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What Are The Best Shoes For Bad Knees

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Can Running Shoes Affect Your Knees

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees in 2020

Yes, running in improper or worn-out running shoes can lead to knee pain. Before starting a running program, make sure to get a running gait analysis done at a specialty running store so you can get the right shoes for your foot type and gait.; Also, replace your running shoes often , as lack of shoe cushioning and support can also lead to knee pain.

How Can I Strengthen My Knee Muscles

You can do leg lifts, hamstring curls, step exercises, chair dips, and wall squats. Remember to stretch before and after exercising. Make sure you dont jerk or bounce and dont arch your back. The foot must stay in a neutral position. If youd like to try these exercises with weights, start small and work your way up. Work out on a stationary bike can also prove helpful.

Adidas Womens Senseboost Go Active Shoe

ADIDAS Senseboot is advised for able-bodied performance, and with the money befuddled at the R&D for such a big brand, its no abruptness they got it abundantly right.

Its one of their comfiest shoes yet, and the shock assimilation is incredible.

The super-light cobweb high agency the shoe follows your accustomed stride with every step.


  • Cheaper than added big-brand offerings


  • A lot of fakes out there; be accurate back purchasing
  • The ablaze cobweb high can abate the backbone of the shoe

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Propet Mens Stability Walker

Great for: bad knees, hips, ankle, and lower back pain, Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, wide feet, Mortons Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis.

This amazing athletic walking shoe is built to last with perforations on the vamp for added breathability.

The Propet was designed to keep you comfortable and stable while still keeping you looking good.


Theres a removable shock-absorbing footbed that allows you the opportunity to replace with your custom orthotic if you chose to do so.

The interior features really nice plush cushioning all the way around while the padded tongue and collar a great for all-day comfort.

Shock Absorption

Theres a lightweight midsole thats very shock absorbing. The midsole offers tons of shock absorption with built-in gel in the heel area for added comfort within the shoe.

This entire shoe is built to absorb shock and thats what Propet does the best. The Stability Walker gives you the smoothest transition from heel strike to toe-off possible.


This shoe has added arch support for tons of stability too so youre going to have lateral stability with every step for a smoother gait cycle that you can go for longer walks.


The sticky rubber outsole has a nice wide platform. It features an arch bridge that has plenty of texture and offers plenty of flexibility and underfoot support.

Again, the Propet Stability Walker is one of the best shoes for hip and knee pain.

What Should You Not Do If Your Knee Hurts

Best Walking Shoes For Bad Knees

Its like that old joke. The patient says Doctor, it hurts when I do this. The doctor says Dont do that. Dont do things that just make your knee hurt more. Dont suddenly change the intensity of your activity level. Gradually increasing the intensity will build up strength. Gradually decreasing without stopping will help you keep strength while allowing your bad knee to rest and recover.

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Brooks Womens Adrenaline Gts 17

Brooks provides great stability and cushioning with this running shoe thats great for your feet, whether youre a runner or not. The Adrenaline series has cushioning that provides shock absorption and deals with lots of movement and energy. It also has a mid-foot saddle thats adjustable so you can get a customized and secure fit, and comfort provided through the lining of the fabric and a plush collar and tongue. With Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology, a midsole that was specifically created to help pronation control , these shoes are especially great if you suffer from overpronation.

However, there are some downsides to this shoe. There is not much room in the toe area, which leads to some pinching and pain, and may eventually cause holes in the mesh. The sole may also wear quickly, depending on your activities.


  • Not a lot of room in the toe; toes may dig in to the mesh and cause pain
  • Material around the ankle may fray
  • Sole may wear quickly
  • Some users found that wearing these shoes led to knee pain, or pain along one side of their foot
  • Little arch support

Best Shoes For Bad Knees

HomeShoes for foot problemsBest Shoes for Bad Knees

Knee pain can be caused by various factors such as wear and tear or injuries due to sports and other types of physical activities. Some ailments can also contribute to knee problems including arthritis. ;Wearing wrong shoes that do not fit properly can cause misalignment of leg and foot bones and lead to knee pain, as well. One of the most common causes of knee pain is pronation problem such as overpronation and supination. Thus, it is best to use the best shoes for bad knees that are not only comfortable but will correct your pronation instead of making it worse.

What to do if you have bad knees?

  • See the Doctor: The first thing you need to do is to find out the cause of knee joint pain. If it is due to the problem in pronation, a podiatrist will evaluate your foot and walking style and will recommend the appropriate pair of shoes.
  • Go to the local running shoe store: If you think you have an arch problem along with pronation problem , then visit the local shoe store such as New Balance. They will recommend the best shoe according to your foot condition or go to the Podiatrist.
  • Avoid high heels which can put too much stress on the knee joints. Try to wear shoes with heels of less than one inch.
  • Wear Flat and flexible shoes if you do not have overpronation.
  • The running shoes are better than walking shoes because they offer flexibility.

