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What To Do When Shoes Are Too Big

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Stuff Some Cotton Wool

How to: Fix the Shoes that Are Too Big and Too Loose

They help prevent the shoes from falling out. Simply put a few cotton balls in the front of your shoes and theyll fit again. In addition, the wadding is pleasantly soft, so that unnecessary pressure points are avoided.

This is super comfortable for the toes because the wadding adapts to the toes shape while shrinking the shoe in seconds so that they no longer slip out the back.

Walk Around With Shoes

A common mistake that buyers make is to push through purchase after finding a seemingly perfect shoe. Remember, though, that even the best-looking shoe can be terrible if it doesnt fit properly.

Heres another tip on how to tell if shoes are too big.

Before checking out, walk around and get a feel for the shoe does it feel too loose or too tight in any way? Never hesitate to try on a size bigger or smaller to ensure a proper fit.

Things you might want to consider:

Shrink The Shoes Using Water

There are certain types of shoes that you can shrink if they are too big.

The first step is to get your shoes wet. If they are made of leather or suede, you need to spray them. Canvas shoes can be soaked in water but not for more than fifteen minutes.

The second step is to let the footwear dry in the sun or use a hairdryer in the low setting not to damage the shoe material. Try the shoes and repeat the process if they still feel massive.

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Buyshoe Strips To Make Shoes Smaller

Buyshoe is a shoe manufacturer. It makes shoes for a variety of different brands. Buyshoe makes a line of shoes that are small in size, however, because they are built for people who need a smaller shoe size. Their shoes are designed in a way that helps people who have small feet.

Buyshoe takes a very practical approach to making shoes. They dont make big, expensive shoes that you wear once and then throw away. They make shoes that last and look great.

Tie Shoelaces Around Your Ankles

What to Do If Your Shoes Are Too Big?

You can also tie your shoelaces around your ankles to keep them from flapping about and slipping off . This is a good last-minute solution for shoes that are too big but not half size bigger .

If only the edge of the shoes are seen, then its still possible that this solution will hold.

Above mentioned solutions will probably solved your issue of how to wear shoes that are too big?

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What Are The Best Shoes For Bunions

While extra space for your bunion might sound like a good idea, you can actually make the bunion worse if your shoes are the wrong size. For optimum bunion comfort, your shoes should be well-fitted with a wide toe box. Custom inserts or orthotics for your shoes can provide support and pain relief for your bunion.

Wear Multiple Pairs Of Socks

This next suggestion might sound easy, and obvious, but it has serious drawbacks. It is such a simple idea to just put on a thicker pair of socks, or to bulk up and layer your socks the same way you layer your sweaters in the fall. The thicker the padding the more tightly the shoe will fit your foot. You can get away with this solution mostly with boots and athletic shoes, although wearing multiple pairs of socks while working out does not sound too appealing . We also would not recommend wearing thicker socks if you tend to have naturally sweaty feet.

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Should Running Shoes Be A Size Bigger

I explored this topic in another post which you can read here, but suffice to say that running shoes should be bigger than your casual or dress shoes. Its important to understand that your feet expand when they get warm, which they do when you run. The further you run, the more they can expand. In MY experience

Your running shoe should be around half a size larger than your normal foot size to account for expansion of your foot when running.

There is a BUT here and it does need to be taken into account. Be careful that you dont go too far and so how do you know your running shoe is TOO big.

Here is a picture of one of my pairs of current Adidas running shoes . As you can see, I can fit two fingers between the eyelets so these shoes are about the right fit.

I am a size 11 , all of my running shoes until a couple of years ago were size 11. I suffered repeated blistering and toe holes when training and running long distance events. It was starting to get expensive and in one case I had a toe hole after one pair of running shoes had only completed a half marathon!

A fellow runner then suggested that I consider getting running shoes that were half a size bigger. I now only buy running shoes that are half a size bigger. Not only are they more comfortable, Ive found they are less likely to rub a hole in the toe box. This means less extra cost for new running shoes.

The Not So Quick Fixes

how to fix shoes that are too big || make shoes smaller

If you have a pair of shoes that are too big that you will be wearing often, you will want a more permanent fix.

There are some methods that will give you longer-lasting results. However, they will take longer and a bit more effort than the options listed above.

but you will usually end up with better results. Take a look at some of the methods below to see what will work for you.

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Third Adjustment Heel Grip

After the first two adjustments the overall fit is much better. However we still experience some heel slippage. We will now add a heel grip wich will make the heel a bit more narrow in shape wich will make the shoe fit our test persons heel better. After the heel grip is attached our test person doesnt experience any heel slippage at all.

