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Best Hiking Sandals For Hawaii

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What Should You Look For In A Hiking Sandal

Best trail shoes for Hawaii | Hiking 101

Like any other technical shoe, not all hiking sandals are created equal. Here are a few considerations when youre shopping for the best hiking sandals from retailers like Backcountry, REI, and Amazon:

First off, youll have to choose between two main types of sandals: open-toe sandals or closed-toe sandals.

Open-toe sandals, like Chacos and Tevas, are the more breathable option, but they expose your feet to the elements. Theyre particularly suitable for experienced hikers who are used to hiking in rocky terrain as well as people looking for a versatile adventure sandal that they can wear on casual day hikes and around town.

Closed-toe shoes, like the Keen Newport H2, are a safer option for most hikers, as they can better protect your feet from rocks and debris. Just keep in mind that their design limits breathability, so they hold onto moisture for longer.

Rugged, capable soles are what set hiking sandals apart from standard sandals because great traction is a must-haveespecially on harder hikes. If you plan to venture into steeper terrain or onto slippery rocks, look for a pair of sandals made with sticky rubber and a deep lug pattern along the sole to enhance your traction in various trail conditions.

However, if you plan to use your sandals around town, on flat trails, or during water activities, you may not need to prioritize a durable, grippy outsole.

What To Pack For Hawaii

Here are some things to consider packing for Hawaii when hiking is a part of your itinerary some can be considered to be more essentials, but a lot of it is really about how much comfort you want on the trail!

This is whether youre hiking on Oahu, or hiking on Maui, or hiking on the Big Island, or hiking on Lanai, or hiking on Kauai!

If you cant see the Hawaii hiking video playlist above, you can watch it on youtube.

Keen Kids Seacamp Ii Cnx Sandals

The ever popular KEEN Kids Seacamp II CNX Sandals are one of the best water shoes for kids who like to do it all! Boasting grippy rubber soles and the signature Keen bumper, you can rest assured that tender toes will be well protected. But they also provide excellent support and security around the ankles and arches without making your tots and tiddlers feel like theyre wearing restrictive shoes.

Parents and carers will love the combo of quick-secure toggle laces and a velcro strap to make getting them on and off super easy. The result? More time for jumping in that deep muddy puddle!

Theres also a toddlers version for those wanting to encourage multi-adventure exploration as early as possible.


  • Velcro straps can be troublesome in sand!

Find the latest price at:Keen | REI

Whether youre after some river walking shoes for serious aqueous exploration, water shoes for river crossings or simply some comfortable and supportive water shoes for hiking, boating and general outdoor wear, our list of the best water shoes should have your precious feet covered.

Happy splashing around, happy explorers!

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Chaco Zx/1 Ecotread: Best Hiking Sandals For Kids

Whether its for a family trail walk or a day out in the sun, its good to put your kids in a more dependable shoe. Kids need shoes that provide comfort, breathability, and flexibility to allow for proper foot development. It also helps to have a pair of shoes that is easy to take off and put back on.

The Chaco ZX/1 is a great option for kids, as it offers all Chacos usual benefits. This sandal ensures your kids feet are safe and secure. It also has a soft footbed, providing a comfortable fit and conforming to the curves of mini feet.

The rubber outsoles contain recycled rubber and offer impressive traction. This way, you dont need to worry as much about your child slipping when theyre playing outside. Best of all, the Chaco ZX/1s come in a variety of fun colors that are sure to have your kids excited to enjoy the outdoors.


Wearing Socks With Sandals


Taking fashion out of the equation, wearing socks with sandals can be a great way to boost warmth on chilly evenings at camp or after a long day on the water. However, some models are better-equipped for the job than others. For example, Chacos Z/Volv 2 has a toe loop that makes it nearly impossible to pair with traditional socks. Injinji does make designs that separate each toe, like their popular Trail Midweight Mini-Crew, but not everyone will like the looks or effort required to put them on.

