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Where Can I Buy Olukai Shoes

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Olukai Footwear Technical Features

What are the best water shoes from Olukai?

OluKai womens and mens shoes were inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand and, as a result, contain contoured footbeds that provide outstanding comfort and support. Each pair contains an anatomical arch support and shock absorption properties. Wide toe boxes allow you to spread your toes naturally, and the heel cup cradles the heel to provide stability and reduce pronation and supination. Slip into a pair of casual shoes or Olukai womens sandals and Olukai mens sandals to experience a new sense of freedom.

Commitment to the environment is also a cornerstone of OluKai boots, sandals and shoes it uses recycled rubber in the outsoles and utilizes leathers from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries.

Olukai Nanea L Sneakers Review

Ideal for sports and runs or comfy days in athleisure clothing, the Nanea L Sneakers can do it all. This pair is carefully crafted from weather-resistant, breathable canvas with a stretchy tongue for all day comfort.

It also features leather accents on the heel and tongue for a little extra style, as well as a mesh footbed and heel counter for extra breathability. The cushioned gel footbed is removable and washable, while the Wet Grip Rubber outsole is ideal for traction, even on wet surfaces.

Available in three shades of gray, the Nanea L Sneakers come in sizes 7-15 and retail for $120.

Is Olukai Worth It

As our OluKai shoes review comes to a close, it only makes sense to share our final verdict: this brand is worth the buy. The footwear is carefully and ethically crafted, ensuring a high quality and comfortable fit.

Plus, the styles are unique and encompass a broad range of options so you can find something that looks cool and feels greatno matter the activity. Many customers report purchasing more than one pair, highlighting the practicality and excellent quality.

Considering the brands commitment to sustainability, it only makes sense that each pair is designed to last. To ensure that you get the most out of your shoes, the company offers clear guidelines for care.

To figure out what you need to do to keep your kicks in tip top condition, follow these steps under the Product Care section:

  • Select the footwear you are caring for
  • Choose the material they are made of
  • Follow the directions for cleaning
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    Do Olukai Shoes Have Arch Support

    Yes, most OluKai walking shoes offer arch support. The removable insole that comes with them is shaped anatomically to provide the needed foothold and support for a comfortable walking experience.

    OluKai shoes are also orthotic-friendly. If the arch support feels insufficient, just replace then with your choice of customs orthotics.

    Style And Colour Options For Olukai Womens Shoes

    Mio L Men

    The range of products by OluKai is vast, so whether youâre looking for the most comfortable flip flops or a pair of comfy sandals that you can wear from day to night, youâll undoubtedly find many options to choose from. The OluKai womenâs range spans from flip-flops to flat sandals, wedge heels, to closed-toe boots.

    These are certainly some of the most comfortable sandals ever and some of the best comfort shoes for standing all day. The menâs range is equally extensive and spans flip-flops, slip-on canvas shoes, and sneaker designs. We canât forget the kids, and the range for them is a mixture of the two.

    Thereâs something for everyone. In terms of color options, each product has a range that a particular shoe is available in, but overall colors tend to be land-based, e.g., neutral and earthy. This reflects the outdoorsy feel of the company and demonstrates its sustainability roots too.

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    What Are Olukai Shoes

    If youâre looking for comfort, style and want to do your bit for the environment simultaneously, Olukai is your best choice. The company places a great deal of importance on being environmentally friendly through sustainable materials for their products.

    For instance, all products outsoles are made of 30% recycled materials, with 100% recycled materials used for packaging. Further material developments are in the pipeline, too, with the possibility of water-based glues to be used in the future and two current options for vegan-friendly footwear with their Makai and Mauka ranges.

    You can wear the worldâs most comfortable shoes and do your bit for the planet all at the same time! OluKai has its roots in Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, which is an entirely outdoorsy lifestyle, and their ranges of shoes reflect that. Every product is given a Polynesian name, and they are all suitable for outdoor life, with a fashion-conscious spin.

    Who Is Olukai For

    According to our OluKai shoes review, this brands footwear is designed for men and women who are in search of practical and comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Bold stitching and plenty of color options means theres something for everyone, as does the collection of different types of footwear.

    The options are crafted from high quality, durable materials with unique designs, ideal for outdoor activities such as runs, hikes, walks on the beach, and every adventure you could think of.

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    Are Olukai Shoes A Great Choice For Travel

    OluKai shoes come in full sizes only, so this is something to consider when ordering if you regularly use half-sized shoes. Regarding whether this range is ideal for travel, thatâs a big fat âyesâ!

    The comfort aspect is really what sells it in terms of travel, and the quality and durability mean that there will be no problem when traveling over all types of terrain. Sandals and shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof, so consider that if you are going out hiking, perhaps in wet weather. However, overall, the OluKai range is the perfect partner for active travel.

    Are Olukai Walking Shoes Environment

    Olukai Kulupa Kai French Roast Sandals Women

    According to OluKai, it uses natural latex for its gum rubber while the outsole is made of 30% recycled materials. As for product packaging, the brand claims they use 100% recycles materials.

