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How To Create Your Own Basketball Shoes

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How To Start Your Own Sneaker Brand


If you want to start a footwear brand and compete with Nike or Adidas, youll need the funding of a small country and an army, says No One founder and designer Mark Gainor sitting in a small studio lined with cobbler tools, shoe-making machines, and work benches in Venice, California.

The 42-year-old Gainor, whos spent over a decade in the footwear industry working for Adidas, Gourmet, and Native, knows a thing or two about designing, manufacturing, and marketing sneakers, and now hes setting out on his own to bring handmade shoes to the public one pair at a time. But hes not the only person whos living the dream of owning their own sneaker brand. Theres been a rise in smaller footwear brands recently that straddle the line between sportswear and high fashion, including No One, Sonra, and John Geigers eponymous label. Whats it like launching your own sneaker brand? What are some of the challenges these upstart companies face? We spoke to the brains behind some of these rising companies to find out.

The thought of having your own shoe — designing it from start to finish — has likely crossed everyones mind who obsesses about sneakers, but it takes more than just a piqued interest in shoes to bring a piece of footwear to life. Theres sketching the design, sourcing the materials, creating the last , finding a place to manufacture the product, and then selling it to the public. And a lot of money.

Nba 2k2: How To Design The Air Jordan Ragin Bull Edition

Within days of NBA 2K22’s official release, YouTuber SoLo DoWo managed to recreate the famous raging bull version of Air Jordan V. The shoe creator tool allows gamers to customize the basic versions of the multiple Michael Jordan sneakers any way they want, which means that recreating specific real-life sneakers is not that difficult a task.

Nike Air Jordan Retro V “Raging Bull” slots are now live! 4.10.21 Ran on multiple websites! DM with any questions!Purchase @ If you’re joining our discord tomorrow please hold off on purchasing slots.


In order to create the specific version of Air Jordan V, the following steps need to be followed:

1. Select the Air Jordan V basic version in the shoe creator tool.

2. Under Base select the dark red/maroon base color from the palette of choices available.

3. The Raging Red Bull version of the Air Jordan V comes in a variety of outsole colors, with white being the most common choice. Under the outsole option, players can choose any color that they want to add to the customized version of the shoe.

4. The original Air Jordan V also feature a different colored outsole accent, which can also be customized by selecting the option of outsole accent.

5. Similarly, the midsole color and accent can also be customized by clicking on the relevant options.

6. Similar customizations must be made with respect to the air bags, common colors and the undersole option.

Can I Customize My Own Basketball Shoes At Home

While some basketball players are fond of paying extra bucks for their shoe customization, its also a good idea to do it in your home. With the right materials and idea, you can make a DYI customized shoes at the very comfort of your home.

Here are your choices in customizing your basketball shoes at home.

  • Spray paint One of the easiest ways is to use spray paint. The paint stays at the surface of the shoe rather than getting the material soaked. Since there are many colors and styles of spray paint available today, its not easy to create and trick with a handy versatility.
  • Dye your shoes Another option is dying your basketball shoes. It can be pretty serious than using spray paint, though dying your shoes is getting the material soaked in it. Nevertheless, this option helps you get the look that you want.
  • Custom lacing Its a simple way to customize your shoes, but its actually cool. There are many ways to design the lace of your shoes. Some are quite simple, but there are also a little complicated. All of the choices of custom lacing look totally cool.

Are you ready to step up with your basketball shoes? Wearing your designed basketball shoes will create a big shift from being mediocre to excellent. Whether thats DIY or you paid bucks for it, one thing is for sure, and you will always look great with customized basketball shoes.

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Appreciate Your Shoe And Make The Other One

Woo! Your shoe is officially done!Put it on and see how it fits. The shoe I made with cork was extra light and flexible, but still pretty classy looking.Now you have to make the other shoe :)You should definitely make a cast of your other foot, but you won’t need to draw your patterns again.Take the paper patterns you drew and turn them over. If you made your right shoe first the flipped over patterns will fit a left shoe perfectly and vice versa.Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this homemade shoe Instructable!

Where Are Sneakers Made That Are Designed By Nike By You

Custom Nike Air Jordan Basketball shoes

Nike has more than 146 different shoe factories spread over 14 different countries. But most of the sneakers are made in Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Unfortunately, you wont know in advance where your sneaker is manufactured. But you can always check this out as soon as you hold the sneaker in your hands, because the place of manufacture is always printed on the inside of the tongue.

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The Footwear Costing Sheet

Once the shoe design is confirmed, the factory will take the specification sheets and detail the cost of each line item. This is the costing sheet.

The costing sheet will include every part of the shoe, including the packing box, stuffing paper, the silica gel pack, hang tags etc. Everything in the shoe box must be listed.

