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What Shoes Do Male Nurses Wear

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Nike Mens Tanjun Sneakers

What type of shoes do nurses really wear?

These sporty Nike shoes for men are stylish and versatile enough to be worn both in and out of work. Theyre also available in a whopping 37 colors, so youre sure to find a pair that suits your personal wardrobe, including a great all black mens Nike nursing shoe option! The breathable mesh upper delivers fresh air to your feet with every step, while light foam cushioning supports you throughout the day. These sneakers made our list of the 12 Best Nike Shoes for Nurses this year.

  • Textile upper with a rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh keeps fresh air flowing
  • Light cushioning cradles the feet
  • High heel helps relieve strain in the calves
  • 37 colors to choose from

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

This is the best mens walking shoe option on the list, providing the perfect mix of support and protection. You can also choose an all white or all black mens nursing shoes option, so the shoes match most nursing outfits. A rollbar provides extra arch support, while a synthetic sole has strong slip-resistant properties.

  • Leather upper with a synthetic sole
  • Available in four neutral tones, including all-black and all-white
  • Extra arch support using rollbar technology
  • Balanced and slip-resistant outsole helps stabilize your stride
  • Responsive cushioning changes depending on your weight and stride

Crocs Specialist Ii Clog

It was hard to call the Crocs Specialist II Clog a runner up because its also one of the most worn working shoes by both male and female nurses.

With the famous Crocs roomy feel, cushy contoured footbed, and great arch support these are a go-to nursing shoe.

The Specialist II has a toebox that lacks the ventilation holes of standard Crocs, instead of giving you more protection from spills and falling objects. But when youre on your feet all day, your feet will thank you for wearing these shoes.

  • Roomy, enclosed toebox

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Mozo Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Mozos are credited as being the best shoes for culinary professionals and other disciplines that deal with different chemical. It is made of synthetic leather that deliver high level of durability. To provide the user with a cool feeling while in them, it is fitted with side vent and dual side goring for flexibility.

The slip- and oil-resistant rubber used to make the sole provides maximum traction on different floors and surfaces. The slip on design makes the shoe very easy to wear and remove. Talking of removability, the insole is easily removable for cleaning and replacement. This makes the shoe to maintain hygiene levels and a comfortable in-shoe atmosphere.


  • Insole removable for cleaning and replacement
  • Slip on hence easy to wear and remove
  • Made of durable leather
  • Has a narrow toe are a making it not comfortable for wide feet.

Issues Related To Dress

The Top Shoes For Nurses For 2021: Slip

The importance of uniforms in nursing is related to a variety of reasons that are specific to health care. As more hospital employees have moved to wearing scrubs on the job, it has become difficult for a patient to identify who is or is not a nurse. Issues that affect what nurses wear are safety of both patient and nurse and the prevention of infection. Rings and bracelets, for example, may injure a patients skin, while a necklace worn by a nurse can be grabbed by a confused patient. Long fingernails and artificial nails have been implicated as harboring bacteria and increasing the risk of infection for both nurse and patient, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Best Budget: Slow Man Walking Shoes Sock Sneaker

  • No laces to tighten shoe

  • Could use more cushioning

Slow Man Walking Shoes Sock Sneaker is a fraction of the price of other more widely known brands. These slip-on sneakers earn their name due to the fact that they are so comfortable, they are like walking in socks. These shoes are uniquely designed in every aspect from their style to the fashionable-but-breathable knit material used to make them. They feature an MD outsole with added air cushioning that is both non-slip and water-resistant. The arch of the shoe is perforated, offering ample ventilation and breathability that is crucial for all-day wear. You will also love that the style is available in 25 color options, and in a variety of whole and half sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11.

Materials: Mesh fabric | Sizes Available: 5.5-11 | Width: Between medium and wide | Arch Support: Some arch support

Nike Tanjun Mens Sneakers

PROS: Lightweight and breathable, has a cushioned foam outsole and insole for extra support, rubber outsole for optimal traction

CONS: Not a waterproof or water-resistant shoe, nor can it be waterproofed

The NIKEs Mens Tanjun sneakers are affordable with an incredibly soft and thin textile upper. This is precisely what makes the sneakers so lightweight and breathable. Theyre also made with wide-footed people in mind, as the upper is not attached to the midsole of the shoe, contributing to the comfortability factor.

The textile fabric also makes for easy cleaning. However, its not water-resistant, so you wont want to get caught in the rain with them on the way to work. The outer soles are made of rubber. However, the treading wears down rather quickly, which makes sense for the price.

The actual cushioning inside the shoe is rather stiff and inflexible, which could be an issue if you experience frequent knee or overall joint pain. Of course, that can be remedied by purchasing an additional supportive insole.

