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Where To Buy Diadora Shoes

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What To Love About Diadora

Diadora Brasil Italy (Royal/White) – One Take Review + On Feet
  • CUSHION AND COMFORT One of the main features of DiadoraRunningShoes is the high level of cushion and comfort. Their soft and flexible shoes offer a comfortable stride that your feet will love.
  • BLUESHIELD TECHNOLOGY Blueshield is unique to Diadora, guaranteeing total foot grip and perfect body balance thanks to its active cones and ergonomic base. These tech features translate to overall support and glove-like fit while maintaining plenty of room in the shoe.
  • MODELS FOR EVERY NEED Looking for a lightweight shoe? The DiadoraMythosBlueshieldFly is their lightest model which also has plenty of responsiveness. Looking for stability? The DiadoraMythosBlueshieldElite is their stability model which assists in overpronation. Ready to go the distance? DiadoraMythosBlueshield5 is their shoe with plenty of cushion for your long runs. We recommend a StrideSmart shoe fitting at our store to check your stride and see which model will be best for you.
Womens Mythos Blueshield Fly Hip 3
Womens Mythos Blueshield Elite
Womens Mythos Blueshield 5
Mens Mythos Blueshield Fly Hip 3
Mens Mythos Blueshield Elite Hip
Mens Mythos Blueshield 5

Discover All Diadora Utility Glove Safety Shoes And S3 Protection Footwear

On Mister Worker you can find the entire catalogue of Diadora Utility with different protection level, including the classic basic OB, S1P, S2andS3 safety shoes and safety trainers for professional use that are all ISO 9001:2015 certified. One of the most appreciated models in this category is the Diadora Glove product line, one of the icons of the Diadora Utility range including safety boots, work shoes with different protection levels, insoles and much more. The safety shoes of this range were designed taking inspiration from the world of sports and they stand out for their innovative design and style. If youre looking for low-cut work shoes with S3 protection, we strongly suggest the Diadora utility 701.170235-75063: these water repellent, antistatic safety shoes are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 48 and they have an aluminium 200J toe cap to keep your feet safe at all times.

Check out our catalogue of work shoes and workwear by Diadora Utility: on our website you can buy all Diadora new products and learn more about all the innovations and patents that they have created such as Airbox, Matryx and the patented Net Breathing System, developed in collaboration with Geox. Have a look at our special offerssection, where you can find a selection of great safety shoes, trainers, work trousers, jackets and much more!

Mister Worker Offers Special Discounts And Custom Quotes On Diadora Utility Products

Buying Diadora Utility products on Mister Worker, the official dealer of this brand globally, is very simple: on our website you can find the complete Diadora Utility catalogue and prices online: a range of products developed to improve the life and safety of workers. Don’t miss this opportunity: buy top quality workwear and safety shoes at special prices! Look at the selection of items included in our Diadora Special Offers: you will find work shoes with S1P, S2, S3 and OB protection, work jackets and trousers and much more on offer!To receive more information on Diadora utility workwear and work shoes, do not hesitate to contact us: our customer service will provide you with the required details, technical assistance and practical advice to help you choose the most suitable work shoes for you. If you want to buy large quantities of products, contact us and we will create a personalized quote just for you!

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First What Kind Of Tennis Player Are You

  • Are you an aggressive player? Aggressive players like to anticipate where the ball will be and meet it there. This often means setting up your shots and sliding into position. If this is you, then youll want a tennis shoe that allows for good sliding, and that can take a beating without wearing thin, like the Blushield 4.
  • Are you a baseline player? Baseline players usually hang towards the back end of the court, allowing the shots to come to them. Most of their movements will be lateral side-to-side. If this sounds like you, youll want a light and grippy tennis shoe like the Competition 5.

