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Best Orthotic Flip Flops For Flat Feet

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A Pair Of Wedges With Ankle Straps That’ll Surprise You Because 1 They’re Crocs And 2 They’re So Darn Pleasant To Wear The Ankle Strap And Thick Platform Will Make You Feel Secure While The Cushioned Textured Footbed Will Mold To Your Feet And Support Your Arches

OOFOS OOriginal – Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

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Promising review: “I love, love these Crocs. I own four pairs of new style Crocs and I have been very impressed with all of them. These are comfortable and the quality looks great. I just got them today but already have been running around with them for a few hours and its fantastic. I also have wide, flat feet and these did not pinch or hurt me whatsoever. I think the more you wear them the more it will stretch out. You just gotta break it in. If you’re on the fence, get them!!!” Swtmoren

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What Sandal Has The Most Arch Support

No one sandal has the most arch support. The amount of support you need depends on your foot type and any pain you might be experiencing. Some people prefer a firmer material for arch support, while others find more comfort in a softer material. It’s important to consult with a podiatrist or another medical professional to find the best sandal for your needs.

Shoes For Pttd And Flat Feet

Some people arent born with flat feet but they develop posterior tibial tendon dysfunction , particularly women after age 40 . This is the tendon that attaches your calf muscles to the bones of your foot and holds up your arch when you walk. The symptoms of PTTD include pain on the inside of your ankle, it hurts more when you are active, You might also get pain on the outside of your ankle as the collapsed arch causes your ankle to shift outward.

image by

Vionic Tide flip flops with enhanced arch support

Readers tell us about their own PTTD and shoes stories. Laura on Facebook wrote, I have collapsed arches because of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. My ligaments are excessively stretchy due to a collagen disorder so they dont hold my arches up when I bear weight. Its genetic. I have visible arches as long as Im not bearing weightI have prescription orthotics, with a bit of a heel cup. The absolute worst thing is flat shoes. I have Vionic flip flops and a beloved pair of Tevas for sandals. I can get away without an orthotic in a dress shoe for a while. Any heel helps force my foot into a bit of an arch.

Virginia writes to us that she relies on orthotics, and loves shoes from Abeo shoes from Walking Co. for her PTTD.

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Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather Flip

Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather Sandal
Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather Sandal

Rainbows premium leather sandals are a flip-flop staple. Not only do they feature a supportive arch, they have a non-slip bottom and a guarantee for the lifetime of the solemeaning the brand will replace or repair manufacturing-related damage, no questions asked. Never in my life have I ever had more comfortable sandals, one Amazon reviewer writes. I love the wide straps and longevity of these sandals is phenomenal! I think one of the pairs I own is over 8 years old and still looks amazing, another raves.

What Types Of Sandals Should People Who Need Arch Support Avoid : Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support

Wearing proper shoes is important for people with foot pain, and several sandal styles can provide the support you need. According to Robinson, you should avoid wearing “flat sandals with a thin sole and minimal straps, particularly if it’s flimsy and made of poor thin material. Lobkova recommends avoiding sandals with thin soles and a single or non-adjustable strap.

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Vionic Kirra Backstrap Flip

If youre looking for more of a wedge-style flip-flop, these are for you. The midsoles are also nice and roomy, a perk if you have wider feet. These also earn the APMA Seal of Acceptance, thanks to the built-in arch support, slip-resistant rubber outsole, and soft textile uppers. One Amazon reviewer who has fallen arches and plantar fasciitis says theyre so happy they gave these sandals a try. The support was just perfect so that I was comfortable, but not so hard that it took time to get used to. After just a few days my recurring foot pain is gone.

Olukai Hokua Mens Slipper Sandal

If you want the best flip flop sandal for flat foot, the OLUKAI Hokua Slipper Sandal is one of the options to consider.

It comes in 15 different colors, and the price is determined by the color of the sandal you choose. It is the perfect sandal for those with a flat foot and cant trade comfort for any other thing.

The material used in the production of the sandal is 100 percent of high quality, and that makes it lightweight, breathable, durable, and it can be used around water. One of the excellent parts of the sandal is that it offers perfect comfort and maximum support to the arch.

The OLUKAI Hokua Slipper is ideal for both winter and summer, and since it is designed to offer the support needed, you can wear it on your foot without feeling any sign of discomfort.

The design of the sandal is synthetic in a way that it has non-marking gum rubber outsole, lugged and siped for enhanced grip to avoid slip.

The footbed from anatomical compression-molded EVA midsole with brushed ICEVA for personalized fit makes it feel pleasant on foot. On a final note, it is the perfect sandal for those with flat feet.


