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What To Look For In Golf Shoes

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Skechers Kids Max Mojo Spikeless Golf Shoe

What should I look for in shoes for disc golf?

Skechers has an awesome new shoe out for kids with its Max Mojo series. Following the trend of Skechers, these are extremely comfortable and sure your kids will love walking a round in them.

The ultra flight midsole is lightweight but dense and responsive cushioning. Theyre water resistant and available in four colors; white/pink, purple/gray, black/red/ and white/lime.;

Best Lightweight For Kids: Nike Golf Roshe G

Your kids will also love wearing these cute golf shoes from Nike when they join you on the course. They come in sizes for children of all ages and are available in six different colors , so you’re likely to find something that works for even the pickiest kids. “My two children who are rarely impressed screamed, ‘Mommy these are awesome and so cute,'” according to one shopper. They’re also very lightweight, with each shoe weighing approximately six ounces. Other customers say the petite Nike golf sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, and great for beginners. “My son loves these golf shoes,” wrote another customer. “He loves the style and says they are really comfortable on the course.”;;

To buy:, $60

Best Saddle Golf Shoe: Footjoy Icon Saddle Golf Shoes

Whether your style on the course is classic or modern, embrace the games roots with these FootJoy Icon Saddle Golf Shoes. These sleek shoes are made from premium calfskin leather with a TPU outsole for comfort and durability. And as an added bonus: they’re 100% waterproof. The tongue and collar are padded with memory foam for extra cushioning so your feet feel cushioned and supported for all 18 holes. Five cleated spikes providing stability, support and plenty of traction through your full swing.

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New Balance Breeze V2

The New Balance Breeze v2, as expected, is very similar to its predecessor, the original NB Breeze. However, there are plenty of differences as well. First of all, it looks better. The original Breeze looked pretty cool, but this one is even better. It’s such a cool mix of sport and casual styles. Because of this casual, sporty look, its comfort and its versatile traction, the NB Breeze v2 looks and feels great both on and off the links. It was designed to be more of a summer golf shoe, with its mesh upper providing plenty of breathability. While the Breeze v2 is water-resistant, this isn’t enough to fend of more than some dew in the morning. We found the Breeze v2 to be more supportive than the original Breeze, which definitely increased its rating. All of this solid performance comes it at very, very affordable price. We recommend the New Balance Breeze v2 for those on a budget who demand breathable comfort and durability.

Golf Shoe Buying Guide

Choose The Best Golf Shoes For You

When its time for a new pair of golf shoes weve all experienced the overwhelming and extremely large selection of golf shoe styles and price ranges from the ever increasing amount of golf shoe brands.; The list begins with FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Callaway, Skechers, Ecco, Puma, and many more. So how do you choose? There are a few things to take into consideration and we think this Golf Shoe Buying Guide will help you find your perfect pair of golf shoes.

Shoe Style, Color, and Look

The style is 100% personal preference. Many of you might notice that even the guys on the PGA Tour wear anything from an athletic shoe style to more of a dress shoe style or a traditional saddle shoe. Try thinking about what you normally wear on the golf course and then decide which style might look best for you.; If you play mostly public courses where proper attire, such as a collared shirt, isnt required you may find that an athletic style shoe works best.; Or if you belong to a country club you may prefer a more traditionally saddle shoes, such as the 2017 FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes or even the FJ Icon Black premium golf shoes.


Comfort and Fit

Stability, Flexibility, and Mobile Vs. Structured

Spikeless Golf Shoes Vs. Spiked Golf Shoes


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Adidas Adipower 4orged S

The Adipower 4orged S Adidas golf shoe comes with the advanced PureMotion outsole. It features strategically placed Adiwear traction for improved grip, performance and stability. The Boost foam midsole delivers energized cushioning that maintains comfort throughout the round. The Bounce foam forefoot also enhances cushioning for lasting comfort.

The breathable, waterproof upper features advanced ClimaStorm protection. Keep your feet dry in wet weather as well as in hot, humid conditions. The forefoot is a bit wider than some others. Adidas suggest this improves both traction and comfort. Enjoy enhanced fit courtesy of the FitFoam sock liners that mold to the contours of your feet. Adidas forging technique combines pressure and heat to improve both stability and lateral support.

Adidas spikeless golf shoes have been worn by various touring pros, including former World No. 1 Justin Rose.

Cold Weather Golf Clothing

Ugh, alright if you MUST play golf in the cold, you better be prepared.

If you want to stay as warm as you can , the I would suggest having all of these in your wardrobe.

A good Nike quarter zip golf pullover is a must. They are thicker than they look. It will allow you to swing comfortably while still staying warm.

When it comes to pants, just make sure you have a good pair of khaki or darker colored pants. Pants wont help you too much here. However, socks will!

