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Are Keen Hiking Shoes Good

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Hiking Shoes Vs Hiking Boots

Keen Hiking Shoes ~ Waterproof Hiking Shoes Review ~ Keen Marshall WP

Perhaps the biggest point of differentiation between hiking shoes and boots is height: shoes have a low-top fit, while boots generally sit above the ankle. Hiking shoes excel on smooth trails where rolled ankles are less of a possibility, if you keep your pack weight down, and for those who want to move fast with less on their feet. Tradition tells us that hiking boots are the better choice for heavy packs and rough trails, and in most cases that holds true today. The tall height, along with laces that hold the shoe snugly around your ankle, offer a more secure fit, greater stability, and more protection. Given the choice, we most often select a hiking shoe for their light feel, but both are viable options for day hiking, backpacking, and non-alpine peak bagging.

Keen Mens Targhee Ii Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Providing astounding ankle support, traction and breathability, the KEEN Mens Targhee II Mid Waterproof hiking boot will master the roughest trails. Lightweight and comfortable this shoe keeps you energized mile after mile without allowing water in. Through a range of conditions, you will be able to conquer changing terrain while being protected from debris and rock. Supportive and strong, lacing into these hikers will help you hit the mark every time you hit the trail.

A Popular Choice Keen Targhee Lace High

One of Keens most popular hiking boots is Keen Targhee Lace High. This warm, waterproof, and light hiking boot is particularly popular with cold-weather hikers, as it comes with a special, sticky outsole that provides an outstanding grip on icy trails.

As a winter hiking boot, Keen Targhee Lace High is also very warm. It uses the proprietary Keen.Warm insulation that we mentioned above, and which keeps the cold at bay thanks to its special bamboo charcoal infusion. The waterproof/breathable membrane, on the other hand, will let you confidently wade through shallow streams.

Although somewhat narrow through the arch and in the forefoot, Keen Targhee Lace High provides a snug fit and is incredibly comfortable, especially after the break-in period. The exceptionally low weight is a bonus, particularly once we consider how well-made and durable these boots are.

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Merrell Vs Keen: Who Makes The Outdoor Shoes & Sandals

Are you an avid backpacker or hiker? If so, youre probably aware of how important it is to have proper outdoor gear. This is particularly true for footwear it is our hiking shoes, boots, and sandals that take most of the beating. Choose the wrong shoes and youre bound to be in pain and not able to enjoy your outdoor adventure. This is part of our series of posts on the best hiking shoes and best hiking shoes for women.

And when it comes to hiking footwear, Merrel and Keen are among the industrys biggest names. No matter which outdoor store in the U.S. you pay a visit to, youre guaranteed to bump into footwear and other apparel made by one of these companies.

As brands that make similar styles of footwear and have a similar reputation, Merrell and Keen are often compared by people shopping for hiking gear. Before spending $100 or more on boots, shoes, or sandals made by one of these brands, its nice to know what makes each of them special.

While Keen and Merrel have a lot of similarities, there are still some key differences that can make or break the deal when choosing between these two brands. In this article, well be taking a closer look at these differences to help you decide which brands footwear is better suited to your needs.

Keen Mens Targhee Ii Hiking Shoe

Keen Koven Wp Hiking Shoes

The KEEN Mens Targhee II Hiking shoe is designed to ensure you meet your destination while enjoying comfort and durability. Your feet will remain dry, stable and comfortably protected as you roam across the earth. X marks the spot, and while you are searching for the treasure, your feet will remain protected from rocks and debris while superior traction keeps you stable as you race to the finish line to proclaim your destiny.

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Keen Mens Koven Mid Wp Hiking Boot

Do you hear that? It is the sound of the wild calling. Answer it with the KEEN Mens Koven Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. This hiker is constructed to let moisture escape while keeping water locked out, keeping you comfortably dry on your next expedition. You will travel farther with every step thanks to the stability and support provided by this shoe. No matter where the call of the wild takes you, these hikers provide the traction you need to get you there.

Keen Vs Merrell Hiking Boots

First of all, there are many hiking boots on the market but do you know which one is comfortable for you considering? This Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots article can allow you to have a broader perspective. As a result, all of Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots are great hiking boots.

Hence people buy without knowing which Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots is the best. From here, you will understand Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots. Do you know which one is the best for them? Consequently, you will be clear about the matter when you understand all about Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots.

Due to the result, people use both hiking boots. As a result, there are some differences in Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots. Therefore you will understand the form that the shoe features.

From Keen vs Merrell Hiking Boots, both are comfortable, lightweight, and durable boots. As a result, most people look for that which has comfortability and durability. While you want to make an easy hike, you have to use perfect footwear that will be comfy to your feet.

As a result, some hikers recommend keen hiking boots. On the other hand, some are like Merrell hiking boots. They use footwear depending on their choice. Hence it is essential to find out the perfect pair of shoes. Due to the result, the boots do not depend upon the prices. Consequently, both Keen and Merrell offer an excellent pair of shoes with a reasonable amount.


