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Where Can I Buy Golf Shoes

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Best Budget Golf Clubs


Finding the best budget golf clubs is an important category. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a new set of 14 clubs, so this is an area where the idea of budget golf can make a big impact on your golf expenses. Were going to cover this section with two different categories. First drivers, and then irons.

The budget golf rule for getting a high-quality driver for less is selecting a new one that was released at least a couple years ago. For example, if you go buy a newly released driver, it can cost you $500 or more, but if you go with a similar model from two years ago, you can find them for less than $200. Here are some of our favorites:

TaylorMade M1

The TaylorMade M1 was first released back in 2016 and has performed well ever since. You can find a used one for well under $200. We would recommend you check eBay or a retailer that focuses on used equipment, such as Second Swing golf.

Cobra LTD

The Cobra LTD is an example of high-quality driver that we feel is undervalued. You can find a new one for $250 or a used one for closer to $150. Check Amazon or used club retailers to find the best deal.

The X Hot is another example of a driver that has been out for several years, but continues to perform well. To get the best price for this budget golf club we recommend you check out eBay or Second Swing. Go used and you can save a nice chunk of cash.

Ram Golf EZ3 Iron Set

Pinemeadow Irons

Golf Shoes Are Not Mandatory But They Benefits All

Whether golf shoes are worth their price tag is a more involved question than whether they are compulsory or not.

And the short answer to that question in the vast majority of circumstances is no.

Except on all but some of more high-end luxury golf courses and country clubs, if you are looking to simply hit a few balls at the driving range or play a few holes on a golf course then you dont have to wear golf shoes.

A pair of trainers or sneakers will be absolutely fine.

Spikeless golf shoes dont look that different to sneakers these days

But whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer golf shoes do have benefits, especially in specific circumstances, and these need to be considered in any decision where you are thinking about buying a pair or not.

And these benefits mainly centre around grip.

Whatever standard of golfer you are grip in 2 key areas is the most important basic element of the game you have to think about and focus on.

The first of these key areas relates to the grip you have on the golf club with your hands while the second is all about the grip you have on the ground with your shoes.

And that is why your choice of footwear when you play golf is so important.

The soles of your shoes are the only point of contact with the ground when you swing a golf club so if you have a poor grip with them, and slip in any way, you are not going to be able to hit good shots.

Its that simple.

Wet feet will certainly not help your golf game!

Best Budget Golf Accessories

Budget golf accessories can be a broad category. Golf towels, golf hats, golf umbrellas, and valuables pouches, just to name a few. Weve selected three budget golf accessories that we think every player needs.

1. Golf Towels by Sunday Golf

Trust us, you need a golf towel. Keep your clubs clean, keep your golf balls dry, and clean up if you accidentally spill a frosty beverage on the back 9. These microfiber golf towels will only cost you $25 and allow you to show some personality. Let your playing partners know where youre from or how you approach the game of golf. Comes with a center slit to easily hang over your clubs or bag, and 12 colors.

2. TaylorMade 68-inch Golf Umbrella

The forecast may not call for rain, but occasionally your favorite weather person gets it wrong. Always be prepared with this budget golf accessory. The Taylor Made 68-inch umbrella sells for under $20 and can be purchased at Walmart.

3. Golf Brush by Frogger

If you want to control your golf ball, youll need to keep the grooves on your club clean. Go for a golf brush by Frogger, another budget golf accessory thatll cost you less than $20. You can purchase from their website.

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Best Spikeless: Adidas Golf Codechaos

Even though these Adidas golf shoes don’t have spikes on the bottom, shoppers say they still offer a great grip. Thanks to the extra cushioning and the brand’s signature Boost insoles, customers insist they will still feel extremely good by the time you reach the last hole. “This shoe is exactly what I wanted in a golf shoe,” wrote one customer. “They are light, comfortable, and durable. Hands down the best golf shoe I have ever worn.” They’re designed to be super breathable, but they can also survive rainy weather and wet grass without a problem.;

To buy: ,;from $100

Comfortable & Stable Golf Shoes For Men

Where To Buy Under Armour Shoes In Philippines,Where Can I ...



The ideal golf shoe delivers comfort and stability. Get a shoe that gives you both.

Find hundreds of pairs of men’s golf shoes that bring you an advantage on the course at Golf Galaxy.

Choose from spiked golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes or custom golf shoes for men in narrow, medium wide or extra wide widths.

Browse the top shoe brands in golf, like FootJoy, Nike, ECCO, adidas, PUMA, Oakley and more.

Buying Tips

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Where Should You Not Wear Golf Shoes

In regards to spiked golf shoes, you should not wear them anywhere but the soft greens, especially if the spikes are metal. As mentioned above, these spikes could do significant damage to your feet, the surface they are walking on, and the spikes themselves.

Make sure you keep away from concrete, walkways, pavements, carpets, tiles, wooden floorings, etc., while wearing a pair of these shoes.