Pro Tips On Big Shoes

No matter if you can fill up the loose room inside your shoes or not, the outside size of your shoes is hard to change. In other words, there should be a little bit of difference in how you walk in larger shoes from the way you walk in smaller sneakers.

Here are a few more tips you need to keep in mind when wearing large shoes to ensure that you dont twist your ankle, trip, or end up falling.

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If Your Heel Slides After Lacing The Shoes

After tying your shoe laces, the shoes should feel snug and when you try to lift the back end of your foot, it should feel tight.

However, if the shoes feel too loose even after tying the laces, it is clear the shoes are too big. In addition, if your feel lots of room between the front of the shoes and the heel still slides, well, you have a pair of shoes that are too big. Most probably, there is no rectification for such. You can return them if they are new, or give them to a person with bigger feet.

How To Make Shoes That Are Too Big Fit 5x Tips To Make Shoes Smaller

How to: Fix the Shoes that Are Too Big and Too Loose

They seemed to fit well when you tried them on, but they feel too loose as soon as you step outside. Way too loose. You can be a trooper and wear them anyway, but please be aware of what you do to your feet. Did you know that wearing shoes that are too big can have unpleasant consequences? Theyre uncomfortable to wear, plus you risk callus, corn, and trickled feet! Did you buy your shoes too big? No worries, you wont have to throw them in the bin immediately with these 5 tips, you can wear your big shoes without looking silly.

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Second Adjustment Tongue Pad

To get better contact between the tounge and the instep of the feet we will add a tounge pad. This is made out of leather with memory foam which not only decrease the size of the shoe, it also make the pressure from the tounge very soft on the instep of the feet.After the tounge pad is attached we can see that the lacing forms a small V. This is not something that always is preferred, but for our test person this is what he likes.The tongue pad is self-adhesive and is easy to attach.When the tongue pad is attached we can see that the lacing forms a V whic our test person prefers.

Visit A Shoe Repair Professional

This option will be the most expensive but surefire way to fix your shoes. You have already spent enough of your budget on buying the shoes, now you just want them to fit, but some issues just need to be handled by someone with the right tools and machines. Shoe repair shops are difficult to find around town these days and because of this they tend to hike their prices, so save this option for expensive shoes that are really worth the investment.

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How Should Shoes Fit

First and foremost, your shoes should fit comfortably. That means they should neither by too tight nor too loose, too big nor too small. Here are some steps to take to ensure youre getting the best fit possible:

  • Have your feet measured – Go in-store or use our shoe fitting guide so you know the right size to try on.

  • Fit the shoes to the larger of your feet – Many of us have one foot that is slightly bigger, so choose the shoe size that is the best fit for this foot.

  • Try the shoes on both feet – Youve chosen the best size for the bigger of your feet, but try both shoes on to make sure they both fit well.

  • Stand and walk around in the shoes – Pay attention to any rubbing or discomfort as this could signal that you need a different size.

  • Wear socks when you try on the shoes – If you would typically wear socks with this pair of shoes, do so when you try them on so that you can see how they fit with the extra layer.

  • Shop for shoes in the afternoon – Your feet swell throughout the day, so its best to go shoe shopping when your feet are at their largest.

Sew An Elastic Band On Your Shoes

How To Wear Running Shoes That Are Too Big | 3 Ways To Make Big Shoes Fit

This is another trick on how to fix shoes that are too big, but try this only if you have experience in sewing shoes. All you need is a strong elastic band, needle and thread. Stretch and sew an elastic band on the inside of your shoes, this should pull the material of your shoes and make it fit tighter.

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How To Make Sneakers Smaller

I have provided some great tips on making your shoes smaller and what you need to pay attention to when buying your sneakers to avoid having them too big.

Dont forget always to try the shoes when possible to ensure they are ideal for you. If you are buying them online, you want to read reviews about the shoes.

To make your shoes smaller, you can add a full-size insole, heel cups, heel liners, ball of foot cushions, shoe fillers, or wear thicker socks. You can also shrink the shoes with water or take the footwear to a professional cobbler. The important part is that you are making your shoes smaller to get the best from them.

What about you? How to make shoes smaller, in your opinion? Do you have any secret tricks? Share with me in the comments.

Difference Between Mens And Womens Shoes

Due to the difference between mens and womens feet, the shoes are also made differently. Apart from the shoe sizes, you might notice several other characteristics such as style and design.

