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How To Clean White Cloth Tennis Shoes

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Using The Washing Machine

How to Clean White Shoes, No Bleach!
  • 1Let any mud or dirt dry before cleaning your shoes. Once dry, tap the soles together to clear the treads. Use an old toothbrush to scrape off the larger pieces of dirt and debris.XResearch source
  • This prep work will make for easier stain removal and washing.
  • 2Clean the soles. Make a solution of equal parts water and baking soda in a small bowl. Dip the toothbrush in and gently massage the paste into the soles Then, wipe the soles clean.XResearch source
  • 3Bring your shoes to your washing machine. Run a gentle cycle with cold water.XResearch source
  • 4Add a gentle detergent. Use about half of what you normally would for a load of laundry. Add the detergent when the machine is about halfway filled with water.XResearch source
  • 5Add the shoes when the machine is about three-quarters filled with water. Let the cycle run its course and then take out the shoes when its finished.XResearch source
  • 6Let the shoes air dry. Do not place them in the dryer or over a vent. This will result in shrunken and distorted shoes. Place the shoes in a well ventilated area and let them air dry.XResearch source
  • 7Enjoy your shoes. They should be as white as new!Advertisement
  • Does Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide Whiten Shoes

    The properties in the baking soda safely promote whitening without the threat of deterioration for the rubber, adhesives and fabric, and can be used regularly to keep your shoes looking sharp. To make a paste, mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide and stir it together until it is mixed.

    What To Use To Clean White Sneakers

    Youâre probably wondering what youâll need to clean your dirty white shoes. Chances are you already own most of the supplies you will need for a spotless finish, but if you donât, just head to the closest grocery store or buy them online. Itâs just that easy! Besides common household items like baking soda, white vinegar, bleach, toothpaste, and liquid detergent, youâll need the following easy-to-find items for scrubbing and cleaning: an old toothbrush, paper towel, a washcloth or rag, a bucket or bowl, and water.

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    Whiten Your Shoes With Dish Soap

    Dish soap is another go-to for millions of homemakers. The same qualities that make dish soap so effective at fighting grime and grease on your silverware and eating surfaces make it perfect for breaking up greasy stains on your nice white sneakers. Use this method to attack especially oily spots or to clean dirt off white shoes and make them bright again.

    • A bowl of warm water

    Apply dish soap to stained spots on your shoes. Dip the toothbrush in warm water, and gently scrub the stains. Re-wet the toothbrush often, and rinse the shoes if needed. Repeat until you eradicate the stains.

    Micellar Water Helps Too

    The 25+ best Cleaning white converse ideas on Pinterest

    Micellar water is traditionally a makeup removing product. However, you can use it for many other creative purposes, cleaning white shoes being one.

    There are only two steps to this method. Firstly, pour some micellar water onto a clean cloth. Secondly, rub the cloth on your shoes until theyre clean.

    Its that simple. Micellar water is a great hack for white leather, suede, or rubber shoes.

    The water absorbs all dirt and leaves a spectacular white finish. Therefore, its an excellent hack for shining white shoes as well.

    However, be warned it doesnt work well for deeper stains like oil or ink.

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    Tips For Keeping White Shoes White

    • Spot treat stains as soon as you see them. The longer a stain is ignored, the harder it is to remove. So, if you see a scuff mark or stain, deal with it as soon as you get home.
    • If its going to be a super sunny day, and youre planning on relaxing outside all day, then avoid wearing white shoes. The sun can discolor the shoes.
    • Likewise, avoid wearing shoes on rainy muddy days. Your shoes will get a lot dirtier on days like this which will make them harder to clean.
    • Use a shoe protector. There are many different shoe protectors for different materials. This will prevent dirt, stains and moisture from ruining your bright white shoes.
    • When youre not wearing them, store them in a box away from dampness and humidity. If you leave them at the front door, they can easily pick up other dirt and dust particles.

    Tips To Keep Your White Shoes Clean Longer

    Now that you have learned how to clean your white shoes, let us know how to keep the white shoes clean for longer.

    White shoes are more likely to get dirty. Therefore, you must take measures to prevent them from getting soaked up in the dirt. Here are some tips for keeping your white shoes clean.

  • Before you wear your new white shoes, use a stain repellent or a waterproofer. Apply a waterproofer every week to protect your shoes from mud stains. Also, remember to use the right product as every shoe material is different. For example, you can use a stain repellent or a waterproofer on your white canvas shoes. But for your leather shoes, using beeswax, oils, or protective creams is a better choice.
  • Do not machine wash your white canvas sneakers. Canvas sneakers use soft cotton fabric. If you wash your canvas shoes in the washing machine, the shoes’ interior will get damaged. As a result, it will ruin the shape of your canvas shoes.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean your shoes if you get any mud marks. When you come home, remove your shoes and clean them with a damp cloth to get rid of the stains as soon as possible. This will make the stains lighter. You can use a cleaning paste every once in a while to keep the stains from becoming permanent.
  • Make sure to spot clean stubborn stains such as grease and oil. Dip a soft cloth into a solution of lukewarm water and shampoo. Spot clean the stains to keep your shoes clean for longer.
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    A Clean Sneaker Routine

    First, a word on regular sneaker maintenance. Youll want to freshen up those white canvas shoes every time theyre worn, just to help keep sweaty germs at bay. Just hit them with a few sprays of Clorox® Disinfecting Mist. The innovative spray works on hard and soft surfaces, and doesnt require wiping.

