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Are Spiked Or Spikeless Golf Shoes Better

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Golf Shoes Are Not Mandatory But They Benefits All

Spiked vs Spikeless Golf Shoes | Will Either Help Improve Your Golf Game?

Whether golf shoes are worth their price tag is a more involved question than whether they are compulsory or not.

And the short answer to that question in the vast majority of circumstances is no.

Except on all but some of more high-end luxury golf courses and country clubs, if you are looking to simply hit a few balls at the driving range or play a few holes on a golf course then you dont have to wear golf shoes.

A pair of trainers or sneakers will be absolutely fine.

Spikeless golf shoes dont look that different to sneakers these days

But whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer golf shoes do have benefits, especially in specific circumstances, and these need to be considered in any decision where you are thinking about buying a pair or not.

And these benefits mainly centre around grip.

Whatever standard of golfer you are grip in 2 key areas is the most important basic element of the game you have to think about and focus on.

The first of these key areas relates to the grip you have on the golf club with your hands while the second is all about the grip you have on the ground with your shoes.

And that is why your choice of footwear when you play golf is so important.

The soles of your shoes are the only point of contact with the ground when you swing a golf club so if you have a poor grip with them, and slip in any way, you are not going to be able to hit good shots.

Its that simple.

Wet feet will certainly not help your golf game!

Spiked Golf Shoes To Consider:

Opinion 2: Buying new golf shoes is worth it

I currently rotate between a handful of different types of soft spikes and spikeless shoes. When whatever is on the bottom of my golf shoes wears down, I simply get new shoes. Would it be more cost effective to replace my spikes? Probably. Does that make me feel as good as getting new shoes does? No it does not. You know what they say: Look good, feel good, play good.

Also, many shoes, including one of my personal, oh-so-affordable favorites, the Nike Vapors, just have rubber soles molded into the shape of spikes. Theres no option for replacing those. Similarly, the shoes in which I shot my best round ever, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tours, do not have replaceable spikes. When I start to feel a little unstable in either of thoseI slipped on back-to-back tee boxes last weekendIll just grab a new pair. Youre welcome for my business, Nike.

I also play a lot of golf, so I tend to wear through shoes rather quickly. And because Ive grown up with spikeless options and those non-replaceable soft spikes, I dont think I even know how to replace a spike if I wanted to. I do have a pair of adidas Tour360XTs that I like enough to try it, but I also could just ditch those and slip into a lighter pair of the adidas CodeChaos or ZG21s , both of which are great for walking.

The Truth About Spikes And Traction

It is a fact that spiked shoes definitely provide more lateral stability compared to spikeless shoes, especially when playing on steeper inclines in wet weather or during dewy early morning tee times. This is not to say that spikeless shoes are by any means fundamentally less stable, but spikes definitely dig in and hold better due to their extended length and overall design.

If you are concerned about traction, it is better to evaluate your footgear needs based on the course conditions of the day as opposed to sticking to one type of golf shoe for all occasions and courses. Players who have a tee time on a wet cloudy day across golf courses with steeper inclines definitely want to consider using spikes over spikeless shoes. On the other hand, if its a nice sunny afternoon and the course is dry, spikeless shoes may actually be preferable due to comfort and the ability to wear them inside the club and out on the course without the need to change footgear.

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Enter The Spikeless Spokesman

Spikeless shoes received the greatest endorsement any golf product could imagine during the 2010 Masters when Fred Couples haunted the leaderboard at the games most popular tournament while wearing golf shoes sans any kind of spike. Whats more, when Freddie answered questions about his unusual footwear, he responded that they helped him play even with back pain golfs most popular injury.

Manufactured with a broad shoe base and larger sole, spikeless golf shoes promote balance and do not inhibit proper footwork. This freedom of movement in the foot turns out to be more important than digging a cleat into the turf for stability, and so spikeless golf shoes began showing up in the lockers of stars like Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, and Matt Kuchar.

Footjoy Mens Fury Golf Shoes

Spiked vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Mens Fury Golf Shoes are an excellent choice for a reasonably priced spike golf shoe. These are tour-proven shoes that have plenty of comfort and useability. You will have no problem walking or riding the course with the FootJoy Fury on. For golfers that need that additional support in the foot, this is a great shoe to consider.


The PUMA Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoe is an excellent choice for the golfer that is looking for stability and comfort. The Puma has a lot of foam cushioning, and it provides more comfort than other similar golf shoes on the market. We like how comfortable your heel stays while wearing this golf shoe.