Now when it comes to the spikeless ones, you can wear them not only on the golf course but just about anywhere. They are comfortable, comes with paddings, and have great support. What more could you ask for!

Best For Wide Feet: Skechers Go Golf Drive 4

Shoppers especially love that these Skechers have a bigger toe box, which makes them great for wide feet. “I have tried many different golf shoes over the years, this is hands down the most comfortable,” wrote one customer. “I have a wide foot, so not a lot of choices, but their 4E is perfect for me.” They feature a cushioned insole and breathable liner, so they’ll feel extra comfy one person even said walking in these shoes feels like they’re wearing slippers. “I’ve played four rounds wearing them and my feet were not tired and achy like with others I’ve owned,” wrote another shopper.

To buy: , from $51

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Rating Spikeless Golf Shoes

Players once faced a stark choice between spikeless for comfort and spiked for performance. Those days are long gone. Both competitive and recreational golfers recognize this. Soon, the spikeless crowd will be in the majority.

Todays top spikeless shoes have various strengths. Some are more comfortable, lighter in weight or better in wet weather. Youll want to decide whats most important to you feel, stability, support, energy return, style, weight, performance or breathability.

To get started, players should begin by asking themselves basic questions. How wet or dry is the climate? For example, desert golfers will have different priorities than those in south Florida. Do you often play early in the day before the dew burns off? How hilly are the courses you play? How active or quiet are your feet when you swing?

History Of Golf Shoes


The modern golf shoe had its beginnings in the early 1800s, when Scottish golfers first started hammering nails into their soles to get more traction and stability on the course. This crude method could result in painful injury, so the invention of screw-in metal spikes in 1891 was a godsend. The invention of the saddle shoe in 1906 added style to substance, before the 1960s ushered in the era of replaceable metal and tungsten-tipped spikes. In recent years, however, golfers have eschewed the metal spike for ‘cross-over shoes,’ which combine trainer style with the latest in spikeless technology, allowing golfers to look fashionable while feeling comfortable.

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Budget Golf: Low Priced Golf Gear That Will Shock You

We love the game of golf. Weve written many times about our love for the game and everything that it offers. Get some exercise, spend time outdoors, and enjoy making new friends or being with old ones. Theres one obvious problem with golf, though: it can be expensive to play.

You need all types of golf gear to play the game. You need clubs, balls, a golf bag , and golf shoes, just to name a few. All of this can add up quickly, especially if you go to your local golf superstore and try to purchase all the golf gear you see the professionals using on TV.

But, we think you can enjoy golf without breaking the bank. If you shop smart, you can get everything you need without maxing out your credit cards. We call it budget golf. With budget golf, you can get all of the golf gear you need and still have some money left over for your other life passions.

Tips On Buying Golf Shoes

Now that you know the answer to where to buy golf shoes near me, it will also be very helpful to carry these tips when you go buy for a new pair!

  • You must know that there are different types of golf shoes, and each has its own purpose. The different types of golf shoes are as follows: Spiked Golf Shoes, Spikeless Golf Shoes, Golf Boot, and Golf Sandal.
  • Golf shoes are made from different materials. They can be leather, waterproof fabric, and synthetic. Choose the material that is appropriate for the weather.
  • You should also note the lacing system as you dont always want to take time out to tie your loose laces. It might even become a distraction for you!
  • Remember that functionality matters. There are shoes specially made for playing golf because they address the specific problems encountered by a random golfer. This is also the reason why you cannot just wear any random shoes in a golf game.
  • Take note of your style. You are wearing shoes not only for its functionality but also for being able to express yourself. So forget about where to buy golf shoes near me for a while and think first about what style of golf shoes would really reflect my personality.
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    Best Lightweight For Kids: Nike Golf Roshe G

    Your kids will also love wearing these cute golf shoes from Nike when they join you on the course. They come in sizes for children of all ages and are available in six different colors , so you’re likely to find something that works for even the pickiest kids. “My two children who are rarely impressed screamed, ‘Mommy these are awesome and so cute,'” according to one shopper. They’re also very lightweight, with each shoe weighing approximately six ounces. Other customers say the petite Nike golf sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, and great for beginners. “My son loves these golf shoes,” wrote another customer. “He loves the style and says they are really comfortable on the course.”;;

    To buy:, $60

    Find The Golf Shoe That Fits Your Specific Needs

    Asics Gel Ace Golf Shoes Black Silver Mens

    Good shoes on the golf course are essential. But why stop there? Unique comfortable high-quality footwear makes sense in all aspects of your life. So why not enjoy that same quality with your casual or running shoes as well as your golf shoes. Our selection of name brands at competitive prices will make sure that youre on firm fitting wherever life takes you.

