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What Kind Of Golf Shoes Should I Buy

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Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

Adidas CODECHAOS Golf Shoes | AFTER 9 Months | Should you BUY them?

Finally, the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is built for comfort and style and rounding out our list for best spikeless golf shoes. While they are more expensive than most golf shoes on this list, understand that you are paying for quality.

ECCO golf partnered with BOA to provide you a no-laces golf shoe that can be adjusted quickly and precisely using only one hand. They scanned over 2,500 athletes to provide the best level of support.

Plus, they are super easy to clean even if you want to wear them in wet conditions. They use a GoreTex technology that helps with comfort and also makes them completely waterproof. Water from the outside isnt getting to these shoes easily making them perfect for winter golf.

Can Spikeless Golf Shoes Be Worn On Any Course

If youre playing a more upscale course, such as a country club, you may wonder if spikeless golf shoes are too casual.

Styles of spikeless golf shoes range from the traditional to the casual, giving golfers plenty of options to choose from based on preferred style, says McMullen. Since a major emphasis is placed on growing the involvement in golf, I believe many courses are accepting golfers who fit this wide range of player style profiles in an effort to expand and diversify the game.

Of course, if you have questions, it is always best to consult the club dress code.

Skechers Go Golf Arch Fit

The Skechers GO GOLF Arch Fit – Line Up is a fantastic option for those in need of extra arch support. We love how Skechers identified this need and created a whole shoe based on it. The overall comfort of the shoe is really good, which makes it a great option for walking the course. The mesh upper keeps the Skechers Arch Fit plenty breathable, yet provides enough water-resistance to get through pretty wet conditions. While the arch support of the GO GOLF Arch Fit is fantastic, the other areas of the shoe offer adequate but not stand-out support. The spikeless traction does its job, and allows for versatility. As per usual when it comes to Skechers golf shoes, the Arch Fit Line Up is very affordable. It kind of goes without saying that we recommend this Skechers golf shoe for those in need of comfort and arch support, and who don’t want to break the bank.

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Adidas Adicross Zx Primeblue

The adidas Adicross ZX Primeblue Spikeless Golf Shoe is perfect for those in need of versatility. It looks just like a trainer/sport shoe, and feels like it too. This leads us to our favorite part of the golf shoe it’s traction. It performs amazingly well on the course, providing excellent stability during the swing, yet also feels perfect when walking on any surface on and off the course. For those of us who feel too lazy to lug around golf shoes, this is perfect. The Adicross ZX Primeblue is also really comfortable. Boost cushioning technology has established itself as second to none. The Primeblue upper not only feels comfortable as well, but is environmentally-friendly. Our only criticism of the shoe is that it’s not as waterproof as led to believe. It will keep out morning dew and keep your feet relatively dry in damp conditions, but it won’t hold out in rain.

Spiked Golf Shoes To Consider:

The Best Golf Shoes of 2020  ReviewThis

Opinion 2: Buying new golf shoes is worth it

I currently rotate between a handful of different types of soft spikes and spikeless shoes. When whatever is on the bottom of my golf shoes wears down, I simply get new shoes. Would it be more cost effective to replace my spikes? Probably. Does that make me feel as good as getting new shoes does? No it does not. You know what they say: Look good, feel good, play good.

Also, many shoes, including one of my personal, oh-so-affordable favorites, the Nike Vapors, just have rubber soles molded into the shape of spikes. Theres no option for replacing those. Similarly, the shoes in which I shot my best round ever, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tours, do not have replaceable spikes. When I start to feel a little unstable in either of thoseI slipped on back-to-back tee boxes last weekendIll just grab a new pair. Youre welcome for my business, Nike.

I also play a lot of golf, so I tend to wear through shoes rather quickly. And because Ive grown up with spikeless options and those non-replaceable soft spikes, I dont think I even know how to replace a spike if I wanted to. I do have a pair of adidas Tour360XTs that I like enough to try it, but I also could just ditch those and slip into a lighter pair of the adidas CodeChaos or ZG21s , both of which are great for walking.