Shop The Diadora Utility Complete Catalogue Online: Workwear And Safety Shoes

buy Diadora Speed Shot Clay Court Shoe Men

Diadora was founded in 1948 as an artisans laboratory that produced exclusively mountain boots and work shoes, but it quickly established itself on the market thanks to the quality of its footwear. Since the 1960s the company has been focusing on the production of shoes for the world of sports, in which Diadora stood immediately out not only because of the high-quality of its products, but also for its innovative solutions. Fifty years after its foundation, Diadora, leveraging its expertise in the field of sport footwear, has decided to go back to its origins by recovering the production ofwork shoes through the creation of Diadora Utility in 1998.

Diadora Utility was born with the goal of combining the sporting DNA of the company with research and technological innovation, in order to offer comfort and safety to all professionals in their workplace. The safety shoes included in the Utility range are intended to guarantee a consistant degree workplace safety without giving up comfort. For all those professional workers that looks for design and quality without any compromise, Diadora Utility offers a range of product that does not only include safety shoesandsafety boots, but also a line of clothing and workwear that comprisesjackets, trousers, work overalls, shirts, hoodies, thermal underwearandhigh visibility workwear.

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Buy Superb Diadora Shoes Online Today

Whatever your personal style and taste these Diadora shoes are perfect for all occasions. Whether you want something subtle and classic or are after a more outlandish design the wide range of cuts and colours means you wont be left disappointed.

Stylight offer great brands at even better prices. Fashionable, well fitting and great to look at be sure to get online and secure yourself a superb deal on Diadora shoes before it’s too late.

What Can Diadora Running Shoes Do For You

  • CUSHION AND COMFORT Experience a high level of cushion and comfort. Their soft and flexible shoes offer a comfortable stride that your feet will love.
  • BLUSHIELD TECHNOLOGY Blushield is unique to Diadora Running Shoes, guaranteeing total foot grip and perfect body balance thanks to its active cones and ergonomic base. These tech features translate to overall support and glove-like fit while maintaining plenty of room in the shoe.
  • MODELS FOR EVERY NEED Looking for a lightweight shoe? The Mythos BlushieldVolo is their lightest model which also has plenty of responsiveness. Looking for stability? The Mythos Blushield Elite is their stability model which assists in overpronation. Ready to go the distance? Mythos Blushield 5 is their shoe with plenty of cushion for your long runs.

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The Diadora Sneakers Buying Guide

Renowned for creating footwear with athletics, running and soccer in mind, Diadoras range of sneakers includes both 80s-inspired classics and modern styles that boast high-performance fabrics, nostalgic shapes, contrasting textures and sporty logos. The iconic Italian sportswear brands range of sneakers delivers low-top and high-top silhouettes in an eye-catching hues and neutral shades. Read on for our Diadora mens sneakers buying guide, to work out the styles that work for you and the size that fits you best.

Diadora Clothing And Accessories

Diadora Brasil Italy OG (Blackout) – One Take Review On Feet

There is a fabulous range of Diadora sneakers now available for you to buy online. With lace ups and Velcro’s sat side by side with multi coloured, heavily panelled shoes and more low-key designs there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. These Diadora designs combine real style with reliable durability and superb comfort, they offer much more than just a great looking pair of shoes.

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Buy Diadoras At St Pete Running Company

For over a year now, St. Pete Running Company has proudly carried Diadora Running Shoes in store. Were one of the few stores in the Tampa Bay area that carries the brand, and we love these shoes. But dont just take our word for it. Come in, let us take you through our one-of-a-kind StrideSmart Shoe Fitting process, and then you can test out the shoes to see how they feel on your feet.

Diadoras Fly Series Low

The Mythos Blushield Fly is the lighter, speedier version of Diadoras popular Blueshield series. The toe box is more narrow and therefore less bulky. Its more breathable to keep your feet cool.

And while theyre also lined with soft Blueshield tech, and are plenty soft, theres not as much cushioning as the other models. This means the Fly series might not be ideal for longer runs like marathons.

