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What Shoes Are Good For Walking On Concrete All Day

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Skechers For Work Mens 76690 Keystone Sneaker

The 10 Best Shoes for Standing, Walking & Working on Concrete All Day

If you work on your feet for long, or in situations where you are at risk of falls, such as construction or medical work, your body is constantly exposed to high stress and possibly chronic body pains. Therefore, you need the right pair of shoes, to prevent or minimize such risks. A slip-resistant shoe is what you are looking for. Fortunately, the Skechers for Work Mens 76690 Keystone Sneaker, has been designed for precisely these kinds of situations.

It kind of looks like a running shoe. But its most definitely very suitable for working conditions. Its designed not only to look good, but to give you comfortable support all day long. The shoe is available in white and black, although black tends to be more common with most buyers. It is described as a work shoe, with generous support and cushioning. This means that it fits perfectly for all you hard working people who are looking for the best shoes for standing on concrete all day long.

It features a slip proof outsole that is generally sturdy. It has leather uppers and a strong lace up design. Its just a really thick build. The shoe promises to fit snugly and comfortably every day, all day. This is partially thanks to the removable PU footbed and EVA midsole. The rubber sole provides really good support and traction. This is a work shoe that will keep your feet grounded and comfortable.

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Merrell Mens Encore Gust

Hence, when we talk about the 10 life-changing shoes to walk and stand on concrete all day, one of them had to be Merrells. And the Merrell Mens Encore Gust took the trophy.

Product Highlights:

The Encore Gust features a full-grain leather upper with a durable mesh lining to keep your feet healthy while adding to your style. M Select Fresh technology is used to treat the mesh lining, which helps in reducing odors.

There is a removable EVA insole so you can be on your highest point of comfort. As you get padding and air-cushioning in all the right spots, you dont feel a thing at the end of the day.

The outsole has M Select Grip to provide you with better traction. Also, it is highly durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the shoes are super flexible and highly shock absorbent.


  • Not very slip-resistant

Consider These Things Before Buying Best Shoes For Standing All Day

You want a shoe thats comfortable and stylish. At the same time, you dont want to break the bank. Lets take a look at a few things that you should consider when shopping around for your next pair of shoes.Trying to find the best shoes for walking on concrete without actually being able to try them on can be difficult. Ive put together an extensive buying guide to make it as easy as possible.

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Best For Factory Work: New Balance Mens Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe

  • Arch support for easy moving


  • Not suitable for small feet sizes

Many users review that these New Balance Mens shoes protect their feet well and bring a feeling of comfort when walking or standing on concrete floors throughout the day. It is the perfect choice for people who work in places like factories or warehouses all-day.

The breathable foam cushion inside the shoes for warehouse offers you softness and comfort for your feet, even when you have to stand or move on hard surfaces for a long time. Also, the leather material and smooth surfaces make these shoes effortless to clean up.

The durability and quality of these New Balance shoes are high. It never got worn out. So you can wear it for over a year to work about 8-9 hours a day on concrete floors. Plus, the grip of the outsole is firm, which makes it very strongly slip-resistant, which assures the high level of safety for users.

Suppose youre looking for warehouse shoes like this one. In that case, you can check out these top 15 best shoes for the warehouse that many branded leaders in fashional shoes have designed for walking, standing, and running in a working environment like a factory or on concrete floors.

Why Wear Special Shoes For Walkingon Concrete

Top 5 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors In 2021

Concrete is unforgiving. It doesnt provide you with padding or offer any type of give when you step on it, making it a very uncomfortable surface to walk on. Walking on concrete for hours on end can lead to serious health risks, including injuries and chronic conditions that can impact your feet, legs, hips, joints, and back.

Wearing shoes that are not accommodating to theconditions of concrete can cause your plantar fascia to tear or stiffen, leading to pain and Plantar Fasciitis.

When youre walking, every step you take putsan impact on your bodyand this impact becomes much more severe if yourewalking on concrete, as this surface can exhaust your shins, leading to musclepain and tissue damage. Furthermore, the continuous impact on your knees cancause your kneecaps to rub against the neighboring bones, leading to cartilagedamage and even tendinitis.

If youre already injuredespecially if youhave an existing back injury or pain from poor posturewalking on concretecan exacerbate the injury and overwork your spines ligaments, causing pain andsevere discomfort.

In summary, walking on hard surfaces such asconcrete all day can lead to:

Clearly, if you spend your days walking onconcrete, its in your best interest to invest in appropriate shoes. Now letslook at some factors you should take into consideration when shopping for thesespecific shoes.

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Rockport Mens Almartin Oxford

The last of our best shoes standing all day at work for men comes from Rockport and is part of their Rockport Proper Place collection. This is another attractive leather shoe with some subtle detailing on the laser-cut material and stitching. As is now customary with these dress shoes, there is a choice of ether a black or a brown. An interesting side note here is the promotion of the easy to clean upper, which suggests a desire to provide a user-friendly option rather than just a good-looking one.