    For leather products, OluKai states that it sources its leather from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries. However, when it comes to glues, the brand is still in search of an environment-friendly bonding substance that wont compromise the durability and quality of the build.

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    Are Olukai Shoes Good For Walking

    Yes, OluKai shoes are crafted to make walking pleasurable, even if you use them to explore the beach, the mountains, the city, or in some cases, your office. According to the makers, they used the wet sand principle in their shoes. The moment you step on your OluKais, you will be reminded of the feeling of walking on wet sand, it conforms to the shape of the sole t provide maximum comfort.

    The anatomically-shaped insole plays a massive role in achieving this experience. This footbed supports the natural structure of the foot and helps position it to make wearers walk with ease.

    Olukai Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    Our OluKai review wouldnt be possible without the highlights from customer testimonials. To truly determine if this brand is worth the hype, we sourced comments from the OluKai website, Amazon, and Gear Lab.

    On the brand website, OluKai shoes receive 4.8/5 stars out of 18305 reviews. One happy shopper describes that they make a great gift because they are so versatile:

    Got my hubby these for Christmas since we couldnt fly to Maui this year, though some local kine slippers are the next best thing. He wears them indoors, outdoors, in wet weather and dry. Super comfy and soft yet rugged enough to wear anytime anywhere.

    One patron recommended the brand for the versatile designs as well, writing, This is my second pair and I love them as much as the first. Comfortable, warm, stylish. Great quality at a fair price. I wear them when running errands and they are great.

    Another buyer explains how impressed they are with the design, stating, These are by far the best pair of slippers that I have ever owned! They are comfortable, temperature is regulated your feet dont get too hot or cold. I like the option of wearing them like a slip on or the more secure around the heel fit.

    A reviewer on Gear Lab also has nothing but good things to say, rating the brand 4.7/5 stars, and stating, Season after season, our gear testers absolutely love the OluKai Ohana flip flop with a rugged design, durable materials, and good looks did everything we asked of them and aged with grace.

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    What Sets Olukai Shoes Apart

    With outstanding comfort, style, and environmentally sound practices, OluKai is a leader in producing beautiful shoes that reflect the casual influences of the Hawaiian Islands. Footwear etc. sells colorful varieties, bequeathing women and men alike with genuinely quality casualwear from OluKai shoes.

    Olukai Kui Slippers Review

    OLUKAI Miki Li Walking Shoes

    Of course, a good pair of slippers is also a necessity, and the Kui Slippers prove it. The slip-on style is ideal for easy wear, while the compression-molded Wet Grip Rubber sole has great traction for indoors and outdoors.

    The slippers feature a super soft shearling lining and a puffy trim for an extra cozy detail, while the rounded toe upper is crafted from a soft full-grain leather for extra durability. The footbed also features a contour that aligns perfectly with the foot for the most comfortable feel.

    Available in a light tan, dark brown, or carbon black, the Kui Slippers come in sizes 5-11 and retail for $130.

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    How To Clean Olukai Shoes

    OluKai walking shoes are equipped with removable insoles. In most cases, these can be washed by hand or thrown in the washing machine. But if the top cover is made of suede or leather, you need to use the proper cleaning solution to freshen them up.

    As for the entire shoe, if the upper is made of mesh, wool, or other synthetic materials, it can be hand-washed. If it is made of leather, suede, or nubuck, you need to use specialized solutions to clean them up. If your OluKai trainer uses Liko, a particular fabric from Hawaii, the brand advises that you only clean the outsole and not wash the upper.

    What Makes Olukai Walking Shoes Unique

    OluKai trainers come in various styles from slip-ons to laced-up walking shoes. But what makes them unique is the patented Drop-In Heel. In most cases, the back panel is constructed to easily fold down, turning the footgear into a slider. It transforms the look from formal or smart casual to uber casual style, which is great for after-work parties or just walking on the beach.

    But why the need to fold-in the back? In Hawaii, it is customary for people to take off their shoes before entering the house. Entering the abode without removing the footwear is considered very rude. So, having shoes that can be easily slip on or off, like OluKais, brings the Hawaiin custom anywhere you go.

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    Olukai Womens Synthetic Pueo Perf Shoe

    Our final review is another highly fashionable choice. It is ideal for wearing during the day, perhaps for sightseeing or traveling from A to B, and translates to evening wear. The shoe is available in four different colors: neutral and attractive, and the style is âballet pump.â

    The outer has laser cutting in a circular pattern all over, which adds breathability while youâre wearing them and makes them look pretty good at the same time! The slip-on design makes these shoes an ideal choice for travel, and the raised back means that you can be sure youâre not going to lose your shoe while walking around!

    The closed-toe design is also the preferred option for many women and will also look fantastic when worn dressed up for an evening out on the tiles! These are too cute, comfortable shoes for standing all day.

    Olukai Nn Hele Chukka Boots Review

    OluKai – Surfer Girl: Honolii Beach

    As the cool weather creeps in, opt for the Nn Hele Chukka Boots, designed with a matte, pebbled, waterproof leather and a high-rebound EVA midsole and Wet Grip Rubber outsole for durability and comfort in the great outdoors.