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Surlyn Cover Golf Balls

The surlyn cover although more affordable than other urethane is also more durable. Because of this durability, these balls have a huge demand in the market.

Beginners who are practicing hundreds of shots in a day wont have to worry about the ball wearing out or deforming. And you can even gain more distance from these balls because of their tendency to spin less. For professional, its the last thing they want.

From Spiked To Spikeless: A Short History

In the mid-19th century, Scottish golfers hammered nails into their leather-soled boots. When armed with spikes, they could better cope with damp, wet conditions on the links. Still, these nails could come loose and skewer the foot.

Before the end of the 1800s, permanent screw-in metal spikes appeared. Replaceable metal spikes arrived about half-a-century later. They improved traction, although the greens did not fare too well. On hard floors, metal-spiked shoes sent unsuspecting players skating to oblivion. And, wayward golfers weaponized with metal spikes gouged more than a few wooden floors. Eventually, soft plastic spikes arrived to address these common concerns. Metal spikes quickly went the way of the studded tire.

Next, companies like Adidas, Puma and Ecco introduced spikeless shoes. They were so versatile that they could be worn both on and off the course. At first, some pros and hard-swinging amateurs were skeptical about these shoes with the little rubber nubs. Forsaking the anchoring of spikes in the turf seemed foolhardy to some.

Spikeless shoes were originally thought of as nothing more than glorified sneakers. The rubber nubs provided reasonable stability for light swinging, casual players. However, the innovative footwear did not excite competing professionals, low-handicappers and those with high swing speeds.

Now, thats all changed. A number of top touring pros can attest to it.

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What Golf Shoes Do Pros Wear

PGA and LPGA Tour pros wear a variety of golf shoes and usually depend on their sponsor. Even then players wear all different types of shoes as some prefer a loafer style while others play a more traditional style and some play an athletic style. Heck, some pros even still use metal spikes too!

Some rock New Balance, others a traditional Nike Air shoe, and others like Rickie Fowler use a Puma Ignite pwrsport shoe. Its a bit of everything on the PGA Tour!

Q: How Do You Waterproof Golf Shoes

Golf Basics : How to Buy Golf Shoes

A: Waterproofing your golf shoes is a necessity if you regularly play in wet conditions. First, make sure your shoes are clean and dry. Next, select a waterproof spray that is leather-friendly and apply a healthy coating to the entire exterior of the shoe. Wipe off any excess liquid and let your shoes sit overnight in a warm space to dry. Once dried, run water over the exterior of the shoe to make sure they are waterproofed to your liking.

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The Best Spiked Golf Shoes Of 2021

Our Mission:

We are independent, unbiased and always put the #ConsumerFirst. We spend thousands of hours testing and researching products to help you get the most out of your game. This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. > > READ MORE

Are you in the market for a new golf shoe? If so, check out the best shoes of 2021.

The Under Armour HOVR Drive takes top spot in 2021. The HOVR Drive rated highly in comfort, traction and stability, ensuring youre ready for what ever course conditions you might encounter. The Drive allows for the correct amount of lateral movement while swinging.

  • Available in only a few colors

Skechers is known for comfort and they delivered with their GO GOLF Torque Pro. It may look boring to some but the Torque Pro has one of the softest leathers in the test as well as supportive cushioning on the heel and mid-section. Much improved traction will keep you grounded at all times.

  • Performed well in all elements
  • Improved traction
  • Fits half a size too large

If youre looking for a shoe that has a good combination of comfort and performance, look no further than New Balance Striker 2.0. It has a soft leather that molds to your foot. Easy wipe-down leather makes cleaning your shoes a breeze.