On the flip side, Birkenstocks Arizona Essentials EVA has a simple slip-on design with no heel strap that makes it very easy to wear even with thick, heavyweight socks. Strap-equipped models without a toe loop, like Chacos Z/Cloud, Xeros Z-Trail EV, and Tevas Original Universal can also accommodate socks, but you might need to loosen the straps to get a good fit. This likely wont be a major consideration for many, but if youre prone to cold feet or know youll want to wear socks on occasion, its a good idea to think about compatibility before making a purchase.

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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Columbias Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot is perfect for heavy-duty hiking and experienced hikers. This shoe is very durable and built for trail hiking.

These boots offer great ankle support, making them ideal for walking on rugged terrain.

Advanced Technology: This waterproof hiking boot features a lightweight, durable midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushion, and high energy return.

Handy Features: The boots waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction, plus the durable mesh tongue for breathability, are perfect for extreme trails.

The mesh lining provides additional comfort, and the molded nylon arch shank offers added support and stability.

Omni-Grip: This boot features a multi-terrain traction system that matches formulated compounds and treads to specific environments, providing solid tracking no matter the conditions.

Field Testing: Adventure Sandals

The best product research happens in the field, on outdoor adventures. Throughout the summer of 2020, I tested the seven best hiking sandals on all sorts of trips. From the granite talus slopes of Wyoming’s Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range to alpine runs in the San Juan and La Sal mountains: these sandals saw it all. Day hikes, rock climbing approaches, afternoons lounging at the river, and multi-day backpacking trips helped me better understand the best conditions for each type of sandal, the break-in period I could expect, and ultimately, how different outdoor enthusiasts would pick the best hiking sandal for their needs.

The quality toe bumper on the Keen Newport H2.

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Benefits Of Hiking In Sandals

Here are some reasons why you might opt for hiking sandals over hiking boots:

  • Lightweight: Hiking sandals are far lighter than hiking boots. And generally speaking, when youre hiking, the lighter your shoes, the better. A lighter shoe helps you conserve energy as youll have less weight to lug around.
  • Breathable: Sandals have openings that allow cool air to reach your feet. With hiking sandals, you will not need to worry about your feet overheating or getting overly sweaty .
  • Adjustability: Hiking sandals are generally easy to adjust, allowing for a customized fit. Its also easier to remove sticks, rocks, and bits of debris.
  • Fewer blisters: Excessive friction and sweaty feet are likely to lead to chafing and blisters. With sandals, this is less likely to happen to you as they mitigate sweating and there are fewer points of contact with your feet. Theyre also easy to adjust should there be any unwanted friction.
  • Improved foot health:Excessive foot sweating can also lead to health complications like fungal infections and weakened toenails. Hiking sandals allow your feet to breathe, preventing the growth of bacteria while wicking away moisture.

Luna Mono Winged Edition: Best Minimalist Sandals

CHACO Review (The best hiking sandal on the market)

Sometimes you just want a nice, plain sandal. Thats exactly what Luna offers, but with some nice features to keep your feet pain-free and comfy. Luna is also also all about having healthy feet, which requires breathable shoesthis idea helped them to develop their range of unique, minimalist sandals, and among these, their best-selling Luna Mono Winged Edition.

One unique feature of the Mono Winged Edition the wing design. The wings keep your Luna sandals securely in place without the use of a technical strap. The shoe is also designed to move ergonomically with your foot and to withstand harsh conditions.

While I love this sandal, its worth pointing out that they make quite a bit of noise while you walk or run. This is not always ideal, especially when youre out in nature and trying to keep the peace.

The Mono Winged Edition sandals are exceptionally lightweight and good looking, too. This ensures a versatile, super-sandal that is suitable for a variety of different occasions. Whether youre headed on an outdoor adventure or to your local store, these will ensure your feet are comfortable the entire way.


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Merrell Mens Moab Edge Hiking Shoe

Merrell Mens Moab Edge Hiking Shoeis made of mesh as well as imported also. Its Vibram sole helps you easily climb any hill.

