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Where Are Mephisto Shoes Made

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Are Mephisto Shoes Made In China

MEPHISTO Leather Double Strap Slide Sandals – Hannel on QVC

On top of the core brand Mephisto there is today the ergonomic brand Mobils, the brand Allrounder for hiking and other outdoor activities, and the brand Sano which is sold as being especially comfortable. The only brand produced in China is Allrounder the shoes present a high portion of textile material.

Mephisto Shoes Boots & Sandals

Mephisto shoes offer high quality, comfortable shoes for both men and women. At Shoes International we offer everything from Mephisto sandals to boots.

The company was established in 1965 at Sarrebourg, France. Their philosophy has always been to utilise the highest specification of materials and components in the manufacturing of their footwear.

Aniline-tanning means natural tanning, by using colour application that allows the leathers to keep their natural appearance. Manufacturing footwear in this leather requires enormous experience. Naturally tanned leathers may also be of slightly different colour as the hides do not always react identically when tanning. Also, there may be small colour differences within the same hide.

Poor Quality Sole And Atrocious Customer Care

Bought a pair of mephisto LISANDRO in May 2020 and even with less-than-normal wear due to the lock-down, the soles of the shoes are almost flat . This can be slippery when wet. I wrote to the company about the issue and the reply from mephisto was extremely poor & disappointing blaming the product “on the way I walk”. This is extremely insulting to me. I have at least 6 pairs of mephisto from 2004 and never had issue with the soles. Otherwise this is a comfortable pair of shoes but unfortunately let down by the quality of the soles and customer care.

My pair of Mephistopheles spinnaker had a problem with defective material in the heel. The material just crumbled and fell out of the shoes. The shoes were a few years old, but light use.I complained, but was told that unless I could show where they were bought, they would do nothing.But I do not keep receipts of every purchase, so customer service just brushed me off.I have bought perhaps 6 pairs, but no more

Reply from Mephisto Shoes

Hello, We apologize for the inconvenience. If you bought the shoes in one of our store, we invite you to get back to them. Only them can find a solution in your problem. Thank you for your understanding. Have a good day !

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Where Are Mephisto Sandals Made

Shoes are produced in the companys own factory in France. Mephisto shoes for those people who first of all appreciate convenience, quality and style. Shoes are exported to 86 countries of the world. Mephisto takes a leading position in China, the USA, and, of course, it is incredibly popular in Europe.

Uk Residents Beware Final Cost Is 50% Higher


UK residents beware when ordering from Mephisto online – the final bill will be 50% higher than stated by Mephisto in their order confirmation. I ordered a pair of shoes from them where the stated cost – including shipping, processing and VAT – was £200.60. A week or so later, I received a letter from Parcel Force, demanding an additional £94.06 – £34.53 customs duty, £47.53 Import VAT and £12.00 clearance fee. Nowhere during the ordering process with Mephisto were these additional charges listed. Those charges mean Im paying nearly £300 for the shoes.Post-script: In response to posting this review three weeks ago, I have just now received the message below from Mephisto suggesting I contact them. But I had already complained to them three weeks ago when I got the additional bill from Parcel Force for £94. At that time, a Mephisto customer service rep basically said “tough luck” and that no compensation would be made. Not a good look for Mephisto.Again, beware of ordering online from Mephisto. Your actual bill may be 50% higher than you think.

Reply from Mephisto Shoes

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Welcome To The Online Shop Of Mephisto

MEPHISTO shoes are above all comfortable products, made of high quality leather. This French brand has created several ranges, the city shoe has the comfort shoe. Most models have removable insoles. The outsole is usually rubber.

These unique, hand-crafted models combine modern design with optimal fit. Our shoes adapt to the feet and not the reverse. The quality of MEPHISTO shoes is recognized throughout the world. Only the most noble materials are selected and then worked to make exceptional shoes. The know-how and the different construction techniques guarantee a quality and a perfect fit.

Are Birkenstocks Bad For Your Feet

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Common To Many Reviews: Good Boots Terrible Manufacturing

As with many other reviews, I bought an expensive pair boots. They have failed after little wear, due to a clear materials or gluing problem with the soles. Customer complaints was not prepared to respond without details of original receipt, although purchased on holiday so it is not practical to return to the outlet. Although an excellent shoe, Mephisto clearly has serious manufacturing and materials control problems which they are not interested in understanding.