    However, if youre looking to bring those classic canvas sneakers back to their original bright white condition, youll want to use a little elbow grease, some hydrogen peroxide, and Clorox® Bleach.

    How To Clean White Sneakers With Toothpaste

    How To Clean Your White Sneakers | The Best Method

    Grab your practical toothbrush and the non-gel white toothpaste. With a dab of toothpaste on the brush, apply the brush to the canvas in a circular motion, cleaning the extra-dirty spots on your white shoes. After working the toothpaste into the fabric, let your shoes sit for ten minutes or so. Use a damp cloth, towel, or paper towel to wipe the paste off your shoes. Then repeat the process if necessary. As easy as brushing your teeth!

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    Can You Clean Shoes With Toothpaste

    Yes, you can clean shoes with toothpaste. Using toothpaste to clean cloth tennis shoes may be one of the easiest cleaning methods. The whitening agents in toothpaste and abrasive additives like baking soda make toothpaste an ideal tool for cleaning white mesh shoes.

    To clean white shoes, use a non-gel toothpaste and apply it to the dirty sections of your shoes with an old toothbrush or cloth. The best way to clean white mesh shoes is to work the paste into the shoes and leave it to sit for at least ten minutes. Rinse your shoes or use a damp cloth. Repeat as needed until your shoes are clean again.

    How To Clean White Mesh Nike Shoes

    If you are confused about how to clean mesh Nike shoes, follow these steps:

  • use vinegar and dish soap.
  • Use baking soda paste: Apply baking soda paste to your shoes, then rinse with water to remove all residue. Do not do this if you have leather sneakers!
  • use an old toothbrush mixed with dish soap.
  • Use a Mr Clean magic eraser: This is an excellent product that will remove tough dirt stains from your white mesh nikes. Make sure youre wearing gloves while youre cleaning them though!
  • Try using water, vinegar, alcohol, ammonia or any other cleaning solution of your choice. Mix it in a spray bottle together with some distilled white vinegar for extra cleaning power before spraying it on your shoe. Allow to sit for 5 minutes then wipe off the dirt and grime.
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    Dry White Canvas Shoes

    Shoes and laces should be air-dried away from direct sunlight and never dried in a tumble dryer on high heat. The heat can cause glues used in constructing the shoes to melt. Wipe down the shoes with a towel to absorb moisture and help speed drying.

    If you need to help the shoes retain their shape, stuff the toes with nylon mesh.

    How Do I Clean White Shoelaces


    We recommend putting them in a mesh bag and washing them with your next load of laundry. If you dont use a mesh bag, they can get tangled up or sucked down the drain if youre unlucky. Air dry them in a warm spot afterwards.

    However, if you want to wash them by hand, fill up a bowl with warm water and a couple drops of dish soap. Soak the laces in the water for 10 minutes. Wearing rubber gloves, get your hands in the bowl and agitate the laces to remove stains.

    Once the laces are looking cleaner, empty the water out and soak them in clean cool water with a tablespoon of white vinegar. Agitate them while wearing rubber gloves, then rinse out the laces and lay flat to air dry.

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    How To Clean White Shoes Mesh

    Dish soap

    Bleach pen

    The thing to remember about mesh shoes is that theyre actually quite delicate. So you need to use softer cleaning tools and you shouldnt scrub as harshly as you would on canvas.

    1. Remove the laces and gently brush away any excess dry dirt with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    2. Mix a few drops of dish soap with some warm water to create a soapy mixture. Then apply gently to the mesh shoes using a microfiber cloth. Gently wipe in a circular motion, rather than scrub, and move to fresh sections of the cloth to avoid spreading the dirt.

    3. If youre dealing with stubborn stains, you can try gently scrubbing the soapy water solution in with a soft bristled toothbrush. You can also try using a bleach pen we recommend OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen ).

    4. Rinse with a clean, damp microfiber cloth.

    5. Leave the shoes to dry completely before wearing them again.

    Get Tough Stains Out With Nail Polish Remover

    Not all stains on your canvas shoes are going to be grease or food-based stains, of course. Youll sometimes run across grime that cleaning white shoes with baking soda cant remove.

    When you need a little extra cleaning action, give nail polish remover, also called acetone, a shot. Acetone breaks down compounds into components, which makes them easier to clean away.

    • Clean cloth or paper towel
    • A bowl of warm water

    Dip the cotton balls in nail polish remover, and blot the stains. Replace the cotton balls whenever they become stained. Once the stain is out, dip a cloth in warm water, and clean off any lingering acetone.

    This recipe will likely be the most successful to get paint off shoes, if you have encountered this problem. It will work on latex, acrylic, and even oil-based paint, most of the time. If some paint remains, you may want to try a commercial product to get the rest of the stain out.

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    Condition Leather Using A Wool Or Cloth

    The final step revolves around conditioning your white leather tennis shoes. The conditioning process is important, as you want to protect your tennis shoes with a coating.

    This coating adds a protective layer, ensuring that it wont pick up unwanted dirt and elements the next time youre on the court. Secondly, it also ensures that youll be able to remove any type of scuff marks from the protective layer, instead of your leather.

    For this, its best to use your preferred leather conditioner with wool or cloth as an applicator. Lastly, once youre done with this step, put your laces back on and watch as your white leather tennis shoes are sparkling clean!

    Make A Diy Shoe Cleaning Solution With Vinegar And Water

    How to Clean White Shoes | Quick and Easy Method!

    If you dont want to shell out for shoe-cleaning products, Toronto shoe store Getoutsides special request manager Giselle Ferguson recommends scrubbing dirt off with a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Apply the solution with a cloth, and gently scrub away. She says this method can work on any material but that it works best on leather.

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    How To Clean White Suede Sneakers

    Suede sneakers are undeniably cool, especially those with clean white uppers. If your athletic trainers or fashion tennies are made of suede or nubuck, youll want to be mindful about preventing stains. The soft, velvety material is prone to water damage and discoloration and can be tricky to clean.However, its not impossible, as long as you have the right supplies and know what youre doing. Vionics Shoe Care Kit for leather and suede footwear has everything you need. It comes with the Leather Cleaner & Conditioner we mentioned above, plus a nylon bristle brush, a bottle of Rain & Stain protector spray, and our Footbed Cleaner.

    To clean white suede shoes:

  • Gently rub the bristle brush all over the uppers of your shoes, focusing on stains, muck, and discoloration.
  • If dry-brushing without any cleaning solution doesnt lift all the spots, try using the Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. Start with a very small amountno more than a few dropsand gently brush it into the uppers. Add more of the solution as needed to cover the entire material.
  • Wipe away excess moisture and residue with a dry cloth.
  • Let your shoes air-dry in a cool place.
  • To protect your suede shoes and sneakers from future stains, apply Rain & Stain. It creates a breathable repellent barrier that safeguards your shoes from liquids, grime, and weather damage. And our Footbed Cleaner keeps your kicks fresh from the inside by eliminating stains from the inserts.

    Cleaning With Soapy Water

    At first, make a solution using dish soap with 1c warm water

    Asking about which soap, then any dish soap will work. One teaspoon that is soap is enough to make the water sudsy with a transparent appearance. Stir the solution until the mixture is evenly mixed.

    • It doesnt matter with what materials your shoes are made ofsoapy water effects on all kinds of shoes as well as white leather.
    • If you have a shortage of dish soap or dont want to use it, then ½ cup white vinegar will be your alternative.

    Soles & rubber pieces

    Use a magic eraser to do the job. Dip the eraser into the soapy water and squeeze it. Rub the eraser in a back & forth motion along with the leather, plastic and rubber parts of your shoes. Keep wiping in this way until all the scuffs, stains are gone.

    • Magic erasers are available in the cleaning-section of the departmental store of your locality.

    Scrubbing the stains

    Use a stiff-bristled toothbrush for accomplishing the work. Dip the head of the brush into water and make it wet. Move the bristles in a circular motion over the stained areas of shoes. You need to do the work with slight pressure to preserve the quality of the fabric.

    • In case, if your shoelaces are also stained, detach them from shoes and scrub with the toothbrush separately.

    Patting the excess water

    • Your motive shouldnt be drying the shoes entirely with a towel. This process is only for lifting off the extra cleaning mixture from the shoe surface.

    Finally drying

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    How Often You Should Clean Your White Sneakers

    If you want your white sneakers to always look squeaky clean, youll want to wash them every two weeks. Obviously, this depends on how often you wear them. Frequent cleanings can keep dirt, grime, and stains from building up. Remember, the longer you let a stain sit, the harder it will be to remove.

    How To Clean White Sneakers With Baking Soda Vinegar And Dish Soap

    Pin by Lindsey Biddle on DIY

    Baking soda is an excellent way to clean white sneakers. Make a paste by combining 1 tablespoon baking soda, half tablespoon of water, and one-half tablespoon hydrogen peroxide in a mixing bowl. Place the paste on the sneakers surface with an old toothbrush and gently brush it into the grooves, just firm enough to remove any loose dirt. Can baking soda and vinegar clean white shoes? In a small bowl, combine the baking soda and white vinegar to form a paste. By dipping the toothbrush into the mixture, you can gently scrub the sneakers clean of dirt and stains with the paste. What are the best ways to clean baking soda from shoes? It works well with cloth shoes, but be cautious with leather and suede shoes because baking soda can cause them to become brittle. If you have suede or leather shoes, use baking soda sachets instead of suede or leather shoes. Whats the most efficient and easiest way to wash white sneakers? After mixing dish soap and water, clean your sneakers with a toothbrush in small circular motions. You can clean any remaining suds from your clothes by wiping them down with a damp towel after youve finished. Before cleaning your sneakers, let them dry. When the ground is still wet, there is no way to determine how much dirt remains.

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