Each item will be listed with the cost per unit and the usage to make that part. The waste percentage will also be added. The waste percentage, or cutting loss, is the amount of scrap material left over once the parts are cut.

Yes! You have to pay for the scrap that is thrown away. For mesh fabric the loss is very small, less than 5%. But in the case of fine leather for an expensive shoe, the factory cant use any leather with cuts or scars from the animal. The cutting loss can be up to 20%!

After listing the usage and waste percentage you will finally see the total cost per part.

With each part listed, the costing technicians can check the material price for each part and measure the material usage. This is time-consuming work, but if the production run is 500,000 pairs, pennies can add up fast. A diligent costing technician can save many thousands of dollars and more than their entire salary.

Pare Down Your Insole

Hold your insole to the bottom of your last.Since you left some extra material around your foot tracing, you should have some paring to do.Using your utility knife, carefully shape the insole to fit your last.I urge you to be careful. If you are using a harder material like sole leather cutting can be difficult. My best advice is to take your time and be happy cutting only a little away with each cut.You’ll be paring down the rest of your sole pieces in the exact same way as you do here.

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Split And Rivalry With Puma

The brothers split up in 1947 after relations between them had broken down, with Rudolf forming a new firm that he called Ruda from Rudolf Dassler, later rebranded Puma, and Adolf forming a company formally registered as Adidas AG from Adi Dassler on 18 August 1949. An urban myth has promulgated the backronymAll Day I Dream About Sports.

Puma SE and Adidas entered into a fierce and bitter business rivalry after the split. Indeed, the town of Herzogenaurach was divided on the issue, leading to the nickname “the town of bent necks” people looked down to see which shoes strangers wore. Even the town’s two football clubs were divided: ASV Herzogenaurach club was supported by Adidas, while 1 FC Herzogenaurach endorsed Rudolf’s footwear. When handymen were called to Rudolf’s home, they would deliberately wear Adidas shoes. Rudolf would tell them to go to the basement and pick out a pair of free Pumas. The two brothers never reconciled and although they are now buried in the same cemetery, they are spaced as far apart as possible.

In 1948, the first football match after World War II, several members of the West German national football team wore Puma boots, including the scorer of West Germany’s first post-war goal, Herbert Burdenski. Four years later, at the 1952 Summer Olympics, 1500 metres runner Josy Barthel of Luxembourg won Puma’s first Olympic gold in Helsinki, Finland.

The Ads For The Olympic Games Are Preachy Hypocritical Nausea

How to make your own shoes in NBA 2k16

A pair of sneakers worn by NBA legend Michael Jordan in his rookie season are up for auction and could fetch as much as $1.5 million and are expected to be the most valuable sneaker ever offered.

Sothebys will open advanced bidding Friday on the pair of autographed Nike Air Ships Jordan wore in his fifth game for the Chicago Bulls in 1984, the auction house said.

After the game, Jordan gifted the sneakers to Tommie Tim III Lewis, who was then a ball boy for the Denver Nuggets, according to Sothebys said. Lewis held on to the shoes until this year.

In 1984, Nike gave Jordan his own signature line of shoes and clothes, an unprecedented move at the time to get Jordan to sign with the retailer.

But Nikes now-famous Air Jordan 1 sneakers werent ready by the time the NBA season started that year, so Nike sent Jordan a few pairs of specially crafted Air Ships, some of which read Air Jordan or Nike Air on the heels, the auction house said.

The pair being auctioned by Sothebys says Air on the heel, as can be seen in footage from the Nov. 1, 1984 game.

Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand helped redefine what a signature line formed around an athlete could be. These sneakers are a crucial part of the genesis of that story, said Brahm Wachter, head of Sothebys streetwear and modern collectibles.

Today, the Air Jordan brand is a hallmark of Nike and generates billions of dollars in sales each quarter.

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The Real Cost To Make Shoes

The real cost to make a $70.00 shoe is about $15.00.Once the brand buys the shoe from the factory, the shoe needs to be shipped. Most shoes are shipped by ocean freight. Ocean freight from China to the USA is about $.50 per pair. A 40-foot shipping container, the size of a semi-truck trailer, holds about 5000 pairs of shoes. 5000 X $.50 = $2500.00

That price will get a shipping container from China to California.

Once the shoe arrives in the USA it must be legally imported. In the case of a leather sneaker, the US government requires an import duty of 8.5% of the F.O.B. price. So, add $1.32 to the cost. Also, add another $.32 for customs and insurance.

Now the shoe is in the warehouse: $15.00 + $.50 + $1.32 + .32 = $17.10

Design Your Own Basketball Shoes

by E.Honda Leave a reply »

Have you ever thought of creating your own basketball shoes? Do you want a custom Nike basketball shoes that has your signature on it just like Michael Jordan shoes? Except Nike, you can actually have a customizable mi Adidas basketball shoes or some other well-known shoe brands such as Reebok or Converse. You may take some time to design your own basketball shoes if it is your dream to own a pair of custom basketball shoes.