Shoes for Bad Knees Which One Is Your Best Bet?

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Dansko Womens Pro Xp Mule Shoe

If youd like to wear a clog, or mule style, shoe that helps your arthritis, especially if you work on your feet all day, this is the shoe for you. Dansko is a very popular brand of clogs, and this type has everything that arthritic shoes require: a closed toe, a closed heel, a rubber outsole, and a heel thats only 1.5 inches. It also contains a rocker bottom, which means your feet will move fluidly and naturally from heel to toe as you walk and no pressure will be put on the balls of your feet. The slip-on, 100% leather material looks very nice and professional, and you can work all day in ultimate comfort, as the shoe has a very roomy toe box, and a memory foam footbed that provides great support and cushioning. The padded instep provides even more comfort. Dansko is well known and accepted in many workplaces, and makes high-quality shoes that are great for arthritic feet.

However, as with any shoe, there are some downsides to this product. Since its made of real leather, youll have to purchase a leather-cleaning kit and wont be able to clean the shoe in just any way. The shoe also tends to be very stiff, so it may take a long time to break it in and become comfortable. Some users said that they received blisters for the first few days as they wore these clogs, and they do not last for a long time.

  • Slip/fall off the foot very easily
  • Many people find that they do not have very good durability
  • May cause back leg pain

How Did I Test The Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

If you have trouble with your knees, as I do, you know how important it is to find the correct pair of work boots that helps you to minimize your pain throughout the workday.

And, the best way to find the boots that fit your needs is to try out a few pairs and pay attention to the features of each one, right?

Thats why I tested, in various ways, many pairs of work boots and selected those I thought were the best. For those who are curious, the tests I made were the following

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Reviews For The Best And Worst Shoes For Arthritis

High Heels

Experts are united in their low opinion of high heels, defined as heels higher than 2 inches. High heels are bad for everyones feet, and for people with any kind of arthritis, theyre even worse. Theyre hard on the arch and ball of the foot and can wear down joints, says Bryan West, a podiatric surgeon who practices in Livonia, Mich.

Studies show wearing stilettos and other heels contributes to both foot pain and arthritis. Researchers at Iowa State University in Ames measured forces on the knee in women wearing flats and wearing 2-inch and 3.5-inch heels.;Women who made a habit of wearing high heels had an increased risk of knee joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis, or OA. Risk as well as the frequency of low back pain rose with the height of the heel, according to their study, presented at the 2010 annual meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics.

In a study, published in;Arthritis & Rheumatism, Hannan found that women with a history of wearing high heels also experienced more foot pain later in life than those who opted for healthier shoes.

Kirstens Pick:;Earthies, a new line of high heels by earth footwear that features a cupped heel, anatomical arch and cradle toe area to distribute weight evenly.

Low Heels

These can produce the same problems as higher heels, just to a lesser degree. Add a pointy toe and you can have even more discomfort.



Athletic Shoes



Foot Gloves


Best Cushioned: New Balance Fresh Foam Womens Running Shoe

A top pick for comfort and cushioning, these running shoes have an ultra plush and springy texture thanks to the inclusion of New Balances signature Fresh Foam material in the insoles. The durable rubber outsole offers extra stability, while the combination of mesh fabric and perforations throughout the upper is super breathable.

Along with a variety of size and color options, New Balance also lets you choose from wide and narrow foot sizes, so you can always find the perfect fit. Nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers awarded these lightweight sneakers a five-star rating, and least 20 people mention how great they are for knee pain. One person said, I have knee problems and these shoes are very comfortable and I have been able to run with minimal jarring to my knee, while another called them a dream come true for bad knees.

A third said: I have knee issues and I researched which shoe would work best. So I thought I would give it a try. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes!! So comfortable and I could wear them all day long!

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Choosing The Right Shoe For You

Its important to understand that not everyones needs are exactly the same.

When shopping for walking or running shoes, its important to consider the fact that each individual may vary in terms of the type and location of arthritis in their knees, says Dr. Miho J. Tanaka, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and the director of the womens sports medicine program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

She recommends using assessments offered at athletic shoe stores.

There are different compartments in the knee that can be affected, and depending on those, different types of support may help offload the affected parts of the knee, she says.

The Best Shoes For Knee Osteoarthritis

10 Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees Reviewed in April 2021
  • Soft, flexible sneakers;Look for soft, flat, flexible sneakers or walking shoes designed to mimic the biomechanics of walking barefoot. This was the main finding from a study from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, published in May 2013 in the journal;Arthritis & Rheumatism. In the study, 16 people who had knee osteoarthritis wore specially made mobility shoes, which mimic walking barefoot, for six hours a day, six days a week. Participants changed how they walked, which improved load on the knee, even when the mobility shoes were no longer worn, the researchers found.
  • Ballet flats;These shoes are a pretty good choice for osteoarthritis, Shakoor says. They are flexible and dont have a heel.
  • Soft, flexible dress shoes;If you have knee osteoarthritis, look for dress shoes that are flexible and soft that will expand and not constrict the foot and cause foot pain or other problems, Shakoor says. Just be sure to steer clear of stiff dress shoes, she says.
  • Flip-flops;These are good for knee osteoarthritis, but there’s a caveat: Mechanically, theyre not bad, but they can lead to falls, Shakoor says. This is especially true for older people with knee osteoarthritis.