  • The foot will feel very secure
  • Spiked design for more stability


  • Not a waterproof golf shoe

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Do Spikeless Golf Shoes Belong On Your Feet

First off, if you are a walker and putting six to eight miles on your pedometer each round, you will be doing your feet a favor by investing in the lighter weight, significantly more comfortable spikeless options. There is no better way to keep your dogs from barking as you finish up the back nine. If you are chasing contemporary style, this footwear is styled similar to other athletic shoes and are made for wear off the course as well.

But what about your golf game? It turns out that maybe all the talk about traction and spikes has been overblown all this time, even if you are sweeping the dew with early morning rounds. Research has demonstrated that the key to balance during a golf swing is pressure points on the soles of the feet. Additionally, spikeless shoes have strategically placed nubs on their soles to insure that no slipping occurs during the swing.

So, for traditional style and a more anchored feel, buy shoes with golf spikes. For contemporary style and comfort, score it for spikeless shoes. For performance, it is a draw. In the end, it just comes down to personal preference.

For additional insight, visit our Buyers Guide article on whether you should buy spiked or spikeless golf shoes.

Do Golf Shoes Really Make A Difference

Yes, golf shoes may have a significant impact on your swing and overall game. They are specially designed to improve your traction and stability on the green, so you can make accurate shots without slipping or losing your balance. In addition, a good pair of golf shoes will cushion your feet and reduce fatigue, so you can play all 18 holes without interruption.

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Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes : Which Is Better For Your Game

This post contains affiliate links which may provide us with a commission at no extra cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

If its time for a new pair of golf shoes, youve got some homework to do and decisions to make: Which is better for your game: traditional spiked golf shoes, or newer spikeless golf shoes? Its an important decision, and there are several differences that may affect not only your performance on the links, but also your overall comfort and convenience while spending a day at the golf course. To help you make an informed decision when choosing your next pair of golf shoes, here is a rundown of the differences and advantages/disadvantages of spiked golf shoe versus spikeless golf shoes.

Put in the simplest terms, spiked golf shoes have actual metal or plastic cleats on the outsole to help players maintain traction and stability when playing on an incline or wet turf. Conversely, spikeless golf shoes have flatter outsoles with shorter rubber or TPU studs, dimples, or similar treading as opposed to extended spikes or cleats.

Adidas Mens Tour360 Xt Spikeless Golf Shoe

Golf shoes – Spikes vs Spikeless

The Adidas Tour 360 XT has been known as one of the best golf shoes on the market for quite some time. Now that this shoe is offered in a spineless version as well, it is one that can appeal to a wide range of players. Even though there are no spikes on the Tour 360, you will have no issues helping your foot feel stable.


  • Very well known spikeless golf shoe
  • Has great feel and comfort
  • Enough traction for walking or wiring the course
  • Spikeless version is less expensive than spike version


  • Dont tend to last as long as the spiked Tour 360

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Whats Been Used Historically And How Has That Changed

Historically golfers have used true metal spikes when playing a round of golf exclusively.

The problem with these spikes is that they were causing a bit too much damage to the course. Players that were not careful of how they were walking on and around greens were creating a real mess for golf course superintendents.

The addition of the soft spike was a welcome change for golf, and it virtually outlawed all of the metal spikes however, professional golfers are still able to use them.

A few years back, the spikeless designs started to gain popularity because of the convenience. Players dont have to worry about shoe bags or changing shoes in the parking lot. They can move from the office to the course to the store to pick up dinner without changing their shoes.

Q: Can I Use Other Shoes Other Than Spikeless Golf Shoes

A: You can use spiked golf shoes if you want, but thats about it. Golf shoes are designed specifically to provide you the necessary traction and support in your golf swing. You also need them for cushioning, breathability, and sufficient energy return.

Knowing this, we do not recommend wearing anything other than golf shoes when playing golf. When playing a course, you are also expected to hold up the traditions of the game, and that includes wearing suitable footwear.

Smaller, cheaper courses may allow it, but rarely, and you should stick with proper golf shoes at all times. If youre reading this article, were sure you play golf often enough to justify the purpose, so just go for it.

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Best Golf Shoe Brands

Fortunately there are many different brand choices when it comes to golf footwear. I have noticed the quality of all golf shoes in general has significantly improved over the years. While improved quality may be the case, there are still plenty of dud products in the market.

I have compiled a list of my favorite companies for you to look at. Do your own research and youll see plenty of favorable reviews on the products listed below.

  • Nike Mens Explorer 2
  • NIKE Mens Roshe G
  • Nike Mens Lunar Command 2
  • Features To Look For In Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Golf Shoes: Spiked or Spikeless  MyBreaking90

    While most golf shoes will have basic features as standard, everyones golf shoe needs are different. You might need a better balance, better breathability, or better lug support, so keep in mind these features when looking for a new pair to find the design thats most likely to improve your game and make golf just a smidge more enjoyable for you.