Not only for hiking purposes, you can also wear these shoes for running in the race. This shoe is really convenient for a runner. It is very comfortable to use as the maximum customers said so.

The Vibram sole is very sturdy. This is designed nicely by the manufacturer. Therefore, you may buy this product for your regular running or hiking purposes.


  • Sometimes glue fails in the seam.

With instant comfort and great shape, now with an attractive, breathable outer mesh, the shoes will really fit for you. After reading this section, you can think about it if you are a man because this product is only designed for a man.

Types Of Hiking Sandals

What we mean by types of hiking sandals is how they perform for your general lifestyle, and specifically what kind of toe protection they have. We find this to be the defining factor in why a certain sandal works for some folks, and not for others. As you can see above, weve broken this down into four general categories.

From left to right: Closed Toe Hiking Sandals, Open Toe Hiking Sandals, and Closed Toe Casual sandals.

1. Open-Toe Hiking Sandals

This type of sandal is best for hot climates, sweaty feet, and those who want to get in and out of water frequently. Sand and dirt will not stay trapped in the footbed and the lack of a real upper makes drying times very quick . These sandals also convert to casual use easily because theyre often easy to slip on.

The main downside is toe and foot protection. With an open-toe hiking sandal you have to be wary of what sharp objects you may encounter, and your feet will get seriously dirty, especially on dusty trails. The upper is also usually just straps, rather than solid material, which means your feet are also subject to whatever natures throws at you.

The Chaco Z/1 Classic is perhaps the most recognizable open toe hiking sandal. Let your feet breathe, and let the dirt in.

2. Closed-Toe Hiking Sandals

3. Closed-Toe Casual Sandals

Often, wed wear this type of sandal around the house, town, and in a camping site. But not up to a peak.

4. Finger Sandals

5. Open-Toe Casual

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Timberland Mens White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Features That Make It Stand Out

  • Vast heavy-duty for a longer hike.
  • Quick-drying for the Hawaiian wet hiking trail.
  • Trustworthy brand.
  • Comfortable for any trail conditions.
  • Extra traction for a wet & slippery surface.

Timberland is one of the best footwear manufacturers working in the industry for long periods. They are manufactured fabulous types of hiking boots, trail running shoes ended up with vast durability. Timberland mens white ledge mid waterproof ankle boot one of the parts of those comes with 100% leather materials. While trekking on a big island or short hike, you need cross wetlands and muddy trails.This hiking boot is the best option than any other regular shoe. The heavy-duty rock-hard rubber sole with approximately 4.75 inches shaft measured ensures great arch support for any short or long hiking.This tremendous must-have outdoor gear for hiking trail also ended up with a full-grain waterproof leather upper part, seam-sealed tight waterproof body, and top lacing for further security.In the event of the river crossing, this extra grip closed-toe trail shoes support you enormously due to its quick-drying feature. ReBOLT Recycling textile lining featured this hiking boot very comfortable for any uneven ground.


  • Extra traction on any uneven ground.
  • Waterproof leather & firm rubber sole.
  • Top lacing system for extra protection.
  • Great arch support.
  • Appropriate for difficult hiking territory.


  • Gets filled with the mud on the track.
  • A little heavyweight.

Merrell Hydro Lagoon Kids Water Shoes


With mesh and leather uppers that allow water and air to freely move through the shoe, the Merrell Hydro Lagoon Kids Water Shoes are ideal for kiddies who spend more time in the water than out of it! The complete coverage over the feet provide a little more warmth than the other kids water shoes on our list making them well suited to cooler water exploration. But these versatile and great value river shoes also offer protection and grip around the soles and toes that is comparable to the Keen Seacamp.

Additionally, like the Vivobarefoot Ultra Bloom, these lightweight water shoes have a 0mm heel to toe drop that makes them feel like youre running barefoot and wild!