What You’ll Notice

  • Light, smooth stride
  • Similar to the Elite series, the Blushield liner gives you a pleasant rolling sensation with each step. But just an FYI: while the Blushield Fly is among the lighter of the Diadora running shoes, they lean on the heavy side compared to similar models from other brands. This isnt necessarily a negative quality, just dont expect the Blushield Fly to feel like a minimalist shoe.

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    Top Diadora Men’s Shoes Review

    Diadora is a renowned footwear brand that focuses on providing top shoes to athletes. The Italian brand has ventured into all sports, including tennis, football, soccer, and formula one. When it was formed in 1948 by Marcello Danielli, Diodara provided cutting edge shoes for tennis, cycling, and running. In 1950, the company earned its reputation in high-quality products once it released mountain climbing boots.

    Here are some of the top Diodara men’s shoes.

    Diadora B Elite Sneakers

    buy Diadora Speed Blushield 2 Clay Court Shoe Women ...

    Add a touch of old-school cool to your look with Diadoras B Elite sneakers. Sporting the brands iconic labeling, these retro sneakers will revamp your favorite jeans and T-shirt combination instantly. Available in a classic low-top shape, the sneakers are made from top-quality leather with perforated details and a lace-up fastening.

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    What If I Dont Know Which Type Of Court Ill Be Playing On Yet Which Tennis Shoe Should I Choose

    If you dont know what type of court youll typically be playing on, youll probably want to begin with an all-court Diadora tennis shoe. Their tread is designed to cover your movement regardless of the type of court youre playing on.

    Once youve gotten a feel for the type of court you prefer, then you can look into getting a pair of tennis shoes built to perform on that specific type of court.

    How Do I Pick The Best Diadora Running Shoe For Me

    In order to find the best shoe for you, youll need to consider a few factors.

    • Neutral runner: This means youve got a normal foot shape, and can comfortably wear most running shoes. When your foot touches down, you land on your heel and then roll towards your toes. This form will absorb shock, protecting your joints and knees.If this sounds like you, then youd probably fit best in one of Diadoras neutral shoes like the Mythos Blushield, or the lighter Blushield Fly.
    • Overpronator: If you overpronate, meaning your foot tends to roll inward to the extreme, this puts unnecessary strain on your joints. A stability running shoe, like the Blushield Elite, is designed to correct this motion, and neutralize your steps.
    • Wide Feet: If youre someone who needs a little extra room in the toe box,

      Youll probably appreciate Diadoras Blushield Elite TRX.

    Next, what types of activity will you be doing?

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    When To Replace Diadora Shoes

    Diadoras running shoes are built to be very durable. But as you rack up the miles, and the technologies inside your shoes get worn down, youll want to upgrade to a fresh pair.

    Here are a few indicators of when it is time to replace your running shoes:

    • The safest way: When youve run between 300 and 400 miles in the shoes
    • If you feel theyre not absorbing ground impact as well as they once did
    • If you notice the tread is wearing unevenly
    • If you feel any aching in your joints or muscles

    Fantastic New Diadora Sneakers Available To Buy Online


    Italian shoe manufacturer, Diadora, have a reputation for producing not only durable high quality sports equipment and accessories but fashionable and stylish ones as well. Founded back in 1948 the company initially produced athletics footwear but has since expanded enormously. Still producing its goods in Italy the company enjoys a proud and illustrious heritage.

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    Diadoras Mythos Blueshield Series Neutral Daily Trainer

    The Blushield series are Diadoras flagship running shoe. Theyre well-cushioned. Theyre durable. Theyre dynamic. So whether youre training for a 5k, or just want a comfortable run shoe for your daily jog, you may want to give the Mythos Blueshield a second look.

    FYI: Theyre a tad heavy compared to a typical daily trainer, but unless you plan on running half marathons, you likely wont notice.

    And if you didnt already know, Diadoras arent just designed for utility. This shoe is a bit of a status symbol in Europe.