    Spikeless Vs Spikes – Spiked shoes will perhaps provide you a little more traction on wet surfaces and slopes, but the cleats on them will need replacing when they wear out or break. You dont have to do this with spikeless, as the studs or dimples are molded into the sole. Spiked shoes are typically better for beginners, as they provide better support and traction on all surfaces.

    While you may be loyal to spiked shoes, spikeless shoes are becoming ever more advanced so that there is hardly any discrepancy between the two types. One benefit of spikeless shoes is that they are more flexible and have better ground feel compared to spiked shoes. They are also more lightweight, as the weight of the metal spikes wont be present.

    Your choice should also depend on the type, of course, youre likely to play the most on. If your home course is dry, then spikeless shoes are more suitable.

    But were not here to convince you either way, and both have the benefits and their disadvantages. These are usually individual, though, and you should go with whatever best works for you.

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    Spikeless Shoe Features That Matter


    Like any footwearheck, any apparel, for that matterthe most significant factor is proper sizing. Many brands offer half sizes and multiple widths along with various support features. Dont get seduced by appearance or brand name. With plenty of choices available, you are sure to find the combination of comfort and style youre looking for.

    If you want the most comfortable shoe, try the adidas Tour 360 XT-SL TEX. Other shoes that rival the XT-SL TEXs comfort are the adidas S2G SL and the Inesis Dry Grip and Waterproof models.


    This has been the proverbial millstone around spikeless shoes from their inception. True or not, the perception is that spikeless shoes do not offer significant traction. And while thats generally accurate in wet conditions, the best spikeless shoes for 2021 maintain their grip even when the course is soft.

    If all-weather traction is your main concern, try the Inesis Waterproof or the adidas Tour 360 XT-SL TEX.


    Spikeless designs tend to be less stable than traditional spiked shoes. Its not unintentional, as the purpose of early spikeless shoes was to allow more freedom of movement as well as increased comfort. That being said, while the ideal level of stability varies among golfers, a shoe should never be so unstable that your foot spills over the edge of the footbed.


    EXPERT TIP – Do you want your foot to breath?

    The Best Spikeless Shoes Of 2021

    True To Size

    EXPERT TIP – Try the BOA

    While BOA/DISC offerings are less common in spikeless designs, shoes with these closure systems often fit differently than the laced versions. If the laced model doesn’t feel quite right, it’s worth trying the BOA/DISC closure system if its available, but be ready to pay for it.

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    Do Pros Wear Spikeless Shoes

    Golf pros rotate between spiked and spikeless shoes depending on the conditions and personal preference. Spikeless shoes are more commonly used in drier weather, while spiked shoes are the go-to choice in the wet. Some pros even use metal spikes for super grip however, these are rarer.

    Bryson DeChambeau is one pro who is known to wear golf shoes with metal spikes on the PGA Tour, but there are few others who do .

    Like average golfers, pros will swap their shoes depending on the conditions and also what they feel most comfortable wearing whether that is spiked, or spikeless.

    Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes Durability


    Spikeless golf shoes are not as efficient as spiked golf shoes. This is because they feature molded rubber nubs that wear down fast and lose their traction, just like the nubs on semi-slicks of autocross racing wheels. These rubber nubs become useless once worn down within six to eight weeks. However, the bright side of spikeless golf shoes is that you can still wear them like your regular sneakers off the golf course as they are stylish enough to walk on the streets.

    On the other hand, non-spiked golf shoes allow you to replace outsole cleats without having to buy new spikeless shoes, allowing for more resilient footwear which can be worn several rounds of golf before they need replacing. All you need is a cleat wrench and right spikes so that you can easily get a new grip.

    Many people recommend Footjoy DNA Helix spiked golf shoes because of their durability and performance. You should try them out if youre looking for spiked golf shoes.

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    What Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Why Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Spikeless golf shoes have been on the scene for the past decade. They do not have cleats that can be removed and changed. Spikeless golf shoes have many benefits.

    They feel more grounded, and players can wear them off the course, such as to the grocery store or grab a bite to eat after a game.

    There are downsides to spikeless golf shoes, too, including not the traction wearing out and not gripping the turf when swinging. There is even a possibility that they are considered too casual in some venues and do not fall under more formal country club rules, so be sure to look at the dress code of your favorite club.

    Photo Credit:

    The downside is that many players can feel the golf spikes on their feet, and it also feels less grounded than spikeless, not to mention you cant go for an evening out wearing your spiked shoes. You cannot even walk to the golf course restaurant and will need to carry your street shoes with you.

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