Reply from Mephisto Shoes

Thank you for your message.Unfortunately, our customer service cannot take your request into account.Our customer service processes orders placed on the Internet, indeed concerns related to store orders are at the discretion of the store management.We invite you to get closer to the store where the purchase was made.We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.The MEPHISTO team wishes you a good day and remains at your disposal for any further information.

Mephisto taille bien, plutôt plus grand que d’autres marques.

Very smart pair of shoes, and seem comfortable. Husband seems pleased with them, and he hates new shoes!

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Where My Shoes Carried Me

MEPHISTO Leather Clogs – Satty on QVC

Founded in 1965 in France, Mephisto soon became the most popular walking shoe in every new market. While other walking shoes are often made of synthetics and are rarely touched by the human hand in the manufacturing process, these French footwear have retained the features of a natural product , and each shoe still, despite a large number of customers, individually handcrafted in the spirit of an unsurpassed European tradition.

As early as 1975, Mephisto became a world-famous brand. “ORIGINALS” shoes paved the way for worldwide success thanks to uncompromising comfort and the revolutionary idea of “casual” footwear for outdoor activities, and at the same time for the city. It all led to the opening of the first Mephisto store in 1984 in Germany. As as much as 80% of footwear is exported, Martin Michaeli also receives an “Oscar for export” from the French government. In the 1990s, Mephisto conquered the American and Canadian markets thanks to its focus on the natural, comfortable, with unquestionably high quality standards. Now the Oscars for export have been joined by a special recognition from the French government, namely, by opening the 150th store in the world, Mephisto becomes a true ambassador of French quality and style.

The ultimate success story

In 2009, Martin MICHAELI wrote a biography entitled “Where did my shoes take me” and in 2010 the number of stores grew to over 800, of which 75 were in China.

Mephisto in numbers:

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Why You Should Be Wearing Mephisto Shoes

Its a fact that lots of our Mephisto Customers won’t wear anything else once they have discovered the comfort shock absorbing technologies and stylish designs that Mephisto are so experienced in producing. Although The Mephisto Shoes brand is perhaps more well known in America, Cananda and main land Europe it is quickly becoming synonymous with comfort and on trend style in the UK.

The Mephisto Store in London and advertising in the likes of Good Housekeeping is helping Mephisto Shoes to spread the word in the UK about their stylish comfort shoes. Of course this increase in demand for Mephisto Shoes comes as no surprise to many of us Independent UK Shoe Retailers who have come to expect exceptional quality from Mephisto and high levels of customer loyalty from customers who come back time and again because they know that their Mephisto Shoes will stand the test of time .

What Shoes Are Better Than Birkenstocks

The Chaco Sandals. Chacos are much more appropriate for hiking and similar activities than Birkenstocks. And they were also designed to be suitable for water sports and will provide you with plenty of traction grip even in the water. With Chaco sandals, the differences arent as big as with the Birkenstocks.

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Your Source For Mephisto Shoes In Kansas City

Comfort Plus Shoes & Footcare is your source for Mephisto shoes for women and men in Kansas City. In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with a singular goalTo make the worlds finest footwear. Mephisto shoes are an investment in the health and comfort of your feet, back and legs. The materials, construction techniques and quality components used to make every pair are never compromised. It is not uncommon to get years of wear from a pair of Mephistos. Furthermore, when refurbishment is needed, most of the styles are completely recraftable and can be restored to their original specifications.

Just Lost Yr 10 Year Uk Customer

MEPHISTO Womens Shoes Clogs COMFORT AIR Brown Croco ...

Just LOST yr 10 year UK customer!!! Unclear BREXIT message which STOPPED me from ordering the way I used to!! Tried to contact the UK phone provided – NO response!!DO YOU REALLY THINK BREXIT IS OUR PROBLEM _ IT IS YOURS AND YOU HAVE NOT RESOLEVED IT – BYE BYE BYE!!!!!!

Reply from Mephisto Shoes

Thank you for your message.Unfortunately we no longer ship to UK.We invite you to do a research on the internet to find the UK site that will be able to place your order and delivery.Ex: apologize for the inconvenience caused.L’équipe MEPHISTO vous souhaite une bonne journée et reste à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire.

and with that reply you have just lost a long-standing customer. Very disappointing.