Athletic Shoes

Begin with the running shoes. For example, they look similar between sexes in spite of the main differences in composition. And the biggest difference seems to be the width. Mens shoes are built with larger and wider sizes, while womens shoes have slightly wider forefoot. The toe areas also have narrower heels. So, two shoes might look-alike for appearance, but they are actually made of different heel support and midsole materials.

Another factor that plays a major difference is weight. As womens weight is less than mens, the mid-sole in womens running shoes will be manufactured to accommodate 15% less of the impact. Therefore, womens shoes are slightly lighter overall.

Likewise, in football, there are some cleats designated for women with narrower feet. These specifically-designed cleats have heels that fit snugger, allowing better stability, better fit, better agility, and fewer injuries.

Everyday Footwear

From the beginning of the 20th century, shoes have become more appealing to people when they have a more attractive appearance and design. They are not simply practical items to protect your foot. Womens shoes have changed much after World War II. To be more specific, they can accentuate the arch and curves of a womans foot.

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Solve A Difference In Size

Each brand has its own size tables . For a novice collector or a one-time buyer of second-hand sneakers it is difficult to find the perfect size immediately. If you have already built up a large sneaker collection, finding a pair of sneakers matching your feet will be less difficult. But what if you just find that one pair, your holy grail, and the size only deviates a little from your normal size? Do you have to pass for your grail or do you still take the risk? Read our tips to resolve the size difference below.

The Difference Between Tight And Snug

What to Do If Your Shoes Are Too Big?

Its important to understand the difference between shoes that are too tight and shoes that are snug.

Too tight

Shoes that are too tight in length are pretty obvious because they painfully smash your toes in the toe box area of your shoe or rub uncomfortably against your heels.

Luckily, its also not difficult to tell if shoes are too tight in width because you likely wont be able to squeeze them on.

Snug shoes

On the other hand, some shoes may be true to your typical size but appear smaller in the store because of their material or style. This is the pair you can pull on but feels somewhat stiff or extra form-fitting.

In reality, some shoes are made to fit snug in the store but loosen with wear or the help of a few tools.

For example, when it comes to leather shoes, you should choose the pair thats on the snug side. While it may seem more comfortable to get a pair with some extra room because dress shoes start out stiff, this will actually add to your discomfort over time as they relax and stretch.

In the meantime, there are tools you can use to make breaking in your shoes more comfortable. Shoe stretchers are ideal to slightly widen or lengthen snug shoes and reduce the break-in period.

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Do The Shoes Have Laces

Its easy to tell if a pair of shoes fits right if theyre slip-ons. You just slide your feet and feel the fitting of the pair to determine if the size is right.

It can be a bit tricky if the shoes have a lace up system, but theres a workaround that you can use to determine if the pair youre about to buy can fit right or end up being too big.

Wear the shoes and then lace them up tight. If you notice that they fit well only when tie the laces firmly, theres a high chance the pair is an oversize.

Go To The Professionals

Perhaps youd prefer a more permanent transformation, or maybe your shoes are simply too big for our previous solutions.

Take your shoes to a cobbler that will conceal heel grips, tongue pads or insole padding underneath the lining. Although this will cost you more, its well worth the one-off payment for a pair that you wear regularly.

We hope our tips and tricks have given you some inspiration on how to make your shoes smaller. If youve tried all of our ideas to no avail, treat yourself to a new pair from Wynsors today!

Likewise, if youre struggling with shoes that are too small, follow our handy guide on how to make shoes bigger.

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Easy Ways To Make Shoes Smaller

Do you have nearly new shoes in your closet that don’t fit right? Shoes being slightly too big is a really common problem. It’s especially frustrating if you’ve big feet & shoes in your size are in short supply.

When there is only a baby fingernail width between the lengths of whole shoe sizes, it’s no wonder shoes can feel all wrong when they are not quite right. So here are 3 easy & inexpensive ways to make shoes that are too big fit better.

Is It Safe To Wear Bigger Shoes

Shoe Tips : How to Make Shoes That Are Too Big Fit

While some people including Meghan Markle wear shoes that are too big for them with an excuse of avoiding blisters or bunions, it is not safe to do so. Proper fitting shoes offer an appropriate platform for the feet to support your body.

According to Dr. Cunha, when shoes are too big, it means that the person wearing them will accommodate the improper fitting size in a way that doesnt work and that can lead to foot problems. The resulting foot problems are more significant than merely a few blisters.By wearing bigger shoes, you can cause blisters and even greater foot problems such as Achilles, arch pain, and Neuromas.

Also, there is an issue of falling from the bad fitting shoes.

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