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Where Can I Buy Shoe Laces

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Where Can I Buy Shoe Laces

Elastic Shoe Laces – Why I Use Them & How To Install Them | Laura : Fat to Fit

Does anyone know where CM residents buy shoe laces? I have tried a few shoe shops and the large Tesco Lotus, but they don’t seem to sell laces. Although shoes in CM may be cheap compared to prices at home, I cannot believe that they just throw away their shoes and buy new ones when a lace breaks…

Try Waroros Market, but if all else fails, just buy some string to tide you over until you fly home.

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You never know what you’ll find in a 7/11 or a Boots Pharmacy – maybe check there. Failing that, ask a local Thai person – I often saw them tying up parcels and various other things. One place for sure you’ll get string is at a post office where they provide boxes, string, etc. to tie up packages that tourists want to mail home. The string could then be used as shoelaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What did people search for similar to shoe laces in Las Vegas, NV?

People also searched for these in Las Vegas:

What are some popular services for shoe repair?

Some popular services for shoe repair include:

  • Half Sole Repair

What are people saying about shoe repair in Las Vegas, NV?

This is a review for shoe repair in Las Vegas, NV:

“They brought my favorite boots back to life I went to other shoe places and they gave me a high quote to change insole, repair and clean my boots and tried to charge me to sew it too. But this place were honest about what needs to be done and they gave me a reasonable price. They exceeded my expectations!”

Why Loop King Laces

Established in August 2017, Loop King Laces set out to provide Luxury Shoelaces to the sneaker market. In 3 Years, we have sold over 50,000 pairs of Loop King Laces and have been working with 3 distributors in 3 countries, as well as over 350 individual retailers.

Learn how to stock Loop King Laces below.

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Bulk And Wholesale Shoelaces

Shoelaces Wholesale carries all kinds of shoelaces including flat, round, casual, oval, printed, glitter, metallic, cotton, waxed cotton, dress, and more. We also carry spools of lacing, lanyards, eyewear retainers, key rings, heavy duty shoe and boot holders, and shoe shine stand foot rests. No minimum purchase!

We understand that bulk orders can be tricky with a lot of manufacturers. We want to make the wholesale process as simple as possible so that you can get the shoelaces you need exactly when you need them!

Ordering shoelaces in bulk is perfect for retailers, designers, schools, manufacturers, non-profits, wholesalers, and shoe repair shops. Shoelaces are a great fundraiser item for schools and non-profits. Whether you are a large or a small retailer, check us out. Shoelaces Wholesale wants you to succeed in your business.

Shoelaces for Retailers

Are you a local shoe store looking to upgrade your shoelace selection? Look no further! We want to help you offer the biggest variety of shoelaces to your customers as possible. When you place a wholesale shoelace order with Shoelaces Express, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer the highest quality shoelaces in bulk at some of the most competitive wholesale prices on the market.

Shoelace Fundraisers

Sof Sole 45” Flat Athletic Shoe Laces



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Sof Sole 45” Flat Athletic Shoe Laces

Color: Red

  • Athletic laces let you customize your shoe look
  • Bright colors give you a distinct, stylish look
  • 45” laces are ideal for shoes with 7 or 8 eyelets
  • Sof Sole

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Shoe Laces Of Various Colors

Express yourself with our wide selection of colored shoelaces. The different color choices you make can have an impact on your interactions with co-workers, colleagues, strangers, and more. Dark colors are perceived as more formal and authoritative while lighter colors are seen as more appoachable and friendly.

Shouldn’t Kids Learn How To Tie Their Shoes

Everyone should learn how to tie their shoes. But once they do, there’s no reason why our kids can’t have a little simplicity in their life too. Tying shoes should be a fun learning game, not another chore. Laceez probably won’t replace every pair of shoelaces anyway. It’s just another option to have in the closet. And if the shoes with Laceez happen to become their favorite pair in the process, then hey, that’s okay with us. Give Laceez a try. Laceez Shoelaces Review for Moms by Moms »

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Shoelaces Online Store Canada

Shoe Lace is your local Canadian online shop for buying shoelaces, also known as, shoe strings or bootlaces. Shoe strings can be made using a variety of material such as cotton, jute, hemp, leather, or synthetic fibers. They consists of a pair of strings or cords, finished off at the ends with rigid tips, commonly known as aglets.Please scroll down to find a selection of shoelaces or shoe accessories. All items can be purchased worldwide and free shipping is included on all orders.

Choose A Shoelace Length Based On The Number Of Eyelet Pairs

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoe Is Real, And You’ll Be Able To Buy It (Soon) – Newsy

If you dont have the broken laces or a tape measure handy or if youre buying them online or as a gift use our lace length charts below that will help you pick the right shoelace size for boots, shoes and hikers. If you use this way, youll need to know how many eyelet pairs your shoe or boot has.

