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Who Makes The Best Golf Shoes

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Should I Own Multiple Pairs Of Golf Shoes Depending On Weather Conditions Or The Golf Course I Am Playing On

2017’s Best Golf Shoes | Golf Monthly

If your budget allows, the answer is yes. Different types of golf shoes can perform better in certain weather conditions, and even in different surfaces. You will then be sure to have the best golf shoes for whatever weather conditions the game will endure.

In dry and warm summer conditions, spikeless shoes that are lighter and more breathable will be a more comfortable choice. Since they rarely have good waterproofing technology, they wont perform as well in wet and rainy conditions.

On the other hand, spiked shoes will perform better with mud and wet course conditions in rainy seasons, or even with snow. They are not as breathable and generally heavier, so they might not be comfortable in a hot summer.

Some high-quality golf shoes, including the ones we will discuss further below, can provide a relatively nice balance to perform in different weather conditions.

Key Takeaway: We would recommend that you purchase the best golf shoes for you first and foremost. But if your budget does allow several pairs, it is a good choice to own two good pairs of spikeless and spiked shoes for dry and wet conditions, respectively.

Ram Golf Waterproof Golf Shoes

The extreme budget option is the Ram Golf Waterproof golf shoe. The Ram golf shoe enables players to get to the course without worrying about a dress code or if it will rain. Players can enjoy their time playing or practicing golf without having to worry about spending too much money on their footwear. The Ram Golf shoe is an extremely durable shoe that will last your year-after-year without excessive use.

Best Value For Women: Skechers Max Golf Shoe

This affordable pair of golf shoes is Amazon’s best-selling option for women. Shoppers love the simple yet stylish design, and many praise how breathable and supportive these shoes are. The soles are technically spikeless, but the small grips on the bottom still give them some traction. “I wouldn’t play golf in any other shoe,” wrote one customer. “They keep my feet dry and help stabilize my feet on uneven terrain and my tee shots. I can walk the course all day and I feel like I am wearing running shoes. cute enough to go have lunch after a round of golf.”

To buy: , from $28

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Footjoy Mens Fj Originals Spiked Golf Shoes

  • Versa-trax outsole


Your feet are extremely comforted by the mesh design, but at the same time, if it starts raining, your feet will be protected from the water. The outsole is engineered with traction elements to allow you to wear them on the course and off the course without changing. This provides a standard fit across the forefoot and instep but with a toe spring and slightly narrow heel to look more athletic.


Users have complained about the clicking noise that the shoes make when you walk, which can occur with every step that you take.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

The Saddle Golf Shoe Model 3815 Custom Made by Robert ...

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

It sounds like an obvious thing to say that golf shoes have to be comfortable.

You want your shoes to offer a nicely cushioned wear and thankfully there’s a huge focus on comfort in the golf market as you do an awful lot of walking during a typical 18 hole round. Sometimes you might even stretch to 36 and the best golf shoes out there will feel as if you could wear them literally all day.

Brands spend a lot of money and research time to make the most comfortable golf shoes possible. Shoes that provide a soft yet stable feel on all different terrains, and make sure they are a joy to wear as well.

To help you choose your optimum pair of golf shoes, we’ve picked out the most comfortable golf shoes on the market, given you some insight into how we test golf equipment and gear, and taken a look at some factors you should consider when buying golf shoes.

On that final note, there are lots of other variables to think about too. For example we have created guides on the best golf shoes for wide feet, the best waterproof golf shoes and best golf shoes for walking as well so make sure you find the right model for you, and what is important to you.

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Oregon Mudders Mens Cm400 Waterproof Shoe

The Oregon Mudders Mens CM400 is one of the best golf shoes if youre going to play a lot of winter golf or out in the rain. I mentioned earlier the importance of keeping your feet dry and these shoes will do just that.

The shoe is made of waterproof microfiber and incorporates a sealed membrane to keep moisture out even when its really wet. Despite being extremely waterproof, theyre still very lightweight with their flexible construction.

If you want even more protection to keep your feet dry, check out the CM700N edition. This is kind of a boot style shoe that has everything from the CM400 and still extremely comfortable.

The Best Golf Shoes Of 2021

Choosing a new set of golf shoes can be a frustrating process. There are almost too many pairs of golf shoes to pick from. Theyre all marketed really well and deciphering the gimmick word-smithing can be fairly difficult. This review is intended to determine which shoes are the best golf shoes for your specific needs. While some golfers need golf shoes that focus on providing cushioning and stability for wide feet other golfers want maximum feel and flexibility. Depending on how much you walk golf courses, your body type, and what you prioritize, some golf shoes may be better than others. These reviews are unbiased as we dont get paid by any of these companies, and were not interested in selling you a bunch of garbage. Our goal is always to save you time and money and to get the best product in your hands. If there are shoes that youd like us to review that did not make our list, please let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you. With that said, here are our recommendations for the best golf shoes of 2021.