  • It is very supportive and comfortable
  • It reduces pressure on your calf and knees
  • It gives maximum support to your arch


  • It has no significant setback

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Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

  • Can be worn by men or women

  • Large selection of colors

  • Molds to your feet as you wear them

  • May take time to break in

Who else recommends it? Forbes also picked the Birkenstock Arizona.

What do buyers say? 89% of 55,800+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Birkenstocks are our top choice for comfort and style when it comes to shopping for sandals for plantar fasciitis. They may be a bit uncomfortable at first , but once they have molded to your feet, they’re great for keeping your arches supported.

The Arizona style is particularly beneficial to those with the condition, featuring a latex foam-cushioned footbed, anatomically designed to lift your arches and support your heels and toes. You can get a fairly customized fit with your shoes thanks to the double adjustable straps, and they traditionally are offered in narrow and wide sizes. While they don’t offer a heel strap the way some other sandals on this list do, their ability to conform to the foot helps keep your feet in place without the help of a back strap. The Birkenstock Arizona is also a unisex design, so both men and women can reap the benefits of this form-fitting sandal for their plantar fasciitis pain.

Price at time of publication: $135

Material: 100% leather | Cushioning: Yes | Closure: Two adjustable buckle straps

What Are Todays Most Popular Rated Orthopedic Flip Flops Models

Oofos Flip Flops For Flat Feet (Product Review By Chiropractor)

There are many rated orthopedic flip flops items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every rated orthopedic flip flops model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

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Running And Walking Shoes That Are Good For Flat Feet

Heres a tip to actually see the stability control in shoes. See the tiny gray triangle right in the middle bottom of the shoe? According to The main technology found in Stability shoes is a medial post of dual density foam. Footwear producers inject a harder compound of foam right below the medial side of the arch and sometimes extended all the way to the heel. It is easily recognizable as a darker piece of foam on the inside of the midsole

People with a low arch do not have a distinct curve along the inside of the footYour foot arch is your natural shock absorption system. Flat feet are a particular concern for runners, as during the running gait the arch is supposed to support on average 3 times their body weight. The helpful info we found on says the three keys for flat feet in running shoes are stability, support and motion control.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Motion control shoes are a popular recommended style. It can help with the overpronationg rolling your feet inward as you walk more common when arches are lower. Consider the Brooks Adrenaline GTS line of motion-control running/walking shoes.

Experts say best shoes for flat feet come with a good heel cup and support in the midsole. Check out our top walking shoe recommendations for supportive options.

Hoka Bondi 7- running/walking shoes for flat feet

For some gals a neutral shoe can work but many experts recommend starting with a stability shoe first.

What Is The Rated Orthopedic Flip Flops

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of rated orthopedic flip flops is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the rated orthopedic flip flops listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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Let Us Help You Find Your Stride

Your feet are unique and so is our service. Our in-store specialists take time to get to know you, and our process ensures you receive a personalized service focused on optimizing your quality of life.

Get your free, personalized foot analysis today and learn how you can start benefiting from truly custom orthotics and complementary footwear.

Aerothotic Original Orthotic Comfort Flip Flops

Buy LLSOARSS Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support


  • Padded thong straps for comfort

  • Could be slippery in wrong conditions

With a 1-inch heel that goes everywhere but keeps your heels lifted comfortably off the hard ground, youll quickly discover that these sandals from Aerothotic can go everywhere and do everythingall without causing your plantar fasciitis to flare up.

Wearing flat shoes is fine for lounging around, but not for being on your feet for a long period of time, says Dr. Spielfogel. If you have plantar fasciitis and need to wear a sandal-type shoe, choose one with structure and a little bit of a heel or a wedge.

Dr. Spielfogel adds that people should avoid soles that are too flexible or too thin thicker-soled shoes with shock absorption .

The insoles of these shoes have a gel insert for your heel, plus a medium heel cup and high arch support to take the pressure off the back of your foot. Theyre available in more than a dozen colors, all with a black insole. The thong piece, which can often be so uncomfortable in flip-flops, is padded for extra comfort. Finally, these shoes are made with summer in mind: Theyre water-resistant and come with a sweat-resistant footbed.

Price at time of publication: $39

Material: Polyurethane , unspecified | Cushioning: Yes | Closure: None

  • Cushioned midsole for arch and heel pain

  • Anti-slip sole for traction during activities

Made with nonslip soles and water-resistant materials, these sandals can keep you comfortable during all your favorite summertime activities.

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What Are Some Of The Most Common Foot Problems Experienced By Seniors

Studies show that almost 80% of elderly patients have foot issuesand wearing inappropriate, ill-fitting shoes are a contributing factor. Here are some of the most common conditions:

Arthritis. This is inflammation and swelling of cartilage and lining of joints. It usually increases fluid in the joints, tooall of which can make your feet stiff and painful.

