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Birkenstock Flip Flops For Men

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Birkenstock Thongs For Men

Sandals, Flip Flops, Birkenstocks for Men: Should You Wear Mandals

Mens thong sandals from BIRKENSTOCK dont only have an easy aesthetic, they are also really easy to wear. Once you slide into one of the many attractive models that are offered in the BIRKENSTOCK online shop, youll hardly want to wear anything else. Especially when the temperatures rise, youll appreciate the breezy feeling that comes with wearing classic sandals like Gizeh or Ramses. Thanks to the famous signature footbed that is an integral part of all BIRKENSTOCK shoes, youll feel like you are standing in sand. Even after a long day on your feet. Thus, you can look cool and casual in all of lifes situations, while promoting your wellbeing at the same time. The best part: Once youve chosen your ideal pair of mens leather thong sandals, you can rest assured that they’ll serve you well for years to come.

Mens Water Sandals: Versatile Style Meets Functionality

BIRKENSTOCK waterproof sandals are perfect for all men who are not willing to sacrifice style over comfort or functionality. Modeled on the popular cork sandals, all EVA shoes have a sophisticated appearance and are a true addition to your vacation wardrobe. The best part: They are so ultra-lightweight that they fit into almost any bag, backpack or suitcase without adding too much extra weight or taking up too much space. Subtle shades like black, white or metallic silver elevate your outfits and pull together your whole look even when you are just relaxing by the pool. If you want to add more color to your life, the model Arizona Essentials is also available in fun shades like scuba coral or scuba blue. White or black branded buckles for the adjustable straps are extremely functional and accentuate the design.

Eva Mens Water Sandals

All BIRKENSTOCK waterproof shoes for women, men and kids are made from a flexible and durable material called EVA. The name EVA stands for Ethyl vinyl acetate, which is an odorless, non-toxic synthetic compound that is skin-friendly and free of harmful substances. Due to its many positive attributes, it is used to create the sole of most BIRKENSTOCK sandals and clogs. The EVA soles are not only waterproof and resistant to heat, acid, oil and grease, they are also abrasion and tear-resistant. The mens water sandals are entirely made of EVA, meaning that they are completely washable. So even after a walk in the sand or mud, you can simply rinse them off with water and they look as good as new.

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Cheap Birkenstock Flip Flops Mens

The Birkenstock gizeh eva 128201 Mens black synthetic flip-flops are top-of-the-heap way for enthusiasts searching for stylish and comfortable flip flops, these flip flops are made with a high quality synthetic leather in an uncomplicated to clean design. They are available in black, making them outstanding for any color home, these Birkenstock gizeh flip flops are must-have for any fan of summer activities. With the iris the Birkenstock gizeh flip flop a comfortable, stylish alternative to your regular flip flops? Let us show you how much you’ll appreciate them! These flip flops are splendid for a day in the sun, the ironed leather is in terrific condition and the Birkenstock is in practical condition. They are comfortable and look great, you can’t go wrong with these flip flops. These Birkenstock flip flops are first-class value for the price you pay, they are made of synthetic leather and are made to protect and support the feet, they are 8 inches in height and are made to ensure a comfortable experience.

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For Any Taste: Mens Sandals In A Wide Range Of Designs


Whether you choose slippers, work boots, casual sandals or water sandals: BIRKENSTOCK mens sandals are the ideal shoe for anyone who wants to live a conscious life and values an unmistakeable look. In the online shop, you can choose from a wide range of different basic models and countless designs to suit all tastes and occasions:

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Endless Outfits With Mens Thong Sandals

The minimalist and no-frills appearance of the BIRKENSTOCK thong sandals make them the most versatile pair of shoes in your summer closet. Wear them with your coolest pair of joggers, raw denim jeans or functional khaki shorts. Throw on a casual button down or a simple t-shirt and you are ready to take on the day. Subtle earth tones like brown, taupe, navy and black offer endless possibilities and allow you to wear mens thong sandals with every single outfit that you own. So when youre in a rush and dont have time to tie your lace-up shoes, just slip into your mens thong sandals and keep your cool for the rest of the day. If things ever get hectic, the adjustable strap with the branded BIRKENSTOCK pin metal buckle makes sure that your sandals stay on your feet in any movement scenario.

Birkenstock Waterproof Sandals With The Original Footbed

Especially when it comes to seasonal footwear, people are tempted to fall for fast fashion trends and low quality. However, the timeless mens rubber sandals from BIRKENSTOCK do not only offer superior comfort and design, they also last you for decades to come. All of the models feature the famous contoured footbed that supports your foot and promotes your wellbeing with every step you take. The deep molding in the heel area keeps your heel bone securely in its natural position, while the detailed arch support features make sure that your foot has extra stability when things get hectic. The toe grip at the front allows your toes to remain loose and encourages their natural rolling motion.

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Men’s Sandals Buying Tips

Comfortable men’s sandals are amazing to wear, but can be tricky to choose. Casual or technical, flip-flop or water shoe, finding the right sandals for men is easy when you use our tips.

Consider your walking style first. Pick a shoe that is best for your activities. Are you traveling on pavement, nature paths, dirt roads or around water? You’ll want to choose running, multisport, casual, trail runners or light hiking sandals, depending on your destination.

Flexibility and support are your next thought. Pick up a shoe by the heel and toe and try bending the shoe. Does it twist and move? If you’re planning on hiking over diverse, rugged terrain, you’ll want to feel resistance. If you want to be comfortable in casual situations, you will want to have some flex.

Shoe weight is another consideration. Are you carrying your shoes to a campsite? You’ll want something that is low on weight. Are you heading on a long hike? You’ll probably want a sandal that has some heft, to stand up to miles of trail.

