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What Happened To Del Toro Shoes

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What Is Your Return Policy

Guillermo del Toro | Behind the Oscars Speech

Please email us at [email protected] to initiate your return!

Del Toro offers free returns within 30 days of purchase for full priced items which are returned to our warehouse in unworn condition. The customer may elect for a refund to the original payment method or a store credit. For refunds to the original payment method, please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to appear on the bank statement.

Returns will be processed within 10 business days from when they are received by the warehouse .

Return shipping is covered by us within the US. However, the customer is responsible for return shipping on international orders.

All products marked as final sale or clearance will not be accepted as returns and/or exchanges.

Laser engraved or custom orders are non-refundable after the order has been placed.

Please email us at with your order number to initiate a return or to ask any questions!

They’ve Both Learned From Their Daughter

You’re never too old to learn, as the saying goes, and Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro have both revealed that the daughter they share has taught them plenty of things about this thing we call life.

In 2015, the former told news.com.au that despite once making a living as a model, she doesn’t always get it right with her sense of style. Well, that’s according to her only child Delilah anyway. Stewart said, “She’ll look at me sometimes and she doesn’t need to say anything she’ll just look at me and I just know that I’m wearing the wrong shoes or something.” Luckily, the youngster knows how to throw shade while remaining unfailingly polite. As Stewart said in Hello!, “She’s sassy and has great manners I really instilled that from a young age so she’s always saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.'”

And while promoting “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” in 2018, del Toro told Us Weekly that fatherhood has helped to improve his compromising skills and ability to keep cool, something which apparently comes in particularly handy whenever Delilah is in the midst of a tantrum. In a chat with Independent.ie shortly after his daughter’s birth, the actor also revealed becoming a dad has made him reassess life in general: “And so having a child now you look back at yourself and you have to think about things that are important that you learn from your parents and your upbringing and move it forward.”

Did Kimberly Stewart Want A Second Child

Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro surprised everybody in 2011 when they revealed they were going to become parents, although not partners, together. And according to the rumor mill, the former was hoping at some point to surprise everyone again.

Yes, in 2013, Star magazine reported that the one-time model desperately wanted daughter Delilah to grow up with a younger sibling. And who better to help expand her family unit than a certain brooding actor? An anonymous insider said, “She said she couldn’t imagine having a baby with any other man. She said they have a great system going, and she really wants Delilah to have a full blood sibling.”

Who knows whether this was all just pure speculation? But we can confirm that Stewart and del Toro didn’t have a second child together, nor have they had one with any other party, either. Luckily, Delilah isn’t likely to have been short of company while growing up. Stewart told Hello! that her daughter had already become attached to Aiden, the socialite’s half-brother from dad Rod Stewart’s : “Since they are only six months apart, I am counting on them being best friends.”

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Penlope Cruz Sadie Sink And More Attend The Chanel Soire In Venice

But their grandiose plans fell short and the brand was put up for sale. Roberts, who said he lost a bit of interest in Del Toro under its former owners because they had moved away from its focus on Italian-made shoes with a Miami aesthetic and edge, lined up a few friends and purchased the company in 2020.

His plan was to bring it back to its roots. I really felt like Del Toro has a reason to exist.

Then the pandemic hit and he began to question the wisdom of buying a brand whose hero product is a velvet tuxedo slipper when all weddings and events came to a screeching halt. He persevered, moved the headquarters to his hometown of New York and closed the Del Toro stores in Miami and Manhattan.

He also worked to liquidate the apparel during the Lord & Taylor bankruptcy sale and put the focus back on the quality footwear made in Milan and Naples. Once that was accomplished, Roberts took the opportunity to pull the brand from market and prepare for a relaunch. No one was buying velvet tuxedo slippers so it took a lot of pressure off, he said. We shut down the site and rebuilt it in a way that were proud of. We communicated the ownership change and went back to the old logo. So the pandemic was actually a blessing in disguise.

The brand has a handful of specialty store accounts but is primarily sold online on the Del Toro e-commerce site. We saw a lot of multi-shoe orders, he said, because people were afraid we were going to shut down again.

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Del Toro has earned a reputation for comfort, style, and personality. And, you can even personalize your shoes for yourself or your wedding party. Many of our customizations can be completed in just one week. Our no-slip rubber injected soles will also have you feeling your best out on the dance floor.

