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Where To Buy Pole Dancing Shoes

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Closed Toe Vs Open Toe Shoe Sizing

Pole dancing shoes for beginners: How to find the right stripper shoes on a budget!

If you typically wear a half size, theres a general guideline that comes in handy when working with open toe heels vs closed toe heels. Many people who wear a full size may still benefit from following this guideline.

For open toe always size down. For closed toe always size up.

If you have wide feet, consider always sizing up no matter the type of heel. Pleaser are designed to fit wider feet, although if you have extra wide or particularly large feet you can try Pleaser Pink Label which is designed for either men or those who have larger feet.

What To Look For In Pole Shoes

I love Pleaser shoes for poling because they are really good quality in terms of build and sturdiness.

  • They are lightweight enough compared to other heavier brands like Ellie Shoes. This means lifting them off the ground when doing aerial moves is effortless.
  • A padded insole is included as standard on all Pleaser shoes for the ultimate comfort. You wont want to wear your regular heels after trying a pair of Pleasers.
  • They dont have any extra material sticking out that could snag on the pole. The finish on the shoes is always perfect. You should avoid buying shoes with studs or chains if you are wearing them for pole fitness.
  • They come true to size so you dont have to consult US size guides and attempt to convert shoe sizes. Other brands have a narrow fit which is good for some people but most find Pleasers comfortable.
  • Pleaser shoes come in all colours and designs. There are weird and wonderful designs to be found. So you can pick a style that matches your personality if you want to.
  • Breaking In Your New Pleasers

    Despite being sky-high, Pleasers are very comfortable to wear! The trick is that you need to break them in. Start by wearing your shoes around the house in short increments. Build up the time you wear them as they get more comfortable and stretch to your feet.

    A trick to getting a custom fit from the start is to warm up your shoes with a hairdryer set on low. Do not get them too hot! When you put on the warmed-up shoes and wear them for a little while, theyll mold to your feet as they cool.

    To help you get used to your new shoes, practice walking around the pole and doing floor work. Platform heels are heavy, and youll have to adjust to their added weight as you move your legs. Youll also need to build up your leg and ankle strength. Once youre comfortable on the floor, you can start practicing your pole work. Remember, it will take practice!

    Most importantly, have fun! Your Pleasers will make you feel sexy and ready to dance, so go for it!

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    What Differences Can You Expect When You Start To Wear Heels

    The first difficulty you may come into when you slip on your first pair of pole shoes is walking.

    This all depends on you and how familiar you are with walking in heels.

    I used to wear heels a lot and despite that, when I wore my first pair of pole dancing shoes I was still left looking like Bambi!

    To get used to wearing them you can walk around in your house, do some ironing, a little housework. The more you wear them the more natural they will feel.

    The first time I put them on in a pole class I wobbled around and got used to the feel of just walking around the pole, I also learned that crouching in a squat in heels was surprisingly comfortable and sturdy.

    With a little extra grip from the plastic straps climbing became easier, but inverting felt different and I suddenly wasn’t strong enough to deadlift anymore.

    I should note that this first experience for me was wearing Ellie shoes though, not Pleasers – and they are considerably heavier.

    Once the Bambi leg stage is over you’ll feel amazing and be able to reach your feet more easily in those bendy moves.

    You can put your heels on whenever you’re in the mood and get some super sexy floor work in or dangle in your favourite trick, just don’t forget to check out those pins!

    The biggest difference for me was noticing just how much longer my legs looked in the mirror, and they look a lot less nobbly at the knees too!

    Why Should You Wear High Heels : Buy LAIJIANJINXIA New White Sexy Pole ...

    The easiest way to grow a few centimeters ? Of course, wear high heels! The legs look longer, the natural tilting of the pelvis is slightly increased, the bottom is emphasized. If you can still move properly now, the push-up effect for the ego and the bottom is successful. In addition, high heels upgrade every outfit, whether everyday- or pole dance wear. A lady has at least one pair of high heels in her closet, which is almost part of good taste. Especially popular are the Pleaser heels, this brand is associated with sexy heels like no other.

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    Best Pole Dance Shoes For Beginners

    So youve fallen in love with pole dancing and now youre ready to level up your game with your first pair of exotic pole dance shoes! Whether youre excited to join the mile high heel club or a little intimidated by sky-high stilettos were here to help.

    New students are always curious which shoes to go with when they first start dancing with us at The Dollhouse Fitness and we love helping heel virgins choose their first pair. Theres nothing quite like seeing the sparkle in a dolls eye and powerful energy shift when they heel up and take those first few slinky stilettoed steps around the pole. OH, it is SO DAMN MESMERIZING!

    So we thought why not throw out some advice here on our blog for anyone whos hot-n-ready to slip into their first pair of sexy pole dance heels.