  • Better than most for stability
  • Foot is surrounded by comfort
  • Good shoe for all elements
  • Slight loss of traction in the heel section
  • Shoe is flexible and molds to your foot
  • Oh, its $65

Do I Have To Wear Golf Shoes

Many public courses these days will let you play without golf shoes, golf clubs are trying to encourage new people to the sport so dont want to turn away revenue because of the wrong footwear.

The upside as a customer is you can still play without the added expense of a pair of shoes, the downside is your golf wont be as good and you may injure yourself.

Most sports injuries are ankle related so you want to protect yourself as much as possible. As golf is played over a varied terrain you may find yourself slipping on an uneven surface if the soles of your shoes dont have any traction.

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Q: How Do You Clean Golf Shoes

A: If you want your golf shoes to last a long time, its important to clean them on a regular basis. Doing so requires only a bucket of hot water, soap, a bristle brush and a clean towel. To begin, wet the towel and thoroughly wipe down the exterior of your shoes. If there is still grime in the creases, dip your brush in water and gently scrub these areas clean. If you want to keep your leather shoes looking pristine, a small investment in the appropriately colored shoe polish goes a long way. To shine your shoes, apply a liberal amount of polish to the surface and gently rub it in with a clean brush. In order to ensure the integrity of the shoes shape and fit, putting a shoe a shoe horn on the inside is an excellent idea.

A Surprising Favorite: Callaway Oceanside

New Balance

To be honest, I didnt expect to like these shoes. When I think of world-class golf shoe, Callaway isnt the first brand to come to mind.

But the Oceanside? Its a very comfortable shoe that performs great.

Maybe not cutting edge style-wise, but thats not important to everybody.

If youre looking for a spikeless shoe that performs well, is comfortable but that doesnt creep up into the Ecco or FootJoy Tour-X price range, then this is one to take a look at.

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Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes: What You Need To Know

Even the best spikeless golf shoes are sometimes viewed as a compromise in performance, but that is far from being the truth. Instead of groups of cleats, spikeless shoes have far larger areas covering the entire base of the shoe for greater traction.

Stable, comfortable, and versatile, the best spikeless golf shoes are certainly not just for casual golfers many professionals are also going the spikeless route.

Without spikes or cleats to wear down, the tread will last longer. The lower-key style makes them look less like specialist sportswear, and more like a fashionable trainer. Plus unlike with spikes, you dont have to change when you get to the clubhouse. So youre first in line at the bar to get that first pint in before anyone else shows up.

Of course, there is one clear downside spikeless shoes suffer in wetter conditions as their tread isnt as deep as spiked shoes.

The good news is that many manufacturers now offer their popular golf shoes in both spiked and spikeless, so you can buy your favourite golf shoes in both versions, and choose which to sport, depending on the weather.

Still not sure which you need? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our handy guide to the pros and cons of both. Golf shoes: spiked or spikeless?

Change Your Spikes Or Replace Your Golf Shoes A Golf Digest Debate

Be honest, when is the last time you thought deeply about the bottom of your golf shoes? Dont wait until your foot slips out during a crucial shot to take traction seriouslyevaluate your footwear now. If you flip over your shoe to see worn cleats or nubs, its time for a replacement. You have two options: Either replace the entire shoe, or if youve got a cleated pair of golf shoes, fix the traction issue. With the rise in popularity of spikeless golf shoes, many golfers are used to replacing their shoes, spikeless or not, and forget you can swap out cleats on spiked golf shoes. Is that practical and worth doing? Three of our editors weigh in on whether they swap spikes or swap shoesand why.RELATED:The best men’s golf shoes of 2021 and The best women’s golf shoes of 2021

Opinion 1: Spike Swapper

I love trendy golf shoes and switching up my style on the course, but it seems pretty wasteful and expensive to throw out a pair of shoes whenever the grip wears down, which happens pretty quickly for me. I find that changing out my spikes is not only a good way to get your moneys worth out of your golf shoes, but it also gives you better grip when youre out on the course. There are also a lot of stylish golf shoes that feature adjustable spikes, and with the wide variety of spikes, you can customize your shoes to provide the support and grip you need when playing.