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Id Like To Customize A Pair Of Shoes How Do I Do That

Please visit the product page of the shoe you’d like to customize and click on the “Engrave” button. We offer customization options on all of our velvet slippers through a domestic laser engraving process. If youd like a different customization offering, please email us at and well take care of you. Our customization is offered at a flat $40 rate.

Note that we currently only offer customization on some of our styles.

Benicio Del Toro Is Still A Proud Bachelor

Before Benicio del Toro briefly got together with Kimberly Stewart, his romantic history read like a who’s who of Hollywood. Calling him a “laid-back ladies man,” the Evening Standard pointed out that the rumor mill has linked him to a number of A-list stars like Alicia Silverstone, Minnie Driver, and Scarlett Johansson.

However, his love life has been less of a tabloid staple since becoming a parent. In a 2018 chat with Esquire, the Golden Globe winner admitted that he was something of a loner before explaining why he’s still very much one of Hollywood’s most notable bachelors. Del Toro said, “I’ve been in love. Yeah, I’ve been in love several times. A lot of times when you’ve started having a relationship with someone and you fall in love, you’re very vulnerable, so you become unstable really quick and that causes all kinds of drama, and that’s not good.” However, the actor did hint at a new love interest by revealing that “someone special” had gifted him a silver ring shaped like a lion’s head.

According to the Oscar winner, dating around isn’t his thing. “I’ve never been a guy who likes to play the field and even though you get more opportunities as your level of recognition goes up, I’m not interested in playing that game because it’s a pretty shallow lifestyle,” he once told Cinema.com. “Right now I’m so busy I honestly don’t think I can have a long-term relationship.”

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The Two Have Neither Confirmed Nor Denied This Story Which Is Likely To Remain Among The Legends Related To The Entertainment World

Obviously, Benicio was also interviewed about it and he never wanted to reveal himself too much. Specifically, the man said he leaves the answer to the imagination of the curious, specifying how Chateau Marmont has only 8 floors. In this time frame, therefore, the star sicario He admitted how he probably couldnt even take his shirt off.

Things Reportedly Began At A Hollywood Landmark

What if Guillermo Del Toro’s HULK TV Show Was Made?

Described as a hotel “populated by people either on their way up or on their way down,” the Chateau Marmont has welcomed a seemingly endless list of starlets, counterculture icons, revered A-listers, and Tinseltown hopefuls through its hallowed doors over the years. As actor Griffin Dunne said in Vanity Fair, “The Chateau Marmont is the pure essence of what Hollywood is. It has an authenticity to it and an aura unlike any other place you can think of.”

It also happens to be the place where Benicio del Toro and Kimberly Stewart apparently got together in 2010, per Daily Mail. While their hookup didn’t spark a long-lasting romance, it did prompt them to start a family: Stewart and del Toro reportedly conceived their daughter Delilah that evening.

Legend has it that del Toro had form when it came to bedding celebrities at the Chateau Marmont . He is said to have got hot and heavy with Scarlett Johansson in the hotel’s elevator following an award show, something which he didn’t seem keen to deny in an interview with Esquire : “Let’s leave that to somebody’s imagination. Let’s not promote it. I’m sure it has happened before. It might not be the last time, either.”

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The Truth About Benicio Del Toro And Kimberly Stewart

If you thought that Eddie Murphy and Melanie B were the most unlikely celebs to have ever welcomed a kid together, think again. Four years after the Spice Girl gave birth to daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown and a paternity test proved to the skeptical “Beverly Hills Cop” star that he was indeed the father another couple of showbiz figures you’d never have put together in a month of Sundays revealed they were expecting a baby.

Academy Award winner Benicio del Toro accepted straight away that he was the man who’d impregnated Kimberly Stewart, the one-time wild child daughter of gravelly-voiced rock legend Rod Stewart. In fact, the “Traffic” star has apparently been very much a hands-on dad since the birth of their daughter.

But what about the relationship between del Toro and Stewart? Was there ever one at all? And how have they fared since becoming mom and pop? Here’s a look at their intriguing love story.

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What Is Del Toro Shoess Return Policy

Del Toro has a free 30-day return policy for US orders. You must return your item in unworn condition, and you can opt for a full refund or store credit. Full refunds can take up to 10 business days for the amount to appear on your bank statement. In addition, international customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

You can initiate your return by contacting the customer service team via email.

What Is Del Toro Shoess Shipping Policy

Del Toro Spring 2014 Smoking Slippers

Del Toro offers free shipping for US orders over $100. 2-Day shipping is also available for an extra charge. FedEx fulfills international orders, and various shipping options are available at checkout.