Today, there are a few most popular basketball shoe brands offer their customers a brand new way to design their own basketball shoes. The official websites offer an online application where you can design a shoe in any way you want. It is free to do so and it doesnt require any credit card or personal information. In fact, there is also an option to order the shoe and it can be delivered to your doorstep within a couple weeks.

Step 1: As mentioned, you can start your customization by choosing a brand you like, for example, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Converse. In this tutorial we will use Adidas as an example. Access to Adidas official website at Adidas.com. The website will detect your country and direct you to the right page. Otherwise, you can select a country or region at the bottom of the page. Move your mouse to the Customize button on top bar and then select either Mens mi adidas basketball or Womens mi adidas basketball.

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Nba 2k2: How To Create The Air Jordan Raging Bull Edition In The Games Shoe Creator

NBA 2K22 has officially been released with a range of new feature and gameplay transformations that fans have rushed to unpack in recent days. Like every year, a range of officially licensed shoes are available to be used in the game, with most NBA stars sporting the sneakers that they do in real life as well.

However, NBA 2K22‘s official shoe creator tool also lets players design a range of different shoe styles, with Nikes Air Jordan series featuring heavily in the game yet again. In this article, we look at the steps players will need to follow in order to create the Air Jordan Raging Bull edition sneakers in NBA 2K22.

The Air Jordan V “Raging Bull” is reportedly coming back in 2015:


What Can Be Customized


Nike By You has always been pretty flexible in choosing what you can customize. Since Nike By You was founded, soccer and basketball shoes have always been at the starting line. But bags and accessories followed promptly.

Meanwhile, Nike is constantly adding new articles and sneakers to the Nike By You program. Thus, it is not possible to provide a current list. It would be best to check the possibilities directly on the Nike By You page.

Nike By You also addresses the everyday sportsman and offers individual adjustments for runners like the Air Pegasus, Free Run and Flyknit Air Max. So theres really a wide range of sneakers.

Finally, Nike By You tries to do justice to the sneakerheads out there by offering them the possibility to personalize some of Nikes most classic silhouettes. Models like Air Force 1, Air Presto and Roshe are all available, as well as Nikes most popular Air Max lines.

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Customize Your Own Basketball Shoes

With a few amazing online applications we have, you can now customize your own basketball shoes to make your day special. It is almost every basketball players dream to own a pair of perfect custom basketball shoes because the production is only 1 of 1. It is like every girls dream to find the perfect guy. With these online applications, you are allowed to put any color or design to your dream shoes. The factory will then build the shoes based on your design and deliver them to you. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, or any other brand can be customized within your fingertip. Get ready? All you need is a mouse on your hand.

Step 1: First of all, think of a brand you would like to wear. It could be Nike, Reebok, or any others. Nike will be used as an example to teach you how to build a custom basketball shoes because there are a few really cool collections including Jordan Super.Fly 2 iD, Jordan Spizike iOD, Hyperdunk iD, Kobe 8 System iD, Air Jordan Alpha 1 iD, LeBron X P.S. Elite, and many more. Go to this link and choose one basketball shoes to start your customization. The collections is very attractive but dont be greedy, pick only one to start the game. PS: You can change your country preference by clicking the country selector located at left bottom.

A Day In The Studio With Salehe Bembury

After stints with Kanye West and Donatella Versace, the shoe designer is taking bets on himself.

  • Read in app

By Sandra E. Garcia

LOS ANGELES Salehe Bemburys studio in Downtown Los Angeles was filled with the smooth sounds of Erykah Badus Tiny Desk Concert, which was streaming from his computer. An electric griddle, Hawaiian rolls, onions, ground beef and several condiments were stationed on a wooden rollaway table in the middle of the room.

Mr. Bembury, a shoe designer, wanted my help to make chopped cheese sandwiches, the controversial New York fare. The best chopped cheese can be found in Harlem or the Bronx, but in Los Angeles, Mr. Bembury is far from his local bodega.

I recently discovered the chopped cheese maybe like four years ago, Mr. Bembury, 35, said, excitedly. I mean, its amazing and it also gives me an opportunity to hold on to my New York roots.

Mr. Bembury, who grew up in TriBeCa, has always been able to discern the cool, even if at times he was misunderstood. His taste and design acumen have steered his career from designing for Payless to developing a sneaker line alongside Donatella Versace.

I was very familiar with how shoes made me feel from an early age, so I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Mr. Bembury said, as he sliced a white onion thinly in his sunny studio. They made me feel powerful, they made me feel like I could fly.

I was pretty excited to just work on brands that I knew, Mr. Bembury said.

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