The footbed is made from a spongy ethylene vinyl acetate and is designed to conform to the foot to improve cushioning, stability and the fit. Most buyers are indeed impressed by all three. The only possible downside here is that the arch support is minimal and there doesnt seem to be a way of removing the insole in order to add a personal device. The comfort is then enhanced by the use of the lightweight, shock-absorbing sole, the padding on the tongue and the breathable lining. It seems that every single element has been considered here and buyers can enjoy fresher, more supported feet for longer.

Is Walking On Concrete Bad For Your Feet

Yes, walking on concrete can be proved tiring. Walking for a long time may result in serious aching and feet fatigue. Moreover, by walking on a concrete floor, your ordinary shoes can be easily torn which can injure your feet. If you dont choose suitable shoes the constant discomfort can be proved as really bad for you. To avoid all these issues you should choose the best shoes for walking on the rest. You can easily find them by ponder over the above data.

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Skechers Usa Mens Segment The Search Slip On Loafer

Skechers has always been a go-to brand for and anyone looking for a comfortable walking shoe. They understood that sometimes men need to be both comfortable while still looking work appropriate and they made the Segment The Search Loafer to meet both standards. Available in black, brown, and dark brown these loafers can match almost any work uniform.

The gel infused memory foam insole gives added cushioning as you walk or stand on a hard surface. Working men love how supportive the midsole is and how much shock absorption they get in every step. This casual dress shoe is also easy to get on and off, equipped with a pull-on tab at the tongue. The elastic goring makes them easy to maneuver in, as it provides your foot with flexibility as you walk. Men appreciate how roomy they are as some work shoes can make their feet feel cramped. These shoes are sure to wow your boss and wow your feet!

New Balance Womens Athletic Walking Shoe

15 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete all Day in 2021 #shorts

Designed with a shock-absorbing cushioning, these walking shoes help to prevent any injuries and pain when youre prone to the harshness of hard surfaces. This extra cushioning remains comfortable against bare skin, which is great for hot climates.

New Balance took consideration with every inch of these walking shoes. The leather upper is padded for extra cushioning and softness against your feet. This ensures that the upper doesnt irritate if you tie your laces tight.

The rubber outsole is grooved in multiple directions, making them suitable for long walks on concrete. This also helps to eliminate any accidents if youre exposed to slippery surfaces.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 12.


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Top 15 Best Shoes For Standing Walking Working On Concrete All Day

Getting good shoes is necessary to move on rough surfaces all day. Check out this list of 15 best shoes for walking on concrete to choose suitable shoes for yourself.

Most of us people who live in the industrial age are spending most of our time in a day walking, running on rough road surfaces to go to work or school, or go for a walk, take in the scenery, hang out with friends, etc. And you know? The friend who always accompanies us when walking out of the house is our shoes.

Getting yourself good-quality shoes is necessary to give your feet the best protection. Walking or running on rough concrete surfaces for a long time can be harsh to your feet. Thats why you need shoes that are durable, and comfortable enough to bring you a feeling of comfort when moving on hard road surfaces every day.

There are lots of shoes provided on the market these days with different styles, designs, features, and manufacturers. So how can you know which shoes are most suitable to accompany you everywhere?

To help you solve this problem, I have made here a list of 15 best shoes for walking on concrete all the livelong days which are available on Amazon now. You can make references to pick the perfect shoes for yourself. Scroll down below and read one by one.

Read our latest guide about best shoes for warehouse work.

  • My Top Pick
  • Skechers For Work Mens 77032 Felton Resistant Relaxed

    Skechers is a brand known for stylish, high performance and comfortable shoes. The Feltons are work shoes designed with leather uppers, featuring a lace-up casual comfort. These hardy shoes also come with memory foam cushioned insoles and OSHA compliant, rubber, slip resistant outsoles. A golden combination that will guarantee protection, durability and top-notch comfort. You will feel confident while working in these shoes.

    Comfort and added safety ease you through a demanding schedule at work thanks to the Feltons Work Relaxed Fit from Skechers. The upper is made of synthetic leather that is smooth and stylish. For durability, the stitched steams have been reinforced. This is to ensure that the shoe will last longer. The shoe also has front, heel and side overlays. It also has a padded collar and tongue, for preventing external material from becoming internal material, if you catch my drift.

    The shoe lining is made of soft lining. Therefore, you can wear this shoe all day long without getting any blisters. A roomier, more comfortable fit have been added to the design to guarantee optimal comfort levels. The shoe is available in various widths. They are ideal for workers in the medical world, culinary arts, hospital industry and numerous other fields.

    Boot Bomb Rating:

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    New Balance Mens Mw411v2 Walking Shoe

    The New Balance Mens MW411v2 Walking Shoe is an all-rounder. You get all round cushioning and support. A breathable upper material. And a range of colors to choose from.