  • 18 Final verdict
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    Keen Voyageur Men’s Mid Hiking Boot

    • The lining wears out fast.
    • Sole separates easily.

    In more ways than one, those 19 colours are cool. For the summer, its light and breathable. They give a good sense of security and support to the wearer. They are, though, a little less waterproof, more suitable for hot and dry conditions. The sole is encouraging and versatile. The outsole of the rubber is not labeled. For washing ease, the insole can be removed. The met atomic EVA footstool gives stability and assistance. Leather and mesh top offer a convenient and breathable shoe for intense heat wear ability.

    Keen: Best Hiking Boots & Shoes

    How to buy the Best Hiking Boots for you: KEEN Ridge Flex Hiking Boots

    If youre considering Keen hiking boots or hiking shoes, the Keen Targhee is the best choice for most hikers. For me, the Targhee offers better value than the Keen Durandeven though the Durand is technically the better boot. Many hikers agree. Targhees are Keens best-selling low- and mid-cut option for both men and women.

    Unfortunately, Keens Targhee Collection includes more than 30 different styles!? Thats pretty confusing. For hiking, your main choice is between the Targhee II or III. Heres how they compare:

    • Targhee II: The older Targhee has a stiffer sole and Keens signature wide toe box. Its the more substantial hiking boot of the twoand $10 cheaper. The Targhee II may be the better choice for wide feet, moderate terrain, or entry-level backpacking .
    • Targhee III: The updated Targhee has more leather, more flexibility in the soles , and a less pronounced toe box. The lighter, more flexible Targhee III may be the better choice for average sized feet, longer hikes on even terrain, or everyday use.

    In the whole scheme of things, however, both Targhees are very similar.

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    How Did Our Keen Sneakers Hold Up

    Normally my shoes have an average lifespan of about one year. Stretching out an additional five months , and accounting for the crazy conditions we put them through, it is easy to say that they stood up quite well.

    And that is before even realizing that I’m really hard on my shoes in normal cases!

    I never untie the shoe laces and generally wear out any ankle support they have very fast. You can see this in my KEENs very easily as the padding around the ankle started to disappear at the 9 month mark and became even worse by the end. Still, other than looking bad they performed just fine.

    Angie’s shoes are starting to show similar wear, but it is to a lesser degree because she actually unties her shoes like a responsible person.

    Other than these two noticeable differences, one pair of broken shoe laces at the end of our trip, and the general layer of dirt that builds up on the outside of the shoes after wearing them for a long time, we had no performance reducing wear that we could point out.

    There was one feature we wanted to find out more about prior to publishing this review, and it was this: are our shoes still waterproof? The fact that they survived everything we put them through on our trip gave us a thumbs up and made us want to purchase another set right away, but how did the waterproofing hold up?

    For this one, we needed to perform a test.

    This test is shown in the video above.

    Keen Targhee Iii Waterproof Mid

    Score: 89

    • Weight : 1 lb. 12.4 oz. , 2 lbs. 2.8 oz.
    • Price: $149.95

    Test Results: The KEEN Targhee III boots are like waking up for sunrise: always a good idea. Launched more than a decade ago, the honorable Targhee has an army of devoted fans across the co-op and our testing field thanks to its all-around comfort and relatively affordable feature set. For just $150, you still score an oiled Nubuck leather boot with a proprietary KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane. Its proprietary rubber outsole is a good option for most terrain types our testers reported that it gripped granite and dirt well. Unless youre eyeing particularly sporty routes or looking to heft a lot of weight, you cant go wrong with the dependable Targhee III. Buy here.

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    Keen Vs Merrell: Which Is Best Hiking Shoes

    Adding thrill to your life is crucial in ensuring that you are all rounded, and one of the means of achieving this is participating in group activities. You need to participate in engaging activities that ensure that you are fit at all times. One of the popular activities that you can do with friends to achieve this objective is hiking. This process has its various attire that you need with hiking boots being one of the most important things that you need to possess.

    In addition, you need to select the perfect boots, otherwise, your experience will be all painful. Some of the popular brands that you will find in the market include Keen and Merrel types. Looking at these boots in detail, it is possible to determine which one perfectly suits your preferences.

    About Keen and Merrel

    Keen and Merrel are two of the top quality boots that you will find in the market. Each comprises of a unique design that separates it from the other. It is this uniqueness of the respective boots that enable you to identify which one perfectly fits your preference. The bottom line is that both brands will never fail you when it comes to delivering an enjoyable camping experience.

    However, it is imperative to look into the specifics before settling on the shoe of choice. Of the two companies, Merrel is the elder having been established in 1981, and the company has been producing footwear since then. Keen, on the other hand, is relatively new, as it was founded in 2005.