Make sure you have a good, thick pair of socks to wear when it is cold. If you can keep your feet warm, you will feel a lot more comfortable on the course.

Next, lets talk about keeping your hands warm, which should be your #1 GOAL!

I think everyone should have a pair of hot hands hand warmers. And if your hands get REALLY cold, make sure you have a hand warmer that you can strap around your waist. When you arent hitting, you can have the hot hands inside of the hand warmer in front of you. If you are hitting your shot, you can move the hand warmer behind your body and out of the way. Very easy to do and definitely worth it if you feel as if you lose feeling in your hands when you play.

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Do You Need Need Golf Shoes

Yes, you do need golf shoes because they provide a connection to the ground during the swing that athletic shoes cannot provide.

The reason that golf shoes are essential for professional golfers, for example, is that their swing speed is incredibly high. These golfers need to be locked into the ground so that they can freely swing at maximum velocity to create the distance they need for their game.

The amateurs ability to have golf shoes, while not essential, does provide an advantage over athletic shoes because of the spikes that help keep the golfer grounded while allowing them to become more balanced throughout the swing.

That said, some amateurs find golf shoes too restrictive to freely move throughout the swing, leaving them wanting a more pliable shoe, such as a running shoe. Golf shoes are more rigid than your typical running shoe because they are meant to be used as a solid foundation for the golf swing, whereas running shoes need to be softer and more easy to move because the intended purpose of the shoe is to run long distances.

Budget Golf: Frequently Asked Questions

The best golf shoes for wide feet? SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES REVIEW

How much does a good golf set cost?

If you purchase a premium set of golf clubs, including a driver, a 3-wood, a full set of irons, and a putter, you can easily spend $2,500+. Most amateur golfers dont need to make this type of investment to enjoy the game. You can find a good set of clubs for less than $1,000. Many golfers choose to build their set of clubs over time to reduce the impact of making one large purchase.

Are cheap golf clubs any good?

A higher handicap or beginner can start with a cheap set of clubs while they learn the game, but you will notice a performance difference between a cheap set of golf clubs and a middle of the road set. Most amateur golfers do need to spend the money to buy a premium set of clubs.

Are used golf clubs worth buying?

Yes. Used golf clubs can be a great way to get the technology available in premium clubs without paying the premium price. Make sure you check the conditions of the used clubs before you buy, but this can be a great way to get an awesome set of clubs at a huge discount.

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Final Thoughts On Best Golf Shoes

As you can tell, there is no shortage when you search for best golf shoes online. Whether you want spikeless golf shoes for your feet or traditional, full-grain leather with spikes, there is a massive selection.

In the past, picking out the best golf shoes was as simple as style, price, and comfort. But today, there is a lot more to consider when searching for your next pair of golf shoes so make sure to shop around.;

Now, you should also think about what type of spikes you want, the weather youre going to play in, and what type of laces you prefer. If youre playing regularly, I think its a good idea to have two pairs of shoes.

Ideally, one pair is a lighter color and more breathable shoe for summer and a heavier, more waterproof pair for winter. This way, you dont have to sacrifice any season and not let your shoes get in the way of playing your best golf.;

Remember, dont let price be the deciding factor as the ones that cost a little more can help save you shots in the long. Trust me, I wish I had more expensive and quality shoes when I was -5 on that historic day instead of cheap full grain leather ones that wore my feet down.

Footjoy Fj Flex Golf Shoes

Lets not forget about FootJoy golf shoes either in the spikeless shoe debate. The FootJoy Flex golf shoes are a very casual pair of spikeless shoes that are made for summer, fair weather conditions. Made with performance mesh, these are super lightweight and will help you have tons of breathability, even in the warmest conditions.;

But they still have plenty of support thanks to an EVA midsole that provides incredible stability. Despite being very lightweight, they also have a versatile traction and have a traditional lace up system.

These shoes are available in four different colors including navy, gray, black, and white/gray.;Everyone at your golf club will love the traditional style!

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How To Buy Golf Shoes

Some golfers may think their most essential item on the course is in their bag, but in reality, its whats on their feet thats truly number one. Its imperative that your feet are comfortable while golfing given that, on average, you may walk 4-5 miles during an 18-hole round. Whether you are new to the game or in need of a new pair, theres a few crucial factors to keep in mind when purchasing golf shoes.

How Much Do Golf Shoes Cost


Golf shoes have a very wide range of prices. Readily available shoes from well-known brands can cost $40-$260. The prices vary according to the materials used in making the shoes and the sturdiness of the shoe. Real leather shoes will cost more than fabric shoes, and sturdy, well-made shoes will be more expensive than slip-on models.