    What You’ll Notice

  • Evenly soft feel: The Blushield insert in this shoe hits the sweet spot for an everyday trainer. Its cushy enough for a run, wearing around all day at work, or just while running errands.
  • Tongue security: A double shoestring loop on the tongue may seem like a minor feature to some. But this little feature the ability to loop your shoe strings through the tongue twice can make a big difference. If youve ever been on a long run and been annoyed by your shoe tongue moving out of place, you know how frustrating it can be. Which is why this double loop tongue feature is a pleasant surprise.
  • Diadoras Speed Competition 5 A Light Shoe With Ridiculous Grip

    This is meant to be a lightweight shoe that still has plenty of support for rapid movements. Even though the Competition 5 has a wider fit than the previous model, your foot still feels locked in and secure.

    But what probably stands out most about this model is the sticky tread. In fact, if youre an aggressive player who likes sliding into your shots, youll find that almost impossible to do in this shoe because they grip the ground so well.

    What youll notice:

    • Sticky, squeaky tread.

    If youre into setting up shots and making smaller cuts across the court, the traction on this shoe is so grippy that youll notice a sticking-to-the-court feel. Though you wont be able to slide into shots with this shoe, when you aim to stop, make no mistake, you will stop.

    • Low-court feel.

    While it does take an hour or so for this shoe to embrace your foot, once it does, you sink into the cushioning and can truly feel the court. This feeling goes hand-in-hand with the sticky tread feeling the Competition 5 offers.

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    Diadora Mens Speed Blushield 3

    The Diadora men’s Speed Blushield 3 can be used as tennis sneakers and casual sportswear shoes. The shoe is designed to offer a comfortable performance while maintaining your stability. It is soft with a couple of stabilizing features that provide grip and balance.

    The Diadora Speed Blushield 3 is a bit wide. Therefore, you may need a smaller size. However, to learn more about the shoe size, contact the manufacturer. The cushioning of this shoe is not only focused on the heel area but also the forefoot. The additional padding on the forefeet gives you a comfy feel as you are always on your toes as you play. The heel cap has a thinner lining than the previous version.

    The upper mesh of the shoe is made from Supreltech and Dia Shield that increases breathability. Its anti-slip design offers proper support as you play. The midsole is made from light EVA support foam. Blushield technology in the outsole features Duratech 5000, a wear-resistant compound.

    Get Latest Offers On Diadora Clothing Tracksuits Tennis Shoes Etc At Ubuy

    Diadora Navy Sport Shoes: Buy Online at Best Price on Snapdeal

    Order your favourite Diadora fashion products with amazing deals and offers from Ubuys Diadora online outlet.

    Diadora Clothing: Diadora clothing is providing a perfect combination of sports and lifestyle. Spend your leisure time in comfort with Diadora clothing. At Diadora, you will get sportswear and other lifestyle apparel that goes with your sports activities.

    Diadora Tracksuits: Tracksuits from Diadora are manufactured with excellent quality materials to make all your activities easy and comfortable. They provide an excellent casual look to the wearer and improve their physical performance.

    Diadora Tennis Shoes: Diadora tennis shoes are your best companion to provide speed and reflexes during your Tennis game. These shoes from Diadora will improve your performance while providing stability to your gameplay.

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    Diadora Sneakers: A Premium Shoe Collection For Active Men And Women

    While Diadora might sound new to some, it actually has a long and colorful history. As a brand, Diadora has been around since the 1940s. At that time, they were making mountain boots. During the 60s, the company shifted its production towards sportswear and in the 80s, offered Diadora running shoes.

    In 2000, Diadora sneakers were born. These kicks were marketed as timeless classics, blending sportswear with fashion. They were popularized as the Diadora Heritage line of footwear. Fast forward today, these kicks are patronized by millions of people who are crazy about retro-style sneakers.

    Youll also find Diadora sneakers in our list of leather shoes. Such models, in particular, are made of full-grain leather with special stone washed treatment. So expect your Diadora kicks to last for many years!

    Having a vast background in sportswear, this brand also has offerings in our collection of running-inspired sneakers. Made of Nubuck leather, mesh, and canvas, Diadora running sneakers are going to keep you pushing forward.

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