    Keen vs. Merrell Comparison

    Keen Is A Good Brand For Womens Sandals

    KEEN Outdoor Women

    The following Keen Womens Sandal has over 3,057 reviewers with an excellent 78% of them rating these sandals 5 out of 5 stars

    Example of comments from Keen shoe reviews:

    Weve taken them on a beach vacation and theyve been nice to transition from sand to concrete to mud on day trips or excursions. And best of allthey are awesome for boating! I cant say enough great things about the brand. These are my third pair of Keens and Im a customer for life.

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    Keen Is A Good Brand For Mens Sandals

    The following Keen Mens Sandal is a big seller and has over 12,764 reviewers with an excellent 75% of them rating these sandals 5 out of 5 stars

    Example of comments from Keen shoe reviews:

    Keen is the best out of the 3 different water sandles I have bought. My first pair lasted me 3 years of fishing and hiking before they finally failed. I put many, many more miles than the average person does.

    Merrell Hi Top Hiking Boots

    One of the most impressive features that these hiking boots have is their comfort level.

    It is one of the most comfortable hiking boots that you will ever wear plus it is very lightweight.

    The boots grip is also impressive especially if you are traversing on rocky trails. The boots traction will also give you comfort on uneven surfaces and sufficient support to the ankles.

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    Keen Women’s Hiking Boots

    Hiking boots aim to offer more ankle coverage and support. Youll want to opt for a boot style hiking shoe if youre planning to carry a heavy load or if you like a little added stability. Theyre also ideal for less-worn trails where low-hanging sticks or brush might scrape your ankles.

    Among our top-rated womens hiking boots are the Terradora and Targhee models. The Targhee boot comes in a variety of options, from the airier Targhee Vent mid to the Targhee EXP Waterproof, which offers rugged durability in a lean package. A lightweight stability shank will help you navigate through the mountains, and multi-directional lugs give you better traction on a variety of surfaces.

    The Terradora is our performance hiking boot designed from the ground-up for women. You get comfort and support, along with the durability and coverage you need for frequent hiking. The Terradora hiker is available with a lightweight reinforced-knit upper or a more classic leather style, both with waterproofing. And for really fast and light days, check out the ultra-svelte Terradora EVO Mid, which offers the support of a boot with the weight, ventilation and mobility of a sneaker.

    Our KEEN Pyrenees boots feature a traditional European style with modern tech on the insides to ensure feet and ankles are well supported on the trail. These hiking boots are made of leather and contain a stability shank.

    Keen Mens Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

    Gear Review: Keen® Pyrenees Hiking Boots

    Let the KEEN Mens Gypsum Mid Waterproof Boots be the sidekick to your next adventure. Built to stand up to the elements, these boots provide both support and protection as you enjoy a variety of adventures. These boots will bite into the ground beneath your feet, keeping you stable and dry as you meet every trailhead on. Slide your feet into these and run on clouds from the ample cushioning of comfort they provide.

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    A Heads Up For Backpackers

    NOTE: These are not backpacking boots, unless you’re an ultralight hiker who knows a lot about shaving every ounce off your kit.

    If you need to carryheavy loads for multiple days, I dont think these boots will be up to thetask.

    • These KEEN boots are too lightweight, and while they do have some support & cushioning, probably notenough for rugged multi-day trips over varied terrain.

    Instead, consider those Asolos or Lowas mentioned above.

    Or take a hard look at these Zamberlan women’s hiking boots. This company has won my heart for their heavy duty construction and comfort.

    I plan to scour other hiking boots review sites, and will report back if I find anything dire.

    I will have to rethinkwhat to do for backpacking boots unless I go ultralightweight .


    Here is a review of the Salomon womens hiking boots that I wear for backpacking and rugged terrain.

    • Bush pilot approved ‘cuz they’re super light weight!
    • Tread stands up to the punishment of backcountry hiking.

    Keen Background And History

    KEEN, Inc. is a footwear company founded by Martin Keen in the early 2000s that makes shoes of all kinds, from kids sandals to mens work boots. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company prides itself on doing more than just making shoes. Keen works hard to make a difference, calling its effort the Keen effect.

    Elements of the Keen effect include supporting nonprofits around the globe, striving for efficiency in the way it manufactures its products, and encouraging its customers to do the same. Since 2004, the company has donated over $18 million to various charitable organizations.

    But when KEEN got its start, it was a small company that probably never expected to make such a global impact. Martin Keen was a sailor who liked to wear sandals on deck, but predictably, he would often stub his toe. He launched his footwear company in 2003 to remedy this problem, and according to Business Insider, his self-named company was netting $240 million in revenue just a little over ten years later.

    Today, KEEN creates shoes that are perfect for just about any outdoor activity. The company has also expanded into steel-toed boots for construction workers, which it manufactures in its Portland factory. KEEN has even branched out to sell clothes, bags, socks, hats, drinkware, and other accessories. Some of the companys executive personnel have previously worked at companies such as Nike and Patagonia.

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