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Where Can I Buy Black Non Slip Shoes

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Does The Brand Matter When It Comes To Traction


The brand really doesnt matter all that much in this area of the market in truth. The only way it might matter is if you have two pairs of similar shoes and one of them is from a brand not as well-known for their slip resistant shoes. In that case, you might want to go with the brand that you know is more of a sure-fire thing, but ultimately it is up to you. Because style isnt as much of a factor with these kinds of shoes, the brand names dont play nearly as big of a role, or at least shouldnt for you.


Hi Everyone! My name is Brian Wentz and I love footwear. Growing up I spent summers and weekends working in my parents shoe store where I learned the ins and outs of the shoe business and developed a passion for helping customers. When their local store closed in 2016, I was looking for an outlet to continue to share information and guides about shoes, so I created to carry on their legacy of delighting customers by helping them find the right pair for their specific needs.

Safetstep Mens Blast Runner

Alright, the name might not be most tacky weve seen, but SafeTstep still offers a viable option in this sector for men if you are wanting to get a sneaker type look to work in and remain on your feet while doing so. There are plenty of treads, well spaced and designed to help you do just that, so no worrying about that.

The shoe itself doesnt look the best, but its also not that bad, either. Its not going to get you compliments, but it also wont get you laughed at and will blend in with a number outfits. The upper is made of mesh and synthetic material, with the use of the former being especially prevalent in this model.

This makes them very breathable in areas, but it does not take away from the fact that they have good water resistance built into them as well. This fact is a major plus for you to look at, and it should be considered if you are in need of a shoe that will keep you on your feet and dry, too. The bottoms even look like they have some shocks built into them, which is nice for a change of pace with the style.

With all of that said, they do come apart over time and will wear out with a lot of use. But they are extremely comfortable, as noted by people with shoes falling apart beneath them. They are also quite heavy, too, which can be a real bummer if you are standing and an even bigger pain if walking all day.

  • Not the best look ever

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Who says you cant wear your Birkenstocks to work? Though best known for their cork footbed sandals and clogs, Birkenstocks Profi Birki offers an anti-slip sole and a synthetic insole that molds to the shape of your foot. Plus, theyre available in blue or black and, with the insole removed, you can even wash them in the dishwasher.

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Oil Resistant Vs Slip

When you say a shoe is slip-resistant you can also say, in many cases, that its oil-resistant. Theyre a lot alike, but also different, if that makes sense. Heres how it works:

  • A slip-resistant shoe is tested for use on all types of slippery surfaces those that are oily, have patches and puddles of water, etc. So, a non-slip shoe, generally speaking, provides sufficient traction on oily surfaces, but were talking primarily about the shoes outsole.
  • An oil-resistant shoe refers to the whole shoe, not just its outsole. That means it outsole, insole, upper, lining everything is designed for protection against potential oil damage. Common materials used in shoe-making quickly degrade if exposed to oil frequently. Corrosion still happens on shoes made of oil-resistant materials, but more slowly than shoes that dont use those materials.
  • A slip-resistant shoe can prevent mishaps and slips on oily surfaces, but its upper may be susceptible to oil damage if not treated with oil-resistant materials.

Merrell Suregrip Jungle Moc Sg Black Casual Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Unisex Chef Shoes Non skid Casual Black Non slip Anti Oil ...

Though better known for their rugged outdoor shoes, Merrells Mens Jungle Leather Slip-On puts the Merrell mark on an everyday, non-slip work shoe. A slip on moccasin design made with sturdy, waterproof leather uppers and a wide channel SureGrip tread, the Jungle Moc is built for all-day comfort and long-lasting quality.

Available from

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Skechers For Work Mens Rockland Systemic Slip Resistant Lace

The Skechers for Work Mens Rockland Systemic shoe offers a great combination of style and function. With a wide, soft, ATSM-standard rubber outsole for superior traction in any conditions and Skechers signature lightweight, cushioned insole, Rockland Systemic is designed for comfortable wear during long hours on the job. Add in the leather uppers, bicycle-seamed toe and lace-up closure, and youve got a nice look for casual wear too.

Comparison Chart For Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work

We found 56999 reviews when researching. We have considered users feedback on the Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work and our suggestions includes only the finest of them in this article.