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    Best Value For Men: Nike Golf Durasport 4

    Even though these Nike golf shoes are one of the most affordable options on this list, you don’t have to worry about them lacking comfort. “Played two rounds of golf and the shoe has excellent grip and is good for walking,” wrote a customer. Since they’re made of water-resistant materials and have soft spikes for traction, these golf shoes will survive any type of weather, according to shoppers. “I took the shoes right out of the box and wore them for nine holes of golf on a hilly course which had rained recently,” said one. “They were comfortable and didn’t require break-in.”;

    To buy:, $53

    Best Budget Golf Balls

    The challenge with golf balls – newer players need more, because they will lose more than an advanced golfer. The good news – there are plenty of budget golf balls available. The best budget golf ball really comes down to your personal preference.;

    Titleist TruFeel

    Titleist is the number one golf ball brand in golf, but their Pro V1 can cost you $50+ per dozen. The good news is that you can get a dozen TruFeel for a fraction of that price . You can buy them on Amazon or from any golf superstore.

    Srixon Soft Feel

    Another budget golf ball option in the $20 per dozen range is the Srixon Soft Feel. Theyre sold at all golf retailers and you can find them online.

    VICE Golf Balls

    Vice is an interesting golf company and they offer several different versions of budget golf balls. Their model is to only sell directly to the consumer and reduce prices by eliminating the middle man. You can also save significant money by buying their golf balls in bulk. For the best pricing, buy 5 dozen at a time from their website.

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    Where To Buy Jordan Golf Shoes

    After dominating basketball, Michael Jordan started to play professional golf.

    He has made some good friends among the PGA Tour Champions and other golf elite players.

    Michael Jordan is also reported to have designed his customized golf course in Florida which opened just recently in 2019.

    The GOAT also has his mark on golf shoes, and Nike has released numerous golf shoes bearing the Jordan name.

    So if you want to know where to buy Jordan golf shoes and wear them on your next golf game, you should check out these stores.

    Best Overall For Kids: Adidas Codechaos Boa Golf Shoe

    Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes Review

    These Adidas golf shoes for kids have a special feature that makes it extremely easy for kids between the ages of 4 and 8 to put them on and adjust the laces themselves. They use a technology called the Boa Fit System, which allows your child to quickly get a secure fit by turning the dial no bunny ears required. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them accidentally tripping on laces that come untied. “Bought these shoes for my son for golf,” one person wrote. “He absolutely loves them, especially how the laces work. So easy and convenient!”;

    To buy: , from $43

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    Most Stylish: Footjoy Contour Casual

    Looking for something that you can wear even after you leave the course? Go for stylish golf shoes by FootJoy that has shoppers enamored. “I was looking for a shoe that was comfortable, waterproof, and stylish enough to wear for everyday use,” wrote one customer. “This was that shoe! They were so comfortable that I bought a second pair.” Another shopper added: ” perfect for playing but also good for around town. I often take my FootJoy casual golf shoes when I travel as they are comfortable for long walks.” They’re available in four different colors, including navy and charcoal, so you can get a pair that matches your personal tastes.

    To buy: , from $95;, $120

    Ecco Golf Street Retro Hydromax

    Masters winner Fred Couples has been a fan of spikeless Ecco golf shoes for a decade already. Like other Ecco designs, the Golf Street Retro features yak leather from the companys own tanneries. It is a refined leather that is strong and lightweight, and it retains its shape.

    Ecco uses Gore-Tex technology to prevent moisture intrusion while simultaneously letting moisture escape. The soles deliver excellent traction on virtually any surface.

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    Spiked Vs Spikeless Today

    Grant Knudson, head of footwear and accessories at Puma Golf, weighs in on the spiked vs. spikeless debate. He suggests that were moving toward a 50/50 split between the two. Keith Duffy, senior product manager at FootJoy, suggests that players experiment with spiked and spikeless to determine personal preference.

    As spikeless golf shoes have improved, so, too, have spiked golf shoes. Prevailing course conditions and versatility are deciding factors for many players. Knutson says some players prefer spiked shoes on difficult terrain or in wet conditions. The versatility of spikeless golf shoes persuades others. Theyre great if you also want to wear them in your car or on the plane.

    Budget Golf: Frequently Asked Questions

    Nike Air Jordan 11 XI Retro Low Golf

    How much does a good golf set cost?

    If you purchase a premium set of golf clubs, including a driver, a 3-wood, a full set of irons, and a putter, you can easily spend $2,500+. Most amateur golfers dont need to make this type of investment to enjoy the game. You can find a good set of clubs for less than $1,000. Many golfers choose to build their set of clubs over time to reduce the impact of making one large purchase.

    Are cheap golf clubs any good?

    A higher handicap or beginner can start with a cheap set of clubs while they learn the game, but you will notice a performance difference between a cheap set of golf clubs and a middle of the road set. Most amateur golfers do need to spend the money to buy a premium set of clubs.

    Are used golf clubs worth buying?

    Yes. Used golf clubs can be a great way to get the technology available in premium clubs without paying the premium price. Make sure you check the conditions of the used clubs before you buy, but this can be a great way to get an awesome set of clubs at a huge discount.

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