How many eyelets or holes are on your shoes? Count how many total holes you have and divide by two or count how many holes are down one side. This is the number of eyelet pairs are on your shoes. The boot in the above example has 9 eyelet pairs.

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Leather Kevlar & Polyester Boot Laces

Polyester and Kevlar boot laces often wear down and break easily. The strain on any boot lace is caused by repeatedly drawing the lace back and forth through a grommet or lace hole under tension. diamondlace unbreakable boot laces were tested against leather boot laces, Kevlar boot laces, and polyester boot laces to prove that they are the toughest boot laces on the market. diamondlace lasted ten times longer than competitor boot laces.

How To Lace Up Dress Shoes

Lacing up dress shoes is very similar to lacing up any other pair of shoes. Use the criss cross pattern as described in the first section. The only difference is that laces on dress shoes are often more brittle, sometimes being made from leather or other hardened material. Dress shoe laces are often shorter in length than sneakers, so it is really important that you make shorter and tighter crosses when you lace them, so that you do not run out of laces at the top where you need to tie them.

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Our Types Of Laces Include

  • Flat Laces We have an expansive assortment of flat laces that come in different lengths, widths and colors. Our flat laces come in Flat Waxed and Flat Leather.
  • Rope Laces Our rope laces are a blend of outstanding looks and incredible strength. The laces are triple-braided and last three times longer than other laces. Like our flat laces, the rope laces come in varying lengths, widths and finishes to suit different types of shoes and sneakers.
  • Waxed Laces To stay ahead of the pack and meet the unique demands that shoe lovers have, we have waxed laces. Our waxed laces are coated with premium wax to make them waterproof and to make it harder for them to get dirty. Should the laces become dirty, a quick wipe is all that is needed to restore their shine. Waxed laces are perfect for shoe lovers that spend a lot of time outdoors and want beautiful and easy to maintain laces.
  • Leather Laces Leather laces are our flagship luxury laces line. The leather laces are ideal for sneakerheads that want looks above anything else. Even though the laces bring out the best in every sneaker and shoe, they are also extremely durable. Our leather laces are waterproof and 100% fire-resistant.

Look Stylish And Feel Comfortable With The Right Shoe Laces


Laces are essential components of most shoes, including sneakers and boots. Picking the right shoe laces is important to give you the right combination of security, comfort, and style. Strength and fashion are also factors to consider while browsing eBay for your ideal laces.

What style of shoe laces will look right?

Generally speaking, more formal shoes can be matched with thinner laces, while casual shoes work well with thicker laces. Formal shoes such as Oxfords often have small eyelets, so only narrow laces will fit through easily in any case. Shoe laces for dress wear are often waxed, which gives them a slightly shiny appearance that goes well with highly polished shoes. These can be less appropriate for shoes like hiking boots, where a robust, interwoven design can be more resistant to heavy use. You’ll find plenty of affordable laces of all kinds on eBay to fit your needs and preferred style.

What length shoe laces should you pick?What extra features can you look for?

Shoe laces come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s more to think about than just making sure you have the right length. Some other options you can consider while browsing on eBay include:

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What Are Laceez No Tie Shoelaces

Laceez are elastic no-tieshoelaces for kids 2 to 12.Our elastic is a top qualitysmooth lace made from acustom wovenmaterial with 2 small tips attached at the ends. Lace up your child’s shoeswith Laceez and suddenly their shoes are nowcomfortable slip-on shoes. Added bonus: Laceez make shoeslook much better. No more knots and danglinglaces. The only downside is your kids will havebetter shoes than you! Shop Laceez No Tie Laces »

Boot Laces From Shoelaces Express

For many people, a pair of good boots can last a nearly lifetime. Leather boots are created to be sturdy, to function in many different environments, and of course to be stylish. A pair of boots are often times the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever come across .

In order to get the best use out of your trusty pair of boots, you need Boot Laces that are high quality, the right length, and fashionable. Think about it – without a proper pair of boot laces, your boots could be too loose on your foot. This can cause blisters and a general uncomfortable feeling. If your boot laces are too short or too long, you run the risk of tripping over the laces or not being able to tighten them exactly the way you want to.

Shoelaces Express is here to help with all of your Leather and Boot Lace needs! We carry many different varieties of Boot and Leather Laces in most styles including flat boot laces, round boot laces, square leather laces, and more!

Hiking Boot Laces
Heavy Duty Boot Laces

It is extremely important to have the right laces for your pair of heavy duty boots. Whether you are using your heavy duty boots for work or for recreational activities, it is always good to have an option for replacement laces. It can be quite the challenge to find the exact heavy duty boot laces you are looking for at a regular shoe store, which is why Shoelaces Express is here to help! Order your heavy duty boot laces from us with ease and get back to doing what you love in the boots you love.