No Action
1 Biacolum Mens Running Shoes Non Slip Sneakers Tennis Walking Workout Air Knitted Breathable Mesh Fashion Athletic Gym Sports Slip On Kitchen Restaurant Shoes Black Size 13 9.8
Avia Avi-Union II Non Slip Shoes for Women Comfort Safety Shoes for Work 9.2
EXEBLUE Mens Food Service Shoes Non Slip Kitchen Shoes Comfortable Slip on Work Shoes Black 9.2
KEEN Utility mens Ptc Dress Oxford Low Height Non Slip Chef Food Service Shoe 9
KEEN Utility Women’s PTC Oxford Low Height Non Slip Chef Food Service Shoe 8.8
Avia Avi-Focus Comfort Slip On Shoes for Work 8.4
Stico Men’s Slip Resistant Chef Clogs 8.4
Avia Men’s Avi-Union II Comfort Work Non Slip Shoes 8.2
KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Low Height Non Slip Food Service Chef Shoe 8.2
Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Steel Toe Work Shoes Hiking 8.2

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What Makes A Shoe Non

While many people consider a simple pair of rubber-soled sneakers to be non-slip shoes, there are specific characteristics that make a pair of shoes truly non-slip. Primary among them is a sole that is made of softer rubber, designed to offer more floor grip when confronted with moisture, grease, or oil. That distinction is important, as most tennis or basketball shoes offer rubber soles that are made to grip on dry surfaces, not wet ones.

In addition to a softer rubber sole, non-slip shoes also provide an open tread pattern that enhances grip by channelling moisture out from under your shoe. While the closed tread pattern found on many tennis and basketball shoes does help provide grip in lateral movement, it can actually trap moisture under the shoe and that can form a barrier between your shoe and the floor and, like a hydroplaning car, actually cause slips.

Finally, many non-slip shoes are made specifically for work environments, and therefore offer greater comfort and shock absorption when youre on your feet for long periods, as well as moisture resistant qualities to keep your feet dry when your work environment might be wet.

What Do Anti Slip Shoes Exactly Do

BEST Non Slip Shoes 2021 (TOP 10)

Slip resistant shoes keep you from slipping over, thats really all there is to it. The concept is simple, and its similar to a shoe that doesnt mark on the bottom in that regard. You simply turn to them because you either want or are required to do so. One thing that a lot of people will forget is that a good pair of slip resistant shoes will help you in both wet and dry situations.

There are some shoes out there that dont do a good job of being on slick, dry surfaces but do in the wet. Today, were going to do our best to bring you only pairs that do both well, so as to keep you happy, healthy, and on the job. Another thing to remember before we delve in any further is that no shoe is going to keep you from falling.

Even a slip proof shoe is not going to make you magically able to keep your feet in anything. With the right mixture of ingredients, anyone could fall wearing anything. So, much like with waterproof items, eventually the dam will break and can add up and cause you to fall. Dont mistake this for a catch-all.

Sometimes, even the best slip resistant shoes just wont keep you on your feet, so you should know that before we get too far in.

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Customized Lightweight Disposable Shoe Cover For Pharmaceutical Factory

Slip Disposable Shoe Covers , Disposable Medical Booties Eco Friendly Specification Item Disposable foot cover Style shoe cover Material pp non-woven Size 15*36cm/15*39cm/16*40cm/17*42cm Color white,blue,green,pink,yellow, black,etc Packaging 2500 PCS /CTN Carton Size 55*42*31cm Other specifications Description Material Style Color Size Plastic Shoe Cover PE, CPE smooth or embossed surface blue,white 36*15cm 39*15cm 41*17cm PP+CPE ShoeVerified Supplier
  • Non Woven Disposable Shoe Covers Anti Static Non Slip Thick Washable Reusable Disposable Shoe Covers Non-Woven Anti-Static Non-Slip Thick Washable Features: Material:Non-woven fabric Color:black,white,sky blue,red,rose red,green,orange,purple,grey,coffee Size:One Size Package Includes: 1 pair shoeVerified Supplier
  • …, quality assurance, clear texture and flat edge. Commonly used in shoes, hats, clothing, luggage, underwear, household goods industry. Material environmental protection, no chemical products such as formaldehyde, no allergies after skin … Verified Supplier
  • oil resistant non slip black leather steel toe industrial safety shoes malaysia Supplier: Shenzhen Hidi Elec Company Product Name: Miller steel toe cap puncture proof industrial safety shoes for work Item No.: HD-PPE-PSS001 Materials: Upper: PU nubuck … Site Member
  • Skechers Kincaid Ii Slip On Loafer

    If you want less of an active look and to appear more lady like, then this is an option for you to consider. This loafer, also from Sketchers, will bring you the same level of slip resistance as the sneakers above did. The tread is slightly different from that of those, but they do have a ton of pliable bristles in place to get the job done.

    As far as looks go, these are pretty nice, but they look a tad bit strange when viewing from the side because of the treads, so that might be a no-go for you. They are definitely intended for someone that is a little bit less hands-on, though, and could be just the shoe for a supervisor or just someone that is in and out a lot.

    The insole is laced with memory foam to help them remember your foots specific needs. A lot of people swear by memory foam, and it can be a real godsend for them to help them get through their days as a result. You also get a lot of durability with these shoes as they just look like they will hold up a while. One thing Ive noticed looking at them is that the heel area is quite short.