    They also have a shearling lining and high-top design for extra warmth, as well as a cushioned gel insert that is removable and washable so you dont have to sweat the small stuff. Available in sizes 7-14 and three wearable shades, the Nn Hele Chukka Boots retail for $150.

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    Olukai Kpea Heu Sandals Review

    It only makes sense to begin our OluKai review with a pair of sandals, given theyre what sparked the brands inception. And were starting off strong with the Kpea Heu Sandals. This pair has a unique flair, with a supper fuzzy genuine shearling-wrapped upper and straps.

    The soft material is ideal for wearing in the house as a pair of slippers as well as outside for running errands and doing what you need to, especially because of the durable Wet Grip Rubber rubber sole which is designed to add extra traction.

    Available in a soft creamy color or a carbon black, the Kpea Heu Sandals are available in sizes 5-11 and retail for $100.

    Why Do People Rave About Olukai Shoes

    Considering a pair of Olukai shoes or sandals? Heres what you need to know about buying a pair of Olukai womens shoes before you buy.

    I think the first time I was introduced to Olukai was when I first moved to Hawaii. It was one of those brands where people would be like Oh these are OluKais and I would just nod my head, because it just sounded so cool.

    While the brand itself is synonymous with the tropical lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands and best known for sandals, OluKai designs footwear for all seasons at the intersection of comfort, sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

    All of the brands styles are designed with the Wet Sand Principle, inspired by the way feet are naturally cupped in wet sand, to design contoured footbeds for lasting comfort and support.

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    Best Olukai Thong: Kaekae Koo

    Like the wise philosopher Sisqó once asked, Let me see that thong!

    The Kaekae Koo from Olukai is one of my favorite thong sandals out there because of how effortlessly Olukai translates the brands collective experience into tangible things that make this shoe better.

    For example, the Kaekae Koo features a durable, full-grain metallic leather construction, a super comfortable leather footbed cover, and a non-marking rubber outsole that will protect you from those summer storm without leaving any marks!

    Kaekae Ko’o

    Check the latest reviews and see all color options here

    Olukai Woman Sneaker Pehuea Leather

    OluKai Moloa

    Available in a huge range of color options, all very wearable, this particular shoe is a loafer-type of design. The outsole is made of rubber and has subtle Polynesian artwork on the outside, and there is a leather patch displaying the Olukai logo. The heel is flat, although the rubber sole is slightly raised for extra comfort.

    Overall, the comfort level is fantastic on these shoes, and the footbed is anatomically designed and supports the arch of the foot without being too heavy. The footbed is also removable and can be washed for extra hygiene. These are slip-on shoes, which makes them ideal for long-distance travel if youâre traveling by plane, you can easily slip them on and off whenever you feel like it, and when youâre walking around, these wonât cause rubbing or discomfort over long distances either.

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    What Is Olukais Return Policy

    Not sure if your OluKai slippers are the right fit? Fortunately, the brand offers free returns and exchanges within 30 days on orders in new and unused condition with original tags and packaging.

    Shoppers can exchange for another color or size, return for a store credit, or return for a refund. To get the process started, visit the brands return portal and follow the instructions from there.

    On top of that, the company offers a 1-year warranty on all defective pairs, promising replacements if any manufacturing issues arise.

    Olukai Plahi Sneakers Review

    In need of a style you can wear anywhere? Try the timeless Plahi Sneakers that feature a classic high top design with a built in zipper for easy on-off.

    The shoes are crafted from an eco-friendly and durable canvas material with a whip-stitch detailing for added interest. The microfiber lining provides a comfortable and breathable fit, while the dual-density, anatomical PU footbed has a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling fresh wherever you go.

    The rubber outsole features a Polynesian inspired detail, adding that extra special touch. Available in a dark gray, the Plahi Sneakers are exclusive to members only and retail for $110.

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    What Does The Olukai Logo Mean

    The logo is called the Makau, or fish hook. It is a symbol of strength and good luck. It also means safe passage over bodies of water, which is fitting given the seafaring roots of the Polynesians.

    The hook is also popularly associated with Maui or Maui-a-kalana. The Hawaiian demi-god wanted to prove to his brothers that he is good at fishing like they were. However, when Maui cast his magical hook, it caught the ocean floor and formed the islands of Polynesia when the fish hook was reeled in.

    Olukai Momi Womens Slip

    OluKai – Together. We Go.

    This particular womenâs slip-on shoe is an exceptional choice if you want to cut down on your packing, and you want to have a fashionable shoe that you can comfortably wear from day to night and vice versa!

    Available in five different colors, which are bright but still neutral, this particular shoe is comfortable and stylish. You could compare these shoes to the âballet pumpâ style, and they have laser-etching on the outside to create a perforated pattern. The outer is rigid yet very comfortable, so you donât have to worry about them bending and becoming out of shape over time.

    The leather outer and gum rubber sole are comfortable and add support to minimize the chances of injury or discomfort. Of course, you also get the signature anatomically designed footbed too. This shoe is ideal for a woman who wants to be stylish, comfortable, and cut down on packing.

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