    They do come with a narrow heel and a slightly padded collar though. the shoes lining is made from a fully breathable material. And you get all of that combined with a solid sole with some decent shock absorption in the midsole. However, after a while, its shock absorbing ability can fade, making it feel like an ordinary shoe.

    The insole is of better quality, its also removable so if you have your own then you can easily swap it out. The upper o has lots of breathable perforations that control moisture and keep your feet cool and dry, and are catchy details of the shoe design as well. The lace-up design helps to secure the shoe, so it doesnt slide off while working.

    The New Balance MW411v2 is cheap, breathable, comfortable, and reasonably durable. However it offers very little arch support and based on reports the lifetime of the shoe isnt as long as some of the others on this list. This is one of the most popular shoes in the market and if you do decide to buy it then youll be one of many satisfied customers.


    Bobs From Skechers Womens Plush Peace And Love Flat

    5 Best Safety Shoes For Walking On Concrete In 2020

    If The Search style was Skechers attempt to appeal to the more professional end of the dress code, the Skechers for Work Mens Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip On is definitely a much more casual affair. These shoes immediately look as they they will provide the long-term comfort that many men are after due to the work situations where they need to stand all day to serve customers. The leather loafers that are mentioned above have a tendency to look a little sharp and stiff, while this synthetic option looks more like a broken in slipper crossed with a black sports shoe.

    It is all about the different materials used in this shoe and the way they come together to create the ultimate cushion for wearers feet. There is breathable mesh on the upper, elastic on the side to improve the fit, soft padding on the collar, memory foam in the insole and a tough material for improved tread on the outsole. They all combine to offer a great piece of footwear and, more importantly, a great experience for buyers. Some say they are so supportive and soft that it is easy to forget that they are on. Many say that the shoe also fits well and is very comfortable straight out of the box.

    New Balance 577 V1 Men’s

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    Fitness And Power Walkers

    Traveling at a higher speed than most other walkers, the gait of power walkers tends more towards a runner than someone walking at an average pace.

    Studies show that most power walkers, even those who land at the heel rather than more midfoot, land more evenly on the heel than a more casual walker. The time spent in the heel strike phase is also much shorter – they are traveling faster after all.

    So for these walkers, a running type shoe is better. For the Power and Fitness Walker, the most critical features to suit this walking style are:

    • Breathability to Uppers and Insoles to Keep Feet Drier
    • Snugger Shoe Fit Yet Remaining Flexible
    • Cushioning, especially to the midsole
    • Improved Stability is a Bonus.

    Power Walking is Serious Exercise

    For overpronators, the shoe should have stability and some torsional rigidity features to stabilize the shoe through the quicker stride, counter the tendency of excessive pronation and leave the foot in better alignment for the supinating push off phase.

    For supinators and more neutral gaits, stability and torsional rigidity are better avoided to allow your natural gait to flow, with more full toe boxes and enhanced toe cushioning to help the smaller toes handle the higher pressures needed.

    Shock absorbency at the heel is also beneficial but not especially more so than the other groups. The higher forces from your momentum are offset by the more distributed pressure pattern from the orientation of your foot on landing.

    Skechers Skechers Work Sure Track View On Amazon

    The Skechers Work Sure Track shoe stands out mainly for the products cutting edge work safety-compatible design paired with its cutting edge, comfortable fit.

    Dont be fooled by the seemingly simple black or white style of the Sketchers Work Sure Track shoe. This shoe is extremely dynamic and sits at the top of the list as one of the best shoes for concrete walking.

    First and foremost, this shoe is a very safe and secure option for anyone that works in more dangerous or risky workplace environments. The Sure Track shoe has been rated as an Electric Hazard safe design by the reputable ASTM F2412-05. Additionally, the shoes slip-resistant rubber outsole is compliant with the OSHA for both wet and oily surfaces.

    Moreover, this slip-on work shoe has the added Skechers Work advantage of the brands proprietary Relaxed Fit design. Users are consistently satisfied with the designs roomier fit and added support from the memory foam cushioning.

    • Memory foam padding only covers heel

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    Best For Office: New Balance Mens 577 V1 Hook And Loop Walking Shoe


    • Low-arch shoes

    The New Balance brand always brings high aesthetic shoes that give you an elegant appearance. These Hook And Loop Walking shoes are made of leather and have a classic no-lace design. It fits your feet perfectly and brings a feeling of comfort due to the middle sole.

    New Balance Mens Hook And Loop shoes are suitable for daily use. You can wear it to go to work or walk on concrete streets. It provides comfort when moving, and you can adjust the level of tightness to fit your feet most.

    Because it doesnt come with sloppy laces like other shoes, so it seems convenient for you when cleaning it up. Besides, the padded collar makes it effortless for you to wear the shoes, all you have to do is put your feet in the shoes and adjust the collar.

    These shoes would be the greatest gift that you can give to your husband or father.

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