    Below are some helpful tips and even a few links to our personal faves from our preferred pole dance shoe brand, Pleaser.

    Ive Never Danced In Heels What Should I Buy If Im A Beginner

    Id recommend starting with 6 inch or 7 inch heels. When youll feel more confident you can go up to 10. My personal favourite is 8 , because their weight, shape and look suits my body and my movement more I find 9 heels WAAAAY to heavy to have fun, but maybe Im just a baby.

    A post shared by Carolina/ Hades on Jan 25, 2019 at 1:48am PST

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    How To Choose The Best Pole Dancing Shoes

    Have you been looking for the best pole dancing shoes around? Not sure which brand you need?

    Well, look no further because today I’ll be introducing and comparing the top two brands of pole dancing shoes.

    When it comes to sexy shoes there’s a tonne of them out there, but today’s review goes over the pros and cons of the top two brands and the best style for you to choose.

    There’s a reason Pleasers are the top brand of stripper shoes, and today you’re going to learn why not just any heels will do.

    What Size Should I Choose

    Pole dancing shoes for beginners

    Dance heels often fit a little differently than street heels. A good size may feel snug or tight to begin with. A perfectly fitted heel will have your whole foot covering the sole area with nothing hanging over the edges that includes your toes so buckle up that ankle strap.

    If its a little tight, dont worry, the material will stretch out with wear. If youre wearing something with patent straps, you can try stretching them to fit using a hairdryer Boots can typically be laced tighter or looser against the calf.

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    All About Our Pole Dancing Shoes

    We have an extensive range of pole shoes that will have you covered for any training, performance and occasion. Here are the criteria to guide you through our extensive collection:

    Your choice also depends on whether youre a beginner or an advanced dancer. Beginners usually go for the clear shoes as theyre easier to get a good grip on the pole with. For advanced dancers, there is more freedom to choose, as theyre better aware of their needs on the pole. As you can see, material is an extremely important point and should be taken into consideration before ordering a pair.

    What Is The Attraction Of High Heels And What Happens When You Wear Them

    Women, or people who wear high shoes, know why they do it. The positive effects on self-esteem, the increase in sex appeal and the feeling of being a little taller are great feelings that you don’t want to miss. In fairness, however, the possible harmful side effects should not go unmentioned either. Wearing high heels regularly shortens the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon. All people who practice sports, where you have to stand on tiptoe most of the time know this: the stretching of the calf should not be neglected.

    Dangers of excessive wearing of high heels and remedy:

    • Shortened calf muscles
    • Do not forget stretching for calf and ball of foot

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    Thigh High Pole Dancing Boots

    Lets start with the best thigh high pole dancing boots. These are a personal favorite because they help with thigh and knee grip on the pole. Thigh high boots make your legs look long and sexy and accentuate the natural shape of your legs.

    Pleaser Flamingo Thigh High Boots with Side Detail

    These amazing Pleaser Boots are an incredible 24-inches of thigh-highness! These fit comfortably over your knee and theyre tucked at the back so they maintain the natural shape of your leg. The platform is 4 and the heel itself is 8 Wow! The tie detail on the side of these boots can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

    In all honesty, these boots are at the top of the list because theyre the best fit and most comfortable, due to the adjustable sides. None of the material sags or gapes so they really are perfect for pole dancing.

    Pleaser Adore Boots Buckle Detail

    The Pleaser Adore Boots are next on our list. These have a 2.75 platform with a 6 heel, so theyre slightly lower than the Flamingo boots. However, they are taller and will sit higher on your thigh, the buckles are adjustable for a more comfortable fit and the lace detail is beautiful. The Pleaser Adore Boots look amazing, but theyre not as easy to grip with as some of the other pole dancing boots available. If youre looking for a stunning pair of boots but arent bothered by your leg grip then these are a for you!

    New Over-Knee Pole Dancing Boots

    Peep-Toe Fishnet Boots with Rivets

    Susie Thigh High Boots

    Pole Dancing Boot Sleeves

    Find The Best Pole Dancing Shoes (2020)

    New for 2019! These pole dancing boot sleeves by BoomKats Polewear allow you to turn all your pole shoes into sexy boots in a snap! Just put them over your pole shoes and you get instant pole boots with added grip! Boot Sleeves gives you multiple combinations to wear your existing pole shoes. Also, you get a perfect size! Check them out:

    Shop Boot Sleeves Now

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    So Should You Get Some Strippers Heels

    HELL YES. Id say you can never go wrong by buying a pair of stripper heels unless you have to choose between pole shoes and food, of course. Cause food is always more important.

    But anyway, I always recommend trying a pair. If you dont like them, you dont need to buy them anymore and if you like them welcome to the Shoe Addict Club.

    FYI: this post was strictly about pole dancing shoes, but if you want to know more about pole dance in general, read my post about that here.

