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How To Clean White Shoes

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How To Clean Your White Sneakers With Sneaker Cleaner

How to Clean White Shoes – Method that Works

Chances are you probably have a pair of white sneakers that you didnt protect. No worries. There are many ways to shine your sneaks. One of the main methods to clean your white sneakers is with a sneaker cleaner. Go ahead. Say it. DUH. While it may seem obvious, sneaker cleaner is often one of the last things we think to stock up on. Finding a cleaner that is specifically made to clean sneakers safely can increase the look and life of your footwear. Pinpoint the one that works for you and keep a can with your household cleaners. Most come with a handy brush to create a one-stop-shoe-cleaning-shop. Always follow instructions on how to clean white sneakers for specific shoe cleaners to ensure proper care for your favorite trainers.;

Does Baking Soda And Dish Soap Clean White Shoes

You can use baking soda, a washing machine, or some elbow greasebut the easiest way to clean white sneakers is one I just learned about, and it involves something you definitely already have handy: dish soap. Then use a clean, damp sponge or toothbrush to gently rub the mixture on all surfaces, including the soles.

Scrubbing Your Shoes With Soap And Water

  • 1Mix dish soap into 1;;c of warm water. Any liquid dish soap will work for cleaning your shoes. Use about 1 teaspoon of soap so the water is sudsy but still clear. Stir the cleaning solution with a toothbrush so its evenly mixed.XResearch source
  • Soap and water work best on all kinds of shoes, including white leather.
  • If you dont want to use dish soap, you can substitute 12 cup of white vinegar.XResearch source
  • 2Clean the soles and rubber pieces with a magic eraser. Dip the magic eraser into your soapy water and wring it out. Wipe in short back and forth motions along parts of your shoes made of leather, rubber, or plastic. Keep working the eraser until all scuffs and stains are removed.XResearch source
  • Magic erasers can be found in the cleaning section of your local department store.
  • 3Scrub stains with a stiff-bristled toothbrush. Dip the head of the toothbrush into the water so the bristles are wet. Work the bristles in small circular motions on the surface of your shoes, focusing on heavily stained areas. Use a slight amount of pressure to work the cleaning solution into the shoes fabric.XResearch source
  • Keep the toothbrush you use to clean out of the bathroom to avoid any confusion.
  • Tip: If your white shoelaces are stained, take them out of your shoes and scrub them with your toothbrush separately.

  • Dont try to completely dry your shoes with the towel. Just lift off the excess cleaning solution from the surface.
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    Heres How To Bleach White Sneakers:

    You will want to hand wash your sneakers if you are using bleach to get the best results. ;

  • Choose a well-ventilated or outdoor area.;
  • Remove laces and any caked-on debris.;
  • Mix a solution of 1 part bleach to 5 parts water.; Stir to make sure it is mixed well
  • Gently scrub your shoes with the mixture using an old toothbrush. Wear gloves to avoid any skin irritation!
  • Soak laces in the mixture;
  • Rinse shoes in warm water under the sink, making sure you thoroughly rinse out any leftover solution. Rinse laces.;
  • Air dry them overnight.;
  • Re-lace and put those bad boys back on!
  • How To Clean White Shoes During The Winter

    How To Clean White Converse Shoes Easily At Home

    At first glance, you might not think that wearing white shoes during the winter would be much of an issue. After all, the color of falling snow is pretty darn close to the color of many white shoes and snow becomes clear after it melts. However, a lot of us dont think about the fact that most towns use road salt to minimize snow piles on the streets and sidewalks. In fact, anyone whos ever had salt stains on their shoes knows that this mess can wreak havoc on any shade of footwear.

    Luckily, hope is not lost if that happens to you: Experts say all you need is a simple mixture of water and white vinegar with a cloth to rub those pesky marks right off. You can see a very helpful demonstration of the cleaning hack here.

    Of course, its important to keep in mind that the best way to clean white shoes is to be consistent with your method of choice. Keep a sharp eye out for any marks, dont let stains last too long after you spot them, and store them in a clean place when youre not using them. Who knows? Maybe someone will think you just bought them the next time you bring them out!

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    Protecting Your White Shoes

    Your white shoes will inevitably get dirty at some point. However, you can extend the time between washes by protecting your white footwear. First, remove any obvious dirt with a soft brush and take out the shoelaces. If youâre starting with a clean pair of shoes, simply remove the shoelaces.

    Next, youâll want to use a protective, spray-on waterproofing solution. Follow the instructions on the can before you get started. This puts an added protective coating on your white canvas shoes, extending the time between cleanings. Let your shoes dry completely in the sun before wearing them.

    How To Clean Canvas Sneakers

    Canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors and Supergas can be difficult to clean because grime works its way into the shoes fabric. However, canvas can generally withstand a substantial amount of scrubbing, so most stains can be removed with a bit of work.

    After mixing some dish soap and water, clean your shoes by scrubbing them with a toothbrush in small, circular motions. When youre done, wipe them down with a damp towel to clear off any remaining suds.