Finally, fit is more important than any other consideration. A good fit will stop you from getting blisters or sore feet. You simply won’t regret buying a shoe that fits you well. You want your sandal to be snug everywhere, tight nowhere and with enough room to wiggle your toes.

No matter what shoe you decide upon, know that REI has plenty of options for you. Choose from our most popular brands: Chaco, Keen, OluKai and Teva. Happy trails!

Birkenstock Sandals For Men Combine Comfort And Fashion

Worthy Birkenstock Alternative? George Men’s Faux Leather Flip Flop and Comfort Strap Sandal

BIRKENSTOCK makes sandals that provide a home for your feet. The basic principle is always the same: form follows function. The footwear company has remained true to this principle for more than 240 years. The unmistakeable design of the sandals creates a timeless look and serves as a strong fashion statement. Combine your mens sandals with jeans, a polo shirt, a shirt or shorts these modern classics go with almost all leisure, casual and smart looks and give off a laid-back and informal look. The high quality of the BIRKENSTOCK mens sandals is bound to impress anyone who appreciates quality and practicality, loves fashion and is looking for a shoe that perfectly complements their active, healthy lifestyle.

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Birkenstock Thongs For All Occasions

Every man who likes to swim, play beach volleyball or relax by the pool knows that ordinary mens thong sandals lack in style, comfort and sophistication. That is why BIRKENSTOCK has engineered a completely waterproof version of the popular Gizeh thong for men. Just like all water-friendly sandals for women and kids, the mens thongs are made out of a single piece of EVA, a synthetic compound that is free of harmful substances and completely skin-friendly. All other BIRKENSTOCK thongs for men feature a durable and water-resistant EVA sole and a cork-latex footbed that is lined with soft suede leather. If youre looking for an extremely sophisticated sandal, the mens thong Ramses Exquisite will be right up your ally. The monochromatic leather sandal comes with luxurious details that achieve to emphasize the heritage and quality of this classic style.

A Waterproof Classic: Birkenstock Water Sandals For Men

It is hard to come by an elegant and stylish pair of mens beach flip flops or mens rubber sandals. Moreover, these types of shoes do not only lack in style, but also in comfort. That is why BIRKENSTOCK has transformed its classic and most beloved models Arizona and Boston into a waterproof version that is not only extremely practical and comfortable, but also fashionable. No matter if you prefer subtle or bright colors, the mens water sandals come in a variety of monochromatic designs that go with all of your favorite summer outfits. Additionally, all BIRKENSTOCK waterproof sandals feature the contoured footbed that promotes your wellbeing while you enjoy your days at the beach, by the pool or the nearby lake.

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The New Waterproof Eva Sandals

The Madrid, Arizona and Gizeh models are popular BIRKENSTOCK classics. The visual designs of these models have been recreated exactly for the waterproof, lightweight EVA water sandals. Of course, the tried-and-tested BIRKENSTOCK quality remains the same. EVA is a very high-quality, incredibly lightweight, stretchy material with excellent shock absorption properties. It perfectly compensates for uneven areas of ground. This provides excellent cushioning for every step you take. The anatomically shaped footbed of the water sandals also ensures maximum comfort. The odourless material is soft, comfortable, washable and incredibly robust. This makes the EVA version a perfect alternative to the classic BIRKENSTOCK mens sandal, particularly for round the pool, at the lake or on the beach.

Best Birkenstock Mens Flip Flops


The Birkenstock flip flops are splendid value at $10, 00 each. They’re made of durable synthetic rubber and have a low for io front strap for a snug fit, they’re also comfortable to wear for any-day use. These Birkenstock gizeh flip flops are must-have for any man who wants to show the style, these flip flops are made with an 128221 synthetic leather that gives the flip flops their own unique style. These flip flops are top-of-the-line match for any outfit and will easy reproduce themselves, these flip flops are splendid value at $42. 14 per pair, they are made of hard leather and ooze iron so they’re good for a little bit of foot pain, but also make an unrivaled everyday wear. These flip flops are dry and smell like tobacco, they are good for day-to-day use, but be aware that they may not be as comfortable as you thought. The flip flops are available in european sizes only, so with the condition that digging for a pair of flip flops that will fit most feet, look elsewhere.

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Birkenstock Mens Sandals Stand For Quality

BIRKENSTOCK places a great deal of importance on the ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable production of robust, high-quality products. Thats why most of our mens sandals are made in Germany, and some steps in the production process are even done by hand. The high-quality raw materials used to produce the sandals, such as cork, natural rubber, jute and leather, are predominantly source from Europe. This ensures that every pair of BIRKENSTOCK mens sandals will last a long time and provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

Comfy And Versatile Mens Sandals By Birkenstock

After a long day at work in closed shoes, there is no better feeling than slipping into a comfy pair of BIRKENSTOCK mens sandals and giving your feet a break. Finally your feet can breathe. If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you to wear these comfy sandals during work hours, then you will understand the vitalising effect that the comfortable footbed has. BIRKENSTOCK mens sandals are also a great addition to your leisure looks: Comfy BIRKENSTOCK sandals can be worn on the beach, in the city or while working in the garden. Our sandals and clogs are also incredibly popular for jobs where you are on your feet for long periods of time, which is why they are commonly worn in doctors surgeries or hospitals. At BIRKENSTOCK, we have a wide range of models, colours, designs and materials to choose from. The sandals are available in two widths, which ensures that you can get the perfect fit for your foot type. The wide, comfy footbed ensures that your feet arent constricted and allows them to breathe, especially in the warm summer months. All of the available upper materials genuine leather, microfibre or Birko-Flor are snug and breathable. BIRKENSTOCK sandals are also perfect for men who are looking for footwear that is both comfortable and versatile.

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