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Merrell Womens Terran Strap Ii Sandal

Next up we have another pair of ladies Merrell walking sandals, theTerran Strap II Sandal. Which has a more casual look yet still provides great support for all-day comfort.

These womens leather hiking sandals come with a hook and loop closure system, which allows for quick adjustability and a nice fit for any foot. With a breathable mesh lining along the straps, these sandals can be tightly secured to your feet whilst still remaining breathable and comfortable.

This pair of leather walking sandals also features a microfibre soft sole with remember me foam.

This essentially means that the shoe will remember your foot, and mould itself to your foot whenever you wear it.

Pair this with the incredibly soft sole, this shoe is extremely comfortable and would make a great choice for those looking for a pair of sandals with support for walking.

The Merrell Womens Terran Strap IIs come in three different shades and would be an excellent pick for most environments.

These sandals are super versatile and can easily be worn with a pair of shorts for a day of sightseeing or paired with a casual dress for dinner.

Chaco Outcross Evo 2 Hiking Shoe

The Outcross Evo 2 Hiking Shoe is one of the best lightweight hybrid water shoes for women. The durable PU LUVSEAT is specifically designed to meet the need of a womans foot and provide maximum comfort whilst hiking. Made from a combination of synthetic leather, which moulds to the heel, and jacquard polyester webbing, the Outcross Evo 2 allows refreshing airflow as well as water drainage. Meanwhile, the inner lining is quick drying and comfortable to wear with or without a sock.

When it comes to practicality, the quick release bungee laces make them super easy to take on and off. They also provide the secure fitting that you need for hopping from rock to rock. The Outcross Evo 2 water shoes offer a good grip on wet and varied surfaces due to the 3 mm lugs and non-slip outer sole which is made from 25% recycled rubber. Best of all, for accident-prone hikers, the Chaco Outcross Evo 2 feature a decent sized top-cap and mudguard.


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Merrell Mens Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe: Hiking Shoes For Hawaii Reddit

View On Amazon

View On eBay

The Merrell Mens Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is an innovative product that is being reviewed here. The Merrell Mens Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is a superlative shoe that delivers on comfort, durability, and design. Its a great shoe to wear if you are into rugged terrain.

If youre looking for a shoe that will last a long time and youre going to be using it every day, I really like these. Ive been using them for about a month and so far, so good. Ill update this review if anything changes. This is my personal blog. These are my personal opinions and dont reflect the opinions of any company I am, or have been, affiliated with.

Hiking is an adventure that people do for many reasons, including as a way to get out of their house, get some fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors. Its also a great way to get a good workout. If youre a big fan of hiking, a good pair of hiking shoes is important. Hiking shoes have become much more advanced than the shoes worn by hikers 10 to 20 years ago.


  • Can be used in every environment.
  • Toe protection with rubber pump.


  • Not suitable for extreme usage.

The Best Hiking Shoes In Australia For 2022

Best Hiking Shoes 2021 | New Hi-Tech Hiking Shoes Could Make You a Lot Faster

Find your perfect Hiking Shoes with our in-depth buyers guide. We rank our favourite products available in Australia, including the top brands and latest models.

While hiking boots can offer plenty of ankle support for carrying a heavy hiking pack for days or weeks on end, a lightweight hiking shoe can make moving fast and efficiently over long-distance terrain a breeze.. A rubber toe rand protects your feet from rocks and other debris.. They are lightweight and comfortable but still provide protection where you need it.. There are three main types of lightweight hiking footwear hiking shoes, trail runners, and approach shoes.. The main types of shoes people wear hiking are hiking shoes, hiking boots, and trail running shoes.. Hiking boots provide the most stability and protection, while trail runners are best for fast and light hiking.. Are hiking and walking shoes the same?. Walking shoes are any shoes designed for walking, both on tarmac and trails.. The difference between hiking shoes and other walking shoes is that they are designed to provide support when carrying a heavy pack, to provide protection against sharp rocks and stability on uneven surfaces.

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