International customers are also responsible for customs duties at the time of delivery. There isnt much more shipping information, but its safe to assume that youll receive an estimated arrival time with your tracking information.

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Del Toro’s Comeback Starts Now

My job was about two blocks away was the Del Toro Flagship, and one day after work, I stopped by, walked in and was so impressed by the shoe collection. They were unlike any other shoes Id seen before, said Roberts.

Roberts continued to follow the brand, even when he moved from Miami back to Manhattan. In 2019, he overheard through a friend that Del Toro was up for sale. Roberts and a group of investors rallied together and bought Del Toro. By the spring of 2020, Roberts signed on as CEO and he was ready to work on relaunch.

When we bought the company the first thing we did was we had to shut it down because we had to move warehouses and relaunch the website, said Roberts. The amount of emails we got of concern that their favorite shoe company was going away was overwhelming.

After holding a sample sale in the spring to liquidate some of the older styles, Del Toro shut down for a couple of months. When the footwear company came back in late 2020, Roberts noticed that some customers were ordering shoes in bulk as if they were worried Del Toro would shut down again.

We saw a lot of orders of like eight shoes in size eight because people were just stocking up, as if people were like, in case you guys go away again, I need to get all my orders in,’ Roberts said. It was just great to see the customer support and when we relaunched.

I feel like I have an advantage to being a customer first because every decision I make is through the customer lens, said Roberts.

Kimberly Stewart And Benicio Del Toro Continue To Co

Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro’s relationship might allegedly have only lasted a single night at the Chateau Marmont, but thanks to the child who was reportedly conceived at the Hollywood landmark, they are both still very much involved in each other’s day-to-day lives.

The pair have often been pictured together enjoying family days out with their daughter Delilah. In 2016, the Daily Mail ran photos of the trio visiting Los Angeles’ California Science Center. A few years before that, del Toro and Stewart were spotted leaving a friend’s house with their tot in tow shortly after her first birthday, per Us Weekly. And then in 2013, the Daily Mail shared snaps of the former paramours at a Puerto Rican airport with their little tot ahead of her christening.

As for why they chose to call their child Delilah? Well, it turns out that a ladies’ man who’s been a fixture of the British music scene since the 1960s was an inspiration. No, we’re not referring to Stewart’s famous father Rod. The socialite told Hello! magazine in 2013, “I named her after the Tom Jones song, as I’d always loved that.”

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How Should I Care For My Del Toro Shoes

With good care, you can enjoy years of use with your Del Toro shoes. Store your shoes in a tree to maintain their form, and away from any heat or moisture that cause damage. Since shoes made from different materials may require specific treatments, here is how to best care for yours:

  • Leather Shoes: Apply a mild cleaner liberally, then scrub with a horse hair brush until clean. Wipe the rubber soles clean with a damp cloth.
  • Suede Shoes: Rub down your suede with a horse hair brush and remove any dirt gently with a damp cloth and suede cleaner. Always use a weather protection spray to prevent damage.
  • Velvet Slippers: Brush your slippers after every use to remove any dirt. Since velvet is not waterproof, you can spray them with protective coating.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Del Toro.

Forus: What Happened To Running Shoes Sneakers After Shark Tank

Guillermo del Toro on Winning Oscars & After Parties

SHARK TANK – Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner

Forus Athletics was a company that sold lightweight running shoes. The company touted using an insole shock-absorbing technology that absorbs the pressure of your body weight during a walk or intense workout and eliminates back, calf and spine pain. It also claimed that the shoes were so lightweight that it felt like you were wearing socks not shoes. The two founders, Joel Vinocur and Arsene Millogo, pitched the shoe company on Shark Tank in April 2015. They went into the Tank seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 15 percent equity.

Robert Herjavec was interested in investing in Forus but only if fellow Shark and clothing and shoe retail guru Daymond John came in with him because as Herjavec said inventory control is absolutely critical and thats Johns expertise. John did not invest, however, so neither did Herjavec. The entrepreneurs left the Tank without a deal. After Shark Tank, complaints alleging customer service issues, delivery issues, and refund issues were filed with the Better Business Bureau. The company is no longer in business.

According to , after the closing of Forus in October 2015, Vinocur became a sales manager for Oracle and is currently a manager in corporate sales at Grubhub. He is also studying entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School. New episodes of Shark Tank air Sundays at 10 pm on ABC, right after American Idol.

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