    Pole Dance Shoes Are Stripper Shoes

    The pole dance industry, which has seen many past strippers open studios and create a new form of culture inspired by strippers and the strip club, owes a lot to sex workers. Pole dance shoes are one of those characteristics that wouldnt have been there without strippers so its important to acknowledge that when were talking about pole dance shoes, were really talking about stripper shoes, now made mainstream by the pole industrys wide adoption of them and by celebrities wearing them.

    Read more about this in my Q& A with the East London Strippers Collective.

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    Starting From Which Heel Height Do You Speak Of High Heels

    Not every heel and not every heel height may call itself a “high heel”. Shoes completely without a heel, understandably do not belong to this category , but even shoes with very moderate heels are not high heels. Affectionately these shoes are called “Kitten-Heels“.

    Classical pumps, which can be open or closed, move with their heel height between 6 and ca. 10cm, real high heels have a heel height of ca. 10cm. Fetish heels and skyscrapers have a heel height of 14 cm and more.

    As the name says, the heel height determines the name. The cut of the shoe itself does not play a role here.

    • Kitten Heels – 3-5 cm heel
    • Pumps – 6-10 cm heel
    • High Heels – from 10 cm heel height
    • Skyscraper/Fetish-Heels – 14 cm and higher

    Pole Dance Shoes & Boots

    How to protect pole dancing shoes | 3 hacks on how to make your pole dancing shoes last longer!

    When it comes to pole dancing shoes, Pleaser is the best in the world. Pleaser shoes are synonymous with pole dance shoes.The Pleaser brand of womens footwear ranges from sublime to retro-inspired to fetish and more they are attention-getters befitting their brand as the footwear of choice of exotic dancers, fitness models, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

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    Where Can I Buy Pole Dance Shoes

    Brand-wise, Pleaser Shoes used to be the leaders in the market. They were the classic stripper shoes, worn by dancers and sex workers. A lot of brands that have subsequently decided to make pole shoes own their designs and inspiration to Pleasers and therefore to strippers.

    Pleasers can be found all over the Internet, from Amazon to Ebay. I got my red 9 Inch Infinity Pleasers from Footwear Fetish, who were kind enough to gift me this gorgeous pair of boots.

    I found these guys responsive and professional. They have all types of shoes, including vegan ones if youre so inclined. My shoes arrived on the same week as my order and the customer service was very attentive. Id recommend checking pole forums to see if there are brands you should avoid.


    Sadly, as of 2020, a variety of dancers have found the quality of Pleasers to be declining, and there were concerns among the sex worker community that they were being erased in favour of pole fitness.

    Because of this, consider this post, which was written in 2018, as a guide to pole heels for rookies. Check my more recent reviews and my Instagram to see the shoes and brands Im currently supporting.

    Why Should You Buy Them

    The sexy look, the exotic designs and the outstanding artisanship that mark our Stripper heels will make you long to buy them and strut around, much to the jealousy of your friends who will go green with envy on seeing you. Every shoe on display here has been crafted in such way that they will make you feel special and distinctive.

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    What Is The Best Height For Pole Shoes

    Pleaser shoes come in all different heights. You can filter by height in our shoe collection. A lot of advanced pole dancers wear 8 inch shoes, which is pretty high! The standard height for the majority of beginner pole dancers is probably 6-7 inches. If you want to play it safe, go for the 6 inch shoes, but be warned – you might find that after a month or so you’ll wish you’d gone a little bit higher!

    Even though they look crazy high the first time you see them, they’re not that difficult to get used to, so long as you’re working on your point and strengthening your ankles. Pleaser heels are a lot lighter than they seem as they are specifically designed for dancing.

    Will Any Heels Do

    Pin on Women Flats Cardigans

    When polers first start they can wear any heels they want to, but dancers quickly purchase pole dancing shoes as there are many advantages to wearing specially designed shoes.

    Most importantly I guess is that pole specific heels are safer than your everyday 3 inch shoes. This is because the anatomy of pole shoes as explained by Xpert instructor and advanced poler Tiff Finney allows movement that normal heels dont. They allow for better balance when making complex dance moves.

    Pole dancing heels are also lighter than normal heels. The angle of the heel and the platform mean the shoes give the wearer more support when walking so they are more balanced than if they wore everyday heels.

    The cushioning in the footbed also means that they are more comfortable.

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    Master Hip Hop Street Jazz And Stiletto Dance In Our Professional Dance Heels

    Burju Shoes are well known for our amazing array of dance heels, not only for Latin and Ballroom but for hip hop, street jazz and stiletto dance forms. Our professional dance shoes have been designed with comfort in mind and innovative features that will help you to master the most intricate steps and perform to the best of your ability. Made with comfort inner soles and offering a choice of laced and strapped designs to ensure your foot stays firmly in place, our professional dance heels will have you dancing like the stars.

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