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What Size Cycling Shoe Do I Need

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The Importance Of Correct Fit For Cycling Shoes

How To Choose The Right Cycling Shoes – A Buyer’s Guide

We take feet very seriously at Bespoke. This is why we offer arange of services dedicated to this area be it choosing the correctshoes, custom moulding shoes, getting custom insoles or gettingyour cleats perfectly aligned!

People that are new to cycling often buy cycling shoes that area size too big as they are used to having more room in theirtraining shoes. I have also seen people that have wide feet, butwho like the look of narrow Italian shoes, go for a size bigger tocompensate. This can lead to issues with correctly positioning thecleat on the shoe.

Cleat placement fore/aft is very important because it affectswhich part of the foot is loaded during the power stroke. If thecleat is too far forward, you will load the toes which can oftenlead to reduced power production and increased strain to lower legmuscles. To gain maximum leverage without loading the toes, Iposition cleats so that the pedal axle lies under the first andsecond metatarsals . This is the same part ofthe foot you would load during a hop.

I am looking for the forces to run a straight through downthrough the foot and create a straight line of force that could bedrawn through the middle of the knee, middle of the ankle and 2ndmetatarsal . Concentrating on pushingthrough the second ball of the foot and relaxing your toes helpsthis process. Pushing through the first ball of the foot causes theline of force to track towards the inside and can cause pronation.


How Are Cycling Shoes Supposed To Fit

Cycling shoes should be snug. When trying shoes on in the shop, you dont want to have your toes against the end of the shoes or the sides uncomfortably squeezing the feet. But visa versa, you dont want the shoes to feel roomy. Hold the back of the shoe and check that your heel doesnt move when you gently pull up.

Mantel Sizing Advice Always The Right Size Cycling Shoe

To give you a helping hand finding the correct size weve measured all our cycling shoes on the inside. We also looked at the distance from the heel to the tips of the toes. In doing so, we quickly saw that the same size cycling shoes can differ enormously in length and width from one brand to the next. So we created a sizing table per brand to help you determine which size is right for you. The sizing tables are further separated according to gender and, for some brands, a distinction is made between road cycling shoes and MTB shoes.

To decide for yourself what size cycling shoes will fit you, all you need to do is measure your own foot length in mm. Using that measurement you can see which size, per brand, will fit you. Well explain how to do this below.

It maybe sounds a bit complicated but its actually quite simple if you follow the steps below. Want to go straight to the sizing table of your favourite brand? Select from the list below.

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Do Peloton Shoe Size Run True To Size

What exactly does true to size imply? Generally speaking, what we mean when we say a pair of shoes are true to size is that the shoe size you ordered corresponds to the size of your feet once youve tried them on.

Based on my research and customers reviews, I would say that peloton brand shoes are true to size for most people. However, this only applies if your feet arent too big and you tend towards the average foot shape. Peloton shoes seem to satisfy the expectations of the consumers to some extent, according to Peloton users on Reddit post. Peloton bike shoes, once again, will fit true to size if you possess regular or narrow feet.

Cycling shoes should be comfortable but not very compact. They cant be too big, or your feet will start to wobble. This could result in sores.

Do You Need Special Pedals For Cycling Shoes

Fizik R1 Infinito Road Shoe

You may want to try clipless pedals. Clipless pedals are really a system made up of unique pedals and cleats. It includes devices with pedals that can attach to the soles of clipless cycling shoes. Because of this, you are required to choose pedals and shoes so that you can upgrade to a clipless system.

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How To Use Cycling Shoes

The best way to get the clips in place is while riding. Ensure that you have clipped in the first cycling shoe while the other one is safe on the ground. You simply have to get the pedal in position and push your shoes forward. You will hear a click once the shoes are in place. Start off while you try to do the same with the other foot. This may take a while to master. Keep on trying to place the pedal in position as you push your foot forward with the front part of the shoes slightly inclined to the pedal. This provides a perfect slip in for the cleat.

To get the foot off, move the heel away from the bike so as to slide the cleat off the pedal. This will work if your cleat allows side motion. Ensure that you are still on the move while doing this. Stopping down do this will cause a fall over especially if the foot gets jammed. Always remove your foot from the pedals when the bike is at considerable speed for a proper stop in time to get your feet off the pedals.

How To Set Up Cycling Shoes

Clipless pedals let you ride a lot more easily and efficiently that the old platform pedals used to. The cleats on the bottoms of your shoes will attach themselves to the pedal so that you will not have your foot slipping off the pedal as you press down on the down stroke and also help you to get a more powerful upstroke. The cleats on cycling shoes are not attached to the shoe itself, but to the bike and therefore you will need to attach the cleats to your selected shoes, if you are wanting a specific type of cleat, you will need to select the right pedal to go with them.

