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Where To Get Nursing Shoes

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Adidas Nurse Shoes Cloudfoam Pure Running

I FINALLY found the PERFECT Nursing shoe! | cassiekaygee

The Adidas Nurse Shoes have a cloudfoam which provides a shift cushioning effect to your feet and leaves you with utmost comfort while you are walking.

The adidas nurse shoes can be considered as the best shoes for nurses with flat feet due to the fact that the shoes provides you with the best arch support to comfort your flat feet condition and enables natural mobility of your feet.

The shoes are available in a variety of colors and also they are breathable, ensuring good air ventilation for your feet all day long.

The shoes are fashionable, yet they are very lightweight and comfortable so you wear them all day long without having to worry about burdening your feet. Also, they are the best when you have to run, stand and walk for a long time.

The stretchable mesh of the shoes makes the shoes Breathable, also the shoes contours the arches according to your feets need and relieves any pain which you get from your flat feet.

Bala Nursing Shoereviews: What Do Customers Think

No BALA shoes review would be complete without taking a look at what tried-and-true nurse experiences have to say about the shoes. To fill the gaps in our knowledge, lets turn to the people whose opinion matters the most, BALAs customers.

On the BALA website, many customers gloat about the Twelves comfort, design, and aesthetics. Sounds like a triple threat to us! One nurse enthusiastically touched upon what she loved in her review:

I work as a nurse and have been looking for comfortable shoes to last me through the shift. I have tried many different brands that didnt work for me. These were great from the start. With each shift they just get more and more comfortable very happy to have a pair.

Another BALA customer offered her story with the shoes that goes through as many peaks and valleys as a regular nursing shift:

I bought them almost a month ago and had to return due to a protruding bone and the inside of the sneaker was pressing against it. Well, because I loved the look I tried them again and Im so glad I did they were very comfortable, so I figured Id wear them as regular casual sneakers and plan to purchase the pink ones!

A third review on the companys website recounts how the BALA Twelves aided with the customers foot pains:

Happy, happy customers. But what do people have to say about the shoes on external sites? Another hub with only good things to say about BALA are the testimonials featured on

Why Do Nurses Need Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Because of the nature of their work and the need to be able to move around fast, it is a must to have comfortable shoes for nurses. Nurses work for about 1215 hours per day, and most of the time they are either standing or walking around. Sometimes, they also need to carry heavy supplies and push hospital equipment. This puts a great strain on their feet and legs.

Without the proper support of good shoes, nurses experience pain and extreme discomfort in their lower extremities. They are more susceptible to experiencing arthritis and heel spurs, and are prone to overstretching the muscles and tendons that hold up the foot arch. These conditions are easily aggravated if they do not wear the proper nursing shoes.

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Best Shoes For Nurses 2022

What are the best shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals? It seems like a simple question. But, the answer can get really complicated. Not just any old walking shoe will do for nurses. That’s why we asked nurses themselves. Here are the shoes that were most recommended by our online nursing community of over 133,000 nurses:

Tips On How To Get The Best Nursing Shoes


By | Submitted On May 22, 2006

The purchase of shoes is an area that cannot be stressed enough in the nursing field. In the past nurses wore the traditional white shoes that set a nurse apart from other professions. Over time, this has changed, and there are several other styles available, with some nurses even choosing to wear either white or black sneakers instead of the traditional shoes. The issue with shoes is that you must toss style for comfort when you are on your feet all day long. Many women, especially the younger ones, prefer style to comfort, but in the years to follow this line of thinking will take a toll on not only their backs but feet as well.

Sandy Sizemore writes on many consumer related topics including health care. You can find discount nursing uniforms and the best nursing shoes and more by visiting our health care website.

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Nurses Reviews On Bala Shoes

We’ve gathered some of the reviews from the BALA website to build your confidence. These reviews can absolutely assure that nurses, including nursing students, surgical technicians, and respiratory therapists alike, are satisfied with BALA footwear.

One of the pharmacists left a rating of five stars and commented saying:

Really like these-Glad to finally have a tennis shoe that still feels good after 13+ hours.

Another RRT seems to be absolutely thrilled by her experience with the BALA shoes let’s read what she had to say about these shoes:

This is my 2nd pair of BALAS, and I absolutely love this brand. I bought my 1st pair during the 1st wave of Covid and wore them down with the rest of the waves. Had to get a fresh new pair recently and didnt even need to break them in. Love that they are splash resistant and that they are so good to my feet at the end of my 12-hour shifts. Will never go back to clogs or Nikes.

Let’s see what this Massage therapist has to say about BALA shoes:

I have finally found the perfect shoe! My feet have never been happier. I have a narrow foot. I struggle to find good shoes for work. I have been a full-time massage therapist for 30 years.