These NIKE Tanjuns come in a wide variety of colors, a plus for those looking for both design and functionality at an affordable price. Overall, theyre a decent shoe for the price that will provide the necessary stability your feet need for a long day of standing and walking. Theyre best suited as an alternative or back-up shoe since the simplicity of their design calls for lack of protection and durability.

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Nurses Tested The Shoes At Work

We decided to put the 10 highest recommended nursing shoes to the ultimate test – on the feet of actual nurses who work at busy hospitals around the county. Our group of nurse product testers was asked to select a pair of shoes and to wear them to work

After the nurses wore the shoes to work a few times, they rated them, ranked them, and gave us their honest review of the shoes. Their truthful responses just might surprise you.

So, here it is! Our list of the best shoes for nurses, ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 – 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

What Are The Different Types Of Nursing Shoes

My Favorite Nursing Shoes


Sneakers are essentially designed for sports and other types of physical exercise. However, nurses have grown to love the functionality and comfort offered by sneakers and other athletic shoes. These shoes are primarily created to provide maximum comfort even in extreme conditions. Hence, it is an ideal choice for nurses who are constantly on the move.

Athletic shoes are also built with high-quality arch and heel support. This provides the physical protection that nurses need and allows them to go about their jobs without causing harm to their feet, legs and back. Nurses are already prone to these medical conditions because their legs and feet are always under a lot of stress.


Slip-ons are also very popular among nurses as they are incredibly easy to use. They are usually made of lightweight materials and still provide ample support for the heel and arch.


Clogs, just like slip-ons, are very convenient to use and are also lightweight. These types of shoes are equipped with appropriate padding to reduce stress and discomfort, and provide appropriate support.

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Skechers Mens Keystone Nursing Sneakers

This set of Skechers nursing sneakers is a highly functional and professional pair of work sneakers that male nurses can wear in several types of professional settings. This nursing shoe is probably the most unique of them all when it comes to appearance because of its robust design. The design just isnt there for show, it also provides excellent versatility for mobile work environments were balance and movement are extremely important daily.

The exterior upper leather of this shoe is incredibly constructed and provides a perfect balance of style and comfort, while also making sure to protect the wearer from potential external hazards. Inside this nursing shoe, there is also a removable footbed like in the Arch fit model or insole that provides an extra layer of comfort and support. The insole is present on top of an EV midsole, which is there for stability, stress relief, and shock absorption.

Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker Starting At $75 At Reebok

Reeboks Classic Leather Sneaker has come a long way in fashion-forward designs since it was introduced in the 1980s, but its still a timeless classic. The soft and supple leather sneaker is paired with a die-cut EVA midsole and a durable rubber outsole . The Classic is available in mens and womens sizes, and Reebok offers a 30% discount for verified healthcare workers.

Next, here are the best slippers that have arch support for aching feet.

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What Are The Needs Of Knowing And Following This Discussion

The job of a nurse is quite very difficult and also a hard-working job. They are too much busy with their works and also dont have time to think about their own safety and their own relativeness. This article consists that things of need. Need of nurses to wear those particular shoes and why.

Also need of people why they do come to know about the shoes of the nurses that they always wear in her dress code while they are doing their jobs. These are helpful for both, a nurse and a person. Because a nurse is always with another person for the work and a person came to a nurse for some work. These are needed, which you have to know for following :

For Nurses: you need to know about the rules, the comfortability, andyour personality. There are so many rules for wearing shoes with the dress of a nurse. These rules are designed by some authorities and institutions of the regards of the nursing field.

The main thing is also related to comfortability as a nurse while doing some works. A nurse should choose the level of her comfortability. And also the personality of the nurse that must not be avoidable while selecting the shoes and after wearing them.

For other Peoples: the need for you to follow this knowledge is to provide knowledge to the others and make them aware of it. You have to why to wear these shoes and how it is helpful for the other like you? All the things are related to the one person thats you and the other person, the nurse.

Eastsure Slip Resistant Shoes

Why do surgeons wear Crocs?

EASTSURE Slip Resistant Shoes have breathable insoles and waterproof exterior. Its super easy to clean and really quick to dry. These features make the shoes an excellent choice for nurses who dont have that much time to clean their shoes before heading off to work.

In terms of design, its not the most stylish. However, when it comes to comfort, these shoes are really reliable, particularly if you are working long hours. Its nicely made, too.

Pros: Comfortable, has breathable insoles, easy to clean

Cons: Design is plain

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New Balance Mens Training Shoe

New Balance is a popular brand when it comes to comfortable running and walking athletic shoes.

Male nurses who love to work out before and after work will benefit from a versatile pair that can be worn for practice and work.

The shoe features a leather or suede top that fits snuggly. These shoes also come in a lace-up design so male nurses can adjust them accordingly.

The design is also breathable with a mesh tongue, dual-density color, and gusset outlets son either side of the shoe.