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Duca Del Cosma Camelot

The Duca del Cosma Camelot, as with all golf shoes from this luxury brand, oozes class and style. It’s such a cool mix of classic and casual styles, which also makes it hard to classify. Let’s call it a hybrid classic golf shoe. There aren’t many golf shoes out there that can be classified as such. This is our favorite aspect of the Camelot, its uniqueness. Sure it doesn’t provide top of the line performance, but it does provide plenty of comfort and style. As with all Duca del Cosma golf shoes, the Camelot’s upper is genuine leather, which feels and looks amazing. It’s also waterproof, which makes it a pretty solid choice for year-round play. The Camelot definitely isn’t cheap, but with it you get a luxurious pair of classy golf shoes that are not only unique, but durable and comfortable as well.

A Quick Nine: What Type Of Golf Shoes Would You Recommend

One of the most important pieces of equipment you need for your golf game isn’t even in your bag.

They’re on your feet. We’re talking golf shoes.

There are so many different ones to choose from these days — different styles, different colors and, no doubt, different levels of comfort.

If you’re gearing up for a new golf season, looking into a new pair of shoes is a great place to start. With that, we asked our friends in Facebook Nation to tell us: What type of golf shoes would you recommend?

Here’s a look at the best answers we received.

Also, feel free to click on the brand name of the shoes to learn more.

9. Walter Genuin. Here’s how they’re described: “Walter Genuin Golf Shoes are handcrafted in Italy, combining the highest standards of quality, comfort and craftsmanship with fresh and vibrant styling concepts. Walter Genuin golf shoes have an unrivaled reputation on the world’s golf courses. Their golf shoes are typified by the combination of classic designs paired with fresh color concepts, exquisite materials and beautiful execution. A pair of Walter Genuin Golf Shoes is a lasting investment in quality, character and distinction.”

Facebook fan quote:

“I only wear Walter Genuin’s. They are the most comfortable shoes in my closet and the most stylish golf shoe around. You could get away with wearing them off the course, too!” — Dawn Berdine Mihlfeld

Facebook fan quote:

“Vintage Dexters with steel spikes and leather soles. Preferably Burgundy.” — Tony Saldana

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Best Boa Golf Footwear: Footjoy Dna Boa Cleated Golf Shoes

Want to make sure your foot is on lockdown for all 18 holes? Slip into the FootJoy DNA Boa Cleated Golf Shoes and crank the Boa Closure System for a comfort fit every time. The company describes the fit as down and back because it wraps the forefoot around to the heel. FootJoy calls this shoe DNA, which stands for DryJoy Next Advancement, and other tech features include 100 percent waterproof ChromoSkin leather developed by Pittards of England, MicroVent tongue that shapes to the foot and lightweight Fine Tuned Foam foot beds for maximum heel support.

How To Buy The Best Golf Shoes For You


How much should I spend?

Although it may sound obvious, this really depends on the quality of the golf shoes that you want to buy. Beginners can pick up a decent pair for anywhere between £50 and £80, but some of the most prestigious golf brands offer pairs for as much as £250 .

As well as considering the price of your shoes, you should also think about whether you want to invest in more than one pair. More on that below.

Spikes or no spikes?

The trade-off here is a simple one. Traditional spiked shoes are better in wet conditions, where youre likely to be playing on soft turf on a regular basis. The spikes on the bottom of the shoes give you that little bit of extra grip and stability when you swing, and make for a more comfortable walk around hilly courses in particular.

Spikeless shoes, however, which are inspired by American courses located in drier climates than their UK equivalents, are becoming more and more popular. The absence of spikes makes for a lighter shoe, which can be more comfortable and cause less damage to the course. Hybrid shoes, which are built to suit all golfing conditions, are also widely available.

Which brands are best?

Again, this really depends on what sort of thing youre looking for. If you want a big name, FootJoy is the undisputed market leader when it comes to golf shoes. The company has long been renowned for making some of the best golf shoes on the market, though they often come at a high cost.

Anything else to look out for?

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Adidas Codechaos: The Best

Price: £130 ; £120 | Buy mens | womens from Adidas

Who said golf couldnt be trendy? Adidass CodeChaos golf shoes would look equally at home at a nightclub as they would at your local golf club.

Available in four unique colours, these CodeChaos shoes have the production quality to match their distinctive aesthetic appeal. Crafted using a hybrid waterproof texture, the shoes feature INSITE sockliner and Fitfoam cushioning, as well as a hybrid spikeless outsole to provide excellent grip.

Key specs – Sizes available: 6.5-12; Type: Spikeless; Material: Waterproof hybrid textile; Colours available: Cloud White, Signal Green, Grey Three, Core Black

What Do I Wear If I Dont Have Golf Shoes

If you dont have access to golf shoes, a pair of high-quality running shoes or tennis shoes will work. Like the best golf shoes, they need to be comfortable, durable and have excellent traction.

You should never wear your basic street sneakers or any form of boots or sandals. If you play soccer, consider wearing soccer cleats.

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