    • Change up from sneaker look
    • Good for supervisory duties and general walking
    • Memory foam a major thumbs up
    • Wears out after constant use
    • Takes a while to get them broke in

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    Top 10 Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work

    Are you looking for Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work Reviews? Our experts found 56999 number of feedback online for “Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work” and shortlisted them. This suggestions is created for those looking for their ideal Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work. On selected products for the Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Work you will see ratings. The rating matrix we have generated is based on user ratings found online. Take a look –


    Blue Disposable Esd Anti Static Shoes Cover

    Safetrax Men
    Shoes Cover Material: high quality polyethylene for black conductive strips and new material polypropylene for shoe covers. How to use: when wearing the shoe covers, insert the extra conductive strips into the user’s socks, and contact with the skin, which can effectively discharge the static electricity carried by the human body. Use place:Great elasticity,More durable,Heavy duty, Strong Waterproof,non slipVerified Supplier

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    Choose From Functional And Stylish Shoes That Are Ideal For Any Workplace

    If youre looking for footwear for employees in your foodservice establishment, our selection of boots, chef shoes, and non-slip footwear is the perfect option. Working in a foodservice setting can be very active and may require for your employees to be standing and moving for long periods of time, which is why we carry chef wear shoes and non-slip restaurant shoes. Our comfortable shoes have ergonomic soles that relieve some of the stress and help prevent injuries and soreness.

    Regardless of the type of chef shoes youre looking for, we have the perfect chef wear shoes for you. In addition to providing an ergonomic shoe that reduces soreness and pain, we carry a wide selection of non-slip shoes, which help prevent accidents in your kitchen or bar. Plus, we carry several types of boots, which come up higher than traditional sneakers, providing ankle support that is ideal for high-volume establishments or employees who are working with heavy machinery.

    Stico Mens Slip Resistant Chef Clogs

    • STICO SHOES RUN LARGE: For a snug and proper fit, please size down your STICO shoes as they run one size larger.
    • SLIP RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY: Equipped with Nanotech Ceramic Anti-Slip technology, STICO outsoles are made from ceramic powder and rubber.
    • ABRASION AND DURABILITY: Outsoles are made with Abrasion Resistant Technology that equip STICO shoes with high resistance to oil, slip and have high durability or abrasion.
    • FOR ALL OCCUPATIONS: As a safety shoe, STICOs slip resistant shoes are made specifically for people in working environments in order to prevent slipping, falling, and other similar injuries.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: Made from durable high-grade EVA and rubber blend, these slippers are extremely lightweight, flexible and easy to wear.

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    Does A Rubber Sole Mean That I Will Be Resistant To All Slips

    The simple answer to this is no. The majority of shoes out there are made with rubber soles nowadays, yet you dont see those people working in kitchens with them. Just because you have a rubber sole does not mean you will be protected from falls, and you had better not believe that your employer would be very happy with you declaring they are safe only to find out that they are not in fact.

    The tread of the shoe plays a major role at throwing off water, and normal tennis shoes and sneakers just dont have the ability to do that, even with the use of rubber. Rubber soles will help, over something like leather or another type of material that is used for the sole, but they dont automatically give you a better chance of staying on your feet in a slippery area.

    Who Would Be Best Served For This Type Of Shoes

    Best Non Slip Shoes In 2020 Our Favorite Picks!

    There are a few easy positions that wont be that hard to name off that would need a pair of slip resistant shoes. First and foremost are the two that we mentioned earlier: people that work in kitchens and nurses. But servers at restaurants or bartenders also need them since they are going to and from the kitchen as well, so you will want to protect yourself as best you can. There are some other professions that could really make use of them, too, and those shouldnt be overlooked just for simplicitys sake.

    Anyone that works both inside and outside would be remiss to not think about buying a pair. So people that are contractors, engineers, and even real estate agents might be wise to get a pair and wear them, at least when they are on the site. This would cut down on their chances of falling. Even people that just like to walk a lot outside could get a lot of use from them. Icy conditions are a menace in some climates, and though they wont fully keep you up just because they are slip resistant, doesnt mean they wont help you out a great deal. Even if you have to carry two pairs of shoes and a bag, it might be worth your time and money over the long haul to keep you from getting an injury and being unable to work for an extended period of time.

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    Nike Mens Downshifter 9 Running Shoe Black 11 Regular Us

    • RUNNING SHOES FOR MEN: The Nike Downshifter 9 running shoe lets you take your sprints and runs to new levels.
    • COMFORTABLE FIT: Mens Nike shoes feature open mesh at the forefoot that is lightweight and breathable, keeping you comfortable throughout your run.
    • DURABLE DESIGN: Closed mesh through the midfoot and heel provides structured support to our mens sneakers while the textured outsole provides additional traction and durability.
    • RESILIENT RIDE: Mens shoes with an articulated, full-length midsole that provides resilient and flexible cushioning, while the no-sew midfoot saddle delivers support.
    • RUN FREELY: Flex grooves provide traction and let your feet move naturally in your Nike running shoes and the soft, smooth midsole cushions your stride.

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