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Under Armour Hovr Forge Rc

We love how Under Armour provides a wide variety of golf shoes, and this time they’ve focused on comfort. We love their HOVR technology, which is definitely the highlight of the the UA Forge RC. It just feels great for walking, seemingly injecting energy into each step. The spikeless Rotational Resistance traction is lightweight and absolutely fantastic for walking. And as good as it is for walking, the outsole also grips really well on the course and during the swing. Do keep in mind that the Forge RC isn’t fully waterproof, so we recommend it for dry, warmer conditions. We wish there was a bit more support during the swing, but overall the shoe does feel pretty darn good for all-around wear and play. We recommend the Under Armour Forge RC for those who do a lot of walking in warm/hot conditions and place an emphasis on comfort.

Winner Under Armour Hovr Drive

Do NOT Buy A Pair Of GOLF SHOES Until You Watched This Video!

When it comes to overall performance, the Under Armour HOVR Drive put on quite a show. This spiked shoe was consistent across multiple key metrics, making it the undisputed winner of the 2021 Most Wanted Spiked Shoe Test. See the results table below, but this is how the HOVR Drive performed in each category.

  • 2nd in stability
  • 5th in traction


The Footjoy HyperFlex BOA golf shoe is the most comfortable shoe in the test. Its sock like fitting, paired with the BOA tightening system truly allows the shoe to mold to you foot. With its textile upper you think it wouldn’t be good in wet conditions. The HyperFlex BOA has a 2 year waterproof guarantee to put your mind at ease.

EXPERT TIP – Sizes From Country To Country

Most companies have sizes that are compatible with one another from country to country. However, some companies like adidas have only a half size difference from UK to US. Be diligent and read the conversion label to get the right size.

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Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand

Lightweight comfort is the name of the game for the COLE HAAN Generation ZEROGRAND. Its innovative Stitchlite mesh upper feels amazing, and blends perfectly with the midsole and sockliner. There’s no doubt that the Generation ZEROGRAND literally feels like you’re walking on clouds. In fact, we can say this is one of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking. Although it’s water-resistant, we definitely recommend the Generation ZEROGRAND for warm, dry conditions. The golf-specific performance of this COLE HAAN golf shoe was slightly disappointing. We say this because while the traction system works amazingly well for walking, it doesn’t provide a whole lot of grip. As comfortable and breathable as the upper is, it doesn’t offer much in the way of lateral support during the swing. We recommend the COLE HAAN Generation ZEROGRAND for the trendy golfer who needs something versatile and comfortable.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 2

If you are thinking about, what golf shoes should I buy if I want to endure a long day playing in a golf course, you should definitely go for the Skechers Go Golf Elite 2.

When you get yourself a pair of these shoes, you will be amazed by how impeccably comfortable they are!

Aside from that, the Skechers Go Golf Elite 2 is made from waterproof and breathable materials.

Which can keep your feet fresh and dry whether the sun is brightly shining or the rain is heavily pouring.

This golf shoe also offers a lot of color combinations to choose from, and it is also available in mens and womens designs and sizes.

However, the only downside with the Skechers Go Golf Elite 2 is its spikeless design.

This means that it doesnt have that much grip to offer.

The Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 is the answer to your question, which golf shoes to buy if you want spikeless but with competitive traction.

A lot of people prefer spikeless golf shoes because of the comfort that it provides when walking.

However, the only bad thing in wearing this type of golf shoes is that it doesnt give you enough traction that is needed for playing the game of golf.

Ecco wanted to disprove the fact that spikeless cannot have a grip and this led to the culmination of the Ecco Biom Hybrid 2.

In this mode, Ecco increased the traction bar around the heel to give you the stability that you need to perform a hard swing.

This Hydromax technology gives the shoes its breathability and waterproofness.

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