First thing you need to do is to get the right size of cleats. This will vary depending on whether you have road or mountain bike pedals. Mountain bike shoes are generally smaller and are embedded into the shoe, or recessed. The reason for this is to prevent the cleats from getting clogged up with debris or mud as you walk or push your bike over the most difficult portions of the trails that you ride. Road bike cleats on the other hand have a much wider surface area, this allows you to have more powerful pedalling power.

To do this you reposition the cleats on the bottom of the shoe by either shifting them forward or back, or even to the left or right. The changes will be small and you may have to change a couple of times as you get used to them and find the ultimate position for the maximum benefit.

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Q1 How Tight Are My Peloton Shoes Supposed To Fit

Ans.: Peloton shoes should fit you perfectly and wrap around your foot. They should not be too loose and they definitely should not be too tight. This can lead to discomfort or even in some special cases injuries. You should definitely ensure that there is a little bit of space so that you can wiggle your arch and toes in your shoes.

Types Of Cycling Shoes

Riding with the wrong shoe size? I did for YEARS!

Mountain Biking Shoes:

Mountain biking shoes are made to pair with specific types of pedals , offer foot protection for rugged riding, and have stiff soles to enhance your power transfer and make your pedal stroke more efficient.

Just like different styles of mountain biking call for different types of bikes, so too they require different kinds of shoes.

Here are the primary types of Mountain Biking Shoes:

  • Trail and All Mountain Bike Shoes: Riders that enjoy every aspect of biking on dirt trails, including climbing and descending will prefer trail and all mountain cycling shoes. These shoes offer a comprehensive fit with impressive power transfer, moderate foot protection, as well as a lightweight build. And when youre ready for a break, walking in them isnt bad either.
  • Cross-Country Mountain Bike Shoes: Cross-country mountain biking usually entails racing and/or riding long distances across gravel terrain. Thus the shoes that go with this sport are designed to be lightweight with a fully rigid sole to maximize power transfer from foot to pedal all the way to the finish line or destination.
  • Downhill Mountain Bike Shoes: As the name implies, these shoes are made for those that love riding the descent! They offer a solid pedaling platform, foot protection, and extra weight to make the ride down safe but also fast!

Road Cycling Shoes:

Recreational Biking Shoes:

Cold Weather Biking Shoes / Boots.

Many cold weather cycling shoes and boots include these features:

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How Do I Find A Shoe That Fits Me

Start by choosing Men’s or Women’s from the bar at the top. If you would like to, you can select a category to narrow it down . But be aware that just because a shoe is labeled mountain or road does not mean that it cannot be used indoors. In the result page a filter will open up on the left side of the screen. Here you can choose your US size that you find fits you the best in running, tennis, or other athletic shoes. You can further narrow your search down by cleat compatibility or by any of the other criteria in the filter bar.

How Do I Know Which Size To Buy

A good way to decide on a size is to look at the shoes markings. These markings are found on the inside of the shoe, at the toe and heel. The shoe will have an E, M, and L marking. The E and M marking indicate that the shoe is for men, and the L is for women. If you see the L or E, you should buy a larger size.

Women generally need wider shoes than men. However, for cycling shoes, its good to buy a size smaller than your average foot size. Cycling shoes are measured by the size of your foot.

Smaller sizes are usually found for women and kids, while mens cycling shoes usually come in larger sizes. However, there is some debate about whether men and women need to wear different sizes of cycling shoes.

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Peloton Bike Shoes Sizing

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Riders are required to wear the proper shoes for spinning and cycling to have a productive and comfortable experience. Fortunately, peloton bike shoes come in a wide range of sizes, and therefore covers a broad range of riders. So in this article, we will take a look at how peloton bike shoe sizing works, what sizes are available, how they fit, and what you should look for when buying a new pair. So lets get right to it.

Stiff Soles And A Firm Upper Material


The golden rule is that the stiffer the sole, the better. This is applicable for comfort as well as performance. Yes, it does sound inconsistent. The foot is kept stable and inured from tiring. The upper material is somewhat different. It should hold stiff at power transmission points and at the same time pad the sensitive parts of the foot.

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Cleats Will You Need To Buy Them

Most cycling companies dont include cleats or pedals with their cycling shoes. That is an extra cost that you will have to take into an account. The good news is cycling cleats and pedals usually last longer than the cycling shoes they are attached to. That means you should be able to swap out an older set of cleats with a new set of shoes.

