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Where To Buy Shoes With Wheels

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What Features Should I Look For

Incognito Heelys (Unboxing/tutorial)

When searching for wheel shoes, take your child’s skill level into account. If he or she is new to the world of sneakers with wheels, opt for a pair that features double wheels. Double wheels help to boost coordination and balance and prove easier to use. Conversely, more advanced users may consider one-wheel models. Some roller shoes come with Velcro straps, while others feature laces. Others might feature a combination of the two. Velcro straps prove easier to fasten for younger children, but lace choice is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Want To Learn Even More About Skating

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How Do I Determine Proper Sizing

Shoes with wheels are sized similarly to more traditional shoes. When searching for a pair, make certain to measure your child’s feet and take the manufacturer’s size chart into consideration. Doing so helps to ensure a proper fit and allows for optimal comfort during wear. If you find your child between sizes, always opt for the next largest shoe size, especially since children’s feet tend to grow quickly

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The Top 10 Best Shoes With Wheels In 2022

This is our review of the best shoes with wheels in 2022.

Im an avid roller skater who has been reviewing, testing and rating roller skates, rollerblades and inline skates for decades. I have researched the products below to help you find that perfect set of wheel shoes. I also have detailed a thorough buyers guide to help you with your selection.

After my research, I have found that the best shoes with wheels are the Heely Pro 20.

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Heelys Classic 2 Wheels Skate Shoes

2016 New Fashion Children shoes with wheels boys Yeezy Kids Cool ...

You could collect 99points


Check out the Heelys Classic x 2. A street-smart roller you won’t want to take off!All styles are in USA sizes. Please use the size chart as a guide before ordering. Length measurements guide – cm/inches is based on foot length, not the length of the shoe.

Product Features:

  • Two wheels in each shoe
  • Lace and velcro closure
  • Padded lining for built in comfort
  • Colour: Black, Rainbow

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How Do I Pull The Wheel Off My Roller Sneakers

Follow the steps below to remove your wheels:

  • Hold the shoe upside down with the sole and wheel facing away from you. Position both thumbs against the side of the wheel that is closer to you.
  • Using your thumbs, push out and upward on the side of the wheel. Because axles are pressure fitted into the axle arms, removing the wheels may be difficult at first.
  • If after step #2, the wheel has not come loose, turn the shoes around and repeat step #2 on the other side of the wheel.
  • To prevent potential injury, always point the bottom of the show away from you and others.
  • Using the heel plug tool to remove your wheels may damage the wheels, which are designed to be removed by hand.
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