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Buying Guide For Best Men’s Golf Shoes

Although you can learn the rules of golf in an afternoon, it can take years to get really good at the game, and most golfers would agree that improvement is always possible, no matter how long you play or how good you are. While skill and practice are crucial components to upping your golf game, your equipment also plays a role.

A good set of clubs is the most important golf purchase, but there are several other accessories that can really add to your enjoyment of the game. One of those accessories is a good pair of golf shoes.

While even the best golf shoes dont guarantee youll make that hole under par, they can go a long way in improving your stability during your swing. Choosing the right golf shoes, however, can seem as tricky as getting your ball out of a sand trap.

Luckily, BestReviews is here to help. We dont accept advertising dollars, free products, or manufacturer perks instead, we buy products in the same stores where you shop. We do the research for you, then present you with the sort of unbiased, accurate, and helpful product recommendations you need to make an informed purchase.

So, if you just want to get out on the course as soon as possible, take a look at our product recommendations. But if youd like to learn more about golf shoes in general, including how to choose them, why youd want them, and how to find shoes that fit, read on!

The Best Golf Shoes For Beginners


Mercer likes FootJoys entire lineup, as does Rich McDonough, director of golf instruction at in Brooklyn, and Bill Neal, owner and general manager of Woodridge Golf Club in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. FootJoy is without a doubt one of my No. 1 shoes. The company has such a massive variety of shoes, I dont think there is anybody who is playing golf who cant find a price point or shoe of comfort that works for them, McDonough says. The FootJoy Flex is versatile and comfortable, comes in multiple colors, and looks like an everyday tennis shoe.

For intermediate players who want a stylish shoe, Cameron Haller, golf professional at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, recommends the G/Fore brand. Its trendy and more popular with younger kids than other brands, he says. The Disruptor shoe is lightweight and waterproof and passes as an everyday fashion-forward sneaker. Schwabe is also a fan. The foam cushion footbed has little bubble beads in the sole that massage the foot pressure points a little bit, he says.

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Style Of Kids Golf Shoes

As most parents know, kids sometimes can be a little picky about their footwear. Fortunately, kids golf shoes are available in a wide range of designs that look great.

The majority of youth golf shoes will look like sneakers, which kids often will prefer versus the traditional-looking golf shoes that resemble dress shoes.

Why Do Youth Golfers Need To Wear Golf Shoes

A. Nothing in the game of golf’s rules say that youth golfers must wear actual golf shoes. However, kids playing golf can benefit from wearing golf shoes because the nubs or spikes on the soles will help the young player keep his or her balance. What’s more, adult golfers are expected to wear proper golf shoes when on the course, so it’s a good idea to get your child into the habit early.

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Ecco Hydromax Golf Shoes

  • Maybe a bit conservative in looks


  • Ecco Hydromax leather to keep the feet dry
  • Removable and washable inner sole
  • Proprietary spikeless sole for increased traction
  • Superior comfort

Fred Couples was the catalyst for the re-introduction of the spikeless soft golf shoe in 2010. Playing in the first round of The Masters he lead the field in his Ecco tennis shoes and attracted more attention with his shoes than his golf shots! Since that day more and more professional golfers elected to wear soft spikeless golf shoes and Ecco has continued to develop their range.

The Ecco Hydromax is lightweight and comfortable and is worn on and off the course. It is rated by many as the top ladies shoe for low handicap women golfers. They are durable and the premium leather upper is matched to the foam cushioned insole, for maximum performance and stability on the course. The proprietary spikeless system on the sole adds incredible traction on all surfaces.

The midsole supports the feet and is a winner for golfers who prefer to walk the course. The Ecco Hydromax leather is water-repellent to keep feet dry. The upper layer is also waterproof to keep your feet dry while a removable, washable open-cell Ortholite inlay sole adds cushioning.

When Is It Time To Buy A New Pair Of Golf Shoes

How to make your golf shoes last longer

In general, golf shoes are meant to last for a long time. However, they are not intended to last forever. There’s no exact timeline for each pair’s life span. It depends on how often it is worn, the course conditions it is used on, and how it is maintained. Here are some of the indications that a new one is already needed:

  • Water that seeped on the insides of the shoe is quite hard to reverse. However, it depends on water damage. For minor ones, then the insoles can be substituted, but for extreme cases, a replacement is a better option.
  • When a previously grippy shoe is losing its spark, then looking into a new one should be a priority. Traction, as we know, is essential. And, frequenting slips are definitely a no-no.
  • Comfortable footwear that suddenly causes foot pain should be taken a look at.
  • Spikeless pairs that lose nubs might be hard to fix. Cleated golf shoes, on the other hand, can be replaced.