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Where To Buy Replacement Nike Shoe Laces

SLICKIESLACES is one of the largest supplier of shoelaces in the world. If you are looking for replacement NIKE laces for your sneakers, look no further. We have a huge library of colors for you to choose from and also, various lengths that you can select.


Visit us at Singapore’s and South East Asia’s Premier Brand of Shoe Laces. If you have any other ideas on matching colors and would like to recommend some other laces, feel free to drop me an email. Join our for a community of laceswap lovers!

How Do Laceez No Tie Shoe Laces Work

Where to Buy Rope Laces

The Laceez patent-pendingaglets slip into the two topshoelace eyelets & easily locksinto place. The custom stretchy material of our easy elastic laces allow almost any shoe tobe put on and pulled off without tying or untying those pesky shoestrings. A pair of Laceez turns yourchild’s shoes into comfy slip-ons, while offering apresentable look with no dangling shoestrings. Read More: How Laceez Work »

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Are You Ready To Never Have To Buy Laces Again

If youve ever broken shoe or bootlaces, then you know it can be a major pain.

Make the ultimate upgrade to Ironlace unbreakable shoe and bootlaces theyre 10x stronger than steel, 20x tougher than Kevlar, and have 9 more amazing properties.

Find out more and try them now. All orders over $25 get FREE SHIPPING:

  • Ironlace Unbreakable Boot Laces & Shoelaces$15.99
  • NEW Ironlace Unbreakable Boot Laces & Shoelaces$15.99
  • Ironlace Unbreakable Sport – Flat Shoelaces$15.99
  • Ironlace Paracord 550 Boot Laces and Shoelaces$6.99

Learning How And Where To Buy Shoelaces

The first thing to understand when purchasing new shoelaces is that they do not have to look exactly like the shoelaces currently in your shoes. When purchasing shoelaces you want to evaluate your shoes to decide what new shoelaces you need to buy. At we have over 2000 different shoelaces for you to choose from, as well as custom length shoelaces.

  • Type of Shoe – The first decision you need to make is what type of shoe you have dress, casual, athletic, hiking, boots, etc.
  • Shoelace Style – Next, you should decide if you want a flat shoelace, round shoelace, oval shoelace, tubular shoelace or a specialty shoelace. With dress shoelaces you also have a choice of waxed or non-waxed. You may want to get an elastic shoelace which allows you to slip your shoes on and off while keeping your shoe snug but not too tight on your foot. For athletic shoes you may want to get a bubble lace Sure-Lace. These laces stay tied better than any other shoelace!
  • Shoelace Color – Another decision is what color of shoelace to buy. You can get a new shoelace the same color as your old shoelace or you may choose to go with a different color. Remember, the new shoelace needs to look good in your shoes it doesnt have to match the old shoelace.
  • If you’re trying to figure out where to buy shoelaces for your shoes, Shoelaces Express is the way to go! With over 2,000 options, we’ve definitely got the right laces for you and your shoes. Shop now!

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    How To Lace Shoes

    The most common way to lace shoes is through criss cross lacing. To lace shoes this way, begin at the holes closest to the toes of the shoe. Thread the laces straight through these two holes, known as eyelets. It is important that during this step you have an even amount of the lace on either side so that the laces are distributed correctly throughout the shoe, and you do not end up with one shoe lace that is longer than the other. From this point, grab the right part of the lace. Find the next eyelet that is open on the left side of the shoe. Place the right part of the lace under and through this eyelet. Do the same thing for the left part of the shoe, creating a criss cross pattern. Next, instead of switching to the right lace, do the left lace again, and then switch to the right. This will keep the criss cross pattern alternating, and provide a more secure lacing. When you get to the last two eyelets near the tongue, the laces in your left and right hand should be very close to equal in length.

    How To Lace Kid Shoes

    Converse Loopholes Shoelace Design by Sofi

    Lacing kid shoes is the same as lacing adult shoes. Use the criss cross pattern mentioned above in the first section. Because kid shoes are smaller than adult shoes, the laces will be smaller. Because of this, be careful to leave enough of the laces accessible at the top so that the child will not have trouble tying them.

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    Luxury Air Tight Packaging

    Why The Design?

    To ensure our laces are not tarnished in the post, each pair of Loop King Laces comes in air tight zipped seal packaging to ensure no dust or dirt gets on your new laces. This defines the morals of our brand. No corners are cut with Loop King Laces, were here to provide only the best.

    Alternatively Get In Touch With Us Via Email

    Please use our wholesale form for any other questions you may have. We aim to be in touch within 1 working day at all times!

    Alternatively, feel free to email us directly on . Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you.

    POS Stands Available To All Retailers!

    Scroll down for more information on Wholesale Loop King Laces.

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