    Let your shoes dry between rounds of cleaning. You wont be able to tell how much dirt remains if theyre still wet.

    If your sneakers still have stains, try using a stain remover like Tide or OxiClean. Apply the stain remover, and let the liquid sit for about five minutes before dabbing with a damp cloth. I was initially hesitant to try something this aggressive, but sneaker-cleaning legend Jason Markk said its okay, so Im fine with it.

    Into the washing machine?

    A hotly debated topic is whether you should toss your shoes into the wash. Some have done this successfully. But dont discount stories of shoes disintegrating in the washing machine . So proceed with caution because its not a gentle process.

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    How To Clean White Sneakers Everything You Need To Know

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    Im just going to say it.; I never realized how bad dirty white sneakers looked until I was well into adulthood.; And now, I shutter at all those scuffed, cracked, and overall dismal sneakers thrown into the back of my closet without any attempt to be cleaned.

    But, there is hope for all you dirty white sneaker collectors out there. ; White sneakers are a classic staple to any wardrobe.; Whether you opt for a classic converse, an athletic mesh white sneaker, or a trendy pair of Airforce 1s, your white sneakers deserve to be revived.;

    Before we dive in;

    Lets first start off with a metaphorical finger-wagging that we all let our white sneakers get this bad! But, going forward,; I would be remiss if I didnt mention you can also prevent this kind of thing.;

    Prevent your shoes from dulling by using a stain and water repellant treatment before* you even wear them out.;I like this one.;

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    How Do I Wash Nike Sneakers

    3 Easy ways to CLEAN WHITE SHOES at home

    White Nikes look especially bad if they are dirty, probably because sneakerheads take such good care of them we have a higher expectation on how our Nikes should look.; So heres how to clean your Nikes.;1. Remove the laces and use a dry, soft brush to get off any debris or mud.;2. Make a mild cleaning solution using 2 cups of water and a small amount of laundry detergent.; .;3. Mix the solution together4. Massage the laces with the solution for about 2 minutes and then rinse them dry.; Air dry your laces.;5. Use a soft-bristled brush and your solution to clean the soles of your Nike shoes. Blot dry with a soft cloth.;6. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the main fabric of your Nike shoes.; Use a dry cloth to blot the excess solution off your shoes and lift any remaining soap. ; You do not need to rinse your shoes, nor should you in order to keep their structure intact.;7. Air dry at room temperature.;

    When cleaning nikes it is best to avoid putting them in the washing machine or using bleach.; Because nikes have an internal structure to them machine washing and bleach can cause them to look older and hold their shape less.;

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    How To Clean White Sneakers With Baking Soda

    Baking soda helps;break up soil particles, which is why Chatelaines former senior marketing manager, Jennifer Bairos Hofer, recommends making a paste out of baking soda and water and using it to;scrub;stains when you need to spot clean.

    Toronto sneaker blogger Meredydd Hardie agrees that baking soda works. She cautions to;use this method on white fabrics only,;as baking soda can discolour non-white shoes.

    Stan Smith sneakers, $110, adidas.ca

    How To Clean White Shoelaces

    Most shoelaces are made of a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers, such as polyester and nylon. Although they will generally stand up to a cycle in the washing machine, be sure to secure them in a mesh bag to avoid tangling or getting stuck in the works. Before the cycle, use a brush to remove any loose dirt and apply fabric stain remover for a presoak, if desired.

    You can opt to hand wash shoelaces, as well. Dampen the laces, treat with fabric stain remover and soak them for 30 minutes in warm water with a teaspoon of bleach. After soaking, give them a good scrub with a clean brush, rinse them well and hang them to dry.

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    Can I Put My Vans In The Washing Machine

    We think its safest to wash any pair of shoes by hand, especially when they’re new. But we get it, sometimes you might be tight on time. If you want to give it a try, only canvas Vans should ever be put into the washing machine.

    Here’s the best way to wash your shoes in a washing machine: Place your sneakers in a mesh bag to help them keep their shape and toss in some old towels to balance and buffer the load. Select a delicate cycle on your machine, cold or warm water, and a low or moderate spin speed.

    Skip the dryer. Instead, stuff the wet Vans with white paper towels and let them air-dry away from heat and sunlight.

    Air Dry Your Golf Shoes Under A Shade

    How to Clean White Shoes

    Once you are done with the scrubbing, you may now air dry your golf shoes.

    However, you should avoid drying it under direct sunlight as it can damage the material of your golf shoes.

    Just put your golf shoes under a shady area where there is sufficient breeze to get it air-dried in a short span of time.

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    How To Clean White Sneakers

    Some people think white sneakers look their best when theyre beaten up and worn in. Others know that;you never scuff up a pair of pristine Jordans . If you do want to clean your sneakers, the effort required depends on the material of the shoes. But at the very least, you should be able to get them looking a little less grimy.

    Lets Not Forget About White Toothpaste

    Last but not least, white toothpaste is a classic shoe-cleaning hack. Again, its very straightforward.

