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Where Can I Purchase Diabetic Shoes

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Where Can I Find Diabetic Shoes?
  • May feel hotter on the foot in warmer weather

These slip-ons from Sketchers come in at a fraction of the price of most other picks on this list, but they still do a great job of supporting and protecting your feet. They use highly responsive midsole cushioning and a high-rebound footbed to give your feet the extra support they need.

Lined with bamboo fabric, they keep your feet cool, dry, and safe from unwanted bacteria. The tapering midfoot design offers improved arch support over previous versions of this shoe.

The mesh fabric on the top of the shoe provides excellent breathability while still protecting your skin from debris that could lead to cuts and scrapes. The nearly seamless construction of the shoe makes it extremely comfortable, and the materials used make it surprisingly lightweight. Consider this slip-on sneaker a safe pick for working a desk job, running errands around town, and relaxing at home.;

Arch Support: Yes | Materials: 100% mesh fabric, rubber sole | Close-Up: Slip on

Diabetic Shoes Things To Know

We offer a wide selection of diabetic shoes from Dr. Comfort, Apex and Orthofeet..

What are diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes, sometimes referred to as extra depth, or therapeutic shoes, are specially designed shoes intended to reduce the risk of pressure and or skin breakdown in those suffering from diabetes. These shoes have a wider and deeper toe box compared to traditional shoes . The primary goal of diabetic footwear is to prevent foot complications, which can include strain, ulcers, callouses, or even amputations for those poor circulation related to diabetes. These shoes are manufactured under strict guidelines and they must be equipped with a removable orthotic. The shoes and insoles work together as a preventative system to help provide joint stability, prevent joint deformity , and improve overall mobility.

Do I need a prescription?

The purchase of diabetic shoes does not require a prescription. However, insurance company guidelines require that diabetic shoes be prescribed by a physician and fitted by a qualified individual such as a Certified Orthotic Fitter. Here at Aston Pharmacy, we have a Certified Orthotic Fitter to meet all of your diabetic shoe needs.

Will insurance or Medicare cover diabetic shoes ?

Most insurance companies will cover part or all of the cost of diabetic shoes and insoles. Each insurance company has their own requirements for coverage. Here a few guidelines:

Medicare and Keystone 65 –

Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other Commercial insurances

What Is The Difference Between These Shoes Vs Regular Shoes And Orthopedic Shoes

The goal of diabetic shoes is to give you maximum comfort and support. They should ideally have arch support.

This will help in preventing pain and plantar fasciitis. Their wide toes ;allow wiggle room for your toes. The heels are supposed to keep the pressure off your feet. The therapeutic shoes are made deeper so you have room for orthotics.

Are there different shoes for different activities e.g. walking and running?

There are different shoes for the type of activity you will perform. You can shop for fashionable looking shoes which can be worn at work and alternatively, you can purchase active footwear for the purposes of walking, jogging or running.

Where can you purchase them?

You cannot buy these prescription shoes in just any stores. They are specialized and mostly custom made. First, your podiatrist should refer you to a pedorthist. Pedorthists are qualified professionals who create special shoes for people who have unique requirements for their footwear.

Once you have been refered to a pedorthist, they should be looking for things to ensure you get the right shoe for your feet. These shoes should follow strict guidelines, must be fitted to the individual. They come with removable orthotics such as arch support, insoles, fillers, and other removable items/accessories.

How much are they?

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Pick Out Your Next Favorite Pair Of Shoes Today

We’ve helped millions of people find quality pairs of diabetic shoes that provide them with comfort and style. Browse our extensive collection of diabetic shoes, insoles, socks, and more. Fashionable and comfortable footwear for both play and work is just a few clicks away.