Reply from Mephisto Shoes

We are to hear that you are dissatisfied with your order.Could you contact our customer service by form in order to find a solution?Please copy paste this link to access our after sales form: remain at your disposal for any further information.

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A Quick History Of Mephisto Shoes

Martin Michaelis Mephisto Shoe Company was born in France in 1965.

The moccasin was first off the assembly line and was distributed in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, before spreading throughout Europe.

Today, Mephisto is an internationally respected name in the footwear industry. It was always a shoe that an older person might buy in order to become safer when moving about.

Here are some of the top selling Mephisto shoe selections you will find on the market today that are some of our favorites!

Mephisto Womens Helen Thong Sandal

Today, Mephisto shoes appeal to all ages. It still assists with stability, mobility, durability, comfort and style.

80% of the Mephisto production is exported from France.

Canada and the USA both love Mephisto footwear.

The Mephisto brand continues to set the highest standards in specialized shoe, and orthopaedic retail, with over 600 models available.

Awards and merits keep coming the Mephisto way.


Gift Purchases 100 Days Exchanges


Applies to all orders sent to UK postcodes.

Items 1-36 of 346

  • As low as£25.00Regular Price£120.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£130.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£180.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£110.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£90.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£75.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£75.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£85.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£110.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£100.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£85.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£150.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£100.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£80.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£85.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£110.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£80.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
  • As low as£50.00Regular Price£80.00 SAMPLES SALE PERFECT CONDITION
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    Exceptional Shoes In Bordeaux

    Your footwear Dejean, shoe specialist for more than 50 years, wants to bring you French excellence with its comfortable shoes for sensitive feet. Handcrafted know-how, beautiful materials, all accompanied by the attention to detail with impeccable finishes. Mephisto Dejean bet on always finding the best choice and the best tendencies approaching the customers’ wishes as much as possible.

    The History Of The Legendary Mephisto Shoes What Is The Secret Of More Than Half A Century Of Success

    MEPHISTO Leather Adjustable Back-Strap Sandals – Agave on QVC

    French brand of women and men shoes Mephisto will present a new spring-summer collection 2020 at a shoe exhibition in Moscow Euro Shoes Premiere Collection from 26 to 29 August. Mephisto collection includes light in weight and incredibly comfortable shoe models made of natural materials.

    What is the secret of more than half a century of success of Mephisto?

    The company was founded in 1965 by the German entrepreneur Martin Michaeli, who managed to create a truly strong international brand of casual sports shoes.

    At the very beginning of its journey, the shoe brand was introduced in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. 10 years after its founding, the company becomes a successful international brand and exports 80% of its turnover. Martin Michele regularly receives a high award from the French government for his excellent work. Not stopping there, he opens subsidiaries in Tokyo, California, Canada, and shoes are increasingly gaining the love of consumers.

    For 30 years, Mephisto has been accompanied by dizzying success – more than 150 stores have been opened around the world and a new brand of orthopedic shoes has been created Mobils.

    After 35 years, the company opens its first stores in Russia and China. At the same time, Martin Michaeli receives the highest award from President Jacques Chirac – the Legion of Honor, and Mephisto is once again recognized as the best brand in France.

    Semyon Mostovoy

    Contact details: Semen Bridge, + 33 387 23 30 92,

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    The Worlds Finest Footwear

    In 2010, with China on board, the world is lucky to have 800 Mephisto stores available to them.

    In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with a singular goal To make the worlds finest footwear.

    Today, Mr. Michaeli still owns and operates Mephisto from the world headquarters and original factory in Sarrebourg, France.

    His shoes are now sold in over 80 countries, with the U.S. headquarters located in Franklin, Tennessee.

    Mephisto represents a world-class product with loyal customers and a brand driven by one mans unshakable belief that excellence can and will be achieved every day, with every pair.

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    What Are Mephisto Walking Shoes

    MEPHISTO shoes are distinguished by unparalleled walking comfort and the highest level of quality. Handmade by Master Shoemakers, these unique shoes combine modern design with excellent fit. MEPHISTO is known all over the world and is one of the most recognized comfort brands of city and casual footwear.

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