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Where To Find Rockport Shoes

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These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Rockport Grady Plain Toe SKU: 9488606

Shoe purists will quickly dismiss rubber-soled dress shoes like Rockport while heaping praise on expensive all-leather shoes with classic Goodyear welted construction. Classic leather-soled shoes of this type generally cost $300.00 or more from iconic shoemakers such as Allen Edmonds and Alden Shoes.

Well, if my daily routine was limited to jumping out of an Uber, grabbing a latte at my local Starbucks before walking a block to the office, a pair of beautifully crafted, high-priced Allen Edmonds leather-soled shoes would make perfect sense. However, I often walk and stand for hours. traversing the full range of urban terrain in all types of weather. I need a more cost-effective, sensible shoe, something closer to a sneaker or track shoe in comfort and utility but with the style of a traditional dress shoe. Here is where Rockport dress shoes shines.

The large photo above shows a pair of Rockport Cap Toe Oxfords dress shoes that I own that would cost about $95.00 when new . I have owned these shoes for nearly eight months and they have approximately 5 miles per month of wear . Generally, they are worn once or twice a week. I put shoe trees in after each wear to preserve the shape of the shoes and polish them three or four times a month using a cream shoe polish. I use rubber taps on the heel where they would be subject to the greatest wear. After eight months, they remain in excellent condition with only slight wear on the soles and minimal creasing on the uppers.

Women’s Shoes For Every Occasion At Outlet Prices

High-quality women’s shoes at outlet prices from Rockport! Get the quality you deserve, the comfort you need, and the style you love, at prices that won’t break the bank. We have a great variety of women’s shoes from the outlet in styles like heels, sandals, walking shoes, boots, dress shoes, flats, casual shoes, and more!Women’s shoes from the Rockport outlet are well suited for every occasion. Pair womens shoes and heels with dress pants for work, match sandals to your favorite sundress, add trainers or walking shoes to your most comfortable athleisure outfit or fight the snow in waterproof boots and leggings.Offered in rich and luxurious colors and textiles, women’s outlet shoes will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe or make a statement at your next event. Metallic and matte finishes, floral and cheetah print patterns, and leather and suede materials will offer you the look you want at outlet prices.The womens shoe styles you love don’t have to empty your pockets, freshen up your closet with styles from the outlet. Everyone can find something to love, with sizes 5 to 16, as well as narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths, so you can get a comfortable and custom-like feel in your shoes.

Comfortable Men’s Shoes Tips

Find comfortable men’s shoes in styles you’ll love at Rockport! If you’re looking for comfortable men’s shoes that don’t sacrifice style, Rockport is the way to go. Our collection is crafted with rich colors and quality materials, so your favorite pair will add a luxe feel to any outfit. For men who have difficulty finding a pair that fits properly, we offer a variety of styles here at Rockport to help you find true comfort. You’ll see sizes ranging from 5 to 17, so you’re sure to find your perfect length. We also offer narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide options, so you can achieve a more custom feel. Our dress and dress casual options make it so you can attend events, go to work, and enjoy date night in comfort. Looking for footwear that allows for more mobility and activity? Check out our active, athleisure, and casual styles. We design our products to support you while you’re on the move. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find your fit with Rockport.

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How Do I Use My Rockport Coupon Code

Obtaining a Rockport discount is easy. Here is how it works:

  • Check the top banner of the website for the latest sales and Rockport promo codes. Also, check their other brand stores, such as Cobb Hill, Aravon, iDunham, and the Outlet. You can find links to these brands by clicking on their icon at the top of the main Rockport home page. Sometimes, these different Rockport brands have different promos running at the same time.

  • Pick the coupon code that will save you the most money, and copy it. Make sure to copy the code from right to left so that there are no additional spaces before or after the code. It must be copied exactly as it appears.

  • On the Rockport website, choose what you want to buy.

  • When you have chosen your items, go to the checkout section, and locate the Order Summary.

  • Enter the Rockport deal, and click the Apply button.

  • Where To Find Rockport Shoes

    Rockport Eureka Walking Shoe

    Rockport sells shoes online on their e-commerce website and through retailers. You can often find great deals on Rockport shoes on other online marketplaces such as and It is quite common to find Rockport shoes on sale. For example, as of the week of July 22, 2019, there is a two for $99 sale on

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    Rockport The Worlds Most Athletic Dress Shoes

    I have worn many brands of modestly-priced rubber-soled dress shoes including Clarks, Nunn Bush, and G.H. Bass before settling on Rockport as my go-to brand. Rockport combines foot-cushioning comfort, athletic shoe utility, durability, and superior styling. It is the one brand of rubber-soled shoes I am most likely to confidently pair with a suit or sport coat and tie. The styling can look classic and dressy, mimicking the best features of expensive leather-soled shoe design while providing the sort of ultra-comfort I need for walking or being on my feet for hours.