Browse Orthopedic Footwear Favorites with New Styles Being Added Regularly

Diabetic Sandals & Flip Flops

Medifeet Diabetic shoes Price in India

Sandals That Are Safe For Sensitive Diabetic Feet Because many diabetic feet have a slower rate of healing and are extra sensitive to heat, friction and injury from foreign particles, diabetic sandals have a much taller order to deliver when it comes to comfort and foot protection than your average orthopedic sandal. That being said, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice wearing sandals simply because you are dealing with diabetic symptoms. Here at, we carry an extensive collection of brand-name men’s and women’s sandals for diabetics. Designed to protected the feet, facilitate blood flow and mitigate nerve damage to the feet, the sandals in our inventory are an excellent choice for any diabetic individual looking for freeing footwear solution this summer season. On the bottom of the page, you’ll find the podiatrist-approved definition of a diabetic sandal to help you learn more about the standards all of our in-stock sandals for diabetics must meet. If you have a history of severe diabetic foot problems such as diabetic foot ulcers we strong recommended you consult your doctor before wearing diabetic sandals.

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Do All People With Diabetes Need Prescription Shoes

No, not all people with diabetes need to wear these custom made shoes.

If you are managing your blood glucose levels and they are in their target range, chances are your diabetes is in control. If you are in your earlier stages of diabetes management and do not have a history of foot related problems, loss of sensation, you may not be considered for them by your doctor.

Are they really helpful?

These therapeutic shoes have shown to reduce the chances of amputations in patients with diabetes who have foot problems. If you can prevent even a minor injury or blister from occurring, it will be beneficial for you in the future. People who have these shoes claim that they alleviate foot pain that was otherwise caused by wearing regular shoes.

What are the benefits?

The goal of wearing diabetes prescribed footwear is to prevent complications that can occur in the future.

Complications include ulcers, train, calluses and eventually preventing amputations. The shoes alleviate foot pain and give people with diabetes the freedom to be able to walk more and move often, which is one of the most recommended ways of managing ones diabetes. If you are not afraid of getting blisters or hot spots, you will feel comfortable walking more or engaging in physical activities which can then help maintain your blood sugar levels at the recommended target levels.

Therapeutic Shoes Made For People With Diabetes

Therapeutic shoes must meet certain requirements developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to qualify for Medicare Part B coverage. “The shoe has to have extra depth, it has to accommodate custom inserts that are put into it, it has to have the protective features that diabetic shoes need, like a protective toe and protective heel, and it needs to fit well,” says Eddie Cross, director of the Crocs, Inc., medical division.

Commercial shoes don’t need to adhere to any strict guidelines. Comfort and fit often take a backseat to fashion. Heels, soles, fasteners, fabrics, and other factors can rub your feet the wrong way.

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The Best Way To Pick Shoes That Work For You

Here’s how to shop smarter for shoes that fit:

  • Shop in the afternoon. Your feet swell throughout the day.
  • Try before you buy. You may wear a size 9 in one brand and a size 11 in another. One foot may even be larger than the other. Many Web sites, such as, can help you find shoes if your sizes don’t match.
  • Don’t shop alone. Have a shopping companion to help you fit and tie shoes.

Shoe Shopping SecretsIt may seem elementary, but it’s important that your shoes are larger than your feet. To quickly check for proper shoe sizing and shape, try our favorite foot-tracing trick:

  • Around 5 p.m., when feet are the most swollen, remove shoes and sit on a low chair or stool.
  • Place a large piece of paper on the floor in front of you.
  • Place both feet firmly on the paper.
  • Trace your feet with a marker, pen, or pencil.
  • Bring your feet tracing on your next shopping trip. Before trying on a new pair of shoes, compare the shoe shape to the outline of your feet. Each shoe should be slightly larger than each respective foot. The shoe should cover the entire breadth of the tracing — no part of the outline should be visible. If the shoe is smaller than your foot’s outline, don’t bother to try it on.
  • Don’t Suffer From Poorly Fitting Shoes

    Approved by Medicare, Diabetic Shoes

    Inadequate and inappropriately fitting shoes can cause issues for your feet. This includes ulcers, rankles, and calluses that cause pain and discomfort. A diabetic shoe needs to have a removable shoe insole to help support your foot. By combining diabetic shoes and insoles, you can avoid foot problems and wounds while improving your overall lifestyle. Our diabetic insoles are specifically designed to alleviate foot pain that is related to arthritis and diabetes. All of our insoles are resilient and lightweight, providing you with unmatched support and cushioning.