It appears that the BALA are the absolute favorite nursing shoes for all of the nurses, as well as all of the therapists. So, if you’re a nurse or want to be one in the future, these shoes may be worth considering!

The List Of Best Nursing Shoes For Flat Feet 2022

You are considered as the right hand of a doctor, so you should be taking good care of yourself to be ready for your duty calls all the time.

Here is how you can always feel comfortable and confident just by getting your hands on the best medical shoes for flat feet, which I will be suggesting to you in this article.

Lets directly take a dig into the Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet, here is the list you have been waiting for:

Buy From Our LinksIf you like any of the above products and you are planning to buy them, then please use our links for the purchases. I earn from qualifying purchases because I am an Amazon associate. Thank you for your support.


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Best Shoes For Male Nurses: What To Look For

You probably saw quite a few similar descriptions in the shoes above thats because they all share many of the same features that all great mens nursing shoes share. These are the features that you look for in a good nursing shoe for men.

These are 5 things that most work shoes for people who spend a lot of time on their feet share. A non-slip sole, good arch support, shock-absorbing cushioning and heels, a stable platform and good ventilation.

Here are those 5 things in more detail:

Reebok Women Classic Renaissance Sneaker White/steel 9

Ultimate Nursing Shoe Guide

$ as of March 27, 2022 1:10 pm


  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: These classic sneakers feature leather upper for soft support with stitched overlays and brand callouts at tongue, sides, and counter
  • EFFICIENT FOOT SUPPORT: These stylish trainers with die-cut EVA midsole and lightweight cushioning which lasts many strolls and jogs
  • COMFORTABLE AND STURDY DESIGN: This footwear features low-cut design that provides mobility at the ankles Memory Tech foam sockliner provides comfort
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE CASUAL SHOES: Ideal for long walks, running and hiking

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Who Designs Bala Nursing Shoes

Whats special about BALA is the amount of work they do to connect amazing footwear designers and developers with nurses. The team at BALA believes that the key to making great shoes for nurses is bringing them into the design process. The company even has a full-time employee whose primary job is to talk to nurses all the time, understand what they want, and connect them with the creative designers who make BALAs shoes.

Women’s Sport Running Shoes Mesh Breathable Lightweight Trail Tennis Sneakers With Arch Support 7 Purple

$ as of March 27, 2022 1:10 pm


  • Air Cushioning-and-rubber sole : Lightweight, flexible response.
  • Versatile running shoe for low mileage, neutral runners
  • Removable sockliner improves comfort, remove to accommodate orthotics
  • Women running shoes use mesh and synthetic upper materials offer a snug, sock-like fit. Knit tennis fabric, comfortable, breathable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for run, walk, work, weight training, park, boating, cycling jogging, garden, lawn, equestrian, basketball, rowing, athletics, tennis, volleyball, football, driving and yoga. Casual daily shoes which can bring more enjoy to your life.

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Brooks Adrenaline Sneaker $130 At Brooks Running

Available in mens and womens sizes and a range of colors and widths, the Brooks Adrenaline sneaker is lightweight and supportive while still offering plenty of cushioning. The engineered mesh upper allows your feet to breathe while conforming to the shape of your foot for an optimal fit, while the durable DNA LOFT cushioning spans from beyond the heel to the forefoot for a smooth feel with every step.

Hoka One One Bondi 6 $15000

Dansko Nursing Shoes for sale

The Bondi 6 remains a popular shoe line for nurses of both genders due to the solid build quality and amazing cushioning. The Bondi 6 boasts the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval for supporting good foot health and features a mesh construction, full-length EVA midsole, and durable rubber outsole. Both the womens and mens lines feature a variety of colors and styles, making the Bondi 6 an excellent choice if you like to express yourself through your choice of shoes. The mens Bondi 6 weighs in at slightly under 11 oz, while the womens weighs only 8.6 oz, making these nursing sneakers a great lightweight option for nurses who are looking for maximum cushioning.

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Oofos Clogs For Nurses Lightweight Recovery Footwear

The condition of flat feet comes with a lot of pain, muscle tightness and fatigue in feet, arches and ankles. The Oofos clogs reduce load on feet and support the feet movement, in this way the clogs give support to your feet while walking and reduce pain which might occur due to flat feet.

The one thing which makes these clogs different from other clogs is that they consist of a special Oofoam recovery technology which can absorb more than 37% more shock than normal footwear foam.

The unisex clogs are machine washable, so you do not need to worry about them being dirty while you are working around the hospital. Also, with its machine washable feature, you can maintain excellent hygiene for your patients. The clogs are designed to minimise odor, so do not worry about stinky feet at all.