The shoe has a snug-fitting and cushioned footbed for shock absorption.


  • Non-marking rubber outsoles for traction.
  • Comes in a solid black for nurses that work in strict dress code workplaces.
  • Excellent snuggly but comfy fitting.


  • Needs extra care and cleaning.

What To Wear To A Nursing Interview


Planning what to wear for a nursing interview is a crucial yet sometimes challenging aspect of the job search process. While nurses typically wear scrubs in their day-to-day work lives, this is often not the recommended choice of attire for a nursing job interview. In this article, we will explore why its important to dress appropriately for a nursing position interview as well as provide tips for looking your best to impress your interviewer.

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Choosing The Right Shoe

In general, people who have jobs that require prolonged standing need more supportive footwear than the average office worker or lunchtime-walker. Research suggests, however, that selecting a shoe based on arch-height alone has little effect on injury rates², so it is imperative that the individual purchasing the shoe utilizes a holistic perspective when deciding on the right pair.

A typical rule of thumb is to leave about an inch of space between the top of the first toe and the top of the shoe. Ensure there is enough width, as well average width works well for the average foot, but be sure the shoe accommodates for a more narrow or wide foot. Foot size, or foot volumetrics, can change with activity¹ depending on the individual. It is important to make sure there is enough room for changes in the shoe, if needed.

Other lesser-known aspects to look for include making sure the heel sits evenly this is not something people often think about, but take a look at the back of the shoe when it is sitting on a hard surface. Does it tilt one way or the other? More fashionable shoes tend to have a lean, but supportive shoes rarely do the heel sits evenly across the back of the shoe, allowing for a more neutral foot position and better mechanics.

Keep in mind that the brand is not the ultimate decision-maker a good shoe can come from just about any brand it is the aspects of the shoe itself that are most important when selecting a good shoe.

Rockport Mens Chranson Walking Shoe

BEST 2020 Registered Nurse Shoe Review! (NIKE, DANSKO, CROCS, REEBOK, BROOKS)

Rockport Mens Chranson Walking shoe is a great pick that offers a premium look and comfortable interior.

The upper part consists of genuine leather and suede. It comes with laces for a secure fit.

Overall, the shoes are flexible a critical feature in nursing shoes for men.

The feet remain dry and cool throughout the day, thanks to the mesh texture in their collar and tongue.

The interior fabric linings offer comfort while reducing unwanted chafing. Then theres a latex footbed that uses ADIPRENE innovation to deliver excellent shock absorption.

The shoe comes with an EVA impact-resistant midsole. Youll rarely complain of foot fatigue while wearing this shoe.

Its synthetic rubber outsole on the bottom offers excellent tractionand the front bumper protects the toes while providing optimal grip.

The 1.25 heel boosts forward mobility. No more spending too much energy walking, and stability is ever on top.


  • Not as long-lasting as expected

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Ddtx Slip Oil Resistant Slip

This work shoe by DDTX features a slip-on design that makes putting them on or off pretty easy and quick for you.

The upper features premium microfiber leather, which is both water and spill-resistant for added comfort. On the interior, this shoe boasts a mesh textile lining that helps promote proper ventilation and absorb moisture to maintain your feet cool and dry.

The insole features a soft, foam cushioning, offering your feet exceptional comfort and protection from impact while you’re busy attending to patients. The insole is designed removable, so you can replace it with your own orthotic for extra cushioning.

This amazing work-shoe for men nurses comes with a rubber outsole that provides excellent traction even on slippery floors, keeping you from sliding throughout your shift.


  • Microfiber leather upper looks premium and durable
  • Open foam insole offers superbly soft cushioning
  • Mesh lining allows your feet to breathe
  • Breathable insole keeps your feet dry


  • May run small for some

How To Pick The Best Operating Room Shoes


No matter what task you are performing, you will always want the shoes you are wearing to be as comfortable as possible. Standing for hours on end can cause the feet tremendous pain, as well as pain to other parts of your body and a comfortable shoe can help eliminate it. One way to determine the comfort of your shoe is to take the size and shape of your foot into account. Depending on how wide or narrow your feet will determine how comfortable a shoe is, so if your feet are wide for example, youll need to consider a wide fitting shoe. You also need to ensure the shoe fits correctly on your foot, to make sure that the shoe is neither too tight or loose.


When deciding on the best pair of shoes as a surgeon, cushioning is going to be a very important aspect of your decision to ensure optimal comfort and support. You want to look out for a pair of shoes that offer midsole cushioning because the middle of the foot is where the comfort begins. The most commonly used material for midsole cushioning is polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate, so look out for this when choosing a pair. A good quality insole may also be beneficial for added cushioning and support if you are wearing your shoes for many hours at a time too. Cushioning in general will help support the foot throughout the length of a working shift, and will help improve the strength of your foot in the long run too.


Arch Support




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