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Aravon Maya Pump For Women

For people who prefer low heels, then it is best to look for shoes with wedge heels, spacious toe beds, and rubber soles. Mia and Maya by Aravon from New Balance, for instance, are right choices since these have rocker soles that ensure stability and absorb shock while minimizing the stress on your knees.

The Aravon Maya can be reimbursed from Medicare with doctors prescription because Medicare approves it for Diabetes. The shock absorbing midsole is made of polyurethane and provides comfort and support for on feet all day. There is a stability shank which is embedded inside the midsole for additional support and smooth gait cycle.

The removable footbed is composed of polyurethane, memory foam and Absorb cushioning. The heel height is less than two inches.

What Can You Do For Bad Knees

While you do need rest some exercise is recommended. You need to keep the muscles strong and increase your flexibility. Keep yourself from falling by using sturdy ladders and handrails. Losing a little weight will take the stress off your joints. If you need a cane or crutch, by all means, use one. And of course, shoes with cushioned insoles are always a big help.

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New Balance 1080v7 Running Shoes Neutral Cushioning Shoe

;You cant speak of comfort running sneakers without mentioning New Balance. And one of the best shoes for bad knees from New Balance is the 1080v7 running sneaker.

The main keywords for this sneaker are cushioning and comfort. To begin with, they integrate a thick, soft and plushy Fresh Foam midsole which delivers optimal cushioning with every stride. Its fairly thick, especially on the inner side of the shoe, which makes them a perfect choice for users who have to deal with supination. The outsole is made of lightweight and durable blown rubber, featuring multiple flex grooves which promote a free movement of the foot for each stride.

The insole isnt extremely special; it doesnt have extra thick shock absorption elements at the heel or the ball of the foot but does offer an extra layer of cushioning. But on the other hand, it is removable so that you can replace it with orthotics or different insoles with more cushioning elements.

The inner part of the shoe is cushioned with a smooth fabric lining which feels great on the skin. Its also moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping your feet dry and fresh during exercising or walking. Theres a lot of cushioning in the tongue and collar so that the sneakers will feel great on your feet from the first wear.

Other Right Choices of Footwear for Knee Arthritis

Why Trust Verywell Fit

Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees Reviews????

Through many years as a running coach and marathon runner, Christine Luff has dealt with knee injuries, both personally and in her trainees. For protection from knee pain, she recommends regularly replacing running shoes and sticking to reputable brands like Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Hoka, and Saucony.

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The Skechers Gowalk 4

The Skechers GoWalk 4 Pursuit is a walking sneaker, as its name suggests. Its an everyday choice shoe which combines comfort, support, and style pretty close to perfection.

To begin with, it features a slip-on design with a high-quality, athletic mesh upper engineered to naturally expand on your foot as you walk, to provide maximum comfort and freedom. Evidently, the upper is highly breathable and comfortable but also features a durable construction as it integrates soft solid fabric overlays at the toe, heel, and instep. The collar and tongue dont integrate extra cushioning elements, but theyre made of the same soft material and wont generate any abrasion. The heel part of the upper features a Quick-Fit portal for easy on-and-off.

For the inner part, the Skechers GoWalk 4 Pursuit features a Goga MaxÆ insole for next-generation cushioning and support. The footbed is bamboo lined, has anti-bacterial properties, is designed to keep your feet odor-free throughout the day, while its featherlight sockliner adapts perfectly to your foot with each stride. The midfoot is tapered, designed to provide extra arch support. And overall, the midsole-footbed combo offers excellent comfort, which helps reduce knee pain.

The GoWalk 4 from Skechers are equipped with a multi-directional traction outsole which provides excellent adherence on various surfaces. It integrates GO Pillars technology which adds cushioning and provides arch support.

Bad Knees Walking Shoes

If you are looking for casual, everyday shoes that will help you reduce pain and are comfy, durable, and supportive, look for Brooks Addiction Walker walking shoes.

These shoes are lightweight and durable; made with Hydro Flow technology that provides an extra layer of cushioning for great shock absorption.

Midsoles are from Mogo, and they also carry reducing shock elements and make shoes more comfortable.

PDRB triple-density post is in the shoes medial side, and with the S 257, Cushsole makes them durable and efficient midsole compound that is a quality insole shoe board.

The shoes outsole is made of synthetic materials that make great support and a good firm grip. Uppers of the shoes are designed in casual style for everyday needs.

They are made of soft, durable grain leather, quality, and lightweight material that will last long.

These shoes are casual, and every day, wearing comes in different color style options to suit everyones needs.

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