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    Propet Womens Travelactive Slip

    If you are looking for something a little bit more stylish and you like to be on the go a little more than most, then this is a good shoe to consider.

    Coming in a number of colors to help you show off and match with just about anything you have in your wardrobe, these shoes just plain out look classy. They are extremely lightweight and flexible on the outside, something that is very much appreciated for the diabetic patient.; Coming with a rubber sole, they will do their best to provide you traction on a number of terrains.; Like all good diabetic shoes, they do run big and wide.

    However, they dont have the deepest of depths in them, so that could be an issue for those with moderate to severe cases.; For those like that, these might not be the best option for you. Another major place of these shoes is the fact that they are slip-ons, which means you dont have to worry about tying your shoes and all that jazz.; Just one less thing to have to worry about as you go about your day.

    • Good for walking and being more active
    • Slip-ons make life much easier
    • Not the deepest of depths
    • Harder to fit orthotics because of that fact
    • Not for very strenuous activity.

    How Do I Know I Need Them

    As mentioned, you will want to consider asking your doctor for a prescription if you have peripheral neuropathy or have started to find that your feet are hurting when walking. For a regular person, a blister or pain related to shoe can eventually go away.

    However, for a person with diabetes, the blisters can lead to ulcers, infections, and even amputations. Speak to your doctor today if you feel that you can benefit from wearing shoes specifically made for people with diabetes.

    In order to qualify to get the prescription for the prescription shoes, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • Partial or complete amputation of the foot
    • Previous foot ulceration

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    Fashionable Footwear That Provides Comfort And Style

    You don’t need to sacrifice style when purchasing a pair of orthopedic shoes from Diabetic Shoes HuB. We add new styles regularly, so you’re guaranteed to find a new pair that is comfortable and attractive.

    We carry a wide selection of diabetic shoes for women, including dress shoes, running shoes, sandals, slippers, and wide shoes. Our shoes come in a variety of colors and materials. You can find a pair for wearing around the house, when you go for a walk, or when you want to spend a night out on the town.

    Our selection of diabetic shoes for men is extensive as well. We have shoes that fit both narrow and wide feet, in addition to work boots, sheepskin shoes, and diabetic ambulator shoes. No matter what your lifestyle is, we have a shoe for you.

    Where To Buy Medicare

    Mediconfort Diabetic Footwear Black Sandals Price in India ...

    When youre ready for a pair of diabetic shoes, youll have plenty of options. You can buy the shoes from your podiatrist or other medical supply carriers. Another option is finding a supplier online.

    You can find diabetic shoes at stores like:

    • Diabetic neuropathy with evidence of callus;formation

    If you think youre;unsure about your;eligibility,;you can contact a Medicare representative.

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    Schedule An Appointment With Us

    When you are with the Foot and Ankle Clinic of the Virginias, we will give you the right amount of time as you select a pair, and even if it might feel good for you in the store, we will work with you to help you find shoes that feel good even after you try them out at home. These shoes can be the gateway to improving your condition as you manage diabetes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    Orthofeet Womens Ortho Diabetic Athletic

    Another shoe that would be good for those that are a little bit more active, this athletic sneaker is a good choice for those that want something that is little bit more all-around coverage. While the Propet would be more for light duty, this shoe could stand up to more than that. And you dont have to sacrifice too much, either.; These also look very good in a few different colors as well, much like the above choice.