    Find Men’s Shoes At Outlet Prices

    Find luxurious shoes you’ll love, at great prices, at the Rockport outlet store! Men’s and women’s shoes, boots, heels, and more, come in a great variety of fashionable options at reduced prices. Whether you need a pair of dress shoes or womens heels for a special occasion, walking shoes for comfort, or tall boots to brace the winter snow, you’ll find plenty of options in the outlet selection.Pair men’s or women’s Chelsea boots with cuffed jeans and a leather jacket for a cool vibe, women’s heels with dress pants and a blouse for work, and athleisure shoe options with joggers and a zip-up for a casual look. Shoes from the Rockport outlet come in designs that are perfect for events, boating, work, activity, the beach, and more!Getting a shoe for every occasion doesn’t mean you have to shop outside your budget and just because shoes from the Rockport outlet are at reduced prices, doesn’t mean you’ll have fewer options! Find the shoe size you need in the outlet with sizes 5 to 17, as well as narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths, so you can achieve the most comfortable and custom feel in your footwear at the best price.

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    What Can I Do If My Rockport Promo Code Isn’t Working

    • Has the code been entered exactly as it appears, including no spaces before or after, capital letters, and numbers?

    • Is the Rockport promo code still a valid code? Check the expiration date.

    • Have you met any minimum purchase requirements that apply?

    • Does the Rockport discount apply to a single item only or a specific style that is listed on the website?

    How To Care For Your Rockport Dress Shoes

    Rockport Shoe Business Sold to New Balance, Changing Up Footwear Market

    Most Rockport shoes I have purchased are made of corrected grain leather. I have found that cream shoe polish does the best job of maintaining the leather while maintaining a pleasant shine. Wax shoe polish tends to buildup on the leather and tends to crack and cake with overuse. Cream shoe polish keeps the leather more supple. Also, I highly recommend using liquid shoe polish as an edge dressing for the rubber sole. This gives the edge of the sole a shine that mimics the look of leather and hides the grayish tone of the rubber heels and sole edges. The shoes shown above are polished two to three times per month with 1 coat of cream shoe polish and a light buffing.

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    I Wear Rockport Because They Look Good

    I own more Rockport shoes than any other brand, and this has been true for close to twenty years. They offer some of the most stylish affordably-priced rubber-soled dress shoes that I have seen on the shoe market. Truth be told, if my Rockport shoes did not look good, I would not wear them. You can find classic cap toe, wingtip, and oxford shoe designs from Rockport that look very similar to more expensive leather-soled dress shoes. Give your Rockports a proper mirror shine and they will compliment your best suit without the clunky, chunky, design that is typical of rubber-soled shoes. Being the frugal soul that I am, most of the Rockport shoes I own have been purchased on eBay in gently-used second-hand condition. Often you can find excellent deals on discontinued models in online markets such as,, and

    If there is one complaint I have about Rockport dress shoes, it is how frequently their dress shoe styles change. You may purchase a pair of Rockport dress shoes that you love only to discover that a year later that style has been discontinued. Often there is something similar in their current styles, but it can be a bit frustrating not being able to get the exact shoe you purchased earlier and loved.

    Rockport Shoes Highly Recommended

    I have not found another manufacturer that combines dress shoe styling with ultra-comfort as well as Rockport. I hope they continue that in spite of the overall emphasis on casual wear in todays market. If you need sharply styled dress shoes that feel as good on your feet as sneakers for a great price, take a close look at Rockport shoes!

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    How To Make Your Rockport Shoes Last Longer

    I find that the heels of my rubber-soled Rockport shoes are where the greatest amount of wear is commonly seen. To prevent wear, I glue rubber taps to the heel area where wear is most common. I use adhesive and small tacks to secure the rubber tap. I replace them before wear on the rubber tap reaches the shoe heel. You can pull them off with a pair of pliers and glue on a new pair to extend the life of the heels. Read this post for more tips on extending the life of your rubber-soled shoes.

    Rockport Dress Shoes Review: Style Comfort & Value


    Allow me to submit my qualifications for this Rockport dress shoes review. I walk a lot. Generally, I cover about twenty-five miles per week on average or more. You might call me a gentleman walker. I never wear sneakers, as my attire is strictly dress casual or better. I require tasteful dress shoes that compliment my garb while offering maximum long-distance comfort. Also, I am very hard on shoes. I need a sturdy, durable shoe. Oh, one more thing. Im frugal . I also need shoes that come in well below budget. Now that you have my resume, lets begin this review!

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