    You just have to squeeze some toothpaste onto an old toothbrush and start rubbing your shoes. .

    Of course, you should concentrate on dirty areas. Butmake sure all areas are covered evenly. When youre done, let the shoes dry for 15-20 minutes.

    In the end, just wipe the toothpaste off with a damp cloth.

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    How Do You Clean White Vans Without Water

    Dip an old toothbrush or soft brush into to the baking soda/peroxide paste and gently scrub your shoes. The hydrogen peroxide acts like an all-fabric bleach to whiten the canvas fabric and the baking soda helps scrub away scuffs and stains. Thoroughly wipe your sneakers with a clean wet cloth to rinse them.

    Clean Shoes With Baking Soda And Vinegar

    How To Clean Your White Sneakers | The Best Method Possible

    Mix the baking soda and white vinegar together in a small bowl to form a paste. Dip the toothbrush into the mixture and apply the paste all over the shoes, scrubbing softly to remove dirt and stains. Allow the mixture to harden on the shoes. When it’s completely dry, brush off the larger bits and wipe off the remainder using a soft cloth or paper towel. For stubborn stains that won’t budge , use a bleach pen on the spots and wait about five minutes before washing the solution off with hot water and liquid detergent.

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    How Do I Protect My White Shoes From Getting Dirty In The First Place

    Before you step outside, your best bet is to spray your shoes with a stain and liquid repellant, such as the popular Jason Markk Repel Spray. This is especially important if you have canvas shoes. These sprays build a protective layer between the world and your shoe, making spot cleaning easier.

    Ferguson warns that without a barrier, dirt will seep into the surface and leave a stain. The spray generally lasts three to four weekswhen liquids no longer roll off your sneaks, its time to respray. Even if your shoes are protected, youll want to try to clean the offending spot as soon as it happens, or it may leave a permanent stain.

    How To Protect White Sneakers From Getting Dirty

    One of the best ways to keep your white sneakers clean is to prepare before you wear. Spraying your white sneakers with a protector product will help preserve that brand-new look. Shoe protectants like Apple Brand and Liquiproof build an invisible layer to help repel stains and water. No matter which you select, make sure that it is appropriate for the material of sneakers you are protecting. Shoe protectors come in many forms with varying features. Do your shoe-due diligence when selecting the right protectant for your kicks. Think one application will do? Always check the directions, but in general, it takes continual treatments to maintain the bright white of your sneakers.

    Another constant way to preserve your white sneakers is to find a proper place to store them. Just as dust lands on the surfaces of our homes, it can also end up on your sneakers. Storing your white sneakers in a shoe bag or box protects them from open air debris that can alter the color and appearance of your sneakers. Both of these tips can prevent you from ever having to ask how to clean white sneakers again.;

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    How To Clean Sneakers With A Toothbrush

    The first of the many household items that you can use to clean white sneakers is a toothbrush. Grabbing an old or extra toothbrush is a great start to getting your white shoes back into formation. The small brush enables you to get into the corners and crevices of the shoe. The bristles are incredibly close together, increasing the amount and depth of cleaning with every scrub. If its good enough for your teeth, it can certainly clean your white sneakers in an exceptional manner.

    Some sneaker-cleaning connoisseurs take things a step further and use white toothpaste as a cleaning agent with the toothbrush. Use this hack on how to clean white sneakers only on the rubber portions of the shoes. Non-gel, white toothpaste can bring back those pearly white soles. Simply add toothpaste to a toothbrush. Wet the brush and use it to clean the white rubber portions of the shoe. Leave the toothpaste on the rubber areas for 10 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth and repeat until your sneakers are restored to your desired hue of white.

    How To Make Shoes White Again

    How to Clean White Shoes

    With all of these methods, make sure you start by removing any big chunks of dirt with a soft brush, clean out the treads and remove any shoelaces. That way, no matter how you make shoes white again, the cleaners can go to work on the tough stuff.

    Machine washing

  • You may want to secure your shoes and separated laces together in a mesh bag.
  • Set your washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Use a gentle detergent, but dont add it until the machine has filled halfway with water. Use half of the detergent you would for a normal load.
  • If you have a top-loader, add the shoes when the tub is about three-quarters filled with water.
  • Air dry when the cycle is finished.
  • Hand wash with baking soda

  • In a small bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, one-half tablespoon water and one-half tablespoon hydrogen peroxide to create a smooth paste.
  • Gently brush the mixture into the shoes surface with an old toothbrush, just firm enough to work out any loose dirt and work the paste in.
  • Brush on a second coat of paste.
  • Stir the shoelaces into the remaining paste mixture.
  • Set your shoes and laces in the sun for 3 to 4 hours, or until the paste is dry and cracking off. The brighter the sun and hotter the weather, the whiter and brighter your shoes will get.
  • Brush off any excess paste and re-lace. Your shoes should be many times whiter than before!
  • Hand wash with all-purpose cleaner

  • Spray your shoes with a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Scrub all dirty areas with an old toothbrush.
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