    These shoes are designed to help you be as comfortable as possible and have a number of solutions to problems that you might be facing in addition to diabetes.; These shoes have been shown to work well for those with Arthritis as well, so that is a big plus to have in your corner.; In addition to looking nice, these shoes have extra room both in the toe box and they also have more depth, like you would expect and need them to have.; A plus as well for these is that they will allow you to bring in your own inserts, so that is a major positive to look at.

    Some of the potential pit falls for you include the fact that they do have laces.; You would have to maintain that should you buy them, and that is just a no for some people.; Another issue is price.; These are a little expensive, but you are getting something that will do well for you, so if it helps fix the issues it is well worth the money laid down for them.

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    Things And Features To Consider When Purchasing Your Shoes

    When shopping for shoes, you should look for something that fits properly, has enough space for your toes and provides arch support.;

    • Look for shoes which are made with leather that is soft and stretchable
    • Remember that shoes with laces have better support and fit better
    • A removable cushioned sole will provide for better shock absorption
    • Consider shopping for your shoes in the afternoon or evening as the size of your feet is probably a little bigger during the later hours due to swelling
    • Always try your shoes with socks on to ensure a better and more accurate fit
    • Consider wearing your new shoes for 2 to 3 hours for the first time. This gives you enough time to check your feet for cuts or blisters. After the first day, wear your shoes for a period of 3 to 4 hours to gradually get comfortable in them
    • Have a space of ½ between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe
    • Look for shoes that do not have inner seam as they can cause blisters or hot spots due to rubbing
    • The shoes should not leave your feet red or any marks on your skin. This can mean that they are not the right fit for you

    How Much Do Diabetic Shoes Cost

    Certified Therapeutic and Diabetic Shoe Fittings

    Diabetic shoes can be costly because theyre a specialty shoe. Shoes will need to be customer-fitted for your feet.

    Most diabetic shoes can range in cost from $50-$200 per pair.

    Thankfully, Medicare does cover these shoes in most cases. But if you dont have insurance, you could be paying these high costs yourself.

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    What To Know About A Good

    Foot researcher Lawrence Lavery cautions against buying medical shoes from shopping malls or traditional shoe stores because staff members lack specialized training, and people with limited foot sensation may not be able to feel for proper shoe sizing. A podiatrist can unveil underlying issues, such as circulatory problems or arch flattening, which are tricky to observe during self-exams.

    Also, what used to be a good-fitting shoe for you may have changed. According to Cordell Atkins, P.T., DPT, CWS, CDE, CPed, manager of the Intermountain Diabetic Foot Clinic at Intermountain Healthcare’s The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Murray, Utah, you may experience minor changes in your feet throughout your lifetime. “Patients with diabetes tend to get longer and wider feet as they age due to arch flattening,” he says. “Realize that your body changes and so can your shoe size. You may have been a size 8 all your life, but now you could be a size 10.” A podiatrist can help determine your size and recommend an adequate shoe.

    Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip

    Coming in a number of different colors, the Gil Slip-On from Hush Puppies continues their tradition of giving fashionable and useful shoes to the world. Coming in two different widths, they are available to be bought by people that need even more room than they might otherwise would.

    Another major plus for these shoes is that they are made from 100% leather and thus have a lot of comfort.; But the bottom is made from synthetic material to help you get traction and durability as well.

    This pair of shoes is lightweight, but they also offer up a lot of bang for your buck in regards to the outsole.; Youd think by looking at them that they dont offer a lot, but these have a lot of shock absorbing qualities built in, which is not a common thing to see in Diabetic shoes. Because of that, you might just be able to do a lot more activity and be up and about more than you otherwise would be able to manage on a daily basis.

    One of the easiest features included is the hook-and-loop closure used.; Its not Velcro, but it is pretty close and just about as easy as Velcro would be, meaning you wont have to worry about tying shoelaces or anything like that.; The footbed, which is not quite as wide as other Diabetic shoes but still wider than most, is made up of EVA.; This is a very soft material that breathes well, so it should do a great job for you.; IF not, it can be replaced with your own insole.

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