The footbed is patented in a way that the clogs contours themselves according to your feet and its arches, due to which the stress on ankles, feet, lower back and knees is reduced to minimum, which makes Oofos clogs the best clogs for flat feet nurses. These clogs reduces exertion rate of ankles up to 47% as compared to the traditional clogs

With Oofos clogs your walking is made easier so you can recover faster from your flat foot condition and you can feel better with the support and comfort it gives while walking and running. These clogs are a must have for nurses who have the condition of flat feet.

Sanita Professional Clog $12500+

Manufactured in Poland, Sanitas line of professional clogs for men and women is a solid choice for nurses looking for a comfortable shoe that will offer support, comfort, and durability. These clogs come in a variety of styles and colors, but all share an emphasis on support and comfort. Featuring a microfiber insole and rocker bottom polyurethane outsole, Sanitas will help encourage good posture and reduce stress on your joints and back from standing on hard surfaces all day. The Sanita Professional series has been given the APMA stamp of approval as well, so you can rest assured that these clogs support good foot health and help reduce heel pain.

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Great Investment Best Shoes

Im a nursing student so I was skeptical of buying these shoes because I have a hard time finding shoes that make my feet happy and I wasnt sure I was ready to spend the money. However one thing I have learned from other nurses is to take care of your feet very early on. I have a high arch, and have a history of plantar fasciitis and I can tell you this, I do not regret spending the money! I had two shifts in a row, and my feet felt amazing!! It felt like I was walking on a cloud! Will be purchasing another pair.

  • How would you rate the comfort?UncomfortableComfortable
  • How would you rate the size?Too SmallPerfectToo Large
  • How would you rate the length?Too ShortPerfectToo Long
  • How would you rate the width?Too NarrowPerfectToo Wide
  • What size did you order?8.5
  • What specialty do you work in?Orthopedic & Spine

Enhancing Nurses Foot Well

My Favorite Nursing Shoes

Toffeln have been expertly designing healthcare shoes since 1978, and our footwear is now sold in more than 50 countries across the globe. Throughout this time, we have gained a reputation for providing a range of nursing shoes, clogs and trainers which are carefully designed to improve your foot wellbeing.


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Dont Forget Compression Socks

While it may be tempting to focus exclusively on which shoes you wear, you should also take a moment to think about what you wear inside of your shoes. You may not realize it, but your socks can have a big impact on how your legs feel at the end of a long shift. Compressions socks for nurses can help maintain adequate circulation to the feet and ankles during long work shifts, reducing fatigue and pain you might be experiencing.

How To Find The Best Fit In Your Nursing Shoe

Ok, I think weve established how important it is to choose a nursing shoe that has the right qualities. You know what you want, have found a shoe that meets all your criteria and are ready to purchase.

All you need to do is slip it on and walk around a bit, right? Not exactly, if you want a really comfortable true fit thats going to last you all day long.

Heres a couple of tips thatll help you get the best fit possible:

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What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For Nurses

Wondering what the all-around most comfortable nursing shoe is? Each of the shoes in our list has proponents that will attest to their comfort. Finding the shoe that is most comfortable for you will come down to finding a shoe that offers the right balance of support, cushion, durability, and breathability. From a lightweight shoe with a removable insole perfect for a wide foot, to a genuine leather shoe with a padded instep collar perfect for flat feet, there is a nursing shoe at there for you!

One thing to note about the most popular and comfortable nursing shoes for nursing is that they largely fall into two categories: clog style shoes or athletic shoes. If you havent tried a clog style shoe before, dont completely eliminate it as a possibility. Clogs offer excellent support for your knees and back, which is crucial for avoiding knee or back pain as you get older. Clogs are also easy to put on and take off, low maintenance and tend to be very durable. If you arent sure which style might be right for you, take the time to try a few on.

Best Shoes For Nurses

Nurse Mates Shoes: Women

Nurses, doctors, and medical students know a thing or two about comfortable footwear, which is why we went straight to the source to find the best shoes for nurses. Health care workers spend the majority of the day on their feet, so we reached out to medical professionals for recommendations on work shoes that are ~actually~ comfy and supportive to wear for hours on end.

Our experts have tried out many styles in pursuit of The Onethe no-fail pair that can be slipped on with bleary eyes and still make you feel put-together for 12-hour shiftsand can say the picks below are a great place to start if youre new to the field or hoping to replace a worn-out pair for yourself or a loved one.

Whether youre in need of arch support, slip-resistant outsoles, or high-quality lace-ups with removable inserts, the options below reign supreme in the medical community. Below, 11 of the best shoes for nurses to shop now.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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