I am a big fan of Shimano pedals and cleats. They have been tested and worn by some of the best cyclists in the world and continue to be very reliable.

Can You Use Airpods With Peloton

According to Peloton, you can connect in a few simple steps: Make sure your AirPods arent connected to any other device and that their Bluetooth option is enabled. Once theyre reset, you can put them back into pairing mode and try to pair them with your Pelotons touchscreen. Close the lid to your AirPods case.

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Bontrager Velocis Road Cycling Shoes

And the verdict? I bought these Bontrager Velocis Road cycling shoes. They come in a wide width like my original pair of Bontrager bike shoes. However, only the black color came in wide otherwise I would have gotten the fancy blue ones shown below. They also come in red and in white.

Theyre a dual cleat shoe, too. So, I could have put SPD cleats on them if I wanted. But, as you know, the Peloton cycle takes the triangle-shape cleat called a Delta cleat.

Pro tip with as soon as you click through to the online store, set up an account. Once youve regiestered with, youll get free shipping on all of your returns. Only those with a registered account qualify for this freebie. So, dont delay.

Do Cycling Shoes Run Small

Peloton Cleat Installation & Cycling Shoes Review + $100 OFF!

Some brands of cycling shoes tend to run small and require you to size up when selecting the correct pair. Most however will run true to size, fitting snugly, though not tightly. If you feel that your toes are making contact with the toe-cap when you apply your full weight to them, then the shoe is too small for you and you need to size up to the get the right fit.

It is not only having the right shoe for your style of riding be it mountain biking, spinning or road racing, it is having the right fit that will make all the difference. If your shoe does not fit correctly, you will not be able to get the power you need to pedal hard and you will not be able to tap into the benefits of having a specialised cycling shoe.

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How Long Do Cycling Shoes Last

That really depends on maintenance and how the shoes were used. Lightweight shoes may not last very long particularly in gravel and other harsh conditions. A good pair of cycling shoes should last many seasons if properly maintained and kept away from abrasive surfaces.

If you go mountain biking, get shoes that are appropriate for this environment. The closures are usually the first things to go, but they can be easily repaired or replaced. When the sole starts to wear out, its time for a new pair.

If you store your shoes in a cool, dry area and completely dry them out after every use your cycling shoes should last a long time.

Peloton Spin Shoes Sizing Guide

Like I said when we got our Peloton bike, it came with a free pair of shoes. My husband took the free pair of shoes.

As far as the Peloton bike shoe sizing, heres what I can tell you. In real life my husband wears a size 13EEE shoe. Those are some wide feet. So when it came time to choose the bike shoes for Peloton, he went with a size 47.

First, I should say that the European sizing confused him. He had no idea how to translate a size 13 into a size in the 40s. What size Peloton shoes should I get? I remember him asking me.

Then, while the Peloton website doesnt have a shoe size chart or a shoe sizing guide, per se, it does offer size translations right in the cart. So, he was able to see that a 47 was a mens size 13.

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How Often Should I Replace My Cycling Shoes

I have to be honest: this wasnt a question I had even considered until almost four years of riding my Peloton bike. The Bontrager shoes served me well on my nearly 1,100 rides. Until one day they didnt.

Why? Because I started to notice that my feet were aching after every ride. It didnt matter how long I rode. The sides of my feet hurt afterwards. I checked to make sure my cleats hadnt movethey hadntbecause that can sometimes be why your feet hurt after riding your Peloton.

How You Can Get The Most Our Of Our Size Guide


We get it, sizing shoes online is hard. The best way, undeniably, to get the best fit is always to try the shoe on in person. With that in mind, if you have close access to one of our stores see our store locator here we recommend trying on a few pairs to hone in on your sizing.

Assuming you don’t have access to a store, our guide here is the best way to ensure a good fit for a Lake Cycling Shoe.


  • With an accurate measurement in hand, review our Sizing Chart page.
  • Want to go a little more in-depth? Check out our Fit Matrix page that helps you hone in on nuances about your foot relative to others.
  • Finally, check out our list of shoe lasts that we use while modeling and producing our shoes. If you’ve worn Lake Cycling shoes in the past, this could be a great way to hone in on a shoe that you know will fit.
  • Disclaimer: This size guide is for reference and for best fit. Trial and error fitting may be necessary for proper comfort. Perfect sizing through online 2 dimension sizing is not guaranteed. Shoe sizing is not a perfect science as we all have unique foot dimensions. These variables in foot shape are individual to each of us and may require sizing up or to a wider shoe. In some cases that are not easily measured without having in-person interaction.

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