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Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Any Good

Shoe manufacturers do a great job using durable materials in their spikeless outsoles, but they still wear down. And once they have worn down and start losing traction, then its time to get a new pair.

I believe that some spikeless golf shoes are just as effective when they are new.

One of the benefits of spikeless golf footwear is that they dont have to be designed with a specific type of turf in mind, so you can wear them on any surface and not worry about damaging your spikes. This means its easier to find authentic product reviews online for these types of shoes because there isnt any incentive for companies to lie or push one particular shoe over another.

The downside may come from long-term durability but this likely depends on how often you use them and what surfaces you play on too. For example, if Im playing only once every couple of weeks at my local course then maybe it would take me two years before the soles eroded.

The advantage of using a spikeless shoe is that you can keep using them outside the golf course too, so you dont need to change shoes at the driving range for instance.

The disadvantage of doing so is that they wear out a bit faster, and you will find it harder to get back into your spikeless golf shoe once it has worn down too much. You may also notice some slippage on wet surfaces if you do not have deep spikes underneath.

Mizuno Nexlite 008 Boa

The Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA sticks pretty close to its predecessors in terms of technology and traction systems. However, the big difference with the Nexlite 008 is that its upper is made of mesh instead of synthetic leather. This definitely increased breathability, but at the same time slightly decreased waterproofing. However, you’ll have to play in some pretty sloppy conditions to notice any water getting through. Because of this combo of breathability and waterproofing, the Nexlite 008 BOA is a great option for year-round play. The traction system feels awesome for walking the course and keeps you firmly planted to the ground in most conditions. While lightweight and comfortable, we found this model slightly less comfortable than its predecessors. That being said, it’s still pretty darn comfortable and extremely lightweight, which is why we recommend it for those who walk the course year-round.

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Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Shoes

Best For Colour Choice

Colours: 7

+ Outstanding stability, grip and comfort+ Good colour choice Unusual floppy tongue and very snug around the heel

The Nike Infinity Tour shoes were inspired by Brooks Koepkas habit of chipping and putting in Nike running shoes, and as such they are designed to provide speed and comfort to golfers, leveraging maximum energy return from the ground up.

Nike borrowed design inspiration from other sports to create a golf shoe that is as comfortable as they come, and yet still gives stability, weather protection and also look great too.

We found the foam padding to offer excellent comfort, but it is noticeably tight around the Achilles to stabilise the heel so be prepared for that when trying them on or testing them. This may take a bit of time to get used to, as does the long tongue section.

There is no doubt though that they feel more like a performance golf shoe rather than a trainer thats been adapted for golf, whilst the stretchy skin also helps keep out water as well.

For more of the best Nike golf shoes, be sure to have a read of our specific guide on the current range.

Best Overall: Footjoy Tour

Best Golf Shoes I’ve Tried: Duca del Cosma

FootJoy has some of the best, most comfortable shoes on the market. They are known as the top golf shoe manufacturer to many golfers.

This shoe is the best I have tried on, which should be expected with such a high price tag.

I like to justify my high dollar golf purchases by breaking it down. If I pay $230 for shoes that will typically last me 3-4 years, thats less than $75 per year. If I get 40-50 rounds of golf in per year, well thats less than $2 per round! Hardly even noticeable.

Whats so great about these shoes? The BOA system is a cool and easy way to tie your shoes. These shoes have a dial on the back that tighten or loosen the shoe with a wire system that starts at the heel and goes to the toe.

These shoes have a cleated, wide base for extra stability. I compared them to my other shoes, and they seem about ¾ of an inch wider than all of my other shoes. They are lightweight and comfortable.

The only negative is that these and pretty much all FootJoy shoes are not quite as stylish as a lot of the different brands.

Overall, these are the best golf shoes I have worn. If youre in the market, and the price doesnt scare you, give these a shot!

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Lightweight With Lots Of Grip

The Spieth One golf shoe clocks in at 11 ounces, which is pretty lightweight for a golf shoe. A lightweight shoe will reduce fatigue when playing a round of golf and could save you strokes down the line. The Spieth One golf shoe also features multi-dimensional spikes for excellent grip. The golf shoe has 9 interchangeable golf grips, which are placed in a way that adds stability to the golf swing without creating unnecessary stiffness.

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