Bunions. A bunion refers to enlarged bone at the base of the big toe or tissue of the joint that has moved out of place. This causes the big toe to pull toward smaller toes, changing the shape of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis. This is an inflammation of the connective tissue band called the fascia that connects the heel to the base of the toes along the bottom of the foot.

Heel pain. The heel bone is the largest bone in the foot. Heel pain can have a variety of causes such as heel spurs and tendonitis.

Diabetes. This disease can cause foot-related complications, such as nerve damage and poor blood circulation, which can result in diabetic foot ulcers on the bottom of the feet.

These conditions often lead seniors to seek out footwear that can accommodate changes in their feet. Loafers, for instance, can often be too constrictive for older adults with edema, also called swelling.

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Opt For Contoured Footbeds

The footbed shape should follow your natural foot shape, Dr. Andersen says. Contoured footbeds are ideal because the molding tends to fit feet better. This type of footbed is often made of cork or natural latex and provides even distribution of your weight across the shoe. A contoured footbed is also more comfortable, because they consistently support your foot alignment while also helping to prevent painful injuries like shin splints and collapsed arches.

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Specific Brands And Shoes For Flat Feet

Spenco Kholo slide

Spenco footwear: Features deep heel cup, good arch support to keep foot aligned and control pronation. Arch support isnt so aggressive that it pushes into arch uncomfortably. Enjoy a variety of styles from slides to flip-flops to closed toe footwear. Our current favorite is the floral Spenco Kholo featured here!

Brooks Ariel: sneaker for flat feet!

Brooks Ariel sneaker: This particular style by Brooks comes recommended by with flat feet! The Ariel features GuideRails technology that keeps excess pronation under control plus its available in sizes up to 13 and three widths.

Taos Trophy 2

Taos Trophy 2 sandal: Were huge fans of Taos footwearexperts in designing supportive footwear that looks great. The Trophy 2 is a flat-footed customer favorite for its just-right arch support and cushioning, adjustable straps and minimalist style.

Oofos Luxe Slide

Oofos sandals and clogs: Heavenly cushion and support for your flat feet! Originally billed as sports recovery footwear, Oofos are gaining in popularity from the flat-footed populationtake it from this happy Zappos customer, These are the most amazing sandals. I am not a runner but have flat feet and these have such great arch support that it is like I am walking on cushions!! Just love love these!

Keen Rose sandal

SAS Bliss loafer

I have wide, flat, hard to fit feet and was in terrible pain. These shoes have been the answer to my prayers.

What Causes Flat Feet

Vionic Tide Toe Post – Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

Flat feet, also known as pes planus, are caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Generally, genetic factors cause people to have flat feet their whole lives, while environmental factors lead to flat feet later in life. This is called “acquired flat foot,” or fallen arches. If you develop fallen arches, it’s a good idea to see a medical professional to determine the cause.

Common causes of flat feet include:

Not sure if you have flat feet? Learn if you do with this quick, simple test to determine your arch height.

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What To Look For In Orthopedic Shoes For Seniors

Whether you need orthopedic sneakers or are simply looking for the best shoes for older adults, be flexible and understand your choices. Strength, flexibility, disease and their environment are all factors to be considered, says Ware.

Consider these factors when choosing orthopedic footwear:

Comfort and adjustability. Hooks, loops and Velcro can help make shoes more comfortable and easier to get on and off.

Seniors, especially men, do not bend well, so they often compromise support for ease of putting on the shoe, says Ware. A good trick is to purchase some expandable laces and pre-tie the shoe, converting them into a more accommodating option for support and swelling. The lacing system allows the person to slip the shoe on, much like a loafer.

Cushioning and shock absorption. The insole is inside the shoe, where the footrests. Shoes with removable insoles give you more flexibilityyou can replace them with insoles that provide more cushioning or stronger support.

Traction and grip. The outsole, or the hard bottom of the shoe, should conform to your foot. Non-skid soles can help prevent falls.

Toe box. This is the area in the front of the shoe, where the toes go, and it can be round, pointed or square. Anyone who has worn pointed-toe shoes knows all too well that the toe box can cause discomfort. The deeper the toe box, the more room there will be for your toes.

What Are Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes support the structure of the foot, ankle and leg with a stable sole and a firm heel. People who have abnormal foot mechanics are more likely to need orthopedic shoes. And seniors often require orthopedic shoes because their bodies change with age and they need shoes that are easy to put on and provide extra comfort.

For the elderly, an orthopedic shoe can be more than just a shoe. Something as simple as shoe gear can make a huge difference in seniors longevity, preventive care and avoidance of surgery on a fragile foot environment, says Brian L. Ware, a podiatrist in Kansas City, Missouri.

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