both in terms of quality and popularity among customers. Originally Stride Rite was called Green Shoe because of founders Jacob Slosberg and Philip Green. Green soon sold his share to his the business partner and the company’s management got Slosberg’s sons. In 1966 Green Shoe adopted the Stride Rite Corporation name to emphasize the brand name of one of its best-known products. In 1972, the first retail store was opened and since then literally countless of them have been opened. In the company’s management have been several renowned and competent names which managed guide Stride Rite to today´s success. Now you can buy shoes from Stride Rite mainly in shopping malls and in many outlet stores – in addition in those are in the also shoes for adults. Just a little curiosity at the end: in every Stride Rite retail store you can find over 9,000 pairs of shoes. Now there are over 300 open stores and outlet stores. If you don’t have one close to you, let’s visit Stride Rite’s website and shop through it!

Are There Shoes For Kids With Flat Feet

Stride Rite shoes fix toddler’s feet?! | March 7, 2017

Kids often have flat feet until their fifth birthday. It takes that long for the foot muscles to develop and lift the arch naturally. That’s why it’s so important to buy shoes that enhance a child’s ability to sense and respond to the ground beneath them.

Shoes that claim to be designed for flat-footed children are often misleading or an outright myth. The best footwear for children is sized and fitted to support natural muscle and arch development. That said, you know your child best. If you sense that something is wrong or worry that your kids’ feet aren’t developing properly, you should consult a child podiatrist for expert advice.

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How Do Kids’ Feet Develop

It takes around 24 months for a newborn’s foot bones to fully develop. This makes selecting footwear that’s designed specifically for a baby’s growing feet all the more crucial in their first two years.

Feet continue to grow and strengthen into the teen years. So, your kid’s tenth pair of shoes is just as important as their very first.

To catch you up to speed, here are the main stages of children’s foot development.

How Fast Do Kids’ Feet Grow

Believe it or not, kids’ feet can grow a half size or more every 2 to 4 months! The rate of growth generally depends their age, but many kids’ feet will grow faster or slower at different stages.

Under 15 months old feet grow about 1/2 size every 2 months.
15 months to 2 years old feet grow about 1/2 size every 2-3 months.
2 to 3 years old feet grow about 1/2 size every 3-4 months.
3 to 5 years old feet grow about 1/2 size every 4 months

See our Size Guide for more info on when and how to measure your kid’s feet for shoes.

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What Makes First Walking Shoes Stand Out

Walking shoes are noteworthy because theyre with your child through a life-changing milestone. No longer is baby limited to crawling on all fours. Suddenly, your little one is gripping onto the furniture or holding your hands to maintain balance while learning how to walk properly. Its a major first step that builds stability and establishes balance the two most important traits required for walking.

How To Choose Best Stride Rite Shoes For New Walkers

Stride Rite

Choosing the best product from its huge variety is difficult if you dont know the important factors to keep in mind while buying it. This buying guide consists of all the important factors that one should consider to pick the right one to meet his need.

Here are 7 effective tips to make you a smart customer-

1. Purpose

You must have a clear idea about the purpose behind buying it. Once you determine your purpose it becomes easier to determine all other factors.

2. Features

All products have some essential specifications. But you may need some extra or special features. If you have any special requirements then look for that special feature that can meet that requirement.The more feature you will add the more expensive it will be. Some features may require special maintenance. Sometimes people buy the stride rite shoes for new walkers with special features but dont take care of it properly and as a result, the longevity lessens.

3. Working Mechanism

If you are a newbie and dont know how it works I would suggest you check the working mechanism so that you can understand whether you can operate it or not or you may need help from some experienced persons.Experienced users often ignore the working mechanism as they are aware of it and that is ok. But you know the companies are always upgrading their product. So, I would suggest you check if any new feature is installed.

4. Brand

5. Warranty and After-Sale Service

6. Price

7. Customer Reviews

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Prewalking Shoes Vs Walking Shoes: Whats The Difference

There are significant differences between shoes for the baby stage, prewalker shoes, and walking shoes. As you’re shopping for the perfect fit, you’ll come across both prewalking shoes and soft sole walking shoes. Since the two styles vary in functionality, features and construction, its crucial to understand the key differences that set them apart.

Can Kids Wear Hand

No. We strongly discourage parents from putting their children in used shoes. After a shoe has been worn by one kid for a while, it forms to the shape of their specific foot. Kids’ feet need proper support to promote healthy development and avoid foot problems down the road â putting them in shoes that are already worn down in places puts them at risk for the wrong kind of support.

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How Do You Convert Us Sizes To European Kids’ Shoe Sizes

Just like adult shoes, kids’ shoes in Europe and the UK are sized differently than shoes sold in the US. Generally, baby shoes in the UK are labeled a full size smaller than their US counterparts. The exception is US baby size 1, which are a size 0.5 in the UK.

European baby shoes range from whole sizes 16-30. European shoes for toddlers start at adult size 23 and continue to increase by half sizes until they are fully grown.

If you’re buying Stride Rite shoes from the UK, you’ll generally want to order one size up. If you’re in Europe, use a European shoe size conversion chart to check the corresponding US size, or contact a Stride Rite team member for support.

Is Your Little One Ready For Walking Shoes


How can you tell if your little one is ready to take to the floors in walking shoes? Take your cue from any small changes that you notice at around seven months of age. At that stage, they begin reaching for furnishings and railings to support their bodies. As they grow a couple of months older, theyll stand and shift their weight back and forth.

If your little one is still largely crawling around on all fours, opt for stroller booties and prewalker shoes until theyre ready to start taking their first steps. As motor skills improve and your baby shows signs of increased independent movement, its important to find a pair of baby shoes for early walkers to provide sufficient protection.

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What’s The Average Shoe Size For A 3

All children grow at different rates. So, we always recommend measuring your kid’s feet prior to ordering a new pair of Stride Rite shoes. If you’re buying shoes as a gift, your best bet is asking the child’s parents for their shoe size.

Stride Rite does have a returns and exchange policy. You can send shoes back within 45 days with the original receipt for a full refund, unless the purchase was marked final sale.

What Do Kids’ Shoe Sizes Mean

Baby shoe sizes are usually labeled by age in months. Little kids typically wear shoes ranging from size 3.5 to size 10, and big-kid sizes start at size 10.5. Once your child outgrows their size 13.5 kids’ shoes, they graduate into adult sizes. So, their next pair will likely be a size 1.

For more